How a warm palette wears black

how a warm palette wears black

Hooray, it is Friday and it takes us a little closer to fall!  Today, I want to show you how a warm palette wears black.

Most of you know I went from a “wrong” cool palette to a “correct” warm palette in the last two years.

Once I knew all my cool colors, including black and white, were wrong for me to be my best me, I decided to send them on their merry way.

UNLESS (and that is a big UNLESS) they were pieces on the bottom of my styles or in accents.

As long as they were away from my face, I gave some consideration to allowing some pieces to remain in my wardrobe.

The black garments near my face really did cast a shadow which aged me and even made me look tired…all of the time!

Get my warm colors right is the best fashion move I ever made.

 I never really understood why I did not look good in white, until I had my colors re-evaluated.  I wasted a lot of money looking for the perfect white blouse.

For me, there was not perfect white blouse and I no longer search for it.

I was amazed when I discovered I am a VIBRANT AUTUMN palette and that the difference literally was shining a light on my complexion.


how a warm palette wears black

This is a new outfit for me and a great example of how a warm palette wears black. 

First of all, allow me to share where it came from….

One of my wonderful sons gave me for my birthday a gift certificate to a fun boutique called NICHE AT THE PEARL in the repurposed Pearl Brewery area.

If you travel to San Antonio, it is worth the visit, because everything is unique and created by a local designer.

His gift enabled me to have the bone colored linen tunic top, the vegan leather handbag, and the dark bronze necklace. 

how a warm palette wears black

These wide-leg knit pants were a past purchase at JJILL and I decided at the time I purged black from my warm palette wardrobe to hang on to them.

Since my shoe boxes are all over the living room, Leigh Ann was able to find my old flats from Nordstrom (Halogen brand).

I loved these shoes so much when I worked in the professional office world, so despite the touch of black, I decided to also hang on to them.

So, glad I did….I love them with this outfit.

This is a more understated look for me, meaning it is not in the vibrant colors I so often wear.

But, how this warm palette wears black really speaks to my new neutrals….the bone top and the touches of caramel.

I still have switched over to more navy and marine blue over black, but keeping about three pair of black bottoms has served me well.

how a warm palette wears black

I love how this speaks my five style adjectives…..

  1. Creative – it is in the details, buttons, jewelry and handbag
  2. Polished – fit of the top…not too oversized for a tunic (in fact I might have sized down) and pointed toe flats are a more polished feature
  3. Current – the wide-leg pant is everywhere and still current for fall
  4. Approachable – It says fun, nice, relaxed and  come speak with me
  5. Joyful – I am smiling big because I really love this outfit…a lot!

I saw a fashion movie recently and one of the statements in the movie was, ” The price tag shouldn’t overwhelm the joy you get from wearing the outfit.”

I know this was a gift, but if I had decided to purchase these pieces, I believe my joy in wearing them would out weigh the price.

I also want to say that I would not purchase black pants now, but I am glad I kept the ones already in my wardrobe.

However, there are some great colors in the wide leg style currently on the market.

Here are a few of the wide leg pants in a few of our favorite stores:



how a warm palette wears black

Here is an example of how this warm palette also wears white.

I am in white jeans but you will not see a white/white top near my face.

That is the main point if you are a warm palette and desire to wear black or even white.  Keep your palette near your face or it will cast shadows on your complexion you do not want.

I kept a couple of black purses, but since I found out I was a warm palette, I have carried purses with my colors.

I want to be consistent and wearing my palette every day also brings me joy.

Of course, if you are a warm palette and wearing black brings you joy, then go for it.   It is your choice, but look closely in the mirror when it is near your face.

On me, I have chosen to wear next to my face, the colors I believe flatter me the most.


how a warm palette wears black

This bold beautiful necklace from the Copper Sand Collection at Treska combines the warm palette with black so well.

This is the Punalu’u Large Shell Short Pendant Statement Necklace on a copper chain. 

how a warm palette wears black

I wore it recently with a brown top (older top in my wardrobe) and black snake bottoms (one of the pants I kept), but I want to style it for you soon…and I have something in mind.

Since I have lost a little weight I am enjoying fun styling…promise to share it soon.

how a warm palette wears black

The necklace pairs so well with this Oneuli Beaded Chunky Stretch Bracelet.

You will see me style something different soon.

So, if you are also a warm palette lady…how do you wear black?  Please share all ideas.

Thank you for being here for my discussion of how a warm palette wears black!  Hope to see you tomorrow for Would You Wear It…and throughout this day make sure you….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted pieces featured in this post and the words are all my own.

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how a warm palette wears black



  1. Such a classy and “of the moment” outfit! I like how it reads as black and white, but lets you be true to your new colors. I LOVE the handbag and will revisit that link in September (spent my clothing budget this month on fall decor….!) The buttons on the shirt add a fun, decorative element. Sounds like a great store and what a thoughtful gift!! Even though I honestly have a neutral skin tone, I do pay attention to how things look near my face. Like blush pink. Love it, but that’s a terrible thing to put near my face so I just tend to avoid it, even in accessories. Dusty, muddy colors aren’t flattering because I’m pale. Anyway! I’m wondering if and how my colors will change when my gray hair grows in. This is beyond fun seeing how it’s changing and how pretty it’s going to be, but I’ll be trying on different colors as I transition to see if it makes a difference. Your advice to try it on to see is good. In my mind I think red is going to be a clash, but we’ll see!

  2. It seems I learn something about my new colors all the time. It has been a fun journey. Enjoy it as you dive in, Karen!

  3. Pam, that outfit is FABULOUS on you and speaks all the points you’re wanting to express. Also, the first thing I thought to myself when I opened your blog this morning was, “She’s lost weight!” but wasn’t sure if it was the lengthening of the tunic which gave that slimming affect or if you, indeed, had “lost a bit of fluff”. You’re gorgeous no matter what size (I’m a size 20 myself), so you go girl!!

  4. My very first thought when I saw your new birthday tunic outfit was “very elegant”. The wide legged cropped pants look on trend, and current. The neutral colors, I think in this outfit, give it a dressy and elegant look, what you describe as polished. The same with your outfit wearing the beautiful bronze coat and kingfisher, is it, blue top with the off-white pants. Pretty, pretty outfits all. Good suggestions of how to wear your unflattering colors still.

  5. Thanks Michele! I have been healthy eating with the Weight Watchers app most of the summer. I have mentioned it on the blog,

  6. Lovely outfit. I thought it was a top over a skirt at first. But wide leg crops are even better. I can see that the length of the pants are very important to achieve this look. And the caramel accessories really finish the look.

  7. Wonderful outfit and you look terrific in it! I live in San Antonio for half the year, and know that we cannot always wear a collar buttoned up to the neck. But it is very flattering on you, Pam. Thanks for sharing, as always.

  8. This linen is so lightweight the collar does not bother me at all! Perfect for my San Antonio life.

  9. Love both outfits but the Birthday Tunic outfit is stunning on you. You just seem to be glowing and those flats are perfect.

  10. Stunning, Pamela!! So joyful, too, since you will always connect this beautiful outfit with your birthday and the generosity and thoughtfulness of your son. I am a COOL skin tone, but I guess this same principle can be used. Brown is a big color this year, so I think brown on the bottom would work, right?

  11. I really like the current outfit. I am a Spring, but I love wearing some black. . I had my colors done years ago, and the woman said we can all wear every color depending on the shade, hue and value. I think your outfit today is a lovely example of that.

  12. As long as I keep it on the bottom and in accent pieces, then it works for me and so glad I held on to some of my pants! Thanks Kathy!

  13. Great post. I love olive green but can’t wear it successfully. I’m thinking of trying it in fall pants. Your outfit today is SO polished even with the fun accessories. It proves your point that you can stay true to your palette and project a completly different image. I like the “old” sweater at the end with your black pants, but I bet chocolate trousers would be great with it. Thanks for intro to the Pearl. I am going to purchase the handbag: it is gorgeous! His clothes are so interesting too: I’ll just have to see if they fit. Have a great weekend.

  14. You look so beautiful Pam l just love your creativity. The colors are just fabulous.Happy weekend and thank you for being such an inspiration 🙂

  15. Thank you for the sweet encouragement, Francesca. So happy you are here and happy weekend to you!

  16. I think I’m one of those women who will always wear black. I’d never discount a color that is so basic, but use a scarf or jacket to break up the color. Before chemo and hair loss, I was a redhead and enjoyed all the warm colors like orange, copper, and brown. Now, with the skin tone changes that occur, and silver gray hair, I’m much lighter in skin tone. Black looked good before, and with the correct makeup and accessories, still looks good now. I also like navy, and dark charcoal grey, which is a color I could never wear before. No dusty muddy colors. It’s a journey to discover what could work. I love your outfit today, especially the shoes!

  17. Thanks for sharing your journey with color and through chemo Susan. I hope you are feeling better and seeing good results. It does take some experimentation as we go through changes. That dark elephant gray is actually in my palette and I think it is such a lovely neutral for fall and winter.
    Thanks for being here.

  18. Such a great post! I too have culled a lot of black, but I did keep (and even repurchase) black leggings, because I consider them the “nude underwear” of bottoms. I also kept a few pairs of black pants and some outerwear that was out of budget to repurchase right away. I would love more caramel in my wardrobe, and this year looks like a good one to find it. In general, I’m crazy about black and warm brown together. As a blue autumn, I have more leeway, but I avoid especially that “block of black” high up, because it gives me jowls, circles under my eyes, and darkness around my mouth. I have a group of ladies I make jewelry with. A few of them insisted I looked “fine” (kiss of death of compliments :)) in black. A professionally trained artist among us grabbed some black material and held it up to my face, and showed the group how I needed to be warmer. It didn’t surprise me, but it surprised the others.

  19. So lovely, Pam. This is now one of my favorite outfits on you. This was a great little lesson about wearing a color that you may not want to wear near your face on other parts of your body. I have removed black from my wardrobe; it was much easier for me to do so that I wouldn’t be tempted to embrace it again, but the outfit suits you. Very elegant! I love the top and bag particularly. I wish there were links! Lovely jewelry. Your son did well by you! You have to just appreciate tuned in children!

  20. Hi Deborah! There are links! Just read the paragraph that starts “His gift enabled me…”
    Then click on the items with lines underneath and you can see the items for purchase!
    Thanks so much for your encouraging words!

  21. I know…sometimes we just need to show others! I join you in loving black and brown together!!

  22. Beautiful look on you! That top and the wide leg crops make a gorgeous outfit. What a generous and thoughtful son you have. When you have a chance, could you write a bit about your experience with W.W. this summer. Specifically, how many points are you allowing yourself daily, and to achieve that what is a typical day of meals and snacks looking like. You are the picture of success. 💃

  23. Wow! That was quite a gift certificate. Congratulations to you for raising such a generous son. And the outfit is lovely. I especially liked the necklace. It adds the “going out” style to the outfit. We

  24. Pam, those are some of my favorite outfits on you. I have a question about the 5 adjectives. When putting together an outfit, does that outfit have to fulfill ALL the adjectives in order to be counted as “staying true” to my style objectives? For example, one of my words is “fun” and to me that means there is something about the outfit that is unexpected or interesting. But sometimes, I just don’t feel like “fun” and I’m sticking more to the “classic” vibe and the outfit is just more ordinary. Should I remove “fun” from the 5 words if I don’t ALWAYS have that element? If you’ve already discussed this in another post, let me know, I may have missed it, although I devour anything you write about the style adjectives!

  25. Hi Julie! Thank you for asking. The style adjectives are meant to help you create a personal style that is unique to you. Whenever I dress to leave the house, I ask myself if my outfit speaks my five adjectives…all five…if it doesn’t, then I tweak until it does. That is how I tell everyone I see that this me. When I want to look more polished than creative, then I tone down the creative a little like I did today. Put I always add a creative touch to each outfit some way. So, if you want everyone you might to know you are fun and that’s why it is in your five, then each outfit needs to have a touch of fun to it. Your five adjectives should be consistent and followed with each outfit. You may not need the adjective fun. You may only need five strong adjectives that help you put together outfits which give you so much confidence that you always wear a big smile and that way people know you are fun. Does that make sense? Email me at if you have more questions!

  26. Love this outfit on you, Pam! It looks so polished plus all of your 5 adjectives come into play here-creative, polished, current, approachable, and joyful. I love to shop at Niche. You never know what you are going to find there but I always find something cool to add to my wardrobe. I love that the clothes are designed and made right here in our city.

  27. Thanks Sharon! One of my passions is to give support to local small businesses! We have so many great ones in San Antonio!

  28. WOW!!!!!!!! I just discovered you and I am soooo happy!!!! It’s fun to have an expert from OUR part of the country and one with such passion and great NEW ideas!!! Being a retired teacher, I appreciate your excellent presentation and look forward to many more. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Barbara from Waco

  29. Love the wide leg pants I may even try them now but I’m short so not sure Iif they’d make me look dumpy?
    Love love the purse. .i love autimn colors but can not wear beige near my face . I have a lot of black and always love it but I find wearing a bright color or scarf with it breaks it up like a red or turquoise top ,love red and black together . I am more of a winter I guess .
    I can’t wear beige near my face I look washed out but white I can wear under things like a jacket or sweater
    Fun outfit. You look lovely

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