Today’s News for Women over 50 – Part 2

today's news

Happy Thursday….you are not seeing double! This is part two of this week’s Today’s News for Women over 50.

Last week, I was in the hospital and missed the Wednesday post….since I discovered so many great articles, I wanted to share as much as possible.

So, this week, I split the topics and have two days of today’s news curated just for you…the amazing women over 50.

Hope you are enjoying informative and interesting reads.

So, let’s dive into the second half of today’s news. 


today's news

The Today Show Regular weightlifting may extend your life

CNET: 6 best vitamins for flu season

CNN: Cancer is the No. 2 cause of death in the U.S. What you should know about screenings

CNN: Night owls at high risk of certain chronic diseases

Health enews: Healthy habits that led to Queen Elizabeth II’s long life

Real Simple: 5 hip mobility exercises for stronger pain-free hips

Eat This Not ThatFollow these fitness habits to live to 100 and beyond

NPRDaily ‘breath training’ can work as well as medicine to reduce high blood pressure

SciTechDaily: Blood type linked to risk of stroke before age 60

Healthline: 7 healthy lifestyle habits for people with type 2 diabetes

Eat This Not That: 5 eating habits to help slow muscle aging


today's news

Travel Awaits: 6 tips for successful social life in retirement

CNBC: Target plans to hire 100,000 seasonal workers and start deals early

CNN: Why stores start selling Christmas stuff in September 

Best Life: The 8 best 3-day weekend trips in the U.S.

Southern Living:  14 best train rides for spotting fall foliage in the South

The Today Show: Woman braves Hurricane Ian flood to check on stranger’s 84-year-old mother

Good Housekeeping: How raising five grandchildren inspired one abuela to help others like her

Now, here is today’s news for coats on the market…just scroll through the slideshow to see what I found:

I hope these extended headlines in Today’s News hasn’t overwhelmed you too much! Next week, we are back to Wednesdays.  

Hope to see you tomorrow for a Fall Fashion Friday….and, of course, share any thoughts or questions here.  Have a glorious day and always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's News


  1. The muscle aging!! I remember the first time I was down looking at something on a lower rack in a store and suddenly realized that I couldn’t bounce back up like I always had! I was literally stuck unless I pushed up on my legs or grabbed the rack! What an eye opener that was! So I started working on that at home right away! It’s a real thing. I could really relate to the article about “work friends” becoming your “circle”, then you retire and they just aren’t there any longer, for the most part. As an introvert (really, really!!), it’s difficult for me to see the need to seek out new people. I have a few friends at church, a few from work, my sister, but I’m so content doing things solo. So this is an area I need to work on. I hope you are feeling better each day Pam, I went back to see what had happened to you, and it sounds awful! Hopefully it’s a steady road back to wellness!!

  2. Strong and steady, Karen! I am still getting weary in the evenings, but a little better each day. Thanks for starting us off today with these headlines!

  3. There were several articles both yesterday and today that are of great interest to me and my family. Thanks so much for doing these posts and super glad you are feeling much better!! Take care!!!

  4. Pam, thanks for giving us 2 days of helpful articles. The wellness ideas are great. Keeping our hips strong and flexible is so important. I take an Essentrics class, and we do a lot of hip mobility moves. Now I need to get out those free weights and start lifting. Hope you are feeling stronger each day. Take care of yourself.

  5. I’m so glad to hear you’re making steady progress! Just keep taking it slow, listen to your body and rest when you need to.
    So many great articles both yesterday and today. I especially related to the one about social life (or lack of) in retirement. I’ve only been retired a few months and I realize I’m a social person that needs contact with others. It’s hard to make contact with people now that I’m not working. This is something I need to figure out. There are days when I’m so happy to be home and have no pressure to do anything…and then there are days I want to set my hair on fire! I guess like everything else, it’s a learning curve. I would love to know how others have handled this transition.
    The sun is finally out in north NJ! Hope you have a beautiful and relaxing day!
    Linda S

  6. I read the socializing article just now, too, more for my husband and parents – all three have struggled with this issue. For me, (and since Linda asked how others manage this) I keep a routine of seeing my individual girlfriends for coffee, walks, or meals on a regular basis; I get to interact with my piano students and their families weekly and through seasonal events – occasionally even showing up to kids’ sporting events when invited; our neighborhood has a monthly luncheon that I and two other neighbors set up years ago, and within our neighborhood we also have LAFFs (Laurelwood After Five, Fridays) hosted by anyone who’s up to having whoever is available and feeling like gathering to share an evening. Together with travel, shuttling my folks around, and the joy of small town bumping into people I know everywhere, I also took up ceramics this past spring – voila! – lots of new ladies to meet, and one new friendship so far. And my old school teacher friends? – went last year to visit one of my besties in Ketchikan, and she traveled back to Oregon this spring so we could spend a few days together (I lured her with ballet tickets!). So, it can be done, but requires being willing to work at it a bit. I have never made a Facebook account, which seems for some to be a default setting for socializing (my husband), preferring a real hug and conversation, supplemented by e-mail or texts to keep close between visits.

  7. Socializing in retirement is something that I have struggled with, too. This is especially true since becoming a caregiver to husband. I am grateful that he is still able to do many things for himself, & I can leave him for short periods of time. I try to meet a former coworker for lunch at least once a year. Her husband is also in poor health. One place I am able to socialize is in my small group at church. They are a wonderful group of people. One of them even sent me a note of encouragement. I have a pair of free weights that I haven’t used in a while. I need to dust them off & start using them again.

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