5 Ways to Cover Arms over 50: #2 Linen Cardigans

ways to cover arms

Happy Thursday, everyone!  I am back with 5 Ways to cover arms over 50, and #2 is Linen Cardigan!

We began this series on Tuesday with shirtdresses.  My desire is to give you some thoughtful ideas of how to cover your arms with third pieces of different types.

I know my look today originally from Chico’s is a bright one…but remember, I am a vibrant color person and this cherry pop cardigan and tank from the spring collection certainly fits the bill.

I am not proposing a look like this for everyone, but I do like it for me…I especially am fond of the new kimono sleeve designs.

What is important for you is to remember linen cardigans come in all sizes and colors, and can be worn by many of you most of the summer.

Also, at the end of the post, I help another reader interpret her style adjectives!


ways to cover arms

You might remember this JJILL linen cardigan from my past.  It was originally soft pink.

When I discovered that I am a vibrant autumn, I died it!   I used this easy, easy Dylon Machine Fabric Dye in Rosewood Red.  

You just toss the Dylon Egg in a front loading machine with the garment…and Viola!

Now, I can easily wear my linen cardigan all year long.

I love how linen cardigans breathe, and I am never over heated in mine.  They work really well in a warm climate.

Here are a few more, I found online:


ways to cover arms

While I cannot link to this fun Chico’s bracelet, I can link to the necklace I am wearing in the top image, THE SEEDBEAD FRINGE NECKLACE.

And, I am really enjoying my UGG Teague Leather Sandals.


ways to cover arms

I am excited to return and help some of the readers interpret their style adjectives!!  

If you are new and not familiar with how we can create our own UNIQUELY-YOU style, then please watch this video:  DEVELOP YOUR OWN UNIQUELY YOU STYLE

Today, I am assisting Natalie.  

She sent me this message:

“Pamela, I am enjoying your posts immensely!!! I was taught to have three words when studying in college, so I love the freedom of your five words.  My words are elegant, classic, glamorous, relaxed, polished.  My colors are soft yellow, salmon, watermelon, peach, coral, peachy-pink, periwinkle, turquoise, medium purple!!! My basic colors are off-white, cram, rust, navy, and charcoal grey!!!  I only wear skirts that are long, but all different kinds and I must wear flats!!! I’m disable so I’m on a walker.  Would you consider doing me?! I would be so very happy if you did!!! I have a little below the should length warm brown hair, deep blue eyes and fair why skin!!! Thank you for really considering!!!

Natalie, of course, I am happy to help any way that I can.  I selected tops only that I believe communicate your casual chic adjectives.

These tops would look amazing with white or cream colors of bottoms.  

I will confess with your adjectives and colors and the time of year, this one was more of a challenge.  Also, if I selected sleeveless tops, it was with a lovely topper of some kind in mind.

I really believe you need an off white tweed jacket!  And there are some lovely jackets on sale right now.

This exercise is to inspire you and get you thinking of different ways to communicate what you want to say with Natalie-style!  And you are an obviously classy lady!

Here are the tops:


I look forward to hearing from you Natalie!  Now, back to ways to cover arms over 50…how do you feel about linen cardigans….fans or not??  Just let me know and I return tomorrow with look #3!


By Pamela Lutrell

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5 ways to cover your arms


  1. This is a beautiful look! Linen cardigans are so perfect for evenings and overly ambitious a/c! This one is a beautiful color! I have very similar adjectives to Natalie’s, and some things in the slideshow really appeal to me. I had kind of forgotten about White House/Black Market, but have to give a few things a second look! I really do like your cardigan in that color!

  2. I love your red topper and that wonderful necklace! I always wear something that covers my arms as my arms are small, and I get cold. The cherry red is such a cheery color. I was drawn to the blue version of that necklace although it now seems to be sold out. I have many similar toppers although none in such a bright color or linen so I need to look for a linen one.

  3. A sensational look Pam! You truly look so good in the brights!
    I just purchased my first linen cardigan in white. I’d wanted to have a neutral (?))top to toss over various sleeveless pieces. This is it!
    I do have a deeper beige utility jacket from Talbots but it seems too relaxed at times. I’ll never look as good as you do. But it’ll cover crepey arms.

  4. I think you will love it, Paulette! After seeing picture…you will look great in it. Thanks for the kind words!!

  5. I wasn’t a fan of the dress look, but I love the linen topper. The red on you is sensational. I’m going to give the Talbots items you showed another look. I could use something in cream. I wish I could wear bright yellow to match spring this year. Every year it’s different, but this year both in Maine and RI, the daffodils and forsythia have been amazing.

  6. I love linen cardigans but have learned to be a bit fussy when buying them. Woven linen is great. Knitted linen, not so much. It stretches long and doesn’t reshape with washing and blocking. Love the colors you’re choosing, Pamela!

  7. You do look amazing in ‘brights’ Pamela and I do like your choices for Natalie. Something off topic, I notice lately when first logging on to your site that the links you provide don’t show and its all advertising until I reload the page. Just thought I would mention that to you in event others might be experiencing the same. -Brenda-

  8. Pamela, Thank you very much for your idea’s using my five words!! I love linen toppers. In fact, this time of year I wear almost all linen because it is so very hot in the desert of Arizona!! We’ve already hit 100 degrees last week!! I always wear toppers to cover my arms because of my dialysis acesses in my arms!!

  9. Pamela, you great in this bright cherry cardigan and top, I love the whole look. You can’t help but feel happy looking at that color. Linen blend cardigans are the workhorses of my wardrobe, on all but the very hottest days here in So. Calif. I’m so impressed that your Autumn tone sweater dyed up perfectly, what a great idea. I remember my mom used to dye everything-towels, rugs, bedspreads, etc with Rit Dye when I was little.

  10. I love those tweed jackets and am saving up to make a purchase soon. I like how they can be dressed up or down, but they make any outfit both polished and stylish. I work in the office Monday thru Friday and this will be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe.

    Lovely selections for Natalie.

  11. Pam, you look fab in that topper. Bright looks great on you. I am glad Natalie was happy with the choices. I loved that cream tweed jacket. There are so many cute items that you offer us each day. Even if I don’t purchase them all, they are inspiring. Thank you.

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