Talbot’s June collection goes coastal

Talbot's June collection

Happy Thursday!  It has been such a fun week focusing on the current coastal craze, and today I show you that Talbot’s June collection goes coastal!

Whether we call it coastal grandmother, coastal, seaside, or any other name…everyone is thinking “coastal style” as we move closer to summer.

Talbot’s June collection features several pieces inspired by coastal style…so I headed out to show you.


Talbot's June Collection

You will see in many of these pieces that Talbot’s June Collection features the blues and sandy colors of the coast.

There are also several pieces in natural fibers.

This first outfit is the Mixed Cable Knit Sweater with Sunshine Seersucker Perfect Crops.

Talbots June Collection

Roll sleeve crewneck tee – Beach Dog

(or coastal dog!)

Talbot's June Collection

This is the Drop Should Lace Up Top in white from Talbot’s June collection.  The link takes you to a navy color.  They may be sold out of the white online.

I tried it on with the super soft Pima Terry Jogger in Indigo Blue.  They come in three colors and are so comfy chic. 

Talbots June collection

Of course in Talbot’s June Collection we find coastal palm trees!

I am wearing the Crewneck Sweatshirt – Island Hopping with the Easy Slim Leg Pants in Cobblestone.

Talbot's June Collection

Cardigans are a mark for the coastal trends.  

This is a lovely one…the Linen Girlfriend Cardigan in White with the Linen Tie Waist Chambray Crop Pants. 

Talbot's June Collection

Menswear styles are a part of the coastal trends so I wanted to show you this cotton Button Front Shirt in a tranquil blue breezy stripe.

So soft and cool touch fabric…very nice.

Talbot's June Collection

Finally, at night on the beach you may want a fun sweater top….

From Talbot’s June Collection, this is the Johnny Collar Pullover in a Beach Stripe.

Talbot's June Collection

Talbot’s June Collection has gone full out coastal.

Here are additional pieces you may not want to miss:

It seems many in this audience are full on or ready to embrace coastal style.  Do you see anything here you like?

Would love your thoughts on Talbot’s June Collection, and hope the posts this week have inspired you!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Talbot's June Collection

Summertime Embroidered Crewneck Sweatshirt


  1. This has been a fun week watching you go coastal! Thanks for digging into the style and showing so many options for real women. You look happy and renewed. Have a great day!

  2. Good morning, Deborah! I am happy and renewed when I am producing content women love to read…it always brings a smile! Enjoy your Thursday!

  3. My sister and I spent hours in Talbot’s while we were out of town enjoying our annual shopping trip. That dip dyed popover in the slide show was a real swoon item!! You found lots of pretty things to try! My sister got those joggers, such a nice fit! I know we are supposed to change up brands and not get stuck in one brand, and I do that, but for classic ladies like me, I can count on Talbot’s to provide modern classic style every time! The girlfriend cardigan style is a winner across seasons, and I’m glad they have them for both summer and winter. That linen one is so lightweight and pretty! Lots to love at that store!

  4. I agree…there was a lot to love. The fabrics are so soft and cool…especially in those joggers and the linen cardigan! They felt great!

  5. I never have much luck at Talbots. Their measurements are too hour glass for me. To fit in the middle is to be too big everywhere else.

  6. that is why I share lots of different brands, Susan. Not everyone likes the same brands. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. So many attractive, relaxed styles! You looked great in each and every one to tried on! This coastal style is fun and comfortable, and you have shown us some good suggestions. I have been to two funerals in the last week, and was so aware of the casual dress and shoes that so many wore. Being reared by a mother who would not allow us to go to town in pants much less church, I still struggle to not dress up a bit when going to church.

  8. I completely understand, Celia. Our church now is VERY casual, so even wearing casual, Mr. B & I are dressed up more than most. He will not follow many and wear his shorts unless the service is outside…which occasionally happens.

  9. The linen cardigan and bottom was what I would think of as “coastal” the way I see it described, except the looks seem more monochromatic in all white/beige or all light blue. I think the silhouettes you showed are more flattering than having both top and bottom so oversized in what I would call the true coastal look. I thought Talbots knocked it out of the park last year, but this year I’m finding the colors and prints too exuberant or pastel. Sometimes I also feel Talbots can get a little too juvenile with their prints, sayings, etc. Part of this, of course, is that style is bright and preppy this year, and that’s not my look, especially as a blue autumn. I’m well stocked and haven’t been needing much, so perhaps my opinion reflects that, as the stores have been filled with customers making purchases each time I’ve been in.

  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Linda…everything here was tried on for the readers. My Vibrant Autumn is not there at this time.

  11. Thanks for doing this try on. I love Talbots and always rely on these try ons to judge how the clothes would look on me. I’m short and plus sized so I appreciate that stores like Talbots carry Petite Plus sizes. What sizes are you wearing in your Try ons? I’m afraid the tie waist linen pants would add bulk to my waist area. What did you think?

  12. Hi Sandy,
    I usually try on XL or Size 16 (sometimes 18) at Talbots. I would agree with you that the tie waist pants would not be the best flattering fit for a plus size lady. If I was small enough to tuck in a top, they would be super cute…but at this time, that is not me.
    I have finally reached a point in my journey to be healthier that Plus size does not fit me well. I hope this helps.

  13. I like Talbot’s for it’s fit and classic interpretation of trends. And I really enjoy your choice of topics and your presentations. Thanks.

  14. When I received my Talbot’s catalog this week, my first thought was how coastal it was. There are so many blues & natural fabrics from which to choose. I put several items on my wish list.

  15. It was the catalog that motivated me to head over there since we were discussing coastal style this week. There is a lot to see.
    Thanks Becky

  16. Thanks for doing this! I stumbled onto the Coastal page yesterday, and then here you are today modeling it — serendipity,
    I like the look a lot, although I am not a pastel. I am planning to get the navy Sun & Sand pullover you link to. I’m not a fan of playful words, but I like this sweater. The hot pink “summertime” one is lovely, but the words, hmm ….The tees (e.g., beach dog) are way too cutesy for me. I do like the collection as a whole, though.

  17. Talbots has been able to get me into “message” tops because they are designed in cute ways and with good fit. The Sun & Sand is really cute
    Thanks Maeve

  18. I really like your Talbots suggestions. I’ve always liked their clothes. I might just have to go there soon. Or purchase online. I feel I can do that with Talbots because they always fit the same.
    I do like the coastal grandmother look.

  19. Pam, you look beautiful in that shade of green in the Island Hopping Sweatshirt. I haven’t seen you in that color before, (and maybe it isn’t in your palette) but I think it is so flattering on you! I haven’t shopped at Talbots before but I do like what I see. I’ve a birthday coming up in July — might have to indulge!

  20. I join you with a July birthday, Beth and July is a great time to shop…more about that later.

  21. Hi Paula, please consider using my link to Talbot’s …just click on their name here. It is one of the ways I generate income.

  22. As live far from the ‘coast’, in my region the styles you have been highlighting would be more apt to be called ‘cottage style’ and appropriate for those who have a 2nd residence located in the country and used as a getaway during the Summer months and perhaps into mid Fall. With appreciation of always keeping me within the loop as to what is trending.

  23. Yes Talbots clothes seem to be nearly universally loved for their good quality, gorgeous colors, interesting features and fit!
    It seems that I always can find something pretty and in my size in their stores. Yay to their catalogs too! Refreshing and motivate me to shop!
    Even though your Autumn palatte is not highlighted in this spring/summer collection, you look great in these clothes!

  24. I have to repeat ( this post just popped up in my feed again?) YOU look younger and younger (youthful) in your Talbots summer attire here.
    Do others notice this?

  25. You are so kind, Paulette! I was in need of kind words like this today…thank you so much!

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