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Today's News

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Welcome to Today’s News for Women Over 50! 

On Wednesdays, I curate lifestyle news headlines together into one place for you.

Hoping to find information that is helpful and inspirational for this age group.

So, grab your warm beverage and a cozy place to read and let’s get started with Today’s News!


Today's news

The Sun: 9 mistakes women make which instantly age them (to look older in a bad way)

Awards Daily: Downton Abbey costume designer Anna Robbins on dressing ‘A New Era’s’ sprawling cast

Yahoo.comChanel’s pre-fall collection will have you dressing like Charlotte Casiraghi

Woman’s World5 summer haircuts for women

Good Morning America: Moisturizing Wavy Hair with Olive Oil

Real Simple: 11 things you can purge from your closet right now





Today's News

Architectural Digest: An apartment in Rome becomes a showcase for contemporary design

Homes & Gardens: What is the most stressful color?  The one shade to sue with caution.

BH & G23 renovations that add unexpected value to your home

Architectural DigestStep inside 8 refined farmhouses that are undeniably modern


Today's News

Southern Living: 30 refreshing drinks you’ll want to sip all summer long

Today ShowDiana Kennedy, food writer who championed the authentic recipes of Mexico, dies at 99

The Kitchn: Ina Garten’s strawberry country cake that tastes like summer in a slice

The Pioneer Woman Best Atlantic Beach Pie Recipe

Eating WellThese are the best times to eat for weight loss according to a dietician


Today's News

Real Simple37 Best beach reads to toss in your bag this summer

Neuroscience: Depression linked to consuming an inflammatory diet and increasing risk of frailty

WEBMD: Frequent napping linked to high blood pressure

That is it for Today’s News…please comment on one or more of the articles below.

Thank you for joining in and come back tomorrow for a really fun post!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's News



  1. Oh my, the Ann Taylor slide show….!!! Just such beautiful things! Lots of interesting things here today, thank you for your sleuthing! Just wanted you to know that I downloaded the Exploits of Edna and Gertie last week from your link and have really enjoyed reading!! Just hilarious reading and I appreciate that it’s just good, clean fun! Wish she’d write more adventures with those two!

  2. I found myself getting a little ticked by the article about what ages us…..I’ve read dozens of those, but, ya know, I feel like I’ve won being 65 , (also need to express gratitude for being a breast cancer survivor). Now , I have to intention of wearing our grandmother’s fashions, but by golly, don’t get in between me and my big floral prints,lol…….and forget contacts, I tried in my 20s, can’t stick my finger in my eye.
    The article about what to toss from your closet seemed more geared toward those of us with a bit of hoarding tendencies. If I discover a hole in a sock, it’s going in the trash right then.

  3. I will confess, Sheryl…many of those articles upset me as well! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Pam, I’m new to your site and I am so enjoying all the information you share. I also had a birthday last week so it was really fun to “share” the week with you
    Keep up the good work, we ladies of a certain age need all the positivity we can get. Have a great Wednesday 😊

  5. Sometimes it’s good to read controversial things, as that makes us think. I saw the original you tube of the Shea Whitney “things that age you” piece. I fundamentally have a problem with people who are young telling us clothing that solves a problem associated with aging is “aging us.” No! -We- are aging (and so is she). And some of us need comfort shoes (or have the maturity to decide we are allowed to be comfortable). Some of us wear capris because we have varicose veins but we also don’t want to roast in the summer. But she makes some good points: cheap nylon purses that look like travel solutions with all those excess outside pockets are a good example, in my opinion. And some comfort shoes are sleeker than others; some Capri pants are more flattering than others. I chose as a takeaway that these are not the most flattering categories of clothing and to be very careful to choose the best of them and wear them with more current pieces.

  6. While I tend to agree with most of the items that are aging, I totally disagree about cardigans, & I am certainly not going to wear anything oversized because to me, that look is sloppy & says “I give up.” Many interesting articles from which to choose today. Thank you!

  7. Always look forward to your Wednesday briefing. Who knew that white sheets may prevent sleep? I’ll try some darker ones for the fall. I did laugh at myself: I have at least 20 single socks that I’ve been holding onto (NOT hoarding) because periodically, one of my socks is ‘discovered’ in my husband’s gym shorts or shirts. But, at this point, I should give up and get rid of them – a good chore for Saturday. I’m also dealing with the billion tee-shirts issueand need to sort them out as well.
    Oh, aging or not, I like bermuda shorts. So she doesn’t wear them, so what? She probably has lattice marks all over her thighs from restaurant chairs, bar stools, etc. We older women are too stylish for that – LOL

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