Style & Adjectives: Italian Style Edition

Italian Style

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  I hope you can tell that I am having fun…because I am!  Today, let’s enjoy another reader’s style adjectives…this time an Italian Style version.

I love receiving these emails from the readers!  Sally’s (yesterday’s post) was such a lovely surprise, and so was today’s.

The greater joy would be to sit down to tea with each one of you, but this is a close second!


Italian Style

Today, please meet Cinzia…who calls herself an Italian girl.

I do not have her picture, but here is what I know….

  1. She is 54 years old and has a partner, a dog, and two daughters in their twenties.
  2. She describes herself as a woman of strong build with clear eyes and skin, and hair of ash blonde and natural white.
  3. She loves light summer greens and blues.
  4. She like to wear low, comfortable shoes so does not wear “Little” skirts and dresses.


Italian Style


Cinzia would like to tell the world with her style that she is SIMPLE, COMFORTABLE, FEMININE, AND ORIGINAL.  

She wants everyone to know that she is comfortable and well dressed.

First, I decided to learn more about Italian style…not because I am going to tell an Italian how they dress, but because I wanted to understand the fashion of her culture for a foundation.

It is very similar to Parisian Style.

Italian Style

A few years ago, I took a Coursera course on high end fashion out of Università Bocconi, and this gave me some basic knowledge and understanding.

Then I read several articles, and particularly enjoyed a blog called The LaBelle Society.  The post,  Dress like an Italian Woman and look elegant daily, confirmed many things I had already learned about Italian Style.

For example, just like the French women, Italians believe they are the master of timeless, classic style.

They go for quality over quantity…and see every day as a special occasion to look their best…something I have always believed.

In the summer, they like linen, skirts and capris.

I kept all of this information in mind as I worked with Cinzia’s adjectives….simple, comfortable, feminine and original. (She could not think of a fifth one!)

No one has ever sent the word original before…and it can be confusing.

I am making a guess that Cinzia sees “original” as classic, timeless style.  We see style icons such as Audrey Hepburn to be originals.

However, there are those who interpret original as UNIQUE, AVANT GARDE, GAMINE type style….just to be safe, I tossed just a smidgeon of that interpretation into the slideshows.

Also, CInzia, I kept skirts in but made sure they were longer ones which would look nice with flats and great flat leather sandals.

I included feminine details currently on trend such as lace and eyelet.  However,  in the La Belle blog, she writes of femininity communicated in fit….close fit on the body.


Italian Style

With her culture in my head, and with a focus on her four adjectives (and her love of greens and blues), here are the pieces I pulled for Cinzia:


Tops and Toppers:

Pants and Skirts:

Cinzia, please let me know if I am on the right track and I would love to know your interpretation of the word “original.”  

Thanks to everyone for joining along in these fun posts!  Tomorrow,  I will catch us up on a few headlines in Today’s News for Women over 50; and return to style adjectives on Thursday.

So what do the rest of you think of this lovely Italian lady’s adjectives for her Italian Style!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Italian style




  1. Looking through the things you picked out, they seem to me to speak to those adjectives. Original to me would mean ‘unique’, you know, when you hear someone say, “She’s an original” they usually mean a style all her own, so I’ll be interested to know how Cinzia interprets that word. These are fun posts!

  2. The looks you could create with the slideshow look lovely. I think the shoes and linen pieces would be spot on with those adjectives and Italian style. I would add sunglasses and silk scarves to the mix. I agree, this is a fun series! I would love to see Scandi chic in your interpretation. It has been growing on me in retirement, both in style and in home decor.

  3. No one has ever sent the word “original”…it is interesting, when I asked Mr. B what it meant to him, he gave the classic, timeless answer. When I first saw the word, I thought of unique and creative.
    I hope Cinzia can shed some light for us.

  4. It is a lot of fun for me as well! Are there any Scandinavian readers out there who want to send me their adjectives?? I will study anyway and see what I can learn, Linda!

  5. I read through the post “ Dress like an Italian Woman and look elegant daily”, and was surprised at the lack of color and accessories. I definitely agree on the quality shoes and handbags, but would struggle with the lack of color and accessories. I’ve enjoyed these two days of looking at French and Italian style, realizing I incorporate some of each. However, as always when seeing fashion pictures of tall, thin models, I tend to think of what the “everyday”, common folks wear as compared to the fashion models.

  6. I believe that is one of the main reasons blogs are important, Celia! You can see clothing on us common folks!!! ❤️

  7. Dear Pam,
    thank you so much for the beautiful proposals and suggestions, especially for the sandals that would be decisive in many occasions. In my intention original means: “that does not depend on or is not inspired, suggested by other examples or models, that has no similarity with other similar works and therefore has its own novelty, its own character” what you encourage us to look for in order to be unique. I must say that many of the blouses shown are, I can find femininity even in those delicate colors.
    Not all of us in Italy can live in big cities and experience fashion, but it is beautiful even in small provincial towns.
    A sincere thanks and a dear greeting to you and all the girls who follow you.

  8. Thank you, Cinzia! It is wonderful to hear your explanation of original and I truly hope this exercise inspired you and helped you think of new ways to love look at your style messaging! I am so thankful you are in the audience!

  9. Another great dive into fashion for us Pam. This was so much fun, I went down the rabbit hole of the blog LaBelle Society and was intrigued and also spent so much time there. I will go back for more. As a True Summer, I find that dressing in neutrals means much more than black and beige, so adapting to that type of look is different. I enjoy the notes on lingerie and investing in good shoes and bags as well. I appreciate how you do so much research for us to learn all we can. These are fun.

  10. I love to research and learn more…comes from my love of journalism as well. Thanks Diane!

  11. So interesting, Pam! And for some of us who look forward to traveling again one day, it is really educational. We may not purchase an entire new wardrobe for a trip to France and Italy, but it would help us curate what to bring so that we may fit in ( in a positive way) rather than stand out (in a negative way). When I was teaching, we had a mom from Sicily. I got to know her personally because her two boys became fast friends with two of my children. I was always in awe of her everyday heels , her flowing skirts, her femininity , and her cooking.
    On another note, do you think that the Born sandals that come in ‘marine’ is our autumnal marine blue? I may have to check that out! Fabulous post! I am off to watch the videos that you linked to on dressing like an Italian woman. French is listed in there,too!

  12. Have fun with this, Deborah. I do not think the color is the same, but I am one who believes we can almost put any color on our feet that will compliment the autumn palette above it. It is the color that is near our face that matters the most.

  13. Pamela, if you wish some wonderful examples of Scandinavian street styles, you might wish to log on to YouTube and search for some live streams. i.e.: — Streetstyle – Stockholm/Sweden April 9th/2022
    On the most part, very impressive IMO. -Brenda-

  14. I haven’t been to Italy since 2015, but I totally second your comments. Women wear completely different sunglasses from us. At that time, you could ID American women by their glasses. Also scarves, and there are some nice ones shown here. I’d love to know how to do that one arrangement. Really liking te tops and the green pants!

  15. Being a hobby sewer and having a son whose career is in both fashion design and haute couture I do follow European fashion which I feel all three influence my preference of classic dressing, so sincerely appreciate this series. With that said; great job on your research and interpretations, Pamela. -Brenda-

  16. Thank you Brenda…your comment means so much and I am diving into videos today!

  17. Pamela, I am enjoying your post immensicely!!! I was taught to have three words when studying in college so I love the freedom of your five word!! My words are elegant classic glamor relaxed polished. My colors are soft yellow, salmon, watermelon, peach, coral, peachy-pink, periwinkle, tourquoise, medium purple!!! My basic colors are off-white, cream, rust, navy and charcoal grey!!! I only wear skirts that are long but all different kinds and I must wear flats!!! I’m disabled so I’m on a walker. Would you consider doing me?! I would be so very happy if you did!!! I have a little below shoulder length warm brown hair, deep blue eyes and fair white skin!! Thank you for really considering!!!!

  18. Pamels, I buy high quality leather shoes and purses!!! My shoes must close in the back!! I love to wear good antique accessories!! I wear gold as well!!! Only silver when I wear turquoise!!

  19. Another note, Pam. Maeve above noted how American women in Italy could be recognized by their sunglasses. I’ve read how Europeans say they can recognize Americans by their white, white teeth!

  20. LOL!! I believe we sell mass quantities of over the counter teeth whiteners!!

  21. Pam, again a wonderful post. I absolutely love the classic, polished, simple lines in European dressing. Cinzia will look beautiful in all of these fashions. Thanks for all you do for us.

  22. Celia, maybe we should drink more red wine and coffee as the Italians do – that will darken our teeth — LOL

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