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Today's News

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  It is time for Today’s News for Women Over 50!

This is the day I curate together headlines from around the web and produce a weekly lifestyle newsletter just for you!

But, since this is a celebration week, I want to start with something a tad different and fun!

So, grab your morning beverage…a cozy spot…and let’s get going with the news!


Today's News

The big news in Texas this summer has been the excessive heat.

Don’t tell me this is worse than other years…I am born and raised here and every so often we have summers that are insanely hot.

So far, this is the third on record, but may likely move up….many many days of triple digits in a row.

These summers also result in drought.

Today's News

There is an old wives tale that when the sage bushes bloom out here in full purple glory that rain is soon behind.

Sage began to bloom recently on a clear blue day with a heat index of 111.

Mr. B looked at me and said, “Sorry, I am a skeptic.”

But as I drove around our part of town, the blooms were everywhere…heavy and bright.

Today's News

So, it is no surprise that later that afternoon, the clouds began to gather!

In fact, over several days we experienced off and on rain (about 2 inches at our house!)…it is gone now…but we have our eyes and hope with the sage!

Old wives tale? or facts of nature?


Today's News

Homes & Gardens 4 colors that attract mosquitoes into the home – and those that repel them

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Today's News

The Globe & Mail:  9 crowd pleasing wines to serve at your next dinner party

Southern Living:  Sensational summer recipes that will make feeding a crowd a breeze

Tasting TableWhy you should always read the labels on canned tuna

Science Tech Daily: How eating eggs can protect against heart disease and improve heart health

Open CultureWhat Americans ate for breakfast 200 years ago and watch re-creation of original recipes


Today's News

Yahoo NewsA couple in their 80s got stuck in Mexico without heart medication and flight was cancelled twice

Yahoo News5 ways to make gray hair soft and shiny

Well + GoodKeep your aging bones healthy with these five iced tea recipes

Travel AwaitsWhy I want to retire in the gorgeous Andalusian region of Spain

Thank you for joining me for Today’s News…are there any old wives tales where you live that sometimes prove true…would love to hear them!!

I hope you will join me tomorrow as I ring in year 69 with some thoughts on aging….and until then……



By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's news


  1. We have an old wives tale here that says when the lilacs bloom, no more frost. This hasn’t exactly worked out all the time!! Definitely agree that some summers are just hotter than others and some winters are colder. It cycles.
    Really, really appreciate the recipes. I’m trying to help my kids through a tough time and that includes daily in-person checks on my DIL plus making meals, and the bigger the better so you get more days out of one thing!! These sound delicious and the quantities are a plus! This is so helpful. Interesting about mosquitoes. Never knew about the impact of dark colors!

  2. I am so glad you found something here to help the situation with your family, Karen. Truly hoping your DIL is better soon. And I had never heard this about mosquitoes either…that is why I found it interesting!

  3. Happy Birthday Eve, Pam!! Celebrate all week — or better yet, all month! Great articles. I’ll be reading those tuna cans.

  4. I sometimes watch the Early American channel on you tube … always interesting! An old wives’ tale here is if the wooly caterpillars have a thick coat in the fall, we will have a hard winter (debunked by science, but everybody still checks). Unlike your summers, winters and spring around here are definitely different than my childhood, and we have had many temperature records broken in more quick succession. I was reading some English history, and the authors said the Tudor royals wore so much fur because they were coming out of an ice age, and the climate was much colder. And in Regency times, I’ve read that people had balls when the moon was full, in order to be able to travel at night. Last night I hung out long after dark at the pool, because I was still able to read on my kindle. I think it’s hard as a modern person to truly understand how weather and the natural world dictated so much of our lives in most of history.

  5. We live in the North East of England and we have been experiencing record high temperatures here also. In other areas of England we have had fires breaking out in residential areas due to the heat. I know our temperatures, around 40 Celsius, are not as hot as you have but we are unused to these temperatures and are not geared up for living like you are. We have no air-con in our homes, and not always in our workplaces.
    I like your comments Pamela and like to see your lifestyle. Thank you

  6. Happy Birthday Eve Pam! You deserve a celebration! The heat here in New England is unprecedented ( like Western Europe I guess) with 6-7 days in the nineties and extreme humudity like we’ve never seen. We are just not used to these drastic changes in our weather where summer used to be 70s and low 80s with a few humid days tossed in. Now it’s humid all the time from June through September. Yikes!
    Well I hope things moderate for all of us and the power grids can take all of this.
    Happy Wednesday despite the heat!

  7. Thanks for sharing Gillian. In college, I made a trip to Purdue during a high heat year in the North and had to stay in a dorm without AC. I remember how brutal that can be, so my heart goes out to what you are experiencing now. I am thankful for my air…without it…I am a wimp. Thanks for sharing so that we remember those in your situation.

  8. And to you…keep smiling and hoping it changes soon…I have hope it will.

  9. My mother always told me that 1936 was the hottest summer that she ever remembered. It was the year my oldest brother was born, & she had to stay in bed with a blanket because they worried about her getting chilled even though it was in triple digits for most of July. Times have certainly changed! I knew mosquitoes were attracted to dark colored clothing but didn’t know why. I enjoyed the article on decorating your living room. Sometime down the road, I will be redoing my great room, & these tips will be most helpful. I am just starting to gather ideas & am learning toward the colors of sand & sea as I am tired of dark colors. Since I have white hair, I’m always interested in keeping it shiny & bright. Thanks for all your research!

  10. Happy birthday!

    I think it was Gandalf who said, “Pay heed to the tales of old wives. It may well be that they alone keep in memory what it was once needful for the wise to know.” I’ve found this kind of folk lore to be generally true. For generations, people used to pay attention and remember, and hand that wisdom down, so I don’t see it as a conflict between “facts of nature,” and “old wives’ tales” — I tend to think of it as nature lore. Even the classical poet Virgil makes a lot of these observations in his Georgics, which is a collection of poems about farming.

  11. I am gathering research on master bathrooms…it’s fun….enjoy yours!

  12. Great selection of articles today, thanks. I’m in New England like Paulette; record temps but still better than other parts of the country. Here in RI near the ocean, we’ve been lucky to have breezes off the water and night temps in the high 60s – nice sleeping temps with the windows cracked open. Humid though — 77% today. I don’t like A/C and am glad that it has not been necessary, although that could change. My heart goes out to those of you baking in England! After San Antonio’s record highs in May, I hope Pam that your birthday month is not so awful! When in doubt, eat ice cream!

  13. Hi Maeve, we are still breaking records and long for the day I can leave windows open. I actually discuss ice cream tomorrow!

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