How I jumpstarted weight loss at 68

jumpstarted weight loss

Happy Thursday, ladies.  Today I would like to share how I jumpstarted weight loss at 68 years of age.

A reader recently asked me what I am doing, so I thoughtfully decided to journal here what is working for me with the goal to possibly help someone else.

Since I began a new “healthy eating” focus in March 2022, I am now 12 pounds down and wearing clothing which has waited patiently in my closet for me to fit into…like the Talbot’s jeggings I am wearing today (more about that later.)

I do believe my metabolism had stagnated and needed a jumpstart with a new plan.  In our 60s, it is often more difficult to lose weight, but I have been determined and have a much longer journey to go.


jumpstarted weight loss

Regular readers of my blog know that this has been an up and down struggle for me for years….yes, years!

I am a self-confessed stress eater.  I show love by cooking for others.  And, IN THE PAST, have been about all things SUGAR.

I honestly believe I have tried every diet on the market with the same results….quick weight loss and quick to gain it back.

I knew I needed a smart new plan in order to change old bad habits.  Something drastic like a KETO diet did not make sense to me to maintain any loss over time.



jumpstart weight loss

I decided to use the Weight Watchers App and point system to change my habits…and it has worked beautifully.  (I AM NOT BEING PAID BY WW FOR THIS POST)

The points hold me accountable; allow me to eat foods I enjoy; account for times I fall off the plan; and provide a scanner for grocery shopping so that I do not even bring home things I do not need or want.

 I decide where and when to give up points now that I know what the points are.  There are even “diet foods” with high points so I do not bring them home.

It has done exactly what I needed to change my eating habits.  I eat more fruits and green vegetables which are zero points.  I eat more protein…usually zero points.  It rewards me and helps me to feel good about what I am doing


It really is significant for me to say that my focus is to have a healthy eating plan and not to be on a diet.

I know it is a mental thing…but a mental thing I needed to change for me.  Diets do not work for me.



jumpstart weight loss

Spousal support is critical.  I explained to Mr. B that I was going to do this and therefore would be cooking less and buy less of certain items.

He has been very understanding.  Because he is a runner and Pelton user, he can eat way more calories than I can. 

But on days he is really starving, he goes to pick up something now. 

He stopped bringing me treats from Starbucks and is very supportive.



jumpstart weight loss

 I studied expert articles about metabolism in my 60s and made these adjustments:


  1. I drink Green Tea Every day.
  2. I try not to eat after 4 PM and most days I accomplish this.
  3. I make sure to MOVE every day….notice I said move, stay active, and not necessarily go to a gym every day. This summer it has been difficult to get my workouts in, but I do not sit around….I stay active.  Once I return to daily workouts in a week or so, I believe my weight loss will increase some.  I enjoy working out with Pahla B Fitness.
  4. I faithfully take my daily supplements in several vitamins and with Juice Plus fruits and veggies. I have been taking Juice Plus for years to build my immunity.
  5. I stay well hydrated with daily water.
  6. For the most part, I go to bed and get up at the same time every day. It is interesting how regulated sleep helps metabolism.
  7. I avoid most flour items and most sugar. This has turned out to be easier than I thought it would be and increasing protein intake has helped.
  8. Whenever I eat out or fall off the app, I go right back to it the next day!



jumpstart weight loss

 Acknowledge…. SLOW AND STEADY wins the race!

 I am happy to lose ½ pound some weeks or stay steady some weeks.  This is changing habits and not a diet for me. 

AND, great news….Habits are changing and that has given me the most hope.  Desserts I previously thought were so good, now taste too sweet and are no longer enjoyable. 

However, I do not keep ice cream in the house for a reason…will always love it.

But, I do keep frozen bananas and love them with peanut butter…that has become a go to dessert for me.

I changed cooking habits and oils and recipes….and it is working and keeps cooking fun.  Prior to this new plan I did not know that cooking with EVOO at high temps could be detrimental to metabolism. 

I now only cook with avocado oil or cooking olive oil.

jumpstart weight loss

I love, love, love our local market sprouted grain bread and eat sandwiches, French Toast, avocado toast often.

I like it better than Ezekiel Bread…it breaks off easier and tastes better.

I have a long way to go to reach my healthy body goals, but for now I am very happy to be achieving results in changing my focus to a healthy food plan and seeing my body change.

12 pounds down is a jumpstart but an encouraging one and proves that we can lose weight in our 60s with a healthy plan.


jumpstart weight loss

About the clothing….

I do not advocate this for many pieces in your closet, but I do have about four items that I purchased online and they did not fit upon arrival.  The fit was just a smidgeon not there, so I saved them as an incentive.  It is exciting for me to now be able to “comfortably” wear these clothes.

In the past, I purchased Talbot’s pull-on jeggings, because the button front design never fit.  I loved the color of these and kept them…and it is so much fun to have the button-front now fit me well.

Check out Talbot’s Jeggings here.  

I am also wearing one of the Target Universal Thread tee shirts I own…I really like these tees and the variety of colors they offer.

This is the TEAL and is currently less than $7.

My topper is a Chico’s button down I have owned for a very long time. 

So far, this new eating strategy is going exactly how I desired and I do not see me returning to old ways this time.  I may be using that APP for a very long time…but that is OK by me.

I feel like it is training me to a new healthier way of eating.

Please feel free to ask questions…I do not advocate that my jumpstart will work for everyone…but it is certainly working for me.

Thank you for joining me for How I jumpstarted weight loss at 68….also join me today as we….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Congratulations on your weight loss and thank you for sharing your journey. I really need to lose about 20 pounds and just hearing what you are doing is very helpful.
    I have done weight Watchers in the past so I know the point system, I guess I just needed a little extra boost to get going. I also found that Weight Watchers really works because it is a lifestyle not a diet. I’m wishing you continued success and I will be following along !

  2. Thanks, Beth. It really is changing my bad habits and I believe it will finally stick!

  3. These are truly good tips for eating healthier, even if not using an app. I have read so much about cutting back on sugar because it is addictive. I need to step it up in that area!! My downfall is salty snacks, admittedly, so I’m trying, as you said, to simply not bring them home. If they aren’t there, you can’t eat them. Fruits and vegetables are easy for me and I keep greens well-stocked. You have encouraged me to try harder on the snacks!! Like you, I had to stop buying ice cream. It’s going to be one of those really rare treats. Thank you for tackling this topic, it’s helping me with motivation!!

  4. Congratulations on finding a plan that is working for you and can be maintained as a lifestyle! It IS so difficult to lose when we are over 60! Your post is an encouragement to keep on keeping on in pursuit of healthy living!

  5. Way to go Pamela. Weight loss can be a struggle but more importantly it is about being healthy. Deits do not work for me but you have shown that eating healthy is about adopting a healthy life style along with moderate exercise. What I most like about your blog is that you keep it real for all of us women over 50 and beyond. Thank you for your encouragement.

  6. I’m happy for you that you have found a system that works for you. More than a year ago on June 1, 2021, I started using the Pahla B Fitness program because you recommended it. I now drink only water after my morning coffee. I try to walk daily and go to yoga twice a week. I calculated my calories using Pahla’s plan, and usually am within the correct number or less. However, I’m on a plateau right now at 125, and have been there for almost a year. It’s frustrating because I’ve only lost 5 pounds, but I have built muscle or so my Mr. B. thinks, and hopefully my bones are stronger. I am almost 76 with no heart, blood pressure or cholesterol problems so I’m just grateful to still be healthy though about 10 pounds over what I’d “ like” to be. I know many would think 125 lb. is a wonderful weight but at 5’2”, I was 100 lb. most of my life , and these added pounds during retirement are worrisome. Sorry to end up complaining! I just wanted to say that your recommendation last year has made me physically better even though I have not lost much weight! Thank you!

  7. I thought ice cream would be the hardest, Karen. But it hasn’t been…love the frozen fruit!

  8. You are welcome, Sharon! I want to keep it real. I don’t think I could do this any other way!!

  9. I am also trying to lose weight! I gained 3 lbs when away on a stressful trip. (long story). I was eating a lot of sweets. I returned home and have cut out ice cream and soda drinks and cookies. We finish dinner at 5:30pm and I don’t have anything after that! This is difficult to do when hubby is eating a big bowl of ice cream! lol. After ten days I have lost 3 lbs. already! I have a treat on Saturday night, which is usually a small serving of ice cream. That way I do not feel deprived. My husband is the cook in this family (lucky me) and I have persuaded him to cook heart-healthy meals. I hope to be able to fit into some of my smaller clothes soon! (although I did donate quite a lot of them!!) Congrats to you on your weight loss journey. It really does become a lifestyle change.

  10. This is awesome, Celia! Thanks for sharing your details that have worked for you!

  11. Good work, Linda! I can’t do this without Mr. B agreeing to change some of his habits as well.

  12. Congratulations on your weight loss and more importantly on the healthy choices you are making. I lost 50 pounds with WW and have kept it off for over 2 years. I’m now 75 and know I need to work at it every day. I walk at least 3 miles a day, outside if it is nice and in the basement if it isn’t. Thanks for being an inspiration to us and giving me so many great ideas.

  13. Thanks for sharing your success, Gail! It inspires me to hear from others!

  14. Hi Linda! It is always best to consult with your doctor! My doctor pointed out I needed more in some areas. I make sure daily I include vitamin B complex; D; calcium; C; E; zinc; Omega 3s; and turmeric! I hope that helps. Your doctor can help with amounts so you don’t take too much and build proper immunity.

  15. Pam, congratulations! You are doing so well. It’s wonderful to see a healthy eating plan that works. There are so many unhealthy and DANGEROUS diets out there, usually aimed at women. A gradual lifestyle adjustment is the key, and one that makes a woman feel good about herself. You are beautiful, and I love the jeggings!

  16. Thanks so much for inspiring us all in so many ways, Pam. I am 72 and over my lifetime have been on every diet known. I’m sure if I subtracted all those pounds off from my current weight, I would weigh nothing right now! Ha Ha In an effort to reinvent myself after Covid, I too vowed to find a plan that would be lifelong rather than a diet. I’ve previously been on WW and it didn’t work for me. However, I think you are absolutely right when you recommend finding something that’s healthy and works for you! we’re all different. My choice happens to be Optavia and I have lost 25 pounds since March. The jurney is rocky sometimes but the relief is that I’m incentivized to go right back on it.
    Kudos to you on your loss and gratitude to you for your thinking of us.

  17. Congratulations on your new healthy eating habits (weight loss is just one of your benefits); small changes will eventually bring big results. Hope you’ll continue to post some techniques, foods, routines, etc that are working for you

  18. Thank you for sharing your weight loss journey and stressing the importance of a sustainable, healthy eating plan. Also, it was so refreshing to read a blog today that isn’t focused on the frenzy that is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

  19. Good for you Pam. It is so hard to change habits after a lifetime. I say whatever works for you is the right one. Since last October I have lost 40 pounds by cutting out the sweets and dessert etc. and making use of a pretty smaller plate for meals. I find the best way for me to keep on track is to weigh myself every morning to know when I might have slipped. I know that is not a recommended tactic, but it works for me so I don’t lose ground. Isn’t it funny how many ladies (me included) love their ice cream. I will satisfy my craving by having 1 tablespoon when my husband has his bowl, but not as often. So good to hear that your husband is on board with you, that would make the world of difference. Also, having a slightly smaller item in the closet is not a bad idea, just not a few sizes down. You go girl.

  20. I am happy to share whatever is working, Cyndi!
    You guys can hold me accountable!

  21. Happy to be here with helpful content! I understand some of that can get old!

  22. Congratulations, Pam. I am over 60 and have been using My Fitness Pal to track calories, nutrients, etc and it is working well for me. It’s about losing weight but so much more about eating healthier. Ice cream is my downfall as well but I only allow it occasionally & in a measured portion. None of the low-cal substitutes are nearly as satisfying to me as the real thing. So as with clothes, fewer but better is my approach.

  23. Thanks Diane! You made me realize that I have gone to smaller plates without really thinking about it!

  24. Thanks for sharing, Lisa! I know these conversations help others! Good for you!

  25. Pam, I keep saying you look healthy, because you do (-and- beautiful)! My choice of words is deliberate. I’ve struggled for years. I’ve lost 25 pounds in about two years because instead of dieting, I’m getting healthy. In the past, if the scale didn’t budge quickly enough (and it really doesn’t after the first week or two), I became so discouraged. Now it doesn’t matter, and I go weeks without getting on a scale (after foot surgery, it was impossible, so I spent 8 months off the scale, unable to exercise, and yet my weight was down a few pounds at the end. That gave me the courage to ignore the scale for a stretch). I already ate a healthy vegetarian diet after my husband’s heart surgery ten years ago, but I was eating too much and snacking too much. Agree wholeheartedly on the sugar and white carbs. I ate a piece of birthday cake at a family celebration, and it set up sugar cravings for at least two weeks! And it was good, but not as good as fresh strawberries! One thing I’ve found helpful is to put my food on a plate and sort of “intellectualize it.” I say to myself variations of, “take a long look, it’s a proper portion, it’s delicious, healthy food that will keep you strong, be grateful that you get such healthy, wonderful food, enjoy it and know it’s enough.” I think my idea of a reasonable portion was pretty distorted. Sorry for such a long post, but this is such a fraught topic and in the end, regardless of the number on the scale, it is about being as healthy as we can.

  26. Yes it is…about being as healthy as we can. That is why I need the app to help me focus and eat more of the good! Thanks for sharing all this, Linda!

  27. Miss Pam, you are rockin’ it! I agree that jumpstarting metabolism is indeed key. You’re giving all of your followers a great big “you can do it”! Your thoughtful and detailed plan of action is so helpful. I’m also on the downward steps in weight loss, and my only regret is waiting so long to actually stay the course. After gradually gaining over 30 pounds after age 35, I’ve finally lost most of those pounds, and am very near the weight I held from teens through second baby – which has taken me nearly three years. I’ll add my voice of encouragement to yours! Stick with it, everyone! I’m mentally more positive, plus clothes fit better and style options increase – though I won’t be wearing the ruffles, sleeveless, and shorter outfits anymore :). Now at age 70, I wanted to look good, but I first wanted to be healthier. Limiting sugar and flour has worked for me as well. Thank you!

  28. Hi Pamela

    Thank you for your open and frank post. I too started WW about 12 weeks ago. It is really working for me to focus on healthy eating and healthy habits. I can treat myself sometimes and don’t feel deprived. I have lost about a pound a week. I am 55 years old. I do enjoy the live meeting and the “walk talks” on the app as well.
    Have a good day

  29. Congratulations on your weight loss! I am a WW member who has fallen off the wagon. You have motivated me to start again. I’ve lost weight on WW before and know it works. Best wishes to you and thank you for the wake up call!

  30. Hi Pamela,
    I knew you were doing something! You look fantastic! Keep it up, you look beautiful. You are the motivation I need, thank you. Sincerely, Tamara.

  31. I never had a weight problem until I retired. I think my metabolism changed with my age. Weight Watchers did it for me. I was very strict watching my points and was able to loose 20 lbs. Now I don’t count points but I find the best thing to keep my weight under control is to only eat 2 slices of bread a day, have oatmeal or a healthy cereal loaded with yogurt and fruit for breakfast, cut down on desserts, and limit how much wine I drink ( one glass/week).Alcohol really adds up the pounds. Losing weight really helped my arthritis in my knees! Good luck with your new weight plan.

  32. I believe weight watchers is one of the most vitamin rich and easy plans to carry on for the rest of your life. So happy your doing so well!!!

  33. This was a great post. I have done WW and it did work. I just have to stick to something because of course I have some weight to lose.
    Good for you on your journey. I think I’m going to look into WW again and hopefully stick to it!!

  34. Congratulations Pam and kudos to your husband for helping you! I’m so addicted to sugar and can really sympathize with other addicts. It takes a lot of willpower to do what you’re doing. As we get older taking care of our health is even more important than when we were younger.

  35. Hi Sharon, you are right about that! I found that when I lowered the sugar and ate more protein that I didn’t desire it as much.

  36. A great ice cream substitute is to put frozen bananas in a blender. Blend until ice cream consistency. Nothing else! You can always add peanut butter or whatever. Its a Joy Bauer recipe.

  37. I am a life-time member of WW. The point system is the best. Also, liked what you said about watching flour and sugar, so important. Thanks for sharing your jumpstart.

  38. Thank you so much for this post! You look great, and I love all the information you put together. I spent hours yesterday on your post, researching some of the links, and writing down the strategies that might work for me. Being 67, I don’t care about losing fast on some crazy “diet”. I believe the “slow but sure” approach might be best for long term health gains. I love that you are so responsive to your readers’ requests for the details on your daily life. I’m organizing my plan and getting started. Today!!! I also enjoy the recipes from you and Leigh. I literally walk in your shoes. (I’ve ordered two pairs that you recommended and love them) LOL. So I know some of your suggestions on being healthy will work for me too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  39. Good for you! Keep up the good work! I’m a WW devotee, it’s a fabulous program. It took me 2 years to get to my goal weight (💙 the 🐢!), and I have maintained that for 10 years. Thanks for the tip on the Talbots jeggings; I’ll give them a try.

  40. Pam, This is wonderful. I have had life long struggles with weight but we gotta keep trying and moving forward.
    Good on you!!!!

  41. I have saved this post and read it off and on as encouragement. Your dieting story is just like mine!! I was doing pretty good but came down with Covid Saturday so unfortunately have been stress eating! My question— do you ever use an air fryer? They are on sale on Amazon so thinking about it

  42. Just get back on the horse when you can, Darlene. I just return d to daily workouts after a skin cancer was removed from my shoulder and I couldn’t lift weights for a month. Feels so good to be back! I just recently started using an air fryer and now I am a huge fan! I need to tell my daughter about the Amazon sale! Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

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