A fall polished look in jeans

A fall polished look in jeans

Happy final October Friday, friends!  It is my Fall Fashion Friday post showing a fall polished look in jeans.

Despite the fact that I am surrounded by the remodeling chaos you see here, I still follow my style adjectives and one is the word “polished.”

This fall polished look with jeans is a new favorite…I am in love with this combination and also love to look polished in my jeans where ever I go.


a fall polished look in jeans

On this day, I was headed out for several medical appointments and to work on the blog so I went looking for a fall polished look with jeans.

I often wear blazers and jackets with jeans to achieve the polished look. 

Over the summer I was able to pick up this lovely cream blazer at Banana Republic for $25!

It has flecks of brown in it and I believe can be worn all year and with many different combinations.

I paired it with this light, sleeveless Tommy Hilfiger top I also picked up over the summer at Marshalls….and my Steve Madden cross body bag is also a Marshall’s find.

The jeans are my So Slimming Girlfriend Jeans. 

With so many years spent in the professional world, I have to credit that with my desire to still look polished. 

To go out and about in a fall polished look with jeans builds confidence and I think credibility for me wherever I go.


a fall polished look in jeans

I need the weather to be a little cooler, but this was one of my favorite pieces for a fall polished look in jeans from last year.

This Talbot’s jacket has served me well with polished in my style adjectives…it is heavy, but I wore it often last year.

Of course, Talbot’s is a perfect brand for those of us who like to look polished.

a fall polished look in jeans

Of course, this look is wearing black in short hair long time ago…but I still like the look.

I kept my Eileen Fisher blazer and my cool flats from Nordstrom Rack though they are black…I can put my colors closer to my face and still wear the blazer.

a fall polished look in jeans

This “blast-from-the-past” is another way you can achieve polish with jeans and without a blazer.

Pulling a fall look together with a few classic pieces can still help with polish.

This is an old photo, but I wanted to demonstrate other ideas for a fall polished look in jeans.

Just to get some ideas going for those of you who join me with wanting to look polished.

It is one of my five style adjectives…the list is creative, polished, approachable, joyful, and current.


a fall polished look

If you like to wear tunics and desire to be polished, then I suggest a tunic like the ones offered at Foxcroft.

The materials are high quality and a no-iron tunic can look just as polished as a blazer.

This was my plaid tunic from last year and plaid is back in big ways this year!

So, if you want a current trend…then you might look over some of these options from different price points in this slideshow…there is so much plaid on the market and many are relaxed, comfy styles:

Now, here are some new sales you may want to be aware of:


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Thank you for joining me for Fall Fashion Friday and to see my fall polished look with jeans….what are your favorite ways to look polished?  Please share!

Then have a joyful Friday and always, always…………………………………………………………….



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fall polished look in jeans


  1. Like you Pam, my many years in the corporate world gave me a real appreciation for looking polished. I prefer being dressed up to being dressed down, and like you, a favorite way to achieve that is wearing blazers. They work with dressier pants, skirts, dresses and, of course, jeans. Dark jeans look polished, though other washes certainly have their place. I’m glad that loafers are still going strong, because that’s a way I’ve added polish to my footwear when I’m wearing jeans. That blazer you’re wearing in the first picture was a great find at $25! Always fun to find a treasure at a great price!

  2. Thanks Karen….it really was a great find. So glad it is in my wardrobe now! Happy Friday!

  3. I realize that I used to often wear plaid, but have none in my current wardrobe, and I do like plaids. I apparently have moved toward all solid colors with scarves and jewelry to add interest. However, seeing these lovely plaid tops makes me want to add some back so I will be investigating those in your slideshow today. I liked several of the ones you showed us recently at Chico’s, as well as today’s display. I suppose we have ever-evolving favorite clothing.

  4. I agree. Casual dress gets too casual sometimes and can look sloppy. Being polished shows respect to the wearer and those around you. It’s important to have clean, pressed, well-fitting clothes. Adding a scarf, jewelry and good footwear adds to a polished look. And a completer piece like a blazer, sweater, vest, etc., take ot up a notch. You look fabulous!

  5. Happy Friday. So polished is not one of my adjectives, but plaid is in my closet in a big way. I’m ‘active’ and ‘casual’ and spend a lot of time outdoors. LLBean is my go-to because they sell flannel plaid not dressed up business or parrty plaid. I do love the Foxcroft tunic on you, and Talbots has several nice plaid and checked longer carrdigan-coatigans this fall.

  6. Yes they do! I do not wear a lot of plaid, but they are really nice options this year.

  7. Pam, these are great tips that you provided us this morning. I am basically a classic, just more laid back and natural in retirement. Is that a brown scarf or is it a blouse that you had on when you were still wearing black? I love the way it tumbles! You look adorable even in your ‘less best’ colors! The new blouse look from MacLaughlin intrigues me. I am trying to place the era I wore them in. The 70s?

  8. I love this scarf and, of course, kept it through the color purge. It is a really, really old Marshall’s find, but like you, Deborah, I love the way it tumbles. I wear it often during cooler weather times.
    Good question on the era….I am not sure…wish I had an answer for you!

  9. Love these fall outfits. I purchased loafers for the first time in my adult life recently. The Franco Sarto Eda ( I think? )with black soles and a shiny beige upper with the gold bar. They do dress up a casual outfit and are so comfortable which I was worried about. I’m going to wear them to a doctors visit today with dark jeans and a new Talbots soft green and cream plaid blouse with a sort of matching sweater from Talbots. I just ordered black jeans on sale also from Talbots. Hoping they fit. Love your Banana Republic blazer.

  10. Thank you for your opinion. I like wearing my hair straight but it is hard on the hair to use the straightener every day. The cut you see today was done at a very expensive salon and I cannot afford them any longer. Letting my curly hair be itself is easier, but I have toyed with straightening every now and then… but I don’t see me ever returning to the shorter cut. Takes too much money to maintain. Thanks!

  11. I often wear cardigans with my jeans in colder weather. I also like wearing loafers with jeans. I have always had a weakness for plaid, but for several years it seemed like the only time you saw it was during the holidays. I’m glad to see it making a comeback.

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