Shorts, legs, hugs and more

Shorts, legs, hugs and more

Last Friday of May, ladies, so welcome here!  Today I am discussing shorts, legs, hugs, and more.

I have so much on my mind these days, but I will stay focused today on a return to wearing shorts, my white legs, hugging and a little more.


Shorts, legs, hugs and more

I ceased to wear shorts when I entered my sixties because I did not feel confident any longer.

My legs are quite white, with noticeable veins, and pudgy in a few places.

However, summer is predicted to be incredibly hot around here and in May we saw 109…it was a record breaking month for heat…and too early for triple digits. Yikes!

I am concerned about what is ahead! 

So, I have decided to embrace who I am at this stage of life and wear shorts again!!

It does not make sense to me to wear tinted lotions with shorts…a wardrobe garment worn for very casual moments.

I will continue to wear the tinted lotions when I wear dresses though.  

I am white…born white…light skin…and about to have my second skin cancer surgery next month.

shorts, legs, hugs and more

I prefer now to just accept who I am and wear sunscreen….rather than the tinted lotions.

When I decided to return shorts to my wardrobe, I went out shopping and tried several.

These So slimming Brigitte 10″ Shorts in Olive from Chico’s were my favorite.  I will return to Chico’s for another pair.

Many of Chico’s shorts are on sale at this time….so here is a slideshow with shorts, my favorite sunscreens, and my fun KEDS….

My top is another Marshall’s find. 


shorts legs hugs and more

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I do believe the Apple Cider gummies combined with other things have helped boost my metabolism.

I am beginning to use the new gummies for fruits, veggies and immunity.  So glad to see them enter this space.


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I take them every day.



Shorts legs hugs and more

I know I say this often, but for those who are mothers and grandmothers, you are needed more than ever before.

We must move past the pandemic, and reach out with hugs once again.  I am a hugger.

Hugs are powerful ways to say you care.  I feel so strongly we are called more than ever before to take time to hug and show our love.

HUG someone today…HUG family every time you are given and opportunity…return hugs and love.  They are needed.

Shorts legs hugs and more

Thank you for being here…let the unofficial beginning of summer commence…and stay safe.


By Pamela Lutrell

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shorts legs hugs and more






  1. Such a nice post! I love your shock face picture. I too gave up b shorts but may just join you on the shorts train. It’s warm here and headed upwards again. You are on point with embracing who you are with no apologies. Love your blog!,,,,read your posts daily and you made me feel good this morning! Have a blessed holiday!

  2. Bravo for living your life to the fullest without fussing what others would say! I am overweight, have purple veins showing, a long and crooked scar from knee replacement and wear shorts. I really feel the heat, and our summers are hot and humid. So I dress to be comfortable. It certainly helps to deal with the heat. I also wear sleeveless tops and have “charms”, a phrase from YouTube channel Super Cort. This is a combination of the words chubby and arms. Let us all embrace being ourselves in the body we have. I am thankful for each day, and dressing appropriately is part of that mindset. Thank you for your blog. And you look great in shorts!

  3. You look great in those shorts Pam, and being another one who gave up all but my denim ones, you have helped me rethink this. You look refreshed and summer-ready. Yesterday I tried on my three casual skirts, denim, olive cotton and navy ikat. They fit, but I was admittedly horrified by my white legs. My experience with tinted lotion is that it runs off on clothes and washes down the drain in the shower. So I stood there wondering what to do. Then I see you in these shorts and you look so good in them! Cute shoes too! You’ve given me some things to ponder! I so agree about the hugs!! I’m going to visit my NY family next weekend and can’t wait for the inevitable hugs from all of them! Thank you for the inspiration on the shorts! Self-acceptance is really important.

  4. It really is, Karen! I was born with white legs and have tried to make them brown my whole life. I am done…my white legs are me!

  5. I want to order a t-shirt I’ve been seeing recently on social media with the slogan “Free Mom Hugs.” I’ve seen “Free Vaccinated Mom Hugs” too. I’d like to wear it when at the mall, traveling through airports and at festivals. I agree with you, Pamela, that we all need a mother/grandmother’s approval and love in our lives, no matter what our age! Extra bonus– it appears that hugs benefit both the receiver AND the giver 🙂

  6. You are so right…they do benefit both….one of the reasons I love to hug!! I would wear a shirt that says FREE GIGI HUGS…thanks Karen.

  7. My favorites are my capris, just over the knee, but I do have some 17 inch shorts from chicos off the rack that are above the knee . It gets to be July and august and vanity has got to take the back seat, lol. I’m just gonna be grateful these legs still carry me well….hubby has had hip replaced, BFF has had knee replacement so the fact that I can still do my morning walks without pain makes me say a thank you every day.

  8. Yes! That is a great way to look at it Sheryl. I am so grateful that my legs are strong…and you are right, this summer is looks like vanity will go to the backseat!

  9. My white legs are a sight that I do not normally share with others, but since I’ve started trying to walk daily I’ll be wearing my one pair of shorts often. However, when inside where it’s air-conditioned, I get cold so I change to longer pants. You look so “put together” with your shorts, yellow top, and those darling Keds. So far as hugs are concerned, I grew up in a family of huggers and kissers. We kissed goodnight every night and I still kiss my close relatives and family members. However, I easily hug everyone, even strangers sometimes. I personally missed hugs during the pandemic and even though I continue to wear my mask often, I have returned to hugging.

  10. Inspiring post on many levels, embracing who we are and what’s truly important. I’m intrigued by skorts versus shorts [perhaps another post?], however haven’t found skorts in somewhat-longer lengths. Also wonder about the comfort factor [too many layers?]. Fabric content is important. Thanks, to both you and your team, for all your research and day-brightening spirit!

  11. Most of the skorts I have tried on were just too short for my curvy body type. Maybe when Leigh Ann and I are able to go out again, she can try some on for you. Our schedules with family are not syncing up at the moment, but we will return!

  12. So glad you have returned to hugs, Celia! It is so important. I don’t go out many places in my shorts…but who knows, this summer may change that!

  13. Hi Pam. Maybe it’s been asked before, but what lotions do you use/recommend? I am an extremely fair Norwegian that hasn’t jumped on that lotion bandwagon. I live in DFW so I feel your agony with these temps. I have a couple of skirts that I got at Talbots, but this size 20 just can’t bring myself to wear shorts. But, those summer temps have me wearing casual dresses all the time.
    Oh B wanted to take a second and just thank you for your blog and for sharing. You are a bright spot in my mornings.

  14. Hi Mari… thank you for the sweet words. In today’s slideshow you will find my favorite two sunscreens. For a tinted lotion, I like Jergens and for a daily lotion I use the Gold Bond for tightening skin…it works just as well as expensive lotions!

  15. I have really been enjoying your posts. I just found you a few months ago and am so glad.
    I also struggle with shorts but what you wrote is very helpful. Just accept who we are. I need to remember this. We can’t change everything about ourselves that we don’t like because of aging.
    But on another note I’m going to order some Goli. I take the Apple Cider vinegar but now is a good time to try the others.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. you look great in this outfit, living in Florida we live in shorts and the so slimming shorts are great I have them in all colors , I like that can be casual or little dressy depending on the top you wear, would love to see more styling of shorts

  17. I am so glad you found the blog too, Paula! Use my links for the big savings! Thank you so much!

  18. Now that I have taken the plunge, Janet, I will try to do more for you!

  19. I know it makes some uneasy to hear about the immunocompromised, but for me and my community hugging is not advised. My doctor says I must stay up-to-date with vaccinations, mask everywhere indoors and stay distanced from others.

    I have devised other ways to express my love and respect to others. I make a heart with my fingers, put my hand over my heart or in prayer position. I FaceTime every day with family and friends so they can see me smile. I’ve also begun communicating old-school by sending cards and letters regularly. People seem to really like that. But, of course, I do miss hugging.

  20. Thanks for sharing this, Linlee, for others like you. I love the idea of making a heart with you hands!

  21. I’m still wearing shorts at 65 and just ordered new knee-length white ones. I’m also very fair skinned and have used the Jergen’s Natural Glow tanning moisturizer for years. It’s easy to use, natural looking, and makes my legs less optic white until I get a little color from golfing. I also have bought a few skorts and look for 18” lengths, which is knee length on me at 5’ 3” tall. I’ve had luck at both Chico’s and Athleta.

  22. Linlee, I am with you. The immuno-compromised want nothing more than to be able to participate in normal society, but many have not been able to move beyond the pandemic. It is still with us. I am hopeful that with full vaccinations and available meds, many will shortly be able to join society again. To those of you who are out and about, pls test so that it is safe for the compromised to be with you. It is not a lot to ask. You can hug; they can’t!
    Goli sounds like a terrific company! If you are counting carbs, be aware that the gummies contain sugar.
    On a lighter note, I think we should embrace white legs – LOL.

  23. You look great! I too went back to shorts last year, and was surprised that all my retirement walks had helped shape my legs, though I still have the purple, lumpy veins and white skin. I decided I’m grateful for my strong legs that take me places, and grateful that my foot has finally been fixed. I believe in comfortable clothes that allow me to move (one of my style adjectives is Active). So shorts it is. I find, at 5’’5”, the Bermudas don’t look good, and I need a few inches above the knee to look my best. As to hugs, I prefer to hug my family and close friends, and make a friendly but more distant gesture to acquaintances and relative strangers. A dear friend is seriously immune compromised and has made me aware of the issues. Before I hug a friend, I say very quickly, “hugs ok today?”

  24. Thanks for the uplifting post about wearing shorts! I also have white legs and have not given up wearing them but usually have not worn them out much in public. You have given me some strength in wearing them. Here’s to a happy summer in our shorts!

  25. Here’s to embracing who we are! I think you look great in shorts. I will be wearing them too! 💜

  26. In my 73 years I never “hated” my body. Though far, far, far from perfect it just never occurred to me to be unhappy with my genetics. UNTIL I lost 40 lbs. 2 years ago. Oh my….. I’ve finally accepted what the body looks like now and within reason not letting it stop me from wearing shorts or sleeveless (not gonna lie, arms are a struggle). But where shorts are concerned I find, for me, the wider leg shorts are sliming to the thigh. When I try on styles close to the leg I feel it emphasizes the sag and size of my thighs. I feel we have learned a thing or two from the pandemic about acceptance and what is important in life. As always Pam, thanks for what you do.

  27. I don’t see any mention of getting one’s legs smooth and hairless. I could spend hours shaving and still miss spots. I am the last one to put on shorts. I’ve even worn jeans to the beach (which admittedly, looked worse than my legs in shorts)!

  28. You look good in the shorts and I love your floral tennies! That dark green color reminds me of my Girl Scout camp bermudas. 😊 If we could all channel that young, adventurous version of ourselves and step out in that kind of confidence, it probably wouldn’t matter what we had on. Personally, I am happy to wear a swimsuit, shorts, sleeveless top, whether it’s the pale version of me or the tan version. I figure everyone is worried enough about their own look, they’re hardly going to worry about mine! 😉

  29. I wear shorts at home & skorts when I am out & about. I am short, so most skorts are a good length for me as they usually hit right over the top of my knees. Capris have never been flattering on my short legs. Keds are my go-to summer shoes as most sandals do not work with my feet. I recently heard a tidbit about hugs. Although both men & women benefit from hugs, women benefit more. Hugs relieve stress & create more endorphins in women.

  30. You look great – would love more in wider leg shorts and linger skorts etx – I actually think shorts more flattering now than my capris thst hit me at the wrong spot although when shopping in city or in and out of air ciniditioning I like the black capris – otherwise ankle pants

  31. I think both you and your legs look great!!! Keep wearing anything you want to!! Hugs to you! (My daughter and I call them huggles, she made up that word when she was little, a combo of a hug and a cuddle!)

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