Happy Easter + a message to followers

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to those who celebrate this important day!

Two years ago, I shared my journey to Christ in THIS POST if anyone is interested.


This seems to be the perfect day to address an issue which recently came up with a message received from one of the blog followers….who was looking out for me.

She wanted me to know that when I use the A-OK hand signal in some of my photos that now this signal is considered to be hate speech and said to be used by White Supremacists.

Of course, I had no knowledge of this.

In today’s culture, a small amount of loud individuals have changed history, words, hand signals and meanings to be what they were never intended to be.

Just ask anyone named “Karen.”

Those who know me, know I am not a racist or white supremacist.   I live in one of the most diverse cities in the country and love it.

God created so many different types of people…and birds…and insects…and all of creation…each snowflake is different which is amazing.

And, then He asked us to love all of creation as He does.  I believe this is part of who I am as a Christian.  

I will no longer use the hand signal in order not to offend anyone.  But, I hope all of you believe and know that the messaging now behind A-OK has nothing to do with me.

I could write volumes about what is happening in the world today at the hands of evil.  But I will not….this blog is not about that.  It is about the beauty in every single one of us.

I hope everyone who is celebrating this day has a glorious time…I will be back tomorrow….with love in my heart for this audience.


By Pamela Lutrell




  1. I had no idea that there was another meaning to that hand sign. It is such a disaster out there when any little previously used sign or words can be so horribly mistaken. Some times I find myself staying quiet in situations where I don’t know everyone just so I don’t get mistaken.
    Have a wonderful Easter full of love and grace and celebrate the joyous day that today is.
    I will continue to have fun with clothes and colours and stay positive.

  2. Good Easter Morning Pam! As soon as I saw that hand signal, I thought of it being used to reference, to me, not so Christian thoughts. But then I knew you only meant “ ok”, and figured I was wrong in how that “ other signal” is made with one’s hands since I knew from past blogs how you feel about your Christianity. I’m sorry that I did not bring it to your attention, but I thought I was wrong on thinking your “ok” was THAT particular signal. I suppose I too need to be aware of how that signal is formed with one’s hands although I tend to give a “ thumbs up” signal, 👍, rather than “ ok” . Those of us who love you never thought anything differently about you. Enjoy your wonderful Easter with a grateful heart and mind as we all should.

    1. I had no idea about the hand signal either. How can we stop the hate? Happy Easter to you and your family! He is risen!

  3. Pam, you are one of the most generous, joyful and loving people I know, and it shows in your words and actions for all. God bless you and your family on this glorious day. We just got back from sunrise service, too, and wow was it cold! But we survived, and it was very inspiring. Blessings to all !!

  4. I am so out of the loop I guess. Never heard about that one. In any case, I send you my sincere thanks for all the joy you give to your audience each and every day. Happy Easter, Pam!

  5. IT speaks so very poorly of us as a society when the slightist thing that might be meant to be funny is taken the wrong way.We are unique as a people,just like snowflakes and should be allowed to develop that way. Lovely post, Pam. Happy Easter.

    1. Thanks Susan….snowflakes are so beautiful when they all come together to create fresh fallen blankets of loveliness…each unique piece together. May we strive together to be just like that.

  6. Taking a long history of an okay hand signal and turning it into wretched hate speech is despicable. I won’t bow to those who victimize normal people into their warped sense of “wokism”. It would never occur to me that this simple gesture of acceptance could be so corrupted.

  7. I personally don’t think you should change anything you did or are doing regarding hand signals because that is just bowing to the culture. Everything is going to offend somebody, and that’s for them to work out. My name is Karen and imagine my shock when I found out that it is now derogatory. It is very helpful to start with turning off the news and also to quit paying attention to the strident voices. Don’t change for the culture Pam. Change if you want to, but not because of the culture. There is One who knows your heart, and that’s the only Voice that matters.

    1. Bless you, Karen. I will only stop using that hand symbol…I just don’t want anyone to think I am something I am not. That will be the only change!

  8. Your faithful bloggers have said it all, Pam. I am so sorry that you had to experience this. I had never heard of it. We live in strange times. We must continue on, being our true selves, and setting examples for those who come after us, especially our loved ones. Peace to you and your family on this holiest of days.

  9. I have read that that’s the “new meaning” to that sign, but honestly I’ve never seen anyone in real life or even online use it that way. Sometimes I wonder if people just make up stuff like that and then watch to see if anyone buys it, just trolling us.

    In any case, thank God Christ has conquered sin and death.

    Alleluia! The Lord is risen!

  10. Hand signals mean different things in different cultures and are used differently even within the U.S. This particular symbol almost universally still means what it has always meant, and we should resist corruption. On this day, I think we should be less quick to jump on the bandwagon and more thoughtful about language, including sign language. Ask yourself, how many hand signs did you see in church today? The OK sign has several uses in American Sign Language and is widely used by those who sign. There is ill intent there. There is no way any of us would attribute malign intent to Pam, and she is free to use the sign as she likes — I don’t think she should be pressured to stop using it.

    1. This OK symbol malarkey is funny to me because, in other cultures, it has a sexual meaning (I’m sure you can figure out the allusion lol). Yet I’m not telling everyone not to use it so as not to offend me… Audience is everything when it comes to communication.

      On a slight side note, thank you for sharing your story to religion Pam – as someone from a similarly ‘broken’ home (in scare quotes because it didn’t *look* broken from the outside) with parents who pushed incredibly the *appearance* of conservative religion at the expense of my own livelihood and life, I can empathise with finding your own way to live it. Whilst I went through a similar journey, I did not end at the same religion as you – but I hope you can honour my path & truth as I may honour yours.

      1. Yes! Of course…I only want to correct that I have a living relationship with Christ and not religion. Thanks so much.

  11. I wrote a comment that appears not to have been published and left out the word “no,” so my published comment makes no sense as a stand-alone comment. It’s too late to recreate tonight.
    Peace all …

  12. I learned of this when some young men used the same sign to signal a made three-point basket in basketball. Knowing your morals & inclusivity, I would never have associated the sign with anything other than OK. I hope your Easter was happy & blessed.

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