Land’s End at Kohl’s for fall

Lands' End at Kohl's

Happy Tuesday, ladies!  Because I know there are so many fans of this line here, I decided to show you Lands’ End at Kohl’s for fall.

Lands’ End is a popular, affordable brand so it is no surprise to find it located in department stores like Kohl’s and Target.

It occurred to me that some of you would want to see what Kohl’s had to offer for Land’s End fall pieces, so you can continue to take advantage of special savings.

Of course, there are more selections online, but I wanted to show you what I discovered in-store.

So, let’s get started with Lands’ End at Kohl’s for fall and see what you think!


Land's End at Kohl's

Though it was small, I was able to locate a small department for Lands’ End at Kohl’s. 

And the pieces were definitely for fall cooler temperatures.

Lands' End at Kohl's

Let’s start with the hope of refreshing rain in mind.

This is the Lands’ End Packable Raincoat…which appears to only be available in yellow online.

In your local Kohl’s, you may find this lovely blue or this purple…..

Lands' End at Kohl's

I truly hope we need raincoats at some point this fall.  Our land in South Texas is pretty dry.

I tried the purple rain jacket on with the Fleece Quarter Zip Pullover.  

It is getting to be very difficult to do this, because so many retailers now have different styles in stores from what is online.

I could not locate this top online at Kohl’s.  But, here it is at Lands End….The Fleece Quarter Zip Pullover.

And, online at Kohl’s you will find the Lands End Heritage Fleece Snap Neck Pullover.

Lands' End at Kohl's

This jacket impressed me and would work in a variety of climates.

This is the Womens Lands End Insulated Primaloft Reversible Coat.

It is 100% recycled materials and is reversible.

Lands End at Kohl's

I love the plaid side…and below in the slideshow, I have the green one…which is really my favorite.

I did not see this tan online.


Lands' End at Kohl's

This is the Women’s Lands End Down Puffer Vest and it Is still available online in many colors.

I tried this one on with the Women’s Simply Vera Vera Wang Textured Crewneck Tee in Lavender Pansy.

Lands' End at Kohl's

While this is too big for me, I wanted to show you that these vests come in many sizes including for PLUS SIZE.

I tried this one on with a Nine West Essential Soft-Spun Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee in Mocha Frosting.

This tee is a substantial weight, very soft and in lots of nice colors for every palette ….at a very affordable price.


Lands' End at Kohl's for fall

As I left the dressing room area, my eye fell immediately on this vest because of it’s design with flattering seams and snaps.

This is the Croft & Barrow Quilted Vest in brown, but it is available in eight colors.

If I had possessed more time that day, I would have tried this on for you.

Lands End at Kohl's for fall

I also really liked the look of the Women’s Sonoma Goods for Life Felt Fedora with a suede band.

It comes in six colors and while this off-white is pretty, I like the color of the cream one more.

For those who wear hats, this is a nice affordable option.

Now here are some other picks for fall with a slideshow that combines Kohl’s and Lands’ End:

So let me ask all of you who love Lands’ End, do you shop for the clothes at other retailers or pretty much on their website?  Would love to hear!

Thanks for being here, friends, and remember that tomorrow is a lifestyle news weekly curated just for you in Today’s News for Women Over 50!  See you then and……



By Pamela Lutrell

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Lands' End at Kohl's for fall


  1. It seems that every time I receive a Lands End catalog in the mail, everything is 40% off. I recently bought some leather boots that way and it was quite a deal! I can vouch for their down jackets because they really do keep you warm and are very easy to care for. I like the fedora and always wish that hats would become more of a thing. Did Kohl’s offer the same lower pricing that the catalog does?

    1. It seems that Kohl’s is always having sales and offering special coupons. I am not certain how it would compare with the catalogs or Lands End online. The garments I tried on were marked down the day I was in there. Thanks for sharing Karen.

  2. I don’t buy much from Lands End but always buy online when I do. The quality is good.
    I buy more from LLBean b/c I like them better, and they’re a local retailer., They don’t have many sales, though — but their guarantee is second to none.

  3. I buy shirts and swimsuits on-line at Land’s End because I’m 5’10” and they carry talks. Having said that, I will definitely check out my local Kohl’s to see what they carry.

    1. It seems many women use Lands’ End for swimsuits. Thanks for mentioning it Shelley and for the tall ladies in the audience.

  4. I do like certain items from Landsend. The 3/4 Sleeve Supima Cotton Crewneck Tunic is my absolute favorite and I have many colors. It is great with shorts, jeans and can dress up a bit with a scarf or sweater. I wash, toss in the dryer for a very few minutes and hang to dry. Easy, looks nice and a vast, every changing array of colors with a few prints available. I use the Active Pocket shorts for wearing to the gym. They are a heavy knit in black or navy with nice deep pockets (perfect for my keys and gym card). I shop online since there are no stores nearby, but I find if I wait a few days I will get a sale e-mail with free shipping and know it is time to order.

  5. I -always- buy my “tugless” swimsuits on line at Lands End. I keep enough of them that I can wait till later in the season to purchase, and this year they were $19. LE overall quality is hit or miss (for example, I got pajama bottoms, and the navy was fine but the black fabric pilled and fell apart). I shop there only if I know my size in a particular item, because they charge for returns. Kohls coupons do not work for Lands End, and Lands End promotions on line are usually much cheaper than Kohls. That said, Kohls is a great place to get a sense of your size. And Lands End can be a great place for basics (I wear their tees to work out, and they can take wash after wash). If LE could fix some issues, I would buy a lot more there.

    1. Good information to know, Linda…thank you for sharing!


  6. I don’t buy from this retailer. No special reason, however. I once got their catalog seasonally, but it no longer arrives. I think LL Bean is more popular for similar items ( at least in our area).

      1. Lightweight quilted jackets and vests are perfect beyond fall as layering pieces under winter parkas, with the right collar.

        Lands’ End used to sell through Sears in Canada, until Sears closed. After that, I lost track of them.

  7. I am also a Lands End swimwear shopper. I have been wearing their tankinis for about ten years now. I have quite the collection, and it’s fun to mix things up, and essential to travel with many suits as they are substantial fabrics that can take several days to dry out between wearing. I never buy without one of their 40% off sales, which are fairly continuous, and often snag 50 – 70% off out of season. I also shop their men’s flannels and slippers for my sons. Just received the Talbot’s catalog yesterday, and OH! MY! – so much to love in there. As I paged through I was mentally noting, “oh, that’s for Pam” , “this is for me” . . .having a great time. 😄

  8. I love Lands End for their tall sizes. Unfortunately, I have never found talls in store, so it is online only for me. It does look like Kohl’s has a few tall sizes online, which might make for easier returns

  9. I don’t recall ever purchasing Lands End but will certainly check out the offerings at Kohl’s and Target. I bought the felt hat you showed and actually have worn it several times while we are traveling in Canada. Wish I could bring home some of this perfect fall weather. It’s going to be tough coming back to our Texas heat.

  10. I like Lands’ End for various items. I just recently bought a bra from their new line which is without the underwire. It is very comfortable and it was 40% off. I will wait to see how it launders etc, but decided I no longer want to be poked by underwires so hoping it works out. I have bought from LLBean and Lands’ End for t shirts when it is the supima cotton. Both seem to hold up well. I have had some sewing quality (Unraveled hem on a t-shirt) and fit issues with LL Bean.

  11. I buy from Lands End online and was unaware that the brand could be found at Kohls. It’s nice to know because the pants I’ve bought online haven’t fit. It would be great to find a good cut and size for me. Their supima cotton shirts are wonderful. They fit me nicely and wear very well. My sons really like the supima cotton shirts as well. Two of the guys wear talls and that is a huge selling point. It’s a big deal because it’s really hard to find talls in a medium or large in stores. Retailers tend to believe anyone who is tall must also be XL or larger.

  12. My son wears only flannel boxers and where do I find them? Lands End. I wait for the sale and then buy 6 pairs at a time, esp. after Christmas. Men’s flannel boxers are not easy to find; but, thankfully, I can count on Lands End, as mentioned I purchase them when on sale. I used to shop/shop/shop and never found those darn boxers, but again, only at Lands End.

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