Chico’s perfect summer dress at a perfect event

Chico's perfect summer dress

It’s a great Thursday!  Welcome to my introduction of Chico’s perfect summer dress at a perfect event.

The excessive early heat in South Texas has opened my eyes to the need for dresses this year…and I think I found my Chico’s perfect summer dress.

I actually went into the store in the Villages at Stone Oak last week looking for shorts….which I haven’t really worn in a few years.


Chico's perfect summer dress

As I walked around the store, my eye suddenly landed upon this Linen Popover Dress in a color called Flame Scarlett…ready for this vibrant autumn girl!

I immediately thought about my granddaughter’s Pre-K graduation…as well as the rest of the summer…and the perfect accessories I own.

The dress feels so good on and is so comfy that it became my perfect summer dress, and will see me through until October…..that is usually how long we have heat.

This dress is available in four colors.

Here are a few more summer dresses presently at Chico’s:


Chico's Perfect summer dress

I wanted to celebrate Chico’s perfect summer dress with an ode to color!

First of all, the BZEES Sandals were gifted to me a couple of years ago, and while I will not always wear them with the dress, I loved them for the occasion.

I have liked BZEES for years and have several pair…great comfort and washable styles.

This Chico’s bracelet sold out quickly and I am so glad I have one…it is so much fun.

Chico's perfect summer dress

Most of you know I love unique, artisan jewelry.  Recently, I was introduced to World Finds Jewelry and I fell immediately for this necklace.

It is perfect Pamela-style and will be worn often.  The quality and beauty is exceptional. 

I have a short version on my wish list.

Chico's perfect summer dress

I also wore my new loved James Avery Blossoms and Bee Ring, along with OPI’s Cajun Shrimp on my nails.

This whole outfit makes me smile and speaks fun!  It will be perfect off and on during the summer.

On graduation day it was 100 degrees and I was cool as a cucumber in this perfect linen dress.


Chico's perfect summer dress

Any level of moving forward is special, and now this little lady is ready for kindergarten next year.

She lost another front tooth the morning of graduation…nothing cuter!  We gifted her butterfly clips for her hair to symbolize flying to a new stage of life.

Chico's perfect summer dress

We were very proud of her award…THE JOLLY RANCHER AWARD…which she received for her joyful attitude every day in class!

Of course, I love that she carries on with our banner of JOY.

This kicks off summer with a smile and, of course, I am thrilled to find my Chico’s perfect summer dress!  I cannot get enough of my colors!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted the shoes and the bracelet, but the words are my own.

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Chico's perfect summer dress


  1. What a great summer dress Pam! It does look cool and fresh, and it’s so true that dresses are wonderful for really hot days. The jewelry is the perfect artsy touch for this dress. I like the simplicity of it, and the fact that it’s linen. There are so many tiered things trending now, and for those of us not into tiers, simple styles like your dress are perfect! So nice that they do something special for little ones in Pre-K. You looked perfectly styled for the fun event!

  2. I am so excited about this dress! It will be worn often…oh the places I’ll go!

  3. You look cool, classy and truly a vibrant autumn in your new dress and accessories.
    And your granddaughter is adorable. Losing a first tooth is such a rite of passage- growing up and like the butterfly -beginning to spread her wings. Congratulations! Happy Days!

  4. Your dress and necklace are really beautiful, and definitely fit your adjectives! Dresses seem to be having a comeback, and even those of us who do not like to expose our old legs…that would be me….have many choices from which to choose! I looked at the World Fine site which has so many unusual items, and seem very reasonably priced. Your little Miss is so cute, and must have such a wonderful attitude to be awarded that Jolly Rancher award! Her grandmother’s joy may have affected this child , and that is such an important way to approach life.

  5. That dress is perfect for many occasions and I totally agree that a dress can be much cooler than shorts. How exciting for the little ones that they get a graduation as well. You looked perfect for the day, and it will work so well all summer. I am on the look out for a couple more dresses in my best colours. That soft denim look dress in the slide show is perfect.

  6. She actually lost both front teeth! It is pretty cute!! Thanks Paulette!

  7. The teacher’s who gave the award said it was for her vibrant smile! A chip off the old block!!

  8. I love the dress options this year and I know they will be appreciated as things heat up!

  9. What a sweetie in matching cap ‘n gown and Grandma looking amazingly chic in her new dress! As looking for a casual one for myself and this comes in a turquoise shade, could you tell me Pamela if one can turn the cuff on the sleeve down? Thank you. -Brenda-

  10. I think my eyes tear up at each Kindergarten graduation at least once…even while seeing your pictures and not being there in person! These littles are becoming more aware of the world, yet ready to perhaps tilt it toward good and positive contributions. Thank you for sharing such a special event with those of us who feel like you are a friend. I don’t think you will ever know what ripples YOU create by your blogging. <3 Your dress and accessories definitely contributed to a happy feeling on a happy day! Well chosen once more, Miss Pamela!

  11. You are so sweet, Louine. I also tear up when I see the littles in their graduation gowns…no matter what family they belong to. Thank you for being here.

  12. The cuff remains on this design. I believe they have other designs that go up and down, but not this one. It is a great dress! Thanks so much Brenda…the blue color is lovely.

  13. Love this dress on you!! The color is perfect. Who did your color analysis?
    The colors of the necklace are perfect.
    Congratulations to you granddaughter! She is so cute.

  14. Thank you, Paula. My colors were done by an amazing color analyst out of London, Annie Castano. I am a vibrant autumn. We spent two hours on a Zoom call that day and she assessed me online, which I know many prefer in person. But, she nailed it…this is me. And I love following Annie on Instagram…she is a hoot!

  15. Our temps in the SoCal desert have already hit triple digits and I’m definitely a dress gal. Love this Chico’s one especially since there are no ruffles! When I moved here a few years ago I didn’t own a pair of shorts & now I have at least 10 pairs. This year I found Walmart’s Tried & Tru (spelling?) now marked down to a little over $10. Similar Chico’s pull on style; cool cotton fabric; not as polished as the more expensive Talbots & Chico’s but definitely an alternative when I wear them nearly every day.

  16. I purchased the Chico’s pull on style…I believe they will be worn often this summer. May is breaking heat records here.

  17. Beautiful dress on you Pam and thank you for sharing such a wonderful occasion!! Lovely pictures of you and your family. Happy summer 🙂

  18. Your outfit/accessories/smile are outstanding! I can’t wait to see how much use you get out of this lovely dress and other ways to accessorize it. I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress. With the scorching weather they are calling for this summer, I better get busy and find a few. Your granddaughter is a treasure. So heartwarming, that like you, she is known as the joyful one. I love the picture of you, your husband, and the graduate. Oh yes—-the places she/you will go. Thanks for bringing us along on your journey.

  19. Thanks. I’ll check her out. Wearing the right colors looks like it makes a big difference.

  20. Happy summer, Francesca…hope you will spend it here with us on the blog!

  21. Hi Pamela,

    Your granddaughter is “over the top” adorable. Love the reward she received, obviously you have had an
    influence on her “joyful heart.” I bet she added so much to her classroom. Also the picture of you and Mr.
    B with adorable is a treasure forever. Everyone must be so happy and proud of her. So much to be thankful\

  22. What a beautiful dress and event. I visited a Chico’s Monday when visiting my son and family for my youngest grandson’s high school graduation. I wish I had seen that dress. I will look for it on line. It was so nice to actually try on clothes again, and Chico’s is my go to store even though I don’t buy as much since I retired.

  23. Thanks for sharing your special moments with your darling little butterfly. Those are memories that you and she will always treasure. AND, your dress, shoes, & jewelry are fabulous, not at all the perceived look of a grandmother.

  24. I have the link right there for you. Just click on the name of the dress!

  25. Your dress does look perfect for summer. I like the simple style, & the length looks great on you. That necklace would go with just about anything. Kudos to your sweet granddaughter. I’m sure both you & grandpa are justifiably proud!

  26. We are so proud of all six of our grandchildren and blessed! Thank you!

  27. I own the same dress in the same color and absolutely love it! Living in Southwest Florida, I know that this will be my go to dress all summer. Thinking of getting it in at least one other color.

  28. What a beautiful family and a wonderful memory for all of you.

    That necklace and bracelet are perfect. You know your style and rock it.

  29. Indeed, a perfect summer dress! Saturated colors are flattering for my personal coloring and by simply changing jewelry and shoes, this dress would be great for a wide variety of activities. Your granddaughter is a cutie!

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