Easy Spirit’s “movement for all” fall collection

Easy Spirit's Make a Move

Happy Monday, friends!  Today I would like to inspire and inform you with Easy Spirit’s “movement for all” fall collection.

The good people at Easy Spirit contacted me recently to see if I could support the Easy Spirit “Make a Move” initiative.

Their goal is to encourage all of us to strive for at least 20 minutes a day of movement.

Of course, since this is a goal I have for myself, I said to count me in!

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EASY SPIRIT’S “movement for all” CAMPAIGN

Easy Spirit's "Make a Move"

Easy Spirit’s “movement for all” campaign encourages all of us to set a personal health plan which encourages movement.

Whether it is dancing (or bad dancing like above), workouts, running, walking, combined with getting out and about, Easy Spirit joins with me in beliefs that active women are mentally and physically healthier.

One of the reasons I love this time of year is when the air is fresher and cooler, I am more motivated to get out of the air conditioning and enjoy my world.

The first day of a cool front in South Texas is amazing as those fresh breezes begin to blow and entice me to move more.

Of course, with my funky feet, I need great comfort shoes and this year I have added Easy Spirit to the my health plan.


Easy Spirit's "Make a Move"

Easy Spirit’s “movement for all” fall collection covers all of our movement footwear needs.

The new website continues a design of being “easy” and offers full service in all of our comfort shoe needs.

They even have a line in the collection called EMOVE.  And new arrivals in Boots & booties, and sneakers.

I am so excited about my new taupe suede Serena Booties.

They have a very soft heel which makes walking and moving a cool weather breeze.

But, for those who want flat booties…there are several nice options here.

Easy Spirit is a trusted brand in comfort footwear and I have found in the fall collection that the comfort is good!

Making movement for all longer and more enjoyable.

Easy Spirit's "Make a Move"

I also recently added the lovely tan Larime Ankle Boot. 

With these two booties in my shoe collection, I am ready to join Easy Spirit’s “movement for all” initiative.

I have confessed often that I have funky feet and must have good structure in comfort shoes.

I am so glad to be working with Easy Spirit this year.

Easy Spirit's "Make a Move"

So get out of that comfy place every day, and at least join Easy Spirit’s “movement for all” campaign for 20 minutes a day.

I have found that if I set a 20 minute goal daily and stick to it, that I often end up desiring to move more than that.

So, check out their options on the Easy Spirit website…and get moving with me!

Easy Spirit is also available at your favorite retailers.  Check out:






Is everyone purposeful to move at least 20 or more minutes a day?  Please share your successes or every struggles with intentional moving here.

We are here to inspire and encourage one another!  Thanks to Easy Spirit’s “movement for all” initiative for the motivation!

And, as always…………………………………….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  Product was provided for this post, but the words are my own.


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  1. Love the boots, but also your outfits! Perfect with your beautiful scarves! What are the brand of jeans that you are wearing?

  2. We don’t have the heat here in Ohio that you have in Texas, but this has been an exceptionally warm and humid summer. Which, has made it a challenge to get outdoors and walk. Now that fall is approaching I find my walks much more enjoyable. My goal is to walk 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. I have very wide feet and finding comfortable shoes is not easy. I’ll have to look into Easy Spirit!

  3. Love my daily walks rain (today!) or shine or snow (not ice, however) and I have been out for my first vigorous walk – 15 minutes and will probability get out twice more unless thunder/lightning is around. It’s fairly humid still so that cool crisp air is late in arriving this September. I try to walk 2-4 miles daily. Thanks fir tge inspiration to keep on moving!

  4. Good morning Pam! I wanted to thank you for your mention of Pahla B fitness some weeks back. I have been struggling with moderation in my fitness and was intrigued by your mention. When I checked out her channel, I was so excited to try her method! I love her message of moderation and kindness to one’s self. I have been practicing her workouts for a couple of weeks and am having so much fun again! So thank you!

  5. Both of your cooler weather outfits look so pretty and comfortable! This is how I usually dress in cool weather. And I’m thankful that booties are a popular style shoe since they will stay on my smaller foot. I will definitely check out these Easy Spirits which I have worn in the past. A year ago in June I decided I had to make walking part of my day mainly because of my osteoporosis as well as arthritic knees and bursitis in both hips. If I do not walk for a few days, I struggle to sleep as my knees will hurt so. It’s not easy to walk as others due to the effects of polio as a child, but I try to walk at least a mile daily. I’m thankful I can still walk with all my skeletal problems, but I’m determined to get up and go at almost 76.

  6. Thanks for sharing your routine, Paulette! I need to get back to 2-4 miles. Since my attack in our neighborhood my workouts are indoors, but I need to just do it!

  7. My favorite outfits are jeans and blazers and it looks so good with boots! Thanks Celia….your determination will take you forward to success!

  8. Love both styles of boots you are wearing and I’ll have to look into them further. I’m so up and down with structured exercise Pam. Our fall weather is so beautiful here and I can do walks, but doing workouts at home gets so boring for me that I just find other things to do, just being honest! This weekend I’m heading to my son’s family in NY and looking forward to long walks along the lake shore. I’m really glad they moved so I can enjoy this!! Going to check out those boots… love the ones with a heel!

  9. If I had your weather, Karen, I would be out! Pahla B is very different from other workouts. You might try her and see what you think.

  10. I love the ES boots you’ve modeled — and they have zippers! I had a pair of that same color suede slingbacks decades ago. Maybe it’s time to try again? ES also has a black wedge-heel boot that’s nice. Can’t afford 3 pairs though, so I have some thinking to do! It’s raining here today, which is an answer to prayers! Kudos to Paulette for walking in it.

  11. Maeve, I just found out now that my readers can use the code PAM20 at checkout for 20% off! I will put this in the main post soon!

  12. I will have to check into the Easy Spirit boots. I have trouble with boots as I have a nerve problem on the top of my right foot. Most boots tend to press on that exact spot, but these look to have a nice wide toe box & seem to be flexible.

  13. A generous toe box is important to me as well, Becky and these have one. If you decide to purchase use the code PAM20 at checkout for a 20% savings.

  14. Thank you for the Easy Spirit boot post. The suede taupe boots look almost grey in the photos. Maybe just my monitor. But I like that they come in wide. Which pair do you personally find more comfortable for a long day of walking/thrifting/sightseeing? I bought a pair of Comfortiva shoes and a pair of Cobb Hill shoes based on your recommendations, and both have been wonderful and well used. Please notice the savings code…PAM20 at checkout for 20% off.

  15. Hi Deanna, I almost typed in my description that the boots are gray and then I saw what was listed on the website…I would call them gray. Between the two pair, I think the gray ones are the most comfortable. The others are comfy, but if you could only go one, I would say gray for comfort. I am glad you have enjoyed the other recommendations!

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