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would you wear it

Happy Saturday, ladies!  Welcome to our regular series WOULD YOU WEAR IT on two blogs.

Today for Would You Wear It, I am featuring a display of extra details.

When I saw this display, I felt it to be a perfect example of clothing with embellishments of several types….the extra details, if you will.

I join forces on Saturdays with A Well Styled Life…so let’s get started for me….

Would you wear it

On Saturdays, we post displays in our areas which make us wonder what you think of the styles.

Please look these over and explain with constructive thoughts why you would or would not wear what you see.

Would you style it differently on the display?  Would you wear some of it and why or why not?

Remember this is not really about would you buy it, but more about would you wear it if you had It?

Would You Wear It

So, please give the display careful consideration and tell us, ladies……………………………………………………………………….


Would You Wear It

Today’s display is from Chico’s and here are some of the styles currently in store….



Would You Wear It

I am so excited to share these great Easy Spirit Laramie Booties with you from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Would You Wear It

I LOVE these booties.  They are so comfortable and beautiful and available in the brown leather and black (suede and leather).  

I am so glad to have them in my fall wardrobe….check them out at a great price now during this sale!

I would and will wear them!   Very, very comfy!

Now, tell us what you think about my WOULD YOU WEAR IT display today with extra details…then head over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think…

Tomorrow, return as Leigh Ann and I discover new fall colors at one of your favorite retailers…see you then!


By Pamela Lutrell

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would you wear it




  1. This is an attractive display even though it’s not really my style. I’d definitely look at the pieces on display because of how they are presented. I’m more of a “less is more” when dressing, but I would wear the kimono for fun. I’m not into big jewelry pieces, finding that they kind of wear me rather than the other way around! Comfort boots… probably, depending on the style. With a heel, I’m there. The ones shown look like something I’d wear. The star of the show today is you in front of the Gather sign! That’s a beautiful look for the upcoming fall season!

  2. Thanks for starting us off today, Karen! These boots are so comfy…can’t wait for fall!

  3. The center mannequin in long ruana is me!
    ( the other two- not me) I really like that it seems to elongate and I can use that. I’m only 5 ft 3.
    You look so so pretty in the clothes you’re modeling! Happy Saturday!

  4. I guess I very much agree with Karen – a good display because it is so eye-catching . Individually ? I have a shirt the same shade as the green one on the left , and love it for the colour . I like the kimono as well but would wear it with a plain dark colour . (I am only 5′ 3″ so am rather overwhelmed by so much going on at once !) I am afraid I do not like jeans which is more or less a heresy , I know and so do not think faded denim is improved by embroidery . I quite like the jewellery but again it is too much for me .
    I love the boots and have almost a collection of low-heeled ankle boots to wear with trousers in winter . A look which is both stylish and incredibly comfortable .

  5. I love all of this display from Chico’s. I’ve seen ladies wear the “ duster” with several different colored tees other than white, and it is so becoming. I especially like Chico’s ruanas because they are sized and not one size fits all. As a 5’2” short person I have to worry that such a garment is too long and overwhelming on me. I like all of the embroidered pieces from Chico’s, but think that they are quite expensive unless on sale when sizes are so limited. The necklace is unique but I too feel many necklaces are “ too much” for my smaller frame. Your prepared for cooler weather outfit is so attractive with your red blazer and lovely scarf. I think I prefer fall and winter weather clothing because I like my scarves and long sleeved garments along with comfortable shoes like your Easy Spirits instead of light weight, thinner clothing and sandals like our summer wear.

  6. I love the embroidered jeans with a simple shirt. Great casual day outfit for me. Also, love the green blouse.

  7. I love the chunky colorful necklaces. I also love the long wrap. The other outfits not so much.

  8. I am liking that green top (but not with the embroidered bottoms). I would wear a less bright version with a slim pair of slacks and simple shoe for a nice minimalist look. Fun earrings and the waist tie is all I think I would need. The other piece, were it in my closet, is the kimono, but I may like the one you are wearing better. I would try out wearing a kimono with a column of color. I need a simple or more organized print. The denim looks a bit too full. I, too, think you look great in front of the Gather sign. If that was taken in triple digit weather, phew! Have a great weekend.

  9. I commend you for showing that gorgeous outfit in that heat you are experiencing. So perfect in your colours. As for the display, I like the green shirt tied at the waist, which is something that I do on occasion. I would be using a cool toned necklace with it, and with straight leg white jeans and sandals. If my bottoms are patterned, they would not be so obvious as those shown here. The kimono or duster is not something I wear where I live, but would be fun for travel, again in a cooler pattern. Even the slightest bit of orange or other warm colours seems to reflect off my face in a not so flattering way. Since I don’t wear jean jackets at all, that part of the display would not appeal to me. Chicos has done a great job of setting up a display to catch the attention here. Those booties are a nice height, but I would want them in a pewter colour.

  10. BoHo is definitely my style! I love these! I had elbow surgery recently and I’m still dealing with swelling and scar healing. I was looking for an option to cover me that wasn’t too hot. The kimono over the white t-shirt is going to be my new go to outfit.

  11. Oooo, the kimono has such beautiful colors. It’s so tempting, but things that are too float-y don’t feel like me. I saw those linen blouses recently, they have beautiful colors, but the sleeve length–give me long or short. Yes, you look absolutely stunning with your blazer and Johnny Was scarf!

  12. I’m kinda chuckling, thinking well, I must be one of those “extra” chicks you hear tell of. In my closet, I have 4 pair of embellished jeans, one embellished denim jacket, and 5 brightly patterned or colored ruanas. Now, two of the ruanas have been relegated to swimsuit covers, because they are really long and just overwhelm every time I tried to style them with anything. When I’m wearing any of these kinds of pieces, I keep the rest of the outfit simple, though. I lose confidence if I try to add the big statement jewelry. I didn’t know easy spirit even had boots, I use to love their walking shoes. In the chicos display pictured, I have my eye on that ruana, but I want to get to boutique to try on first, because it looks long also, I may setttle for the pants in the same print instead. The crops I would pass on, that length isn’t right for me. I might look at them and see if I could roll them up any. The white capris would work for me. The jacket I like, but I’m such a jacket junkie I have too many already.

  13. I, too, am a less-is-more person. I don’t think the first outfit needs a statement necklace with the embellished jeans and the emerald green shirt. There’s enough going on. I like embellishments and I like these pieces in theory, but I’m not a fan of the washed out color of the jeans or the jacket. I’d prefer a dark rinse or white. I’ve admired kimonos on other people, but they’re just not me. I prefer more structure to a third piece, especially in the shoulders. So … except for the the green shirt, I’d probably walk on by. And given all I’ve said here, I think you look marvelous in your red jacket & scarf as well as the animal print duster ensembles.

  14. I live where the temperatures are always high all year round and denim is just too heavy to wear. That third piece is usually not necessary. My denim has been relegated to the back of my closet and I may wear it if I travel. I like this jacket but it doesn’t have a spot in my wardrobe. The green shirt caught my eye and it’s a good transitional piece for here when the temperatures drop from the over 100’s to the 80’s. I’m scouting ruanas for an upcoming trip and Chico’s really has the best ones. The one in the display looks long but I would definitely try it on.

  15. I am really liking the display. It would definitely catch my eye in the store. Love those white pedal pushers(?). And the green tie waist shirt I would definitely go for and maybe more colors. Am liking the longer necklace, although I find some of these are a little heave on my older neck. I donot care for (personally) any embellished pant, whether it is jeans or any other style. The dark jeans I would definitely try on. The duster is too flowey for me. I tend to catch things like that on door knobs, furniture, etc. the separate photo of the two necklaces: I would definitely take the one on the right. Those colors speak to me. These are just my feelings, hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

  16. Love the green shirt on left — a definite yes — if it came in petites! The kimono is pretty but at 5′ 2.5″, I don’t wear them — too much fabric for a petite frame. I have several unique chunky necklaces I could wear in preference to anything Chico has.

  17. The display is very pretty. While I’m drawn to embroidery, I don’t like it on jeans for me. The Ruana is gorgeous but not my style either. I’m becoming a less is more person the older I get, rather than the other way around. Chicos loves more is more so I have to tone them down for my style.

  18. First off; do like the pieces you put together for yourself as looking very chic! Whereas to the mannequin display it would certainly catch my eye though all pieces do not appeal to myself. For starters; though I don’t mind embroidered garments, the floral pattern shown is just not my taste nor do I care for it applied to denim though do feel such has its place on other fabrics. (i.e.: The white ‘n black embroidered poncho shown in your link and whose pattern I do like.) Also as have shirts and T’s similar in style, a ‘yes’ to them as well as the center jeans. Last but not least is the Kimono Duster and perhaps if I lived in a climate where they were popular I might consider it but otherwise do feel it could be worn as a colorful swimsuit open coverup OR because of its busy pattern if one added a few clear acrylic dome fasteners, it might be able to be transformed into a casual ‘n relaxed single column garment. -Brenda-

  19. I agree with others that this display is a success! The green is a top trend color. The embroidered denim pieces can be combined or worn separately. The kimono is an eye-catcher. The necklaces can be worn or not.

    Of all this, I would try on the kimono and the denim jacket. My favorite green now overpowers me. I never wear embellishment on my bottom half. Skinny jeans are not my choice now that other silhouettes are available. I do wear tie-waist shirts…maybe in another color. Capris? Pass. There really is something for most of us in this display.

  20. It is an attractive display, but most of it is not my style. I like the green blouse, but I would wear it either tucked in or outside without the knot. The embroidered denim jacket is something I would wear. Large pieces of jewelry are too overwhelming for me. I prefer smaller classic pieces.

  21. For summer I would wear the Kelly green button down and the kimono in the back. I love the colors!! I would not wear the light, longer blue jean jacket with the embroidery!!! On the boots…LOVE!!! Need the small heel but I own something so similar so I don’t need them. Buying a ipad soon so first on my mind!!!

  22. Hi Natalie,
    Please consider using one of my links for your IPAD purchase. Let me know if I need to send you a link for a particular store.

  23. I have discovered kimonos ( dusters?) a couple of years ago…would wear this outfit for doing errands… otherwise good for a meal out, as I feel upgraded but not trying too hard…but with slim pants, not jeans. This kimono is lovely , but I am not opening my wallet for the foreseeable . Editing and consigning instead of accumulating. I do like some chunky colourful jewelry, and like it with that outfit. Creates a longer line from the neck. The other ones from Chico’s are also my style. Good choice of mannequins, Pamela.

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