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Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday!  Welcome to WOULD YOU WEAR IT on two blogs… every weekend!

I join up with my friend and fellow blogger, Jennifer, to bring you fashion displays for your consumer eye!

We simply want to know, as you look over our displays…WOULD YOU WEAR IT?

So, let’s get this party started on this joyful Saturday and see what everyone thinks….


Would you wear it

As soon as I saw this display last week at Chico’s, I wondered what you would think of this new activewear.

Look it over carefully, and explain why it would or would not work for you.

Look at the details in the display…does it motivate you to try the looks or would you style them differently?

Activewear has really taken off over the last couple of years as more and more women are working and remaining at home.

You might also want to tell us if this is your lifestyle now.

Would You Wear It

So please look these mannequins over, head to toe, and tell us, ladies…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


As I said, these are from Chico’s Zenergy collection….some of the Zenergy pieces are currently 30% off…here are more details from the display and others….


Would You Wear It

On Thursday, I showed you pieces from Chico’s new collection, and this fabulous Short Border Kimono was a favorite…of mine too!

There are many standout pieces in the August collection which are nice transitions to fall.


Would You Wear It

Remember, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends tomorrow…and these Easy Spirit Laramie Zip Booties have a great price.

They are lovely and comfy…I am so glad to have them in my fall/winter mix.

Also, check out the comfortable Easy Spirit Marlie Bit Loafer, which comes in several colors.

Here are a few more great pieces still available through the end of Sunday…

Finally, if you are looking for a new television series to watch, make sure you read the comments from the Tuesday post,  FASHION, INTRIGUE, AND STRONG WOMEN.

I have quite a list going now.

Make sure you tell us WOULD YOU WEAR IT? about today’s activewear display….then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to see Jennifer’s display….and make sure that all day you…..


Thank you for being here!

By Pamela Lutrell

Would you Wear It



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Would you Wear It


  1. I like the display, and would probably wear it, even though most of my black and grey items are just my morning walk clothes. I wore a lot of this style out and about when I was in my 30s, and had to save my “good clothes” for work. as time went by, and i was able to wear nicer items on days off, this style kind of took a back seat. I will still wear it, a quick errand, visiting with friends at home or at their home, or if im going to be doing something outdoors for an extended amount of time. I have some Zenergy for at home, mostly things that made the clearance rack, because to me its still kinda high priced to just clean and cook, but its very good quality, last forever, or until you get sloppy using bleach, lol.

  2. I think grey and black can make even comfort wear look chic. I would definitely wear some of those pieces.

  3. I wouldn’t wear ‘activewear’ except for the gym as and when required and I don’t like that kind of flecked grey at all , I’m afraid . My gym clothes are all black or green !

  4. These are not clothes for going out of the house for me. Also I would change the black to another brighter colour and the pants would be longer, so I guess these are a no for me today. I do not wear leggings or cropped looks even to run errands. Pam, isn’t it amazing how the store lights can alter an image. In the Chico’s store your hair looks blonde and then much richer in your front doorway. Then we wonder why the clothes look a slightly different colour online. Enjoy our last weekend of July.

  5. The active wear is really cute. Looks very comfortable and wearable for home, shopping or exercising. Yes I would wear it.

  6. Each of these activewear choices would work for me and for my classes abd walking program. In summer I’d wear shorts and tee shirt for outdoor walking as these fabrics seem too warm. ( I try to walk 2/3 miles in summer unless humidity is too bad)
    My indoor classes of tai chi and yoga are indoor in air conditioned centers so these pieces should be just fine most of the year in our area . (northeast USA). I like them!

  7. I do like these pieces and would wear these although I would prefer a color not the gray or black. Typically Chico’s doesn’t fit my body type/size 🙁

  8. I would wear most of these but not the gray pants with the stripes on the bottom. They would make my legs look shorter. Happy Saturday!

  9. I like these pieces and would likely at least try them on. I’m not too sure about the striped cuff on the pants. Also, I couldn’t figure out the neckline on the black top. Anyway, it is a sweet outfit.

  10. I like the Zenergy line at Chico’s and always look for their casual, chic pieces. To me, this is everyday wear for my active retirement lifestyle. I wouldn’t wear this to the gym or even walking but, instead, to book club or a meeting of one of the organizations I belong to or running after the 4 grandkids. I would pair the outfits with a slip on sneaker in gray or, maybe, the black/gray camouflage ones that Talbots is featuring.

  11. These are things I’d wear inside my house on days I wasn’t going out. The gray top is my favorite of these pieces. My sister is really into athleisure and wears it for running errands, but for me, I’d keep it for strictly “at home” wear.

  12. HAPPY SATURDAY Pamela! I do like the sport joggers, however if they are ankle length their inseam of 27″ would be too short for me to be worn properly (as are the crops at 24″) so both are a ‘possible no’ for me. Whereas the tops; I seldom wear tunic style ones and if I do, prefer long sleeved that I can position myself and as never understood the concept of an open front garment with a hood (as the cardigan has) a definite ‘no’ to them as would prefer a sweatshirt style (banded at the bottom) to both. As to the black top; ‘possibly’ as would depend upon fit and fabric blend if to be worn as actual active wear.

  13. I only wear workout clothes for workout. I have two sets which is plenty. Definitely would not wear grey! I do like Chicos’ Zenergy line, though.

  14. I would wear all of these pieces as shown if they were not heathered and if they were in my autumn palette. I don’t buy or wear the heather gray because to me it looks like underwear and is too casual to be made into street wear. I often transition throughout my day without changing if the weather is cool (not pitted out) as my morning walking clothes take me to a coffee shop or to run errands. Then I might do some hobby or read at home and then, depending on the day, attend yoga class. When wearing other clothes, I felt I was costume changing like an English aristocrat :). Dark, neutral, or cute and fun activewear solved the problem. This has become my retirement uniform, and I take it seriously, buying good activewear and taking care of it so it doesn’t look faded. You can accessorize many of these looks a bit, and I can change shoes or add a scarf or denim jacket/cardigan in the car. I haven’t figured out the handbag thing yet, though, as many of my good structured handbags look out of place. Hopefully, Chicos might have some navy or brown coming.

  15. I’m with the French dressing style bloggers on this one. I don’t wear activewear for daily activities outside the house. It does me no favors. This is something I might wear for working in the garden or cleaning the house. These are not colors that appeal to me.

  16. I am surprised at how little I like the black-gray combo — the light gray is not a good color for me. More impt, I like more fitted workout clothes b/c I wear them only for workouts. So, a definite no.

  17. I would wear the gray tunic & black leggings at home or going for a morning walk. I wouldn’t wear the black shirt with the ties on the sleeves as I don’t care for ties on my sleeves. It seems they are always coming untied or the strings hanging down on my arms aggravate me. I wouldn’t wear the gray pants because the length wouldn’t be flattering on me. I don’t wear activewear when I’m out & about because I prefer something more structured.

  18. Chicos is not a favorite of mine because the clothes don’t seem to fit me the way other brands do. However, the styles themselves would make me stop & look. The v-neck top, attractive but not for me, the other piece, yes. Great for exercise or PT and off to lunch at a favorite restaurant. These days, unless going to very fine dining, these clothes are acceptable. Kind of sad in a way but I’m a boomer…what do I know 😂

  19. The outfit on the left of the Chico’s display is totally me! ❤️ The outfit on the right? Totally No!
    You won’t ever find anything cropped, capri, or even 7/8ths in my closet.
    Like the short border kimono on you. I would like it without the bottom border, then they would
    have to call it just Short Kimono!

  20. Absolutely not. This trend has been taking over stores’ floor space for some time now, much to my chagrin. I won’t even walk through it to get to the “real” clothes.

  21. I would wear the gray top. Nothing else. The trim on those joggers are too matchy matchy with the sweatshirt (tied around the mannequin’s neck) and kind of juvenile.

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