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Today's News

Welcome to Today’s News for Women Over 50!  Hope everyone is doing well today….

On this day, I curate news together that is done just with you in mind and what might be helpful to those of us over 50 years of age!

If I do not have many stories in one category, but several in another, it just may be that is all I was able to tract down.

But, I look at this as a weekly newspaper done just for you which includes many contributors from various other media.

So, ladies…grab your morning beverage….it is time for today’s news……


Today's News


PeopleTV Icon, Donna Mills, on becoming a mom at 54

SciTech Daily: Men and Women are not created equal when it comes to preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

LiveScience How to improve your mood

Well+Good7 podiatrist -approved foot mobility exercises to make you light on your feet

Yahoo! LifeChristie Brinkley shares her secret for looking ageless at 68

Science Focus: Be more productive, a neuroscientist shares how to get more done in less time


Today's News


Eat This, Not That5 eating habits Jane Fonda swears by to feel amazing at 84

Well+Good: Drinking just one cup of this beverage ensures your bones and brain. stay strong as you age

Tasting Table: Why it’s a bad idea to refrigerator watermelon

SciTeachDaily: Give your coffee a healthy boost with these 5 delicious science backed additions

Neuroscience NewsHigher antioxidant levels linked to lower dementia risk

Eat This, Not ThatThe number one drink the world’s oldest woman drinks every day

Better Homes & Gardens: Quick side dishes to pair with tonight’s dinner

Tasting TableButter Is more nutritious than you might have thought


Today's News Boho style idea offers chic rhapsody for your living spaces

Homes & Gardens: Flowers that attract hummingbirds

Austin American & StatesmanAn ancient (authentic) Roman bust was found at a Goodwill store for $34.99

Southern LivingPainted floors are having a moment. Here is what you need to know before grabbing a brush



Today's News

Southern Living: What are church hats?

Prevention: The tightening primer used by Lily Tomlin at age 82 on the show Grace & Frankie 

Who What WearMinimalist Style – These 5 simple trends have longevity for summer fashion

That is it for today’s news!  Please comment on one or more of the articles!  I appreciate the feedback and so glad many of you are enjoying this feature.  See you tomorrow….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I need to stop focusing on the Alzheimer’s articles, so I enjoyed the news on butter (through I did read the Alzheimer’s one first ,🙄). As one who loves real butter, it’s nice to know there’s some nutritional value tucked in there! Not that I’d ever stop using it, but nice to know!! Also appreciated the reminder about the hummingbirds. I had many at my old house and have missed them. Now that I’m finally settled, I’m going to get some flowers and vines going to attract them to the new place. Got my cool weather tolerant herbs potted up yesterday and it’s encouraging to see things growing again!

  2. Always interesting articles. Thank you for taking the time to put them together! I don’t usually acknowledge the time involved or thank you as I should.

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