Book Reviews and Italian summer styles

Book Reviews and Italian summer styles

Happy Thursday!  Today I am discussing book reviews and summer styles!

I love the idea of styling around books and thinking of what the characters might wear.

We will get to that soon, but let’s begin with a very Special Book Review.


Book Reviews and Italian summer styles

Not long ago, I received an email from one of our regular readers here on the blog.

Cathy Collison shared that she was writing a book along with a woman names Janie Campbell, and asked to send a copy.

In my mind, I was looking for a book for women or adults, and was so happy to receive this one.MEET THE PETS: PRESIDENTIAL ANIMALS FROM A to Z.

This is such a fun book for children with lovely illustrations.

Did you know one President adopted an opossum?  Seriously….and one was sent a Kagaroo!

I cannot wait to share this book with my grandchildren and a huge CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Cathy, Janis, and Wendy….good job, ladies!


Book Reviews and Italian summer styles

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle is the summer book review selection by Chico’s.

I listened to Rebecca conduct an interview on Chico’s Instagram and she is precious….very likable young woman.

I wish I could sit and listen to women discuss this book and hear the different viewpoints, but, alas, there is not a group meeting in my area.

I loved how she discussed and described Positano in Italy.

It was such a good job that I was taken with it and did additional research on Positano and the Amalfi coast.

She had me desiring the entire experience….hotel, food, people, water, scenery, clothing…all of it.

The story does have a huge twist and if you like a touch of the supernatural, magic story line, then you will like what she does.  

It is a quick, easy read that is a mother-daughter story told in an interesting way.


Book Reviews and Italian Summer Styles

During this interview with Chico’s, Rebecca and Chico’s staged an Italian Summer Style show for the the two lead characters: Carol (the mom) and Katy (The young adult daughter)

I thought this might be fun, so I decided to show you two slideshows today.

The first one is for Carol, the older mom, who not only loved Italy but was  an interior designer in LA.

Here are some Chico’s styles I could envision this character wearing:

Daughter Katy is a copywriter and her style has been influenced by a very stylish mother.  Here are some styles for an Italian Summer, I see for Katy:

That was fun!  Maybe I should work for costume design for movies!

Book Reviews and Italian summer styles

I hope you have enjoyed book reviews and Italian summer styles.  Of course, tomorrow is the first day of one of my favorite months!  Hope to see you then!

Also, winner announced tomorrow…you can still enter the contest…read this post!


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Italian Summer Styles



  1. I like the styles you chose for both mother and daughter and could easily pick things from both categories! I’m always so glad to see that slim-cut pants are still stylish, and Chico’s always features them. That long, black dress caught my eye immediately, just probably would not wear it enough to get the cost-per-wear down. But it is beautiful!

  2. That was fun. I am going to look for that book. I have watched Under the Tuscan Sun so many times I have lost track, and love to lose myself in that kind of book, and do enjoy a bit of fantasy as well. The Italian ladies dress in such a beautiful way and enjoy fashion so effortlessly. With so many childrens books out there, this seems to be a new and adorable addition. Good for them.

  3. You would like this, Diane. Click on my Amazon link and you can order there. I love the children’s book…a fun way to teach history!

  4. The blog has been given great information as an Italian summer style. I am very happy to read this blog. Great tips

  5. Lovely post today! The book may be wonderful for my granddaughter. Thank you for sharing that. What a snazzy idea to take a book and dress the characters. I write a short story every month. I may surprise my group and do the same when the opportunity arises. Thank you, Pam. Beautiful choices!

  6. Glad to know another book to read. I have two nieces who just sent beautiful pictures of Positano, and it will be fun to read a story set in this gorgeous place. The clothes you picked for mother and daughter are so pretty. It struck me how flowing and light weight so many are which is good for summer I suppose. And it also struck me how many items for the daughter are sleeveless knowing we more mature ladies rarely wear sleeveless…or at least, I never do without a third piece covering my skinny arms.

  7. So glad you enjoyed the fashions, Celia! I love that you have been receiving first hand accounts from your neices!

  8. The Amalfi coast is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The people were so friendly and the food so good! We walked everywhere and took local buses. You wouldn’t want to drive there! It was so hot in October that we shopped for lighter clothes! Loose t shirts, loose pants, sun hats. Luckily I had brought a bathing suit for ocean dips! I love to read about the area and enjoyed the book a lot.

  9. I didn’t read the book, but after looking through the slideshow, decided I’m more Katy than I am Carol, her mom. I guess that makes me more of an office worker than a glamorous creative :). The slideshow was a lot of fun, and Chicos has really done some nice jackets this season.

  10. Thanks for the book recommendations. I really want to read “My Italian Summer.” It’s been decades since I visited the Amalfi coast, but I recall how beautiful it was, with towns clinging to the cliffs. I think darker trousers are easier to travel in, but lighter colors are appropriate to the climate — so a mix. I’m not a ruana fan but having one for dinner out would be convenient. The author is in a white button (linen?) down and olive pants and I wonder if that isn’t the uniform for young women there? Along with dresses and a shawl? Anyway, I like your choices but Chico’s focus on tunics and long shirts leaves me little to purchase there — did add one item to my cart, LOL

  11. I think Katy was meant to be very stylish after her mom. Nothing really screams office worker to me. I also think depending on our style adjectives that we could easily cross over both ways…that’s fun too!

  12. Thanks for sharing, Susan. It is fun to hear back from those who have been there.

  13. I am going to look for the book. Sounds interesting I love to read about interesting places. I just entered your contest. I missed the post about that!!

  14. How fun!! Even though it is a children’s book, I am going to order this for my parents. They adore animals and are extremely patriotic people so will appreciate – and perhaps be sparked to remember – the pets that have lived in the White House. Italy is in the top tier of my bucket list, so I’ll be thrilled to jet away via the story! 🌻 What a fun idea to dress as characters from a book.

  15. What a fun, uplifting post. What’s better than good books and fashion? Thanks for your creativity and inspiration.

  16. My daughter-in-law just finished the novel. Loved it and recommended it to me. When I taught third grade one of my students favorite books was about White House pets. If I wasn’t retired I would definitely order yours.

  17. I am going to give to my grandchildren…I think they will love it. Thanks Shelia!

  18. I love books that are descriptive about what the characters are wearing, so good for you for “dressing” the characters in your book. I have read a series of books where the author not only describes the clothing, but the dinnerware, scents of products, etc. It makes for an enjoyable read for all the senses.

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