5 ways to cover arms over 50: #1 The Shirtdress

5 ways to cover arms

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Today, I begin a mini-series of posts featuring 5 ways to cover arms over 50.  The first way is The Shirtdress!

I hope these posts will give you some ideas of fun garments to wear as we move closer to summer.

5 ways to cover arms

Here is what last weekend looked like in my town!  It is really too early to have triple digits for us, so the summer is looking exceptionally hot.

We set record breaking heat on Saturday here.


5 ways to cover arms

I know, for me anyway, that post pandemic my arms are not the way the were when I went to the gym every day.

This is why I want to give you some ideas of looks that may work for you.

I love to have SHIRTDRESSES in my wardrobe.  I can wear them as toppers, tunics..and occasionally…dresses!

Such a versatile garment.  During the heat, I always wear toppers of any type over sleeveless tanks or tops.

I also like the way a shirt collar looks on me, so this is a big reason I am drawn to a shirtdress.

5 ways to cover arms

Shirtdresses are also a great way to cover arms and provide styles to communicate your style adjectives.

I try to select the ones which say Creative and Joyful for me!

The one I am wearing today was purchased in a Chico’s store and is no-iron.  I cannot locate it on line…tried every way, but they do have fun options.

Also, the second is a mini-shirtdress from Anthropologie…I love it but will be wearing the longer sleeves when it is not triple digits.

I wore this one is early spring.

I like the different length options in shirtdresses…you can easily find lengths that work for you at any price points.

Here are more fun options:

Also, if you want lower price points, there are fun Shirtdresses at H & M…go to Shirtdresses.  

So , this is the first of 5 ways to cover your arms…for us ladies who need to in warm weather!

I will be back on Thursday with look #2.

Those who are waiting for your style adjective inspiration, please don’t give up on me…my world was rattled last week and I need to re-think the editorial, but you will receive my attention soon!

These posts will cover different ideas for a third piece of warm weather clothing…and I love hearing your ideas as well.

Tomorrow…the news just for you….


5 ways to cover arms

Next summer need…some cool sunglasses like my grandson’s!!!!

By Pamela Lutrell

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5 ways to cover your arms


  1. Yeah! This is such an applicable topic for so many of us! I’m so looking forward to the rest of the installments on this series! I exercise but my arms and legs are not what they were! Thanks Pam for your blog as I read it daily. You are a gem.

  2. I have not tried this yet, probably because I don’t have any shirt dresses, but it’s a fun look. It’s kind of similar to wearing a tunic-length top open, and I have done that. I typically just wear the sleeveless tops and don’t worry about my arms, truth be told! I think for me it’s a regional thing, because I have to cover up for so much of the year that when summer finally gets here I’m ready to just go with it. This is definitely a cute look for a third piece though, and there are always the places that freeze us out with the a/c! I always take a third piece along when I’m going out because of a/c, so this would be fun to try.

  3. My goal is to give you new ideas..I rarely go sleeveless these days. So a third piece is for sure in my warm weather style!
    Thanks for being here, Kat!

  4. My arms have gotten a lot of sun over the years and I like to wear something that shields them from sun.
    I find that sunproof fabrics are often not that comfortable, they tend to be closely woven and synthetic materials, so I’m often combining sun screen with fabric to get extended protection.

  5. Those are such cool sunglasses! Wish they came in my size! He has great taste. Shirt is cool too. Mine are getting to whee they just like solid colors,no prints. But I think the sunglasses would make the cut, especially with the younger ones!

  6. Such a wonderful theme , Pam! As a casual classic, many of the stylings speak to me, if not all the colors. I particularly liked the column of white with heels and the snazzy shirt dress over it. A lovely way to dress up in my casual world. You look great, as usual. If you come across those light linen knit three quarter length sleeve tops ( Chico has had in some in the past) , I would love to see a source for them. I hope you are healing from your recent trauma. It isn’t easy. Thank you for continuing to move forward with us.

  7. What a precious picture of your grandson! His glasses remind me of when cat eye frames were the popular thing…remember? I am already a big proponent of shirt dresses as third pieces. I often wear them as you do when it’s so hot in South Georgia . Fortunately we have barely reached the 90’s so far but those 100’s will be here soon. I like the patterns of your shirt dresses, very unique and interesting, which is my direction too.

  8. Thanks for sharing with what works best for you, Rose! This is how we help one another.

  9. I will keep my eyes open for you, Deborah! Shirtdresses work for any woman…color, style, etc. Many come in petites.

  10. We are looking into a very long hot summer…and no one is excited about it! Enjoy your gentle Georgia transition.

  11. Love his style!!!! Makes me smile!
    I read you the first thing every morning. Thank you for all your work.

  12. Love the picture of your grandson this morning!! He is so adorable! Also, this is a great series to tackle, and timely. We are having a prolonged wet spring, so a third piece is not only stylish but still necessary – a bit chilly for going sleeveless, but not so cold as to need my regular cardigans. Hope you round up some light, airy pieces for us to see.Thanks Pam!

  13. Like Karen – so much if the year we are covered up and still cold! When the heat abd humudity of real summer hits us we simply hardly care- jiggly arms or not. I do try to find tees with Vee necks and elbow or 3/4 sleeves when I can, but if it’s shorter sleeve, I wear it! I do like my ruanas for dressier events as they cover and are cool.

  14. Pam, your grandson certainly made me remember to KEEP SMILING!! Thanks for this series. Such a creative idea and a good way to add color! I need to examine the concept of proportion with this look. I’m thinking the length of the topper would make a huge difference on different body heights and shapes.

  15. Your grandson is super cool!
    I am petite with a small frame and am not a fan of the shirtdress look. I don’t wear tunics or long cardigans much either, but I would think that they are a lot more versatile at a lower price point than a dress. Also, I wear shorts a lot and don’t think I’d find a shirtdress would go with them. Have you tried dresses w/shorts?

  16. Watch the slideshows…that is where I feature fun styles. I am using my wardrobe so show you how I do it!! Thanks Connie

  17. Thanks Paulette! I think our early excessive heat has me thinking of ways to get through the summer!

  18. That is why I mentioned to look for petite sizing with some of the shirtdresses and my second look is a mini-dress…which often make the best shorter toppers!

  19. I personally haven’t but I found shorts styled with them. There is one in the slideshow. I do not wear only shirtdresses…it is just one option for me…stay tuned for more!

  20. Oh, my, another post so appreciated! As an Arizona solo retiree choosing to live with style, I crave flattering silhouettes/breathable fabrics. Chico’s no-iron linen collection works well for me and layers nicely over a tank. Past year I’ve expanded into Banana Republic and love their sophisticated colors and comfy fabrics. It’s all about proportions, as you emphasize. I look forward to your continuing to research fabrics that combine both seasonal comfort and ease of care. Summer? Bring it on…with a smile!

  21. I also have the Chico’s non-iron linen and it is great! Good choice! Thanks!

  22. Particularly like the first outfit on you Pamela and the pattern of the shirtdress. As to the latter It is one of my favourites, though might only wear as a dress at a resort for an easy swimsuit coverup. Otherwise will also pair either with slim cut bottoms similar to your jeans, leggings, capris or shorts leaving open from the waist down and sleeves optionally rushed (using an elastic to hold in place) rather than rolled up. Love your Grandson’s 😎s and so adorable. -Brenda-

  23. Another option for the shirt dress would be swimsuit coverup! Great idea, Brenda!

  24. Love these practical posts that we share — exactly my words — less gym workouts in the last two years and yes, I have weights at home, but it wasn’t the same routine. Trying to get back to the arm work, but in the meantime looking for options — short sleeve t-shirts don’t work well for me, almost worse than sleeveless because of where they cut the upper arm. Thank you!! Very interested in your next options.

  25. Don’t worry about rushing the style adjectives – take care of yourself & feeling more secure first!

    You know what they say with the ‘oxygen mask’ analogy – you can’t help others without first helping yourself…

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