Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Happy Sunday!  Welcome to Sunday mornings at home!  

It is hard for me to believe that this is the last Sunday in October, but I am excited to enter one of my favorite times of the year.

During Sunday mornings at home, I reflect on the past week’s happenings in my life and share thoughts that might help and encourage you.

It is rapidly becoming  one of the top posts for the entire week.

So, today, let’s focus on the idea of BEING BOLD in the second half of life!

My bold decisions may be a piece of cake for you, but we all know areas where we are challenged to exhibit bold living. 


Sunday mornings at home

Can you tell what is new in these photos?  It may not be a bold decision to some of you, but I have completely changed my glasses.

Recently, I saw my Ophthalmologist and needed a slight prescription change.  Her assistants have selected my last three pair of glasses….we always have fun during this process.

This time they talked me into a BOLD move for me with a different shape of glasses.  I am still getting accustomed to them….they really are very different.

This pair is by designer Rag & Bone with blue and gold accents.

I wear my glasses all of the time…except sleep…and they are a part of my identity.  A very important accessory for me.

I consider this a bold step out of my box…so what do you think, girlfriends?

For those who may want to know, I am wearing my new Sedona Plaid Blazer from JJILL with a lovely blue blouse I bought over the summer on sale at Banana Republic.

Their sales are very good if you are willing to wait a garment out and they currently released their November collection.

I am test driving these glasses right now, but you will see them tomorrow in a dressing room post.


Sunday Mornings at Home

In our master bath remodel (Nope, not finished yet), I designed a very neutral bathroom, so I desired to have a bold star.

When we went to the granite company, this one just spoke to me…it was very different and I loved the shade of green.

You can see that it is a quartz slab called Maestro.

Sunday mornings at home

Sunday Mornings at Home

Mr. B wasn’t sure but said those great words, “If that is what you want, we will do it!”

Once it was mounted this week, he said…wow…it is beautiful.  I will show you the whole bathroom on completion.

But I am so glad I had the bold courage within me to make this choice.

Make a statement!

Sunday mornings at home

We are still having difficulty finding things around here…including my grandson in a toy box I keep here for the grandkids.

But, I have hope that this may be the last week!


Sunday Mornings at Home

Sometimes it takes bold moves to try new recipes and share them with others.  

All phases of our lives require a little risk taking!

Leigh Ann was bold recently and brought me these muffins and they are delicious…really good with coffee for breakfast.

She took a risk with this recipe and likes it enough to make it a keeper!  Try Whole Wheat Pumpkin Applesauce Bread.


Sunday Mornings at Home

I like to be bold with my gift giving…sometime I hit the mark, sometimes not, but it has not deterred me from seeking out that special gift for special people in my life.

If you have candle lovers in your life, this is something to consider.

Sunday mornings at home

This is Vellabox, an artisan candle subscription box.

That means that they receive a different candle each month with a few fun surprises tossed in.

They recently sent me the October box with this scent and I love it!  A new favorite.

Based on what I have seen of the product, this would make a lovely gift selection!


Sunday mornings at home

American ladies!  It is time to be bold and let our voices be heard at the ballot box!

This mid-term election is one of the most important elections in my lifetime…please, make sure you VOTE, no matter what your beliefs are.

I am voting as a concerned grandmother, educator, crime victim, and communicator.

I have promised not to get political on this blog…but our country is in trouble and in need of common sense leadership.

I am being bold and just touching the surface of what I would like to say…but no matter what you think….please vote.

Silence is not going to make a difference.  Be bold.  Ok, I am done…hopefully, no one is upset by this.


Sunday Mornings at Home

This sign is on the wall of my Pastor’s office.  It inspires me so I want to share it with you in hopes it also inspires some of you.

Thank you for joining me today for Sunday Mornings at Home.  Please share any thoughts you might have….even on the glasses! And have a wonderful day and make sure that you….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was gifted the VellaBox to review and the words are my own.

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Sunday Mornings at Home



  1. I no longer wear glasses after having cataract surgery, but I have noticed the changes in shape and size of frames. It seems they have gotten bigger, more squared, but in pretty colors. When you first spoke of being bold, I immediately thought of buying some leggings from Chico’s which I’ve only worn once. I suppose I’m too self-conscious of my smaller polio leg although I know others probably pay no attention. But I also think of the first time I went zip-lining in Costa Rico, and boldly stepped off that platform to realize how much I loved the adventure. The next time I went to Costa Rico, I volunteered to boldly be the lead person in our group. Maybe not bold examples but unusual life experiences for usually quiet me.

  2. I love your glasses. The marble is gorgeous and I’m sure it will make you happy everyday you look at it. I can’t agree more with going bold. Especially as I’m in my mid 60’s…the top of the 9th inning as they say. No time for regrets later. Have a blessed Sunday!

  3. Thank you for saying something on the glasses, Kat. I am gradually getting accustomed to them. Yes! It is the top of the 9th!

  4. I love the new glasses, Pam. The blue is difficult to discern but that gold adds a nice lift! Great choice.
    I like your pastor’s signage. It was true for our ancestors before us as well as a message for us to consider. Fun to have a peek at your renovations. Patience sure is a virtue.

  5. Thanks Deborah…the shape of the glasses is so different. That is taking some getting accustomed to.
    Mr B finally said that he likes them ….but it took a few days.

  6. Your choice of “Maestro” is beautiful and Bold! I love it.
    Yours has become my favorite read every morning, mostly because it is evident that you are genuine, kind hearted and bold.
    Thank-you for pushing us all to be our best and SMILE every day.

  7. Wonderful post, Pam. The glasses light up your face. They look great on you. I will try those applesauce muffins. Your granite is BEAUTIFUL. Makes me feel like I’m near the sea. I’m thinking of getting the candle box for my daughter. What type of goodies usually come in the box with the candle? Hope your remodel is near completion. Have a joyful Sunday.

  8. Hi Marcia! I would encourage you to spend time on their website. The box I received had a lovely roll on scent that I have worn every day sense I got it…musky woody scent. I noticed another blogger received wick snippers for the candles. The aromas are so nice and not over powering.

  9. I noticed in the first picture, and like the change. You can handle the gold touches with your autumn palette and it draws the eye up to your eyes for emphasis. This year I changed my frames to a completely different look, and my husband did take a few days to get used to them. Others said right away that they loved them. Also, I LOVE the new vanity, what a striking pattern, now that makes a statement. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  10. Love the new glasses! Also love your message about going bold. Your countertop choice is bold and so very gorgeous. I’m sure it will bring you a happy start to all the days to come.
    Bold for me recently was purchasing an entire table for an upcoming charity luncheon so I could invite my dear friends. It was a splurge, but something I have wanted to do, to treat them to a beautiful event kicking off Christmas while supporting our children’s hospital program.

  11. I am scheduling my next eye appt and hope to get new frames — maybe keep the current ones as well — so I loved your new look! I feel like Mr. B. – we took our college-aged son with us when we were looking at granite for our fireplace surround. He loved a dark green (almost gray) marbled one, so we went with that. Although we wouldn’t have chosen it, it turned out to be just perfect. I’m sure yours will be lovely as well. LOVE your little grandson toy-box diving.

  12. I agree, Ann . These new glasses are so much more flattering. All you saw before is the big glasses . Such a good choice 😊

  13. Oh Pam! You look so modern and bright in these new frames! I just love this look for you! And your bathroom counters are also a very modern look.
    On being courageous and daring, I’m not sure this qualifies but I’ve injured my sacrum joint known as the SI joint and have been using peel off pain relief pads, heat and cold packs and Tylenol which is all I am allowed to take. Well the pain is awful right now , and i managed an appointment and I saw a pain management physician who spoke of injections into the joint. Right off I said “No! I can’t even fathom that.” Well I’m reconsidering, though it feels scary to me. Do I want this huge injection into my sacrum joint (SI joint)!? I’ve had to give up my beloved yoga classes and just stooping over to pick things up is horrendous. I think I’m going forward with this. Quality of life is very important!

  14. Oh, Paulette, I hope you do reconsider the injection. My husband is a retired anesthesiologist so I know that while the shot may seem scary or uncomfortable to you, it is a very routine thing for them; I would encourage you to speak with the doctor and ask enough questions to work through any concerns. Best of health to you!

  15. Your new glasses are very stylish. I am due for my eye exam in the spring & have tendency to pick the same frames with slight variations. You have encouraged me to try something different. Voting is one of the most important things you can do. No matter what your political stance is, you should make your voice heard.

  16. After a few days, I have finally reached a point where I am glad I tried something new. Have some fun with it and don’t let anyone rush your decision!

  17. Your outfit is perfection! The new glasses are so flattering on you. I really like it. Love the granite for the new bath. I really appreciate you!

  18. Bold is wonderful & compassion for all no matter who should be a touchstone for all – unfortunately in these time perhaps not!
    A question, Pam.
    I’m a premier shopper at Talbots & other stores you feature, if I go to their sites thru your links they don’t recognize me until I sign in and thes bonuses I have show up. Will you still get credit? I’ve been puzzled.

  19. Thank you for asking, Lois. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I believe if you go in with link and sign in to your account then I get credit for what you purchase. I am not aware of anything different.

  20. I love the sign in your pastor’s office!

    Like you, I wear my glasses all the time and I just ordered a new pair. I thought that I would choose something different from what I’ve been wearing for the past couple of years, perhaps something a bit more bold, but after trying on numerous pairs, I ended up ordering the ones that were most similar to my present pair. They just looked like me and none of the others did.

  21. I would say to any woman, the most important thing you can do is vote, so pleased to see you have a similar feeling. I always ask anyone who says they don’t vote, how are you going to be heard? Who is going to value your opinion?

    Be bold, it does not need to be much but its such a good feeling, I have never regretted my bold choices, current faves are pink suede brogues, cats eye sunglasses, my turquoise wool coat. I often regret my timid choices!

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