Today’s News for Women Over 50 – Part 1

today's news

Happy Wednesday, ladies!  I am back, and this is your latest today’s news for women over 50!

Unfortunately, I was not here last week due to illness, but today I have new images and new headlines in this weekly newsletter prepared just for you.

I had some many great shares from last week which were not used, that I have decided to produce for you TWO NEWS POSTS this week.

So, get your favorite autumn mug, fill it to the brim and grab a cozy spot and let’s read some of today’s news….part 1.


Today's News

Refinery 293 style rules Iris Apfel still follows after 101 years

Best Life: Kohl’s shoppers can’t get enough of this perfect product  (See my link: Kohl’s Leggings)

The Ethel5 fall fashion essentials for women over 50

Best Life5 benefits of letting your hair go gray, according to stylists

CNBC: Want to sound and feel more confident?  Ditch these 11 phrases from your vocabulary

Yahoo The way Meaghan Markle tilted her hat at the funeral was everything

Page Six: The symbolism behind Kate Middleton’s dress

National GeographicNational Geographic drops ocean inspired lifestyle collection



today's news

Kitchn: 8 kitchen cleaning habits you need to start right now 

Architectural DigestStep inside Cher’s Malibu home

Better Homes & Gardens: Every 2023 Color of the Year we know so far

Better Homes & GardensHow to keep your gorgeous fall mums alive as long as possible

Southern Living6 outdated interior design trends and six that are making a comeback

Homes & Gardens: 10 ways to winterize a house

CNN: Tupperware is back….at Target 


today's news

My Country Table: Pumpkin spice cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese buttercream icing

Skinny TasteChicken Enchilada Stuffed Zucchini Boats

The Tasting Table: The best type of canned tomatoes for your pasta sauce

CNBC: A nutritionist shares the six frozen foods that are just as healthy and cheap as fresh

Yahoo Sports: Scientists pinpoint common vegetable that can lower high blood sugar levels by 50 %

Insider: My family and I ate like Queen Elizabeth 

The Tasting Table: You’ll probably never guess what cream of tartar actually is

Epicurious: 79 best comfort food recipes

Eating Well30+ cozy sheet pan dinners

That is it for Part 1 of Today’s news for women over 50!  In Part 2, we will cover the latest for healthy living and fun!   

Now, please feel free to comment on anything you see in today’s news….I am so thankful each of you is here…next week this post will return to one day a week.


By Pamela Lutrell

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today's news


  1. Oh, this is going to take a while, so I will get back to you later. I had to dive into the paint colours for 2023 and that was really encouraging. Glad you are getting your strength back, take it gently.

  2. I will Diane…I know there is so much information…but I want to provide last week’s and this week’s…I will try to only overwhelm just this week! My body keeps reminding me to take it slow…so I am trying to.

  3. Found myself scrolling through the comfort food recipes because it’s been so long since I’ve had real comfort food! Lots of tempting things here and a few I’ll actually make because it’s that time of year! Another one making a comeback is that recipe you posted for cauliflower soup! It’s so delicious and is true comfort to me! Interesting about the queen’s diet. I couldn’t do the meat either, like the author said, but that’s a lot of food, even with small portions! You’d have to be super active to be able to eat like that in reality!

  4. It is so funny to me that since my recent stomach virus, all that sounds good is comfort food. I made a big pot of chicken soup and it tasted better than ever. I am craving grilled cheese! Hope you are better, Karen!

  5. Oh, wow! What a lot of stories! I am going to enjoy this all day long. Thank you. 💖

  6. As an autumn I have been working on selecting the right color clothes for me and also working on my 5 adjectives. If I stop coloring my hair and go naturally gray, does that mean I will need a different color palette? Please let me know if there are resources to read on “going gray and your color palette”. Thank you for your wonderful blogs which I enjoy.

  7. Hi Virginia, I have had two color professionals tell me that hair going gray does not change your colors. You still have the same eyes and skin, so you would keep your autumn hues! I think many women make a mistake by assuming your colors do change…it makes sense to me that
    There would be no change.

  8. Just zipped down to leave a comment because there is so much in this post to explore! Take care of yourself, Pam. I’m going back to start reading 🙂

  9. Wow…so much to read and I’m glad you are regaining your strength and appetite.
    I really needed to read the article “Want to sound and feel more confident?” as I can struggle with being passive and negative at times. I also enjoyed all the recipes and learning about Cream of Tartar and the best canned tomatoes. Cher’s home is just stunning and her bedroom and it’s view would be so peaceful to wake up in.What an amazing house, designed with such detail and care.
    Thanks for the diversity of the articles you chose.
    Best wishes from Melbourne,Australia.

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