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Happy June 1, ladies!  Welcome to Today’s News for Women over 50.

This is the day that I curate news headlines from around the world that I believe may be of interest to you.

It is your own personal weekly news magazine…right here…and not found anywhere else.

So, since summer looms, you may want to sit down with an Iced Coffee on your patio and read the latest lifestyle news.


Today's news

The U.S. Sun I’m a makeup artist – mistakes that make you look OLD & the techniques to avoid

CNET: Best vitamins for hair growth for 2022

VeryWell FitThis herb may boost your hair growth


Today's News

Homes and GardensFront yard lighting ideas: 10 ways to illuminate your garden

Eating WellCan you really sharpen blender blades with eggshells?

Express: Interior Design Tips: Number one color to avoid painting your walls

Homes and GardensWhy put sand on your lawn


Today's News

Tasting TableThe secret ingredients in Stanley Tucci’s mashed potatoes

Well and GoodDo you leave the tea bag in or out? A tea expert gives a definitive answer for maximum benefits

Tasting Table:  Why you may want to start drinking peppermint tea after dinner

Eat This Not That:  5 Breakfast habits to live like the world’s oldest people 

Mind Body GreenWhy this brain expert eats greek yogurt as a midday snack


Today's News

Well and Good: Why we hold trauma in our hips – and ways to release it


Today's News

Finance Buzz15 grocery store items to avoid at all costs

Better Homes & Gardens: 5 tips for hosting a party in your backyard on a budget

Apartment Therapy: DIY coffee table sending and staining – before and after photos ($10 re-do)

Medical News Today: DIY foot soaks for dry skin, pain, relaxation and more

Better Homes & Gardens: The easiest hummingbird food recipe to make at home to fill your feeders

That should kick off our summer with helpful headlines in Today’s News for women over 50.

Please comment on any or all of the stories….hope you found something of value here.



By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's news

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  1. Good morning Pam! I found the article on hip pain to be so interesting. Since I currently have this issue, I’ve been trying various things that don’t include medication and have to say, nothing is working. It’s not debilitating, so I kind of let it go. My sister told me her chiropractor recommended turmeric, and that’s not working for her. So this article is interesting. I’ll be taking some time to think about what might be causing me stress because that seems to sound like it might be the root cause, or at least a theory. Maybe a change in routine is all that’s needed, we’ll see. But this is interesting to think about. Also going to go back to Greek yogurt (which I’ve gotten away from), based on that other article!

  2. Thank you! I was just wondering if it was time to get a new blender, but now I am going to try the suggestion from one of your curated articles!

  3. Several interesting articles today, Pam, particularly the one about using eggshells to sharpen blender blades. I’m definitely going to try that idea. Unfortunately, the link to the “5 tips for hosting a party in your backyard on a budget” isn’t working.

  4. I have always really enjoyed your blog when I could click on a Facebook link. Instagram makes opening a link in a bio almost impossible on my tablet. Today, I had to go back through the “home page” every time I opened and closed an article. Please say you will go back to offering a link on FB. I don’t want to stop following you.

  5. There is no reason to stop following me, Kate! I am out of my office for one week and unable to post on Facebook until this weekend. While you are waiting just go to my blog everyday at and you will find a new post that is there ever day. I will be back FB this weekend with the links.

  6. Of course, there were more important articles, but I loved the article on using eggshells to sharpen blender blades. I’m definitely going to do this – and then compost the slurry, afterwards. Made me laugh and sounds as if it will work: what more can you ask for on a blah Wednesday?

  7. Oh good! Totally understandable. I’m glad you can get away. Everyone deserves a vacation from work.

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