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Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, all!  Welcome to Would You Wear It on two blogs!

Would You Wear It Saturdays are the posts where I team up with A Well Styled Life and ask what you think.

We show fashion displays from our respective worlds and simply ask…Would You Wear It?

Today, I am showing a display of black & white styles.

So, let’s get this party started…..


Would You Wear It

All we ask is that you look the display over and explain why you would or would not wear what you see.

The comments are read by most participants and we always learn from each other.

Black & white styles are timeless and always on trend.  But some see them more for spring and summer.  Agree or not?

You may comment on all of my mannequins In the display or just a couple…but please explain your answer and feel free to comment on the display itself.

Does it motivate you to try anything on or would you style the display differently?

Would You Wear It

Look this over with your best fashionista eye and tell us, ladies………………………………………………………………………………………………….


This display is from JC Penney’s and here is more black & white in their current collection….

 Also, are you aware that JCP has an Adaptive Clothing line for people with disabilities…just search adaptive clothing on their website.


Would You Wear It

I started the week with an introduction to these leather pull-on sneakers by Jambu. 

One reader thought they were “old lady…” (BTW…a description I really take offense to for any of us)

But, the rest of us saw these as the beautiful leather, comfortable , trendy sneaker they are.

Of course, give your opinion, but try to avoid old lady…I am sure there are better ways to express your views.


Would You Wear It

Also, Leigh Ann and I checked out some of the pre-fall arrivals at JCP.

We featured them in SHOP FALL AT JCP WITH LEIGH & ME.

Would You Wear It

Also, make sure you saw this delicious air fryer chicken strip recipe in my weight loss journey post yesterday.


Now, it is your turn to answer the question WOULD YOU WEAR IT?  Then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to comment on Jennifer’s.

Have a lovely Saturday and always, always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It

Note:  for wondering minds who may want to know about this plant…it is a type of begonia called Orange marmalade…and it is gorgeous!



  1. Black and white is probably my favorite color combination to wear. I’m glad I am able to wear these colors and to wear them together because it’s possible to create so many chic, classic combinations with them. I would not wear any of the pieces shown, however. The print on the dress would swallow me up since I’m petite and proportions are important in patterns and styles, I don’t wear crops, and don’t feel my best in shorts. The tops are not things I need so the display would be a pass, but the color combination is a winner for me. Happy Saturday Pam!

  2. Our mannequins are both wearing black and white today. I love the chic combo but and am moving towards lower contrast in outfits when I can these days. The dots are a bit large for me. Happy Saturday!

  3. Like Karen I love black and white together and so I like the overall display . However I also don’t wear crops – they just look all wrong on me . I do like the striped blouse but wish it had sleeves . My shoulders are so square that I really can’t wear sleeveless blouses !
    I would wear the dress if the black dots were smaller . As shown the curve of the black circles is too close in size to the overlapping curves of the dress front – they need to be at least half the size !

  4. Like Karen, black and white is my favorite combination. The contrast and simplicity speak to me and you can add color and style so easily with accessories.
    I love the proportions of the crops and the shorts outfits. I could wear both of those, although the length of the shorts might have to change.
    The dress however just left me feeling blah. Those gathered sleeves are hard to wear if you don’t have skinny arms, the gathered waist and the general shape of the dress would do my short round body no favors.
    I guess 2 out of 3 of these models get a thumbs up for me.

  5. Sigh. Stores really need to do a better job of making their displays more attractive to encourage people to buy & to upsell. 1) everything needs a good steaming. 2) accessorize! imagine the dress with a necklace with some substance, the pant & top outfit with a bag in a pop of color, a delicate stack of chains on the short outfit. 3) also they could have interesting, more dynamic mannequins than these that stand at attention. Bend those elbows! Have those legs walking!

    1. Do you do merchandise for a living? I didn’t notice anything lacking in the display, but everything you said is spot on!

  6. I do wear black but not always black and white -/in great contrast. The black crops (depending on fit and fabric feel) might go home with me. The other pieces I don’t really care for, or in the case of the solid black tee, I don’t really need.

  7. Love black & white & I do wear it year round! I’m drawn to the crop pants and sleeveless shirt. I like that it’s tucked in which is a good change from tops hanging out. I stay away from big prints because I feel they overwhelm me. The dress would look great on a tall woman but not for me!

  8. Oh, the drama of black and white. If I were younger (translate as my slimmer waist and fit arms) and a winter, I know I would be tempted by a few items on display. The top with interesting stripes and cropped pants would make quite an entrance at an appropriate gathering if accessorized with bangles, earrings, and fun shoes. As I look through the carousel at the simple black dresses, I wonder why, oh why, can I not find those simple dresses in deep olive or chocolate brown. I have held on to a simple black knit dress from JCP from the nineties that I wore with brown cowboy boots, among other shoes, like red flats, when I taught school. I have always thought that I would find the right color and fabric and use it as a pattern. It was almost a thick sweatshirt fabric and fun to accessorize. Thank you for the inspiration to revisit Penney’s.
    I also want to comment that although I have had a house full of family here this week, I have enjoyed my nightly reading of your blogs. I need to make friends with my WW app again. Although I truly prefer the in-house weigh in’s and camaraderie of meetings, it seems that they are finding their ion-line meetings preferable. Sigh.
    Pam , you are looking great and you are a wonderful role model.

  9. I think black and white looks very classy. I wore black and white yesterday and received many complements. I haven’t been in a JCP in years, there aren’t many around anymore.

  10. I notice that the white linen shorts are see-through—you can see the tucked in black top. Why are manufacturers choosing these thinner fabrics?
    I have struggled to find white items, especially tops, that don’t show my bra. Any ideas for me?

  11. I love black and white. This display would not encourage me to shop though. The dress is poorly displayed and looks like a cow or Dalmatian. Love the crops and top, they look classy. However I personally can’t wear tucked in shirts with my big middle. The shorts are see thru!! Yikes! That being said, black and white is one of the most elegant and versatile color combinations out there.

  12. I’m in the not for Fall camp on black/white.
    Although a lot of my Fall weight is lightweight, it won’t be heavy-clothes weather for quite some time here, I look forward to moving to darker colors as the days shorten.

    I like the sleeveless striped blouse. I might wear that as a layering item. The shoulder treatment is flattering to me and under a sweater that might be a plus.

  13. Love black and white (or black and ivory) but these pieces don’t do anything for me — and I already have a black topt hat I wear with beige ine shorts. The sash on these shorts compels you to tuck in the top, which I would find annoying. Happy Saturday.

  14. I wish I could wear black as a staple, but I’m more of a navy gal. However, I think the dress is overpowering- the circles seem quite large. Maybe with a belt it would help?? I do like the crops and striped blouse – I would put a cardigan over it.

    I think black and white is great year round. And, I agree that with some accessorizing on the mannequins, it would be a more fun look.

  15. I actually like the old lady label. I am old (73) and I look old. I like looking at my reality and moving forward. I have health issues, some minor, some more worrisome, literally from my scalp to my toes. As I visit health practitioners I almost always hear the phrase, “as we age….”
    In the last year I have begun to have old lady bruises on my forearms (senile purpura.) I get them, not from bumping something, but from upper body exercises. I do full-body planks or full-body push-ups everyday. It makes me happy that I am strong and continue with my lifelong habit of exercising.
    I love and look best in black and white with some pop of color. I like dressing sporty for my three 30-minute walks each day.

  16. Black & white is always smart & versatile. I frequently do some version of black and white with separates & then play with accessories. As for the display, I only wear shorts when it’s hot, hot, hot & they must be linen. The fact that this fabric is so lightweight would be a plus in my book. The heat-absorbing black top, however, would be a strong “no” if I’d be in the sun, which is when you’re likely to find me in shorts. I Iike the crops, but the blouse shown doesn’t hit my button. I’d style the crops with a white boatneck or v-neck tee & espadrilles. I’d add a colorful bangle or handbag for creative interest. As others have said, the dress has too much going on. It needs a tall girl to do it justice.

  17. Still trying to decide on what I’d wear, bit wanted to thank you about the “old lady” remarks. I agree 100% with you that they are offensive. There’s nothing wrong with being given the opportunity to live a long life. We should be grateful for that!

  18. The print on the black and white dress obscures the wonderful details of the dress. Such a shame. Small dots or thin stripes would be better.

  19. Black and white is a classic combo. I’m a pear shape so the black on bottom and white on top is more flattering for my body shape. I like a small polka dot but that dress? I have neither the shoulder width nor the height for that to look flattering on me. The styling on these mannequins leaves a little to be desired; some accessories would make all 3 outfits looks more appealing. A pull-on sneaker looks modern to me and I see LOTS of young women wearing them

  20. Wrap dresses or mock wraps don’t seem to work very well for me. However, I think the b&w striped sleeveless blouse is interesting. Manufacturing a blouse like this aims at sustainability as there is very little waste in making a garment that is essentially rectangles and squares. I find that I usually need some sort of alteration on the underarm so it is not a total peek a boo moment, but I can’t see on this blouse whether there is some coverage or not. I agree with other readers that a little more styling of the display would add much more interest. Thanks for an interesting discussion and wonderful blog.

  21. As much as I love black & white, I wouldn’t give this display a second look. The dress is not my style, & the big black circles are just off putting. I don’ wear crops & don’t care for the big tie waist on the shorts. The black top is just ok, & I don’t wear sleeveless blouses. I’m not sure the style would be flattering on me even if it had sleeves.

  22. Thank you Pamela for inspiring me to return to WW. I joined after I read your blog. We still have meetings here in Sydney, NSW, and I intend to go to them as I find the friendship great. I like black and white too but not what the models are wearing…not me! The slip on sneakers are a good thing…I have 2 pairs of Ecco ones and they are perfect..so handy.

  23. While I have always liked black & white or black and cream for winter these particular outfits would not be of my choosing for me personally. No more sleeveless or shorts because I’m too fair & being tall there’s just too much white skin exposed. The dress just appears “cheap” to me which which may be the mismatched seams or perhaps the need for pressing. In fact the whole display could use some crisping up & some bright accessories. I used to love to walk down 5th Avenue and look at all the window displays that were just so well done. I think I’m showing my age since no matter the store many displays seem to be just thrown together…the back in my day or remember when kind of comment I know!
    Thank you, Pam.

  24. I love black and white, but these pieces are sloppy in my opinion. I am meeting a friend for brunch tomorrow and just planned my outfit – black and white gingham pants with a black knit polo shirt and flat sandals.

    I just learned about Vivaia shoes! I would love your take on these shoes, Pam. I got two pairs of their Aria5 flats – so comfortable.

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