Fall 2022 fashion color trends shopping tips

fashion color trends

Happy Friday, ladies!  Let’s keep our fashion trends conversation going by discussing fall 2022 fashion color trends shopping tips.

Just as we discussed yesterday,  any trends….even color trends may not work the best for your confident style!

Simply because it is a trend color…doesn’t make it YOUR color!

Here are my fashion color trend shopping tips for successful fall purchases….


fashion color trends

I entered Marshall’s this week, and there were two whole racks with these colors only on the racks.

This really got me excited about a new season.  I loved that all of my Vibrant Autumn Colors are beginning to appear on the floors.

fashion color trends

Most of you know that over a year ago, I discovered I am a warm vibrant autumn and I have chosen to stick with it and not wear other colors.

When you see Leigh Ann & I trying on a variety of colors, it is for you the audience.  We try to show you what is out there for other palettes.

I do not wear fashion color trends unless they match up with this palette.  I want to look my very best every day, so I stick with my colors. (I have done this all summer long)

I carry the palette colors in my phone with me whenever I go shopping.


fashion color trends

Pantone tells us the fashion color trends for the year way in advance for the benefit of any fabric designers. 

These colors above are the pop to the neutrals below:

fashion color trends

Also, you will still see some of the Pantone Color of the Year….the lovely periwinkle many of you were excited about….

fashion color trends


fashion color trends

Most of the time, your best shopping occurs when you are prepared.  

I look at the palette of my best colors to wear and then study how it intersects with the fashion color trends.

That way I know what I am most likely to see on the racks and online for fall.

In the past, I searched high and low for the KINGFISHER BLUE on my palette and really struggled to find the exact blue.

But, I am hopeful I will see more of it this year since the color MIDNIGHT is a fashion color trend for 2022. 

I have also struggled with the exact off-white, OYSTER AND APRICOT colors.  But they both seem to be the ARTIC WOLFE and AUTUMN BLONDE.

For this Vibrant Autumn, this shopping season may be where I can add some colors I did not find when I first decided to only wear my palette.

fashion color trends

I showed you the racks at Marshall’s, and these next two mannequin displays just went up at Kohl’s.

For any teachers and school staff employees out there, Kohl’s does offer a July discount.

The transition to the fashion color trends has begun!

By understanding the fashion color trends and how they intersect with our own wardrobes, then we know what colors we may be able to add this year….and might not be available in the next season.

Be patient,  they will not all pop up all at once.  Also, “cool” ladies…you can see that the fashion trend colors for fall includes cool colors as well. 

You will not be left out.


Final tip, when your best colors are fashion color trends, you may want to shop for items you can wear throughout the year.

Fashion color trends come in accessories, especially shoes, handbags, scarves.etc.  

Since, I do not find the Kingfisher Blue color around often…I will watch for pieces in it this year that I can wear throughout the year.

Now, since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale features the first fall items, I put together this slideshow of fashion color trends, so you could see what is there….

I also want to note that when I was looking a fall fashion trends, fashion magazines noted there would be a plethora of black on the market this year…WINTERS get excited.

If you have questions, or comments on fashion color trends, please share!  I will be here tomorrow with Jennifer for Would You Wear It….and I love discussing FALL…after all, it’s 108 here!


By Pamela Lutrell

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fashion color trends


  1. The greens you tried on at Marshall’s look very pretty on you. I like the style of that v-neck top you are wearing in the picture. That’s very flattering and has a nice pattern that also appears to be in a good color! I’m looking at the Pantone colors and am glad to see the saturated ones. Usually I do well with their neutral picks, but this time it looks like black, gray and the off-white would be it for me. I definitely have a neutral skin tone and can get away with a lot, but have learned that dusty and muted colors aren’t my best. Really enjoying these helpful posts, and will keep looking to add real color for colder weather!

  2. Glad you are enjoying them, Karen. The goal is for all of us to shop smart and be our unique, confident best!

  3. I believe I am a vibrant autumn as well. Where did you get the Castonohel color chart that is in your post? When I went to that site they only had scarves.

  4. I just love the Autumn colors but because I have cool coloring I have to look at other colors which are better for me. I’m not sure if I’m a summer or winter.
    I do have hope though that there will be something out there though.
    Good for you for sticking closely to your best colors I have to learn that. I do have a hard time though determining cool from warm in some colors.
    Great post. I like to learn about colors and what they can do to help us look better.

  5. Thanks for the color trend info. Really like that moss green, at least the color it appears on my screen lol.
    Lots to chose from.

  6. I have learned it is so important for us…especially over 50…to wear our best colors, Paula. They just brighten our face rather than cast shadows. When I wear the wrong colors, I look older and tired. There are cool colors in the Fall Trend Colors.
    Thank you for being here.

  7. Good Morning Pam. I have a question about shopping the Nordstrom site via your link: if I go in, then log on as an account holder, does the system continue to recognize that you are my portal? I have several items I am eyeing, and want to make sure the credit goes to you.

  8. It’s a great question, Connie. I think once you enter with my link, then I still receive the credit on your purchases. I so appreciate you asking and doing this!

  9. Yes there is…and we are already seeing it in stores. Leigh Ann and I will show you what we found on Sunday!

  10. Thanks Pamela….I have been to the Kettlewell site but it does appear that some of the colors are different from the ones you showed today. That is why I was trying to find the ones you showed us in today’s post.

  11. I love these fall colors! So much easier to shop for the colder seasons when you are an autumn. When you showed those Pantone swatches I almost squealed. Kingfisher blue! Now we just need to find marine navy. I’ve given up … regular (not bright) navy on a blue autumn looks great and has become my go-to neutral (I need a dark neutral). I would like chocolate as my go-to, but it’s too hit or miss in the stores to build a wardrobe around. I’m curious whether you limit your colors even within your palette. For example, I like saffron and it flatters me, but I have a few pieces in it, and it seems to throw off my rather curated closet. I’m hoping to see a lot of my favorite eggplant this fall.

  12. In answer to your question, Linda. I do not wear every color, but watch for the colors on my wheel. I also love eggplant!
    I have already discovered some Kingfisher blue…come back on Sunday!

  13. Thank you. I am gearing up for three nights of a music festival at the end of the month, all very dressy (it’s music of the 40’s primarily) and we’ll be dining out, staying in a lovely hotel, so I want to look tip-top!

  14. Difficult looking at a computer screen but re the Kingfisher Blue I think I may have a top in that color that I purchased in early Spring from Old Navy and is actually a little bo-ho in style with its long slightly puffed sleeves, grandfather collar with ties and is a pullover void of a button closure so perhaps have a look there as may have the similar color in Fall wear. On that note; I’m not really all that concerned about color palettes as I am about style since am hoping the midi and maxi length dresses/skirts will still be popular as are my favourite in such attire. -Brenda-
    Footnote: For those living in colder climates from what it is being seen on European runways, tights/leotards will be back as so will textured/patterned pantyhose.

  15. Yes…I saw that Brenda…you are right. We wear those tights in our warmer climates as well. I do want to note that Ibfirmly believe wearing your best colors is a big component of overall confident style. Thanks so much for joining in.

  16. I just love these two green tops from Marshall’s! You look great in those shades.
    Happy shopping. As a spring-summer I’ll figure things out!
    Can’t wait for Saturdays post too!

  17. Thanks Paulette…I did not purchase the blouses, but I like them. Just holding my birthday morning to build the wardrobe in other ways…will begin to show my sale purchases soon!
    Happy weekend!

  18. Hi, Pam. I am so excited that autumn is starting to show up! Thank you for posting the Marshall’s and Kohl’s photos. Your two days of tips have been extremely helpful. I like how you worded the comment about the fashion colors intersecting with our wardrobe. You do a fabulous job arming me with both vision and restraint. I went into a store yesterday where everything was on racks by color, but an overload of spring and summer hues. She assured me that the fall colors would come. I ordered through your link a few things from Macy’s and Nordstroms. I hope it comes your way! You work so diligently for us!

  19. It looks like you’ve hit the jackpot with your autumn coloring. Enjoy!

    I’m planning to wear my spring (bordering on summer) palette throughout the cold months. This should be fun, or a real challenge, or both. Wish me luck!

  20. I do wish you luck! This summer has been a bit of a challenge for me so I get it!

  21. I love the colors of Fall, but I can’t wear them. I use them to decorate my home. I’m glad to know there will be plenty of black for winter for my cool palette. I am a bit surprised at the light pink & blue for winter. This, like white, used to be a fashion don’t for fall & winter. I’m glad to bid some of these old rules good-bye.

  22. Don’t see much there for a true Winter but will save money if the only colour options are black and gray. Lots of those in the closet. Not a fan of green but might be tempted if there was a forest or deep green but haven’t seen anything like that in probably 20 years. Last few years the reds have been orange based not blue based so again am saving money. Even the Artic white has a lot of yellow in it on my screen so perhaps that is why I’m not jumping for joy at this year’s colour options.

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