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Would You Wear It

Hello, everyone…happy Tuesday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It – Accessories!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a random Would You Wear It featuring various interesting items I spied while out and about.

Numbers indicated the readers really liked it…so I wanted to do another one focusing on accessories.

The top picture today is from DSW and a nice reminder that they carry more than shoes at good prices!  Just go here for Winter Accessories.

Remember, to explain what you think…why would you wear these accessories or not wear them!  

Now, let’s have fun….


Would You Wear It

There are many fun shapes on the market currently for handbags….(and yes, that is Leigh Ann walking around Dillard’s)

This Patricia Nash captured my attention, and….

Would You Wear It

This Michael Kors. The link goes to a brown one…could not locate the pink one online if you want to see more.   So, look them both over and tell us…


More non-traditional handbags…



Would You Wear It

Bangle bracelets continue to be on trend.

I found them in new spring combinations at LOFT. 


Would You Wear It

And in Stackable Gold-Toned bracelets at Chico’s.

So…ladies…stackable bracelets….Would You Wear It?

Now, here are more fun bracelets….

Would You Wear It

Bees continue to be popular in costume jewelry….have been for a few years.

They continue to buzz all around.

This Gold and Green Pendant Necklace at Chico’s features a bee.  So…Would You Wear It?

Here is a slideshow with more bees to see….(I confess, I have a new blouse with a bee print, and a brooch I love that is a bee!)


Would You Wear It

Sandals with bling are still on trend this year.

Look at these Fit Flop option and tell us what you think.

Would You Wear It

There are several brands of sneakers right now with warm weather garden/jungle prints.

I saw these Multi-colored citrus sneakers at DSW.

So….final items today….sandals with bling and summer print sneakers…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?




Would You Wear It

If you are a fan of vegan leather, I recommend Patricia Nash Leather Healing Balm for it’s care!

That is it for today, ladies!  Now, please tell us….Would You Wear It…and feel free to comment on as many as you like!

I saw this sign at Kirkland’s and that of you……

Would You Wear It


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. There’s a lot here! Handbags are a big yes, and I do look through them when I’m at DSW. I prefer real leather for the durability factor and prefer classic shapes. DSW is also a great place to find kimonos, I’ve found. Bracelets in the summer are a “sometimes.” Bangles get in my way but I do like a couple in the slideshow. Bees are a not really. They are okay, but they don’t draw me in. I guess the overall style of the jewelry piece would be the deciding factor. Flip flops in public are a big no unless I’m at the beach. At home to run outside they’re okay. I really like the cute citrus Vans. I’d definitely wear those for fun. I could spend many hours wandering through DSW, and need to get over there soon. Have some shoe gaps to fill!

  2. I am one to carry just one purse, if I try to change them around frequently to match outfits, I will usually forget something important. my current one is a lavender floral Anuschka, and the two before that were Anuschka’s as well….im drawn to the pretty colors. but in a purse I always need a shoulder bag style, with lots of zippered compartments.
    I am beginning to love bracelets. when I was working I found them distracting and in the way, but I can play with them now and im enjoying it.
    some flip flops have certainly gone up in price. I have a couple nice pairs for short errands, and a couple funky ones with wild colors or embellishments for the beach vacations I haven’t been on in 3 years now.
    but I have news for one of my favorite shoe retailers, $89 for a pair of super flat toe thong flippers is not gonna fly with me….that particular pair came home when they had a 50 percent off sale and I just got lucky they still had my size.
    but I love a colorful accessories display and will always stop and look.

  3. I am really drawn to those textured bags but maybe I have enough. I would like to explore straw bags this spring if you could add that to your list! The Brahmin line is my favorite , and I have the exact style you posted. It was purchased before I had my colors done, and the blue was a bit bright. I used leather paint last summer and painted it bronze. I have another Brahmin that will go from turquoise ombré to mustard soon. New life! The accessories you chose are fun. I just bought a bee brooch (my name actually means ‘queen bee’) on Etsy to make a new knit blazer from Talbots sale look a tad less classic. I am changing out the cheap gold button with a matching vintage button from a set I have. I don’t wear flip flops even though I live in a beach town but I have seen cute ones. Love your accessories’ posts. I have always been envious of your Goodwill!

    1. Hi Deborah,
      I will have straw bag options for you at the bottom of Wednesday’s post….and, speaking of Goodwill, that is a great way to get buttons!

  4. Handbags are a dilemma for me lately, as I’m drawn to highly structured bags, but they don’t suit my new wardrobe as well as my old professional one. I like the Nash look occasionally but find her large bags to be too heavy, so that’s a maybe. Big thumbs down to the Kors bag, because I don’t like or wear a lot of logos. Stackable bangles … oh my, yes, they (or a big cuff bracelet) are my signature look. I wear dragonflies over bees, but like the French vibe of bees, and would wear them. No to the glitter flip flops … been there, done that and feel it’s a dated look that’s inexplicably back. I prefer my sheen/shiny items to be in jewelry. Yes to the citrus sneakers. I love an interesting shoe, and have taken my love of working girl flats and transferred it to sneakers and sandals. I often feel my style adjective of “interesting” is best expressed by me in accessories, and sometimes spend more time looking at them than I do at clothes.

  5. I depend on accessories to liven up my outfit as I have very few patterns in my clothing. I am very particular about a purse as I want an outside pocket in order to be able to get to keys quickly. Our car will not lock if there is a key fob inside so I often take my fob off of my key chain and leave the other keys in the locked car. I do wear several bracelets or necklaces at times, but I was not aware of the use of bees in designs. I rarely wear flip flops , but have not tried the brand, fit flop. If they are comfortable, I might try them but doubt I would pay full price or care for much bling.

  6. We live in sandals and flip flops year round here in Palm Desert, California so a big yes to them. Fit Flips have support and can add interest to basic shorts and tees. DSW is a great place to pick up discounted accessories and I like their shopping model where you can walk the aisles and pick what you like. My shopping/run around bag is a crossbody so I’m looking for a straw or linen one now. For all my golf paraphernalia I have been using a 25 year old Vera Bradley and I’m looking to update with something similar. I like the pink bag but avoid anything with initials stamped all over it; stackable bracelets are a yes as are enameled bracelets. Bee’s are a no. I wear multi colored sneakers and own a number of slip on’s; Vans are too wide for me so I usually look for Keds or Ecco.

  7. Great post. I love those pink flats and even the blingy sandal. They both signal fun which we need more of. Most of the shoes I buy now are from brands known for arch support and structure but there’s still a place for a “going out” shoe when I’m not doing much walking. I am looking for a new handbag….I prefer carrying the same bag most of the time, usually black leather. What is a good source for reasonably priced (not $1,000!!) structured bags of moderate size? I need to order online. I was in the nearest Macy’s, two hours away, this week and found the selection limited. Amazon has lots of bags, many way too large or cheaply made. Even a look at Nordstrom online was disappointing, unless you want to spend big bucks. A post on classic handbags would be great.

    1. Hi Sue, go to my shopping links page at the top of the blog and click on Dillards…so many great selections! Also click on my link for Nordstrom Rack.

  8. Oh, yes, I love accessories! Over the past couple years I have successfully avoided adding too much in the way of new items, owing both to the pandemic and a serious focus on our home remodel, but I’m definitely feeling the shopping bug again. My biggest weakness is for purses, and don’t mind changing them out from day to day if the outfit would be better served with something else from my closet. I have lots of Dooney bags, and a smattering of vintage, discount-store, and artisan purses. I also need a straw or rattan type of bag going into spring/summer, and for use on vacations. I also carry totes or fabric bags daily to the pool when we are in Mexico, so those get a lot of use. Also have dozens of scarves, from summer to winter weights, and a couple of beautiful ones from Mexico which I use as wraps at dinner. I love the floral tennies you show and have a few, from Keds and UIN, but get less use out of the patterned shoes than solid. I wear flip flops at home, and then out and about when the weather allows, but like a really supportive base so I tend to wear Clark’s. I’m less of a bangles and bracelets gal, but do like the bee jewelry and the occasional dragonfly.

  9. Oh my- great post! I just love the bee necklace….it reminds me of my French Kande pieces, which earn me lots of compliments. It’s a yummy design. I prefer leather in handbags, and wonder if the pretty pink summery Michael Kors is leather or a synthetic? I’ll look at that later…..another snow storm is headed this way so summer seems so far away. (She sighs).
    I love this post with all the great beach hats to imagine wearing to my favorite beach ( under a beach umbrella). Love the accessories! Thank you…….

  10. The first bag is a maybe, I am not quite sure about its color: orange, light brown? I like the wood part and the texture, in any case. The Michael Kors bag is a big no, I definitely hate invasive logos:) Yes to the bangles with my heart, but no with my reason, because I tend to put them on at the beginning of the day and then out of the way later (interference with the computer keyboard, dishes, whatever). But I do love them a lot. The bee chain does not appeal to me, I prefer more abstract shapes. Flip/Flit flops, no way, never, not even on the beach. The Vans sneakers are very nice and I would like to say yes, but I would probably not be able to wear them now, as they seem of the narrow kind (sigh…). Nice selection, full of colors!

  11. Ooh – bags! I absolutely love that bright pink one and would have that in a heartbeat. I love unusual bags, they add something special to my somewhat conservative wardrobe. But like many others here, I do not like bags ( or anything) with logos; I don’t wear clothes with logos, words, or graphics either. I would have that featured bee necklace too, as long as it came without the bee; almost any other shape except an insect (or spider) would be fine. And bracelets? I don’t own any and I rarely wear a watch, but I have noticed that when I do wear a watch I feel so elegant and finished. Hmmm….. maybe I should look into getting a couple of bracelets…..

  12. Interesting accessory choices. No to the handbags. I prefer a more structured style. Although, I do like the color of the Michael Kors. I love bangles & would take one in each color. Nothing from the other display really appealed to me. I’m not a fan of bees on clothing or jewelry. I don’t own a pair of flip flops, but the Van’s citrus print sneakers are cute & fun. I would definitely wear those.

  13. Out of the bags, I’d be tempted by the Patricia Nash but would ultimately decide against it due to the possibility of pickpockets. Lately I’ve been buying double zipped bags & backpacks, for security’s sake. So that fishing net bag is a definite nono for that same reason, lol!

    Fitflop is a great brand for the comfort of my wide forefeet (but narrow heel), but that style is too casual to tempt me. I have their Lena sola slides that I feel are more versatile – a 3D gold feather (or maybe a leaf frond?) runs across the horizontal strap (I prefer those to toe thong style slippers).

  14. Like some others, I am up in NE snow, so everything you are showing looks great. But really, I’d only wear the shoes and try a colorful bag. I don’t do cute sneakers. I get good trainers and walking shoes. Other than that, boots, transition season shoes, and summer sandals. I have lots of work shoes. I love bangles but not the ones that are mass market. Bangles aren’t great for work, though, because the bracelet hits my desk, and it hurts. Now that I am not working, I can wear bracelets again — if I remember to. Love the happy colors!

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