Today’s News for Women Over 50

Today's News for Women over 50

Good morning and welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50…your own virtual daily newspaper!

Isn’t technology great?  It is by far my biggest challenge with this thing called “blogging.”

I had a different post set up for today and this one set for Wednesday…but the other post disappeared!

So…here we go a day early with the news!

For these posts, I curate news from around the world that may be of interest to you.

Since, Paris Fashion Week recently happened, we will open with fun fashion stories.


Today's News for Women Over 50

Today’s news in fashion includes the first story showing street style during Paris Fashion Week.

I am a fan of street style…how women show their creativity off the runway and away from top designers.

Last time I was in Chicago, I sat outside of a trendy coffee shop and just watched the fashion go by.  I found some great ideas I could implement at home.

Let’s begin with images from Harper’s Bazaar….Street Style Haute Couture in Paris 2022.

Today's News for Women over 50

But this was my favorite story from Reuters.

All sorts of images come to mind…especially in Texas where every rodeo parade has “pooper scoopers” behind the horses!

Read: Horse Struts the Catwalk at Chanel’s Paris Haute Couture Show.

Today's News

I took this picture recently while in Dillard’s because I agree with Karl Lagerfield’s quote.  I know that taking control of my style turned my life around for the better 18 years ago.

I have promoted confident dressing as joyful dressing for years.

So, this concept of Dopamine Dressing caught my eye a few weeks ago.

One article says that happy dressing is related to color.

Another says it is related to fit.

I say it is all of that! Everything that helps a woman feel confident in what she wears.  I suppose it is all semantics.

But, let us know what you think.  Here is another article from Harper’s Bazaar: Should We All Be Dopamine Dressing?

Today's News for women over 50

Well, you might feel really happy if you look like Princess Kate or Princess Diana.  I know my Mother-in-law would’ve wanted that.

Check out one affordable way to do that from Who, What, Wear: H & M’s New $30 Sweater Is a Dead Ringer for Princess Diana’s and Kate’s Version.

Here is the H & M Sweater!   Looks like on this sweater the Princess would need to size down!


Today's News for Women Over 50

Do you know what Plogging is?  Well, apparently it is a new way to exercise and help the community.  But Mr. B believe most runners do this anyway.

From Eat This, Not That…check out: What “Plogging” Does to Your Body Makes It Such an Effective Workout.

Today's News for WOmen over 50

A few of the readers to this blog have told me they are gluten free.

So, I wanted to share this article with them from Better Homes & Gardens.

17 Gluten-Free Desserts which are seriously delicious!

Today's News for Women Over 50

It seems many retailers are making changes and some of those are to our benefit….at least the benefit of those living in California.

But, as they say (whoever “they” are) as California goes soon the rest follow.

Again from Eat This, Not That read Walmart Just Announced a Major Upgrade to this Department.

Today's News

I am currently reading a book about the healthy life choices of people who live in Blue Zones where longevity is strong.

So, I wanted to share this article with you and will share the book information soon.

From Well + Good, read: 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods that the Longest Living People on the Planet Eat Every Day.


Today's News for Women Over 50

I love to look at decorating trends and we are currently trying to decide about two older bathrooms in our home.

So, if you are the same, you might enjoy this article from Better Homes & Gardens: These 2022 Bathroom Trends Work with Every Decorating Style.

Thanks for stopping by today...please comment on any or all of today’s selections…and then go out and…..


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. Pamela, thank you for your smiles and encouragement. As someone approaching 70 I am often extremely hard on myself for many reasons. I appreciate your happy message and words.

  2. Thank you, Juanita! What a sweet message of encouragement! I sincerely appreciate you being here!

  3. You have introduced me to two new words today…dopamine dressing and plugging. To me, dopamine dressing is common sense. We wear what makes up feel good, makes us happy. Perhaps attaching the word “ dopamine” makes it appear different but as a science major and teacher, this is familiar term to me. Plogging is definitely a new term to me, but as Mr. B said, many of us who walk or run do this without realizing it has a name. My daily walk takes place in a cemetery behind our house where it is flat, paved, and quiet. I have to restrain myself to not spend too much time straightening wind-blown flowers, and picking up dropped trash from cemetery visitors or arrangements which have fallen apart. I’m always astonished at the amount of litter thrown out even in a cemetery as well as along streets.

  4. Thanks for the bathroom article. We are doing a style refresh (not remodel, as we did all that about 8 years ago). As a result of my foot surgery and being in a cast/scooter/walker many months, the carpet is dingy and the woodwork needs repainting in many areas. Also, looking at these four walls for so long has made me a little antsy. We are moving a -bit- more modern than our very traditional roots. I switched out living room lampshades to drum shades, changed out my dining room chandelier to a transitional one from Ballard (Pam has a link!), and added abstract art in place of oil landscapes. It makes a huge difference! I’m looking forward to tackling the bathrooms. Pam, if you are looking for a new paint that is bright but would blend with your other rooms, try BM Ivory 925. It looks like candles are lit within it; it just makes our bathroom warmly glow. I hope you will take us along on your remodeling journey.

  5. The Paint color sounds perfect, Linda! Thank you for the suggestion. It will be awhile before we dive into this…we are in the early stages of gathering ideas.
    I will check this out!

  6. Fantastic post, Pam. I’m going to make a batch of Longevity Stew. I read your blog every day, and it always makes me happy! Thanks for all you do for us. Have a super day.

  7. Your curated news made my morning too! Still a very messy, snowy and icy situation here in New England! I’m heading out later to pick up flowers! Need tulips in my house- but found your blog so refreshing today!

  8. The street style photos, not the kind of thing I look at often, made me think. So many of the outfits seemed chosen to demand attention. I prefer clothing that speaks of confidence, a woman who deserves to be seen but does not need to be the center of attention.
    Longevity foods make me think of my mother, who grew up eating lots of sweet potatoes and leafy greens. As a child, she would climb a peach tree and enjoy the fresh fruit. She’s now in her 90’s, as are 2 of her sisters!

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