Would You Wear It – Quilted Jacket and Button Front Jeans

Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, everyone!  It is time for WOULD YOU WEAR IT with me and Jennifer Connolly.

Today, I am focusing on quilted jackets and/or button front jeans…or anything else int he display!

A reminder, on Saturdays, Jennifer and I bring you displays which make us wonder what you would think about the styles.

We want to know the nitty, gritty details answering the question…Would You Wear It?


Would You Wear It

Of course, you may always comment on the display itself.

What would you do to entice a customer to try on the pieces or do you like what you see.

The comments are enjoyed by everyone, so please explain your answers so that they are constructive and helpful to other women.

Would You Wear It

So, look this over carefully and comment on anything you see about the pieces in the display or the display.

Tell us, ladies……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


Would You Wear It

The display is from Talbot’s.  Here are the key pieces of the display:

Also, I began this week with a Pre-Fall Review of Talbot’s current collection.

My post is the best place to see some of the pieces currently in store.


Would You Wear It

You might note that quilted jackets are on trend this year.  Here is one I found last month at Target!

It is featured in this post: BREAK OUT OF A STYLE RUT IN RETIREMENT


Would You Wear It

Top post this past week featured new arrivals at Chico’s.

See some stunning pieces in this post: CHICO’S NEW ARRIVALS: SIMPLY STUNNING

I just wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on what is happening in stores as summer fades and fall blows in!  

Now, it is your turn….tell us….WOULD YOU WEAR IT…then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and comment on Jennifer’s display!

I have something new and special for your feet tomorrow…so I hope you will join me!  Until then…………………………………………………………


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would you wear it



  1. I like your blue quilted jacket better than the Talbot’s jacket. The flowers on the jacket are too big for me. I own jeans with the button front. I can tell you they look great but are a major pain in the bathroom. I really like the striped dress with the jean jacket and own similar. Happy Saturday.

  2. From the items in this display, the only thing I would be tempted to try on would be the quilted jacket. I would also try the denim jacket if I needed one but I’m well-stocked on those. Crops/capris are something I don’t care for and don’t purchase, and button front pants are cute, but I’m not feeling a desire to have any. The white shirt looks very uncomfortable and stiff, and I don’t care for the ruffles down the sides. The quilted jacket is really a nice color and print. The cap/dropped “sleeve” on the dress brings the focus to the widest part of the arm, and that’s something to consider. I don’t care for the dress, but like how they styled it with the jacket.

  3. I might try on that jacket, though my eye was (is always!) drawn to the striped dress. But I wouldn’t enjoy the button-front jeans, mostly from a practical perspective but also because that area doesn’t need extra attention on me! I did wear button-front jeans back in the day!

  4. I think the display is catchy. I love the striped dress with the self belt being cut in a way that adds interest. On the correct body type it would be fab. Unfortunately for me, my waist is too thick now and the capped sleeves are a no-no. However, my take away is inspiring: pairing a cute striped dress with a jean jacket! I love the idea if a quilted jacket with jeans; it reminds me of one that I made in college, but this floral is not the best choice. I like organized prints. (Like yours) but again, inspiring to look for one for me in the correct colors and pattern. The blouse is see through. Fabric is getting thinner and thinner when retailers are trying to meet a certain price point. I sure hope you bought that zebra top. Stunning on you! Have a good weekend!

  5. I would wear the quilted jacket if in person it didn’t read as too cool. It looks good with denim. I like your quilted jacket, and think the silhouette of this one would work to hide a few flaws. It hits my style adjectives especially of casual and interesting. I wouldn’t wear a button fly because I find them fussy and my tummy needs no accent. The dress might be a keeper if the self tie or waist detail could be removed and if I wore it as shown, with a denim jacket to break up the stripes a little.

  6. I own the summer version of that striped dress in blue and sage and in this part of the country I’ll wear them 10 months out of the year. I don’t usually style it with a denim jacket because it’s just too darn hot. The quilted jacket is a new look but I would prefer a solid color; my wardrobe is solid colors and way too many stripes but I find it more versatile & easier to pull together. The white baby doll blouse with the puff sleeve and trim running down the front is pretty but too fussy for my tailored taste. Button up jeans are too much of a bother.

  7. I feel on the whole, the display is well done however none of the pieces really appeal to my personal taste nor would be considered as ‘Fall’ wear for the climate I live in.

  8. I like both jackets here! I can see many wearable combinations right in my closet —then accented by these jackets. I do wear most button jeans as they look good, but as an earlier writer mentions buttons are a pain in bathrooms. I guess if offered one it then other I would go with the zipper type after all.
    Love you in the Talbots zebra shirt and light ecru pants. Great look!

  9. You should wear the diagonal animal,print top with those pants. You look wonderful in them. Somehow the diagonal print is very, very slenderizing.

  10. I’ve noticed a lot of jeans with button fly lately and my immediate reaction is “oh no”!
    My arthritic fingers hurt just looking at them plus why would I want to essentially wear jewelry (because they draw the eye like earrings do) on my tummy?
    I’m not a fan of florals for myself
    Happy Saturday Pam

  11. I like the jacket but not as well as the one you got at Target. I have had button front jeans before and we are talking major pain and especially major pain if your put on a few pounds and especially with some arthritis in my fingers. Not a good choice for anyone with finger issues!

    I wanted to let you know the effect your posts have on me. I too am an Autumn but I wasn’t always buying Autumn clothing. So a couple of weeks ago I went through my closet and found I had way too much “white” and pastels in it and as you know, Autumns (and me especially) look HORRID in white and most pastels. So a lot of those white/pastel t-shirts had been in my “wear around the house” drawer and I STILL wasn’t choosing them! I solved that issue with RIT dye and had a ball seeing what colors “emerged”! Now even if all I am doing is cleaning my house, I can do it in “my colors”! I had some “fails” where it was splotchy but I wasn’t wearing them anyway so I had nothing to lose. Thanks so much for your “inspiration”–you have changed how I am dressing!

  12. Thank you Patti!! I also dyed some clothing with a couple of big successes and a couple of major fails. But it was fun to play and I love to wear the successes…no one knows! Since I purged all cool colors, I were my palette with everything! So happy to have another autumn along for the ride!

  13. I agree entirely with your comment.
    A big no to button front jeans, a real bother!
    Quiltet jackets aren’t my thing. If they are back in style I will bring a couple I made 30 years ago out of the closet that could be considered real show stoppers.

  14. Button front jeans would not be for me because of my belly. I like the quilted jackets. I especially like that they appear to be 3/4 length sleeves. However, I don’t care for either of the prints. To me, they look like bedspreads.

  15. I have a “just-say-no” list” that includes button-front pants. I want my tummy to be as invisible as possible. As for the quilted jacket, I’m a yes. Maybe not that one, but Talbot’s has a red paisley version with chambray trim that I’ve been eyeing. I especially like the Chanel styling which is so adaptable to both casual and glamorous interpretations. The white top isn’t me, so I’ll pass. As for the jean jacket, I’ve had several styles and colors in the past. Denim jackets are versatile & low-maintenance; but after 25 years of wearing them, they seem tired, no matter how recently purchased. I’m always on the lookout for something as versatile but fresh and modern. It’s tough to find. p.s. You look awesome in the animal print shirt and pants for pre-fall. Don’t you love brown and white in August and September!

  16. I like the display since it’s all in blues, but these particular pieces aren’t calling my name. Used to love a button-fly jean, but think these are for a much thinner figure. I am intrigued by the blue and white print tote/handbag to the left and behind the white bloused mannequin.

  17. I might wear the quilted jacket, but I would want to see it in person & try it on to see how it looks on me. The button front jeans are a definite no. I have arthritis in my fingers & try to avoid anything that requires a lot of work when visiting the ladies room. The white top is very pretty, but in my experience, tops cut like that don’t usually work for me.

  18. I would walk by this display without a second glance!
    Now your grey/white linen top with half moon buttons, as I remember, with black skirt? That was a show stopper in my mind, looked great on you & was an outfit I would love to have in my closet!

  19. Blues are my go-to color, so I’d look at this display. Agree with others about button jeans: I’ve worn them but buttons are annoying, and if you lose one while you’re out, well … not a pretty picture. I know it was unintentional, but that round straw handbag placed directly above the jacket looks like a jack-o-lantern head — funny but kind of Legend of Sleepy Hollow looking. Quilted jackets would be a step out of my comfort zone, so I’m more likely to admire them on someone else.

  20. I like your quilted jacket better than the one on the mannequin. I’ll pass on button front jeans. Although I rarely wear horizontal strips, I like the dress and denim jacket on the mannequin to the right. The white top and jeans on the left are nice pieces but the proportion is off with the longer top and shorter jeans so while I might wear either piece I wouldn’t wear them together.

  21. I’d wear the button up jeans, the brown and white shirt with the white pants and the navy and white striped dress as well as the jeans jacket. Everything else is just not my taste. I buy classic pieces rather than following trends since I can jazz up classic pieces with accessories classic pieces. I’m not a fan of the quilted jackets; sleeves are too short for my long arms and the prints leave me flat.

  22. I prefer having very few jackets, and those in versatile solid colors. The quilted jacket is not for me, but I did purchase the blouse in the same print. The color fits my wardrobe. I expect to wear that blouse either with jeans or with something a bit dressier.

  23. I like the quilted jacket and probably would buy it when on sale…then it would sit in my closet and I would wonder why I bought it and what was I thinking. I love the color since I’m white-haired and blue-eyed…

  24. Only buy what speaks your style adjectives and then nothing will sit in your closet! Style adjectives keep you from making those mistakes!

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