Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale with Leigh & Me

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

Happy first official day of FALL!!  I am celebrating with Talbots, so come along to Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale with Leigh & Me!

I must confess the day we headed over to Talbots, it was close to 100 degrees…one of the reasons I am not a big fan of September in South Texas.

We were laughing at Leigh Ann’s bare feet because she wore sandals….a very rare day that I did not have them on.

But we had so much fun with these beautiful fall outfits as we shopped the Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale.

Come see what we discovered…..


Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale began yesterday for cardholders only, but today….all skate for savings.

Leigh Ann tried on this Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater in rich burgundy, but it does come in four colors.

She is wearing it with the caramel jeggings, and in the first picture she has on with this the Diamond Quilted Vest in Tomber Plaid.

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

Both Leigh Ann and I liked the beautiful prints for cashmere sweaters and the sweaters could be worn at some point in any climate.

The Audrey Cashmere Sweater in Peacock Feather is so lovely and you could easily dress this up or down.

She paired it with the caramel Portland Ankle Length Pants which come in six colors.

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

She was lamenting that she did not grab a jacket or vest to wear with this top, but she did like the top.

It is the Cotton Button Front Shirt in Splendid Floral.  I am glad I saw it in store, it has more pink in it than I would like, but is a fun print for fall.

Leigh Ann is wearing it with the jeggings.

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

Leigh Ann liked this dress and thinks it would look so cute with high boots.

It is the Supersoft Collared Sweater Dress in the color olive night.

This is the Misses Small, and she preferred the fit of the dress in this size, but preferred the length of the dress in the Petite Small.

Well, hems can be raised.

She is wearing it with a lovely scarf that we both styled.  It is the Splendid Floral Oblong Scarf.


Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

You know I am a jeggings girl and prefer wearing jeggings for the fit.

But, I thought I might try these Stretch Corduroy Straight Legs pants in golden honey.  They do come in 11 lovely colors.

This is the cashmere sweater top Audrey Cashmere Sweater in Splendid Floral. 

These little sweaters are so nice to wear…just feel wonderful.

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

I loved the details in this collection!  

For example, this epaulette on the navy jacket I have on is a detail I have always liked.

This Is the Quilted Barn Jacket which comes in five colors and is designed for a very flattering fit.

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

I really like this look for casual wear…and the jeans are my own…so I do not have a link to them.

Talbots’ The Oversized Denim Shirt in Indigo Night Wash could be a workhouse in any fall casual wardrobe.

And, of course, you see the lovely scarf I showed to you above on the dress with Leigh Ann.

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

But, this jacket is by far the star.

This is the Ribbed Shawl Collar Blazer in Olive Night.

It comes in seven lovely colors for every color palette…cool ladies will love the options here.

This sweater takes your denim up a notch and will keep you very warm.

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

As I stated, Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale has so many fun looks, perfect for those of you who read here.

This is a casual favorite of mine.  On top is the Quilted Long Vest in Olive Night…it is also available in English Toffee ( a tan color).

I think it is super cute with the Puff Sleeve Collared Shirt in Olive night and Ivory.

The puff sleeve at the shoulder is a trend this year and I have tried on many tops with it, but this is the first one that I liked.

It adds to the fit of the top.

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

And here it is…the kingfisher blue brought to use by way of a peacock!

The fun long sleeved tee shirt is the Peacock Crewneck Tee….on ivory, not white.

I am wearing it with the Classic Shetland Herringbone Blazer in a color called Mills Peacock.

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

I tried this top on for those of you warm palette ladies who look for ivory tops in place of white.

This is the Featherweight Fleece Funnel Neck top in the T by Talbots collection.  It is the ivory color and it comes in five colors (Yes, some for cool women).

It is a lovely casual style for home or running errands.

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

Finally today, I was very impressed with all the detail on this long cardigan.

This is the Notch Collar Cardigan in English Toffee.  It comes in four strong neutral colors.

Here are close ups of all the details on this sweater.

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale


Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale

Thank you for shopping with Leigh & Me today for the Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale.

Let us know if you have any questions!  We were impressed with this October collection and if it were not for available size-issues, we would have tried on more.

So many great ways to look casual chic and be warm!


By Pamela Lutrell

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Talbots 75th Anniversary Sale


  1. Thank you so much for this modeling!!! You and Leigh Ann tried on several things that I’ve been eyeing, and it made a difference. For example, I am now going to give the notched-collar sweater anotherr look because you showed the quality of the garment, but I’m a little less sure of the peacock shirt b/c I am not sure where the peacock would land on my chest, It;s higherr up than I thought. One question: if you remember, were the cuffs on the funnel neck wide? They look wider in the photo, and I’m wondering if they’d stay up if I pushed the sleeves up. (Maybe not a good luck, but I tend out of habit to push up sleeves.)

    1. Hi Maeve! The cuffs were wide on the funnel neck. I would recommend cuffing them over and up rather than pushing up. It’s a super comfy top!

  2. Very pretty things! I like their cashmere sweaters for the way they fit through the shoulders. It’s a nice, classic look that is flattering.

  3. Talbots catalogs arrived and brought fall along with them. The sweaters looked very nice! Just love your look in the quilted barn jacket with floral scarf, Pam and Leigh Ann in the sweater dress is just simply adorable! Yes to your idea of high boots.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Pamela, you look adorable and so vibrant/young 😉 in the long vest and striped shirt!
    And LeighAnn looks great in the olive night dress! Beautiful ladies. 😁

  5. In your last photo, of the Shetland blazer, peacock tee, and a rust colored item- what is the rust item?
    BTW, I only shop online since I don’t have a store nearby, so I am so appreciative of your Talbots try-ons. I’ve been eying the collared puff sleeve tee for a cute weekend look, but the puff shoulders were holding me back. On you, it looks very cute so this is going in my cart.

    1. Hi Sandy, Thank you so much for shopping with my links. The dark pants in that last picture are the Stretch Corduroy pants in a color called Shiraz…more maroon than rust.
      Here is the link:https://rstyle.me/+T4VXnhdFvwY5JezbRkzXJA
      As I said, that is the only puffed sleeve I have liked…but the top is really cute.

  6. Thank you for “taking one for the team” and shopping on a 100 degree day! Plus they’re giving a discount! Although not all of these are my colors, I appreciate seeing how the clothes look on a real person and not a skinny model!

    1. Happy to take one for the team and please remember many of these items are available in a variety of colors for all palettes!

  7. I got my Talbot’s catalog yesterday & enjoyed a glass of iced while looking at it. It was 93 here yesterday, but we are experiencing a touch of Fall today.

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