Coastal Grandmother Style: Is it you?

Coastal Grandmother Style


Happy Monday, ladies!  Today I am going to initiate a discussion about the Coastal Grandmother Style and ask is it you?

The first time I watched Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give, I was drawn to her style.  In fact, I watched the movie over again just to look at what she was wearing!  Ok, maybe to also look at Keanu Reeves!

In the movie, she becomes one of the inspirations for this trend.

I think the biggest drawback to the Coastal Grandmother phase is that it is being marketed as a trend and came from Tik Tok, a place I do not really frequent at all.

Trends can waste our money if they are not right for our overall unique personal style.

Coastal Grandmother Style

However, I choose to look at coastal grandmother as more of a lifestyle, such as the Danish lifestyle Hygge, and if your style adjectives, colors, and lifestyle tastes match up…then it is time to declare yourself a coastal grandmother.

Peace and tranquility also swirl around this lifestyle.  As does, sustainability.

Another con is the name…. you need not be a grandmother with grandchildren or live on a coast to participate…one of the reasons I like style adjectives is they are so much simpler to get.

The grandmother label is most often used in fashion as a negative…so the phase on Tik Tok is surprising to me.


Coastal Grandmother Style

As I told you yesterday when explaining my husband’s preferences, I described him as someone of high quality, simple fashion….so is coastal grandmother style.  High quality simple, casual looks.

The most common traits of the coastal grandmother style would include

Simplicity, Easy


Timeless fashion

High Quality, natural fabrics…especially linen and cotton for summer

Relaxed and comfy

A touch of menswear

Soft neutrals and soft colors

Many of the popular looks include button down tops, bags used as shopping bags (think flea market at the beach); low sneakers; espadrilles; loafers; bucket hats; chinos, cardigans and small jewelry.

Here are brands and pieces you might consider when shopping coastal grandmother style & it is popular with Eileen Fisher fans:



Coastal Grandmother Style 

I confess, I am really attracted to this style, but this picture is the closest I have been to it so far….I know the cantaloupe pants don’t do it.

While most coastal grandmothers are styling their looks in the colors of the sand and sea, I am more the bright SUN!

I still like having polished (tailored) in my style adjectives and my creativity would never be called simple.

It would not take much tweaking to become coastal, though, I love my vibrant autumn palette and that doesn’t fit at all.

As long as I dress in my colors and wear looks that meet my adjectives, I believe I am being true to me and my unique style.

However, now more than ever before I do not want to waste money and like having my guidelines to keep me on budget.  Adjectives can be tweaked though if you want to go coastal grandmother.

What about you…if coastal grandmother is you then own it and enjoy it…there are many adjectives that would go with these styles…just be careful of trends that are not you.

Coastal Grandmother Style


Any way, we all can sit around a glass of wine and discuss it…that’s fun.

Let me know what you think….and always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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coastal grandmother style


  1. Hi Pam! I have seen descriptions of this style that appeal to me, but the descriptions refer to lifestyle more than fashion. After reading through this, I guess the fashion side is not enough my style to identify as a coastal grandmother. Like you mentioned, I don’t feel comfortable with the label “grandma” or “grandmother,” in fashion. Even though I am one and love being one. I just can’t get past the feeling that in some way this label is meant to be derogatory. Remember the term “mom jeans” that now, while a fringe style, used to be used in a derogatory manner? Same thing when I hear it. All that to say that I like the lifestyle more than the fashion aspect. One day maybe I’ll transition to more relaxed and it will apply, just not yet! Fun exercise though!

  2. You are so right about mom jeans…good connection! Happy Monday, Karen!

  3. I too have watched several Diane Keaton movies, paying great attention to her wardrobe. This coastal grandmother “style” seems to fit a “ casual elegance “ adjective to me, but maybe it’s just because of watching those movies which are always in such beautiful settings. Last night I was putting together outfits to wear on a short trip , and thought of putting together this style. However, I struggle with everything bland and colorless because that’s just not me. If I wear a white column or white top with beige linen pants, I will always wear a bright or black third piece or scarf. I’m like you with the orange pants…never the subdued colors!

  4. A neutral palette of preppy, Country Club, Yacht Club, traditional, conservative fashions. I live in a town on the west coast of Florida. Coastal fashions in Florida tend to be bright, bold tropical colors. I associate the neutral palette with coastal areas in more Northern climates. I remember a realtor using “Granny chic” as put down to outdated interior design. The connotation was negative. I assume the latest Coastal Grandmother trend is intended to appeal younger grandmothers. I would look washed out in an all neutral palette.

  5. When I first heard of this style, I was hooked. I love it and it matches so much of what I have in my closet. My coloring is soft, muted summer so that fits. Plus I wear lots of linen and cotton. I love wide-leg linen pants in neutral shades and is what I wear during the warm months ~ which is a good part of the year where I live. So I don’t have to buy anything to embrace this style. I love even the name of the style even though I live far from the coast. I teach at a university and don’t want to dress like a college student (but want to be current) so the name helps me know that this style is perfect for those in their 50s! I’m a huge fan!

    BTW, I would love some help with my 5 adjectives. Have a great day!

  6. Good morning Pam, I believe Coastal Grandmother Style fashion is based on classic beige & white neutrals. I love the concept! Yesterday, l purchased a pair of beige cotton ankle pants, beige cotton shorts, a beige cotton T-shirt, a tan V-neck animal print T-shirt and a very soft, longer length animal print sweatshirt in beige & tan neutrals to add to my wardrobe. From my closet, I will add a white cotton button down, white jeans, and a white T-shirt. White leather sneakers, brown Birkenstocks, straw market bag and a tan fedora from my closet will add to the look. Mix and matching this colour palette will be easy! Some may feel this look is boring but for me it speaks casual & classic! This Grandma is going to truly embrace this style with confidence this summer! Keep smiling!

  7. I believe BLUE is also a huge component of this trend…you might play with blue and see what you think, Celia.

  8. It also appeals to younger women who are not grandmothers. Several popular actresses like Anne Hathaway have embraced it. I can see the distinction you are making between Florida and Nantucket though.
    I am still shocked at the name for the trend being used in a positive way!

  9. Hi Pamela…thanks for sharing ways you are owning it. I know that is helpful to others!

  10. Hi Amy, since you love this coastal grandmother style, you might try the adjectives: Timeless, chic, classic, relaxed, and fun. If you want me to focus on you and select pieces like I have other readers, then send me an email at But, let me know what you think of these adjectives in that email…how they might work or not work.

  11. Thanks for putting my thoughts and sentiments into words so clearly, Karen. Although I love the life-style portrayed, and being a Nana is by far my favourite job, I am not yet ready for flowing and (sorry) shapeless. I will stick with the classic and creative finds that are currently in my closet, at least for now. I have graduated to the state of only wearing what I love and feel beautiful in, at least when I go out. (Housework and gardening earns the old jeans and tee shirt look.) Isn’t life grand? 🙂

  12. I think you nailed the style adjectives for coastal grandmother. Diane Keaton is my all time favorite style icon, and it’s not necessarily that I want to dress like her, but she remains faithful to her own personal style. She’s thrown a little masculine into all of her looks.

  13. Yes! That is why I mentioned menswear. You can see a nod to it in some of the style. Thanks Kimberly

  14. I like the concept of coastal grandmother (with a name only a Tik Tokker could love). When people are suited to it in both personality and body, they look amazing. I don’t like it on me. Pastels, often including light neutrals, wash me out. I dislike myself in oversized clothing, and I actually can look pretty awful in an oversized button down unless I get the proportions exactly right. So it’s just not for me, though I see it as somewhat the summer equivalent of Scandi Chic, a style I’m also drawn to but don’t really wear. I think our adjectives are really much better. Who wants to be a copy, when we can be … our best, unique selves.

  15. I love coastal grandmother and have been dressing that way for years and I love Keanu Reeves!!

  16. Hi Pamela,
    I already have a lot of neutrals, blues & greens in my closet so I’m loving this style. I also prefer natural fibers like 100% cotton as the fabric fits my petite frame better than wovens. Would love to see more outfits in this style. The Coastal Grandmother adjective doesn’t really bother me as you’ve noted younger women are also embracing it. Thanks so much for this post. I always enjoy your blog.

  17. I find this term Coastal Grandmother a good phase for my mother a 77 yrs but she wears brighter colors in South Florida. I do love the style shown by Diane Keaton!!! Your adjectives are perfect!!!

  18. I think I do embrace this Coastal Grandmother lifestyle and wardrobe- at least during our summer months. I took a long hard look at my summer wardrobe and other than three pair of bright Bermuda shorts all other pieces are white, beige, tan and pale pale blue (one pair navy blue shorts). Lots of linen, chino and gauzy fabrics – very au natural.
    My winter wear is not like this.
    Ps How are you doing?

  19. You are so sweet to ask, Paulette! I am doing good and still have my joy!

  20. When I saw that movie I thought the house was the star. The house was memorable, the clothing…not so much. Coastal grandmother seems to feature basic pieces that make sense for casual wear, but in colors that don’t suit me.

  21. What an interesting topic today! I watched the movie many times over to enjoy the gorgeous house. 💗 That fairly neutral vibe is somewhat what I now have in my re-done cottage and I love it as an interior space. My clothing choices have also come to reflect a more pared down color palette and lots of monochromatic pieces for when I really want simplicity. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t fit the Coastal grandmother exactly because I have a love/hate relationship with linen, and generally speaking enjoy a pretty scarf or printed blouse now and then. In colder months my Pacific N.W. locale means I look half lumberjack, with warm vests and boots – far from the serenity of Coastal chic. 😄

  22. Thanks for sharing, Connie! Your lumberjack description made me smile!

  23. I think perhaps the coastal grandmother style is hitting an emotional chord in our lives because we are living in such tumultuous and chaotic times. The soft muted colors and comfy style create a peaceful addition to our livestyle and it’s reminiscent of days gone by.

  24. I have to admit that I’ve been dressing this way in the summer months for years, although like you, I use more color. This is me: linen and linen-blend pants, button-up long-sleeved shirts, low sandals, cotton sneakers and espadrilles in neutral colors, a wide-brimmed hat, a cloth bag and I’m good to go.

    Summer is my favorite season for clothing, even though it is very short. My summer style evolved for sun protection and comfort. I add a new shirt and pants every year. This year I chose a patterned linen shirt. I love it. It’s easy care, too. Just machine wash in cold water, hang to dry, then when completely dry, toss in the dryer for 10 minutes on extra low heat to get rid of wrinkles. I don’t iron. 😉

  25. I like the look, but it doesn’t really work for me even though I live in an area where summer lasts until November. I like to accumulate summer pieces with more color and even dark colors so that I can use them into the fall.

  26. I love the coastal grandmother look and think the neutral tones are very classy. Personally, I get uncomfortable wearing it if it gets too “menswear” so have to have something feminine like pretty, understated jewelry with it. But give me an L.L. Bean cream or white cotton cardigan and I feel wonderful and classic! And straw totes and purses are right up my alley. Have a wonderful day, Pamela. You bring such joy with your blog!

  27. I can relate to the simplicity & timeless look of Coastal Grandma, & I do wear button downs, cardigans, low sneakers, loafers & small jewelry. Having said that, the fit is definitely not me. I prefer more tailored styles. I wear lots of blue in varying shades & white is a staple in my wardrobe. I like the idea of the Coastal Grandma lifestyle & am slowly working toward the sand & sea colors in my home as I think they are more suited to how I want to live as I age. They give me a sense of peace & serenity.

  28. So interesting. My daughter sent me an article on coastal grandmothers last month. We live about a 3 minute walk to the beach on the coast of Maine and I am a grandmother. Not sure what to think of the moniker. I will be optimistic. I like ‘grandmother on the go’! Different regions definitely have different types of coastal styles. The northeast, I think, definitely has an affinity for Diane Keaton’s. (LLBean land) It is fun, nonchalant, and cozy. A natural segue from Annie Hall. Pam, I think your coastal version is approachable and vibrant. I can’t do all those soft colors either, being deep autumn. I would look drab. I bought a pair of cinnabar slim linen pants. I could do a loose linen blouse over a more fitted tank. I will work on it!

  29. Just do you, Deborah! Wear your adjectives and colors! No need to follow a trend!

  30. Not fond of the name but I guess it describes me, I live in coastal New England & I am a grandmother!
    The style seems preppy, that’s me, and I’m a tall, blue eyed blonde, who knew!
    As I’m aging, I’ve a added some brighter accent colors to my soft summer pallet & my lipstick is a brighter hue than the wonderful pinks & other soft colors I’ve worn most of my life.
    What a difference tweaking make color can make.
    Might be a good topic for your excellent analysis, Pam!

  31. I love the coastal grandmother look and had no problem pulling outfits from my closet when I wrote about it on my blog a couple of weeks ago. I think my style adjectives… classy, comfortable, casual, confident, and creative… fit rather well with the look.

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