Would You Wear It – Spring Brown

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to Would You Wear It on two blogs, with me featuring spring browns.

Most of you know that on this day, I join forces with my friend Jennifer to show fashion displays from two locations to seek out your WOULD YOU WEAR IT opinions.

I discovered this display just a few days ago and it caused me to start looking around. I noticed “brown” in several retailers for spring.


Would You Wear It

Please look these lovely ladies over and tell us if you would or would not wear the pieces you see.

If you would wear them in another season or style them differently, please let us know that as well.

We all learn from each other and the comments are fun to read.

Would You Wear It

So, tell us, ladies…………………………………………………….


Would You Wear It

The mannequin display was at Nordstrom (Where the Spring Sale is well underway), and as I said, I found brown in other places…here are a few….

Nordstrom Eyelet Blouses



Would You Wear It

I went to my allergist this week…I almost live there…and when stepping up to the table, my nurse said, “Where did you get those shoes?” 

I love my new comfy shoes from Dillard’s, they are the UGG® Sammy Metallic Knit Slip-On Sneakers in Rose Gold.

They are extremely comfortable…perfect for funky feet like mine…and I love how the Rose Gold metallic complement my warm palette for spring.

Yes…I highly recommend!

One more shout out for Laura Geller Cosmetics, a brand which has declared this day (April 9) National Mature Women’s Day!

I am happy to take all the recognition we deserve…and I wear my Laura Geller makeup almost every day!

Now, back to WOULD YOU WEAR IT…make sure you tell us about today’s display…then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer about her selection.

I will have a fun series for you beginning tomorrow……now make sure that you…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Brown is not a color I wear in spring and summer, so for me these are not things I would wear. These colors look more like fall (to me). I just don’t care for the tiers that are trending right now. It takes me back to prairie skirts from the 80’s and it’s just a look I don’t care for at this stage of life. The jeans in the back with the white shirt (however, not this particular white shirt) are my basic uniform regardless of season. So I’d wear that, maybe even the shirt by sizing down, but the jeans and white shirt combination, definitely. The short jacket and loose pants just look off to me. The jacket looks uncomfortable, like you’d be tugging at it all day, and I just find the pants unattractive, possibly because they are so badly wrinkled. I would really not give this display more than a passing glance because it just doesn’t say spring to me.

  2. I’m in the market for a white eyelet blouse but the one here has big eyelet and those sleeves are not my style. I like simple, classic clothing. I do like brown and the dress is cute but not my style. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. I never wear brown but would be interested in that short jacket if it were in different colors. It is something a bit different, and I’m realizing that unique is one of my adjectives…unique or quirky. Maybe I have some bohemian in me! 😁 I do not care for the dress, no matter the color, because of the tiers. I do like the white blouse as it appears to have some cutout or eyelet design, but I do not care for its shiny material appearance. I do like your shoes, and I’m planning to go to Dillards soon to be fitted correctly for a bra, and hope to try on shoes there too as I’m difficult to fit.

  4. As an autumn, bold and deep, I LOVED seeing the mannequins in the brown outfits. The styles were off for me. The jacket would have to be longer and looser. I would feel constricted in it. The dress was very pretty but I can’t wait for all the tiers to go away. (I read the 60s will be back soon; shifts and sheaths are my look.) I own the Talbots tree top in the slide show. Let me say that it may look odd to the eye alone, but with my several v-neck cardigans and just a portion peeking out, it is very interesting and graphic looking. It blends with many colors for different autumn (and maybe spring) sub-seasons. Love the Uggs in the rose gold. I have similar in blush. A great summer neutral. I would love to find a soft (fabric) eyelet in the correct autumn white. My last eyelet was deep green and scratchy to wear. I donated it but loved the look. Great post today!

  5. Oooh. I have to say no. The styles and shades of brown don’t appeal to me at all right now —as spring beckons….
    The rear-most mannequin in grey jeans and white blouse might be okay but the shirt appears too billowing for me and my frame.
    I’m rather surprised they are featuring these darker shades of brown when so many cool pale beige neutrals are out there!

  6. I agree with Karen Anderson, I do not think brown is a spring or summer color. I prefer those for fall/winter. I love brighter colors in the spring and summer. I am looking for a reasonable priced white tanks, white vneck tees and white blouses.

  7. Good Morning! I also think that the brown is more suited for Fall. the prairie dress I would’ve liked in the 80s…although for me, on dresses, ruanas and blouses, a strip of material along the bottom in a different print is just weight added, the way it cuts your line of vision. the pants I might try on, im not sure if I would love them or hate them on my body. the short jacket is cute, but on my long torso, they just don’t work. the white shirts material looks stiff, and that style needs a more flowing type material.
    Ugg s are very comfortable! im going to check out Laura Geller in a minute.

  8. I don’t mind this mid-tone brown for summer. Seems like a year round color which I could wear with a cozy cream sweater in cool weather, or a pretty blouse now. These particular pieces don’t grab me but pants or capris a bit more refined than these would be great. The color reminds me of neutral saddle colored sandals or my many purse handles (Dooney tends to contrast their handles from other colored bags), so this would be actually a super versatile color in my wardrobe.

  9. I think the colours are pretty but they are too soft and warm for my colouring. The styles are not my cup of tea. I would feel odd, old and frumpy in them. I too look forward to different silhouettes in the shops.

  10. I agree with Karen about the designs displayed. The country look and cropped jackets are not for me and the pants just don’t look good. The colors however, are right on target for my coloring. The golden brown is already in my closet. I would wear the plaid blouse and the Uggs shoes. Most Uggs shoes are unattractive to me, yet these look nice and would be particularly good with the straw bags trending this season. The series of photos at the bottom of the post could have been taken of items in my closet! The exception is the dark brown. I don’t have that and it would make a good neutral for my coloring. Good ideas 😊

  11. Love your posts and videos and trying to upgrade my style and makeup. I know you mentioned you wear Laura Geller makeup. Can you tell me what products you like from that line? I am not familiar with it and would like to know some items you find particularly good.

    I “think” I am also an autumn and I know you mentioned that you used a person in England to know what your colors are. Do you have any more information on this person? I would love to know for sure but I do feel most comfortable in oranges, golds, greens, turquoise, etc. The colors you wear are ones that I am “drawn” to.

    Thanks so much!

  12. The white blouse is too fussy for me. I like the dress, but would like it better if it were shorter. The brown pants? meh. The calico vest is confusing because it looks like a shortened version of Little House on the Prarie. Those Uggs look like fun. Those print Calvin Klein blouses seemed positioned for older women as if that is the only print we understand. That and big flowers.

  13. I absolutely love the look of the Praire dress and the funky little jacket. Wish I was younger and slimmer, I would be out shopping for them.

  14. I associate brown with fall. I don’t mind the tiered dress, but why are necklines so low? I would not wear the pants in any color b/c they are too high waisted — agree w/others about the jacket’s length. Happy Saturday!

  15. Brown is just to drab to wear, even in the fall. These would be a no for me but I do like the style of the jacket. I am not sure that the retailers are styling mannequins for a mature customer or really even what age group as I see some really bizarre clothing being displayed and never actually see anyone dressed this way. Love reading all the comments !

  16. Love that brown shades are finally having their fashion moment, I know i’m in the minority but its been forever since they have been available and for those of us with autumn coloring its fantastic!!! the dress is too feminine for my style, also dont’ like all the layers but would wear the pattern in something else. Those pants I would definitely love to try not as styled but with pale light green or yellow or even ivory. Brown can definitely be made to look like spring or summer!

  17. I’m not a fan of these shapes for my silhouette. The quilting seems a heavy look for spring in these shades. I know full sleeves are in for spring but have yet to find one that flatters me. Happy Saturday!

  18. Brown in Spring? Uh, no thank you. I don’t wear brown in general, except in a few animal prints, but they are ones I would more likely wear in Fall.

  19. This display is not for me. I don’t care for tiered dresses and feel the print is overdone on this one for my sportier, classic style. I love chocolate brown tops for summer and have several, which I wear with white or natural jeans and black linen pants; for those who wear aqua, pink, yellow, or coral bottoms, it looks stunning with them. I have some tortoise shell jewelry I pair with brown, and make sure my accessories read “summer,” such as a straw tote. In this display, the brown looks heavy and autumnal, perhaps because so little skin shows. I have some Ugg suede slip on platform sneakers in tan and just love their comfort and sleek good looks. They are a new brand to me because when teaching, I associated their boots with junior high girls’ fashion. But they have many styles witch are a little funky, yet grown up.

  20. I would wear the dress. This is the perfect shape and print to balance out narrow shoulders.

    Brown is one of those colors that takes effort. Once you find the right brown, it’s game on!

  21. I might be interested in the white blouse but it would depend upon its sleeve caps, as avoid if too gathered due broad shoulders. As to Spring Brown; though associate the color family more with Fall I do own a few spring/summer pieces that range in beige to chocolate brown. (A linen blazer and also a shirt (recent purchases), chinos, sandals, belt(s) and purse(s).) Re the display today; I’m afraid other than the blouse nothing else appeals to my personal taste both in design (too trendy) and pattern (too busy). -Brenda-

  22. My eye went past the mannikins to the blue/brown plaid on the rack in the background. I’d look at that first thing. Otherwise, I’d look at the display; I think it is well done but not my styles.

  23. I’m one of the few who loves the dress! Brown works well for my coloring and can, indeed, work year-around. Bone accessories would lighten it for Spring and it would be perfect to lunches or dinners or even work (yes, would definitely have worn to work; I lived in San Antonio for 17 years before retiring and moving to SC – dress would work in both locations). I need to find that dress! The other two ootd don’t interest me.

    And, yes, I have worn UGG slip-ons. I have a pair that is 8-10 years old and won’t part with them because they are sooooo comfortable (they’re a leopard print). Need to look for the rose gold.

    Thank you and have a great weekend, Pamela!

  24. I’m a no. Brown doesn’t seem fresh or new in April-July. Except for black and white, I prefer seeing the colors of flowers. In late July and August, however, it looks new again, and I love brown paired with white or ecru and accessorized with a bit of a coral or turquoise. It compliments our sun-kissed skin and hair. I like my dresses knee-length, so I wouldn’t wear the tiered dress in any season. The jacket, however, gets a thumbs up. Come fall, it would be a welcome layer for a grandson’s soccer game or other outing. I don’t care for the orange color with it. There’s enough going on with the patchwork and chambray binding that it doesn’t need a shock of color.

  25. There is nothing in this display that would make me take a second look. The color, length & style of the dress wouldn’t flatter me at all. While I love a white shirt & jeans, the sleeves on this shirt make it a no. The cropped jacket just doesn’t seem to go with the rest of the outfit. The pockets, wider legs & wrinkles on the pants aren’t for me. I agree with others that this display does seem to be more of a fall look than spring.

  26. Brown is not a colour for me and so I pass on this alone. It is interesting however that many see these outfits as being prairie but being from a northern city with a heavy German background they look like perfect outfits to wear for Oktoberfesting if one was inclined to do so. Fashion is in the eye of the beholder.

  27. I just can’t see the darker browns for spring at all. I haven’t seen this trend anywhere else, have you?
    Love your UGG slip-one!

  28. Hi Carol…I mentioned in the blog post that I have seen it other places! And…I love the shoes!

  29. Ooh I’m so happy brown is back en vogue – it’s been difficult trying to get ahold of it at retail the past few years!

    My main neutral is a dark chocolate brown though – I actually wore an outfit similar to the one on the right the other day (with a fiery reddish orange tank top underneath a topper, but a cream cardigan in my case). I like the high rise on those trousers, though!

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