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Today's News

Happy Wednesday, ladies! Welcome to your own personal news weekly called Today’s News for Women Over 50!

For today’s news, I curate lifestyle headlines discovered around media world that I believe you will find interesting.

This is a mostly positive news weekly for a specific audience…the fabulous women over 50!

So, get your morning beverage of choice…a comfy place on the patio….and enjoy the news!


Today's News

CNN, Fashion highlights from the Queen’s platinum jubilee

WWD, Tory Burch Resort Collection for 2023 Preview


Today's news

House & Garden, A secluded 17th century Cornish home filled with antiques,k colour and pattern

Better Homes & Gardens 32 outdoor kitchen ideas for ultimate entertaining

Bob Villa How to clean bird feeders to keep your feathered friends safe

Big news headline:  Bed Bath & Beyond introduces Everhome, a new affordable classic, coastal collection


Today's News

Very Well Fit, Heat-safe foods for your summer picnic

Southern Living, Homemade ice cream recipes made for hot summer days

Eating Well, Here’s what Dolly Parton eats in a day to stay healthy and look radiant

Clean Plates, 10 protein packed salads that will actually keep you full

Tasting Table: Why you should always lift a watermelon before buying it

Also in retail headlines, Williams Sonoma introduces a new food collection, Seed & Harvest.


Today's News

Well and Good, Why we hold trauma in our hips – and ways to release it

Travel Awaits, The five lessons I learned during my first five years of retirement

Mind Body GreenStudy suggests exercising in the morning vs. evening may impact your fitness results

AFAR20 incredible road trips in the U.S.

AARP 13 things you should (almost) never put in a text


Today's news

Southern Living, 10 beach towns you can actually afford

My Move40 best money saving decorating ideas for your home

AARP,  11 supermarkets that give seniors a discount

Very Well Fit, 10 natural remedies to relieve nausea  (discuss with your doctor before trying)


Today's News

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That is it for Today’s News, ladies…let us know if you have questions or comments on any of these articles.  Thanks for being here and make sure that you….


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Today's news


  1. I always enjoy Wednesday’s news blog. Thank you for researching interesting articles! I was hoping to find a grocery store in my area that gave discounts to seniors, but unfortunately did not. I was thrilled to see my town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine listed as an affordable beach town. My dad bought a cottage in the early 50s
    that we used for summers. Eight years ago my husband and I rebuilt it for year round use and retired there. It is beautiful year round but very deserted 6 months out of the year. It provides a nice balance. Thank you for your generous time, Pam.

  2. I enjoyed the queen’s jubilee and all the fashion. I was surprised Dolly’s diet wasn’t more healthy. Both of these women, in their own ways, are admirable and making a difference in the world, despite their age and (in the queen’s case) physical limitations. I don’t get hung up on celebrity, because I realize everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and what we see is a very publicist team-friendly version of reality. But as long as we realize that, we can enjoy these types of articles and events.

  3. I really enjoyed the “Five Lessons” in retirement. I never thought to think about it, but have really enjoyed it like he does. I can relate to the food and exercise slips, but since they were not ‘falls,’ no harm done. Travel? Absolutely! Even ‘that thing that was going around ‘ didn’t stop me! He inspired me to actually write about my travels, something I am going to start doing immediately.

  4. Thanks so much for all of your personal news articles every Wednesday. I really appreciate the variety of topics. Today there were many informative articles and they were very enjoyable to read. Thank you.

  5. I enjoyed seeing all the fashions from the Queen’s celebration. Duchess Kate is one of my fashion icons. I agree with the “Five Lessons” in retirement. Even though my life is in a holding pattern right now because of my personal circumstances, I know how important it is to use your mind, & I need to add more movement to my life. Like the author, I have thought about a part time job or volunteering, but I didn’t want to be locked into any set schedule or obligation. There were some excellent ideas for decorating on the cheap.

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