Wardrobe Versatility

Wardrobe Versatility

Happy Friday, everyone!  It has been quite a week around here.  But, I wanted to take today to show you what I wore recently and discuss wardrobe versatility.

If you have been a long time reader here, you know that you see some garments often…and that is not a bad thing.

When I make a purchase I try to look at how versatile it will be, because wardrobe versatility is cost effective and lowers our cost per wear for a garment.

In the top picture today, I was heading out to do some shopping.

I kept this Talbot’s sweater jacket in the “color purge” because it is a creamy white and not a stark white white.

I paired it here with a sleeveless navy sweater top I purchased in a Talbot’s Red Hangar Sale years ago, and with my Talbot’s pull on jeggings.

The gold sparkly flats are by Sofft and were discovered at DSW again years ago…and the scarf is from Nordstrom Rack last fall…inspired by my new autumn colors.

I need to add …now that I have changed to warm colors, I am wearing one of my gold shoe pairs several times a week.

Sneakers are proving to have a lot of wardrobe versatility these days.  Women are wearing them with all types of outfits.

My necklace was from Chico’s.


Wardrobe Versatility


Now that I have chosen to wear only my best colors in my vibrant autumn palette, my wardrobe Is more versatile.

When I step into the closet, I see garments that all work together …and are in the same palette.

I almost threw out this jacket before I discovered my autumn coloring.  I found it years ago in a thrift shop, but once I knew my right colors, I was so glad that I kept it.

Animal Print will always be in style.  This jacket would go with nice pants or skirts also.

I paired it last week with a toasty warm turtleneck sweater and my jeans from JCP.  I think I paid $13 for this sweater, so in a warmer climate (where I do not wear sweaters that often) that works!

Again, the necklace of coins is a past Chico’s find.


Wardrobe Versatility and Style

When I utilize my Foundational Five to make wardrobe purchases and outfit styling, then I discover that my wardrobe is more versatile.

Each piece and each outfit needs to tell the world that I am Joyful, Approachable, Creative, Polished and Current.

If a past purchase doesn’t speak that message, then it needs to go. 

This quilted Chico’s jacket in a creamy color with a lace print has proven to be very versatile…I can dress it up or down.

Wardrobe Versatility

Wardrobe versatility means that the pieces will all mix and match together easily.

In the past, I do not think I would have put gray pants with this outfit, but scarves have really helped me with experimenting with new colors.

These pieces have been in my wardrobe for awhile…Eileen Fisher long cardigan; Foxcroft jeans, and a Chico’s popover top.

Wardrobe Versatility

Scarves within a great accessory collection also make for incredible wardrobe versatility.

Look at this scarf I found years ago at Marshall’s and envision all the ways you could go with an outfit.

The bracelet is a Patricia Nash and I found it on sale at Dillard’s months ago.  Follow this link to look at some of her creations.

Here are a few items which captured my attention while working on this post…some at great prices:


Kimono Cookies and Comfort Shoes

Comfortiva Taupe Sneakers

Comfortiva Navy & Black Sneakers

Wardrobe Versatility

While I worked on this post yesterday, I watched out my office window the trees become ice and listened to the snap, crackle and pop of ice hitting the windows.

It was definitely at different day in San Antonio.

I hope it helps you to see how I create clothing I wear to run errands…shop…etc.  I want to encourage you to also consider wardrobe versatility and just how much you can do.

Thanks for being here!  


By Pamela Lutrell


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  1. Pamela, I read your posts daily, and today it was as if you had gone into my closet for your outfits! I have very similar items and also enjoy scarves. Thank you for a very entertaining blog, one of the first things I do to start my day is check out the new content. We have similar body shapes and choose much of the same style of clothes. Your blog is very relatable.

  2. Good morning, Irene. Thank you for starting my day with your encouraging words! So glad you like the blog.

  3. I like posts like this that show how items work in different ways. I certainly agree that when we stick to a pallette of colors, we have more mixing capabilities. I use scarves often to change up looks and look for them when I’m shopping, have even found pretty ones in a local drugstore! Paring back on the number of items yet having them all work together is a stress-free way of dressing and how I’ve been doing things lately. In an effort to simply life in general, the closet needed some work! Posts like this one help to show how this works. I saw you got a lot of freezing precipitation… thankfully not what you experienced previously when the grid went down. We had a lot of snow again so the world up here is blanketed in white…we already had a lot on the ground before yesterday. I was looking outside watching it come down yesterday and actually felt thankful to live where we really experience all four seasons. That’s a real departure from how I’ve often felt about winter!!

  4. Well, we have very different lifestyles and environments, but I also find your blog inspirational, in particular we are both color-lovers (and necklace-lovers, too!). Today, I saw your (creative) association of grey/beige/dark burnt orange-light brown and immediately thought : “Oh, I have to try this one, I would never have thought…”. Thanks a lot!

  5. You are welcome, Catherine! I am learning so many new color combinations. It is fun!

  6. I love the snow and even ice…if I know all my family is safe in their homes. I wish we had at least one snow a winter…it is so pretty.

  7. Good morning Pam. Here in Cincinnati we are experiencing that same ice, turning to snow on top. I’m blessed to be working from home, so it’s just pretty, the sound of sleet and ice for 8+ hours was odd. I love this post, I need to purge my closet as I prepare to retire in May. This post has helped me see that a lot of my items can still work in a more casual lifestyle. Stay safe!

  8. You as well, Amy. I am glad I set some items aside to think about because I am wearing them now in more casual ways, but they up my casual game considerably!

  9. Good morning, Pamela. I am on the coast of Maine listening to the ice hit my windows. The weather is mimicking! I enjoyed your color combinations today, I can almost duplicate from my closet (fellow autumns). I also wanted to mention that I was introduced to Seasalt while visiting Dublin a few years ago. I was so happy to see that it is available here That Seasalt topper and scarf was smashing on you. Cornwall is on my bucket list. I have read all of Rosamunde Pilcher’s books 5 times. Have a great day.

  10. Hi Deborah, It is now on my bucket list as well. I need to read those books! Thanks for sharing and stay warm!

  11. While watching the weather yesterday, I purposely watched to see if the current winter storm was reaching as far south in Texas as you are, remembering the severe cold you Texans had last year. Here in South Georgia we are only getting rain and it was near 80° yesterday. About todays post I do love my scarves, and realized long ago that if the colors coordinate in a scarf, this will translate into coordinated colors in tops and bottoms. Your pictured outfits today look so comfortable yet coordinated, stylish, and colorful. Hope your cold weather does not get severe as it did last year.

  12. It is nothing like last year and the state kept assuring us it would not be. I think they have now taken all precautions to not allow that to happen every again.
    The cold temps are refreshing…and yesterday was all about homemade chili and fires in the fireplace. It is a nice break. My daughter in North Texas said their snow was lovely. I did not realize you are in Georgia…what a beautiful state. So many great places to visit within your state. Stay warm.

  13. Awesome post. Love the way you always put things together. Shopped my closet and found almost identical leopard jacket outfit. Bought the jacket this past fall at Chico’s. I was wondering when you put older items in the post if you could put the brand. Sometimes I’ve been able to find older things on Poshmark if I have brand name. I’ve seen the terrible ice storms on the news, hope you don’t lose power again like last year.

  14. Thanks, Valerie. Good idea on the older items…I will do that when I can. I think I mentioned everything here BUT that leopard jacket. It is so old and I found it while thrifting. But whenever I think you can locate an item, I will do that. Our state has assured us that we are not going to shut down. While it is still freezing today, it is NOTHING like last year. I do trust our current state leadership and they said no shut down…I believe we are good.

  15. Pamela, I love your blog. Could you tell me the brand of the beige shoes that you have on in the picture with the chicos quilted jacket? I’ve seen you with these on before and they look like something I would like. I have a foot problem and they look comfy and do they run narrow at all, as I have a rather narrow foot?😊

  16. Well, we have a foot of snow and it’s like a fairyland. We have embraced the time inside since I can’t do my park trail walk, and are deep cleaning and shampooing carpet. There is just something so satisfying about putting your home into a clean and refreshed state, appreciating what you have, rearranging. In that vein, I love when you do these various pairings with older clothes. Let’s face it, “real” people wear their clothes multiple times, and one of the true perks of a well-chosen wardrobe (vs random sale shopping) is being able to do this.

  17. Hi Carol, I just added them to the post. If you don’t see them yet…refresh your page and the links and information should be there. I love these sneakers and I am considering them in another color!
    Thanks so much!

  18. It is always fun to play in my closet…I am enjoying the freezing weather as well. Stay warm, Linda!

  19. This post inspired me to look in my closet with a new and creative eyes. I tend to wear the same outfits so now I look at them differently


  20. I love that you feature pieces that are versatile. I like seeing you repeat pieces so we can develop your/our “eye” for creating outfits. You’re a pro at using scarves for color combo inspiration, which I now find myself doing. It really does simplify putting an outfit together. You have the best jewelry too. Glad you’re enjoying the icy trees outside your window. Have a wonderful weekend!

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