4 tips for a great boutique

tips for a great boutique

Woo Hoo, it is Fall Fashion Friday, friends!  Thank you for joining me this week for our road trip… let’s end It by discussing 4 tips for a great boutique.

There are several great boutiques in Fredericksburg, TX, but I did pick a favorite on this trip.

When thinking through what I liked most about HABERDASHERY on Main, I decided to make it a 4 tips for a great boutique post.

So, join me one more time in Fredericksburg for a visit to my favorite boutique.


tips for a great boutique

No matter where a boutique is located I believe my tips for a great boutique would be all the same.

TIP #1

A great boutique must have its own unique voice…meaning they cater to a specific woman.

The curation of the selections speaks to that target audience immediately in display and decor.

You see items there that you do not see anywhere else and they fit like a puzzle piece with the target audience lifestyle.


tips for a great boutique

TIP #2

If a boutique carries items which fit your style adjectives and lifestyle, then you know it is a great boutique for you.

I have been in boutiques which lacked the creativity of design and style that I like to speak with my adjectives….creative, polished, approachable, joyful, and current….so I walk away.

However, I believe I am definitely in HABERDASHERY’S target audience…a woman who does not mind standing out and who loves print and color. …and accessories!

tips for a great boutique

I purchased this fun tunic there and have already worn it several places.

I snapped this picture (yes, still living in chaos) right before I met a friend for lunch and I styled the top with my Eileen Fisher pants in this lovely blue.

It is a fun, casual tunic top that I will style with leggings as the weather gets cooler.


tips for a great boutique

TIP #3

In my tips for a great boutique, I always include friendly and helpful employees.

In a small town like Fredericksburg, I am looking to be greeted with that joyful, small-town-charm.

And here I was…in fact, the ladies working at Haberdashery were in my age group and they were so helpful!

I arrived that day as they were opening and cleaning and straightening the dressing rooms from the day before.


tips for a great boutique

And that leads me into Tip #4.…tips for a great boutique is to have well decorated and well kept dressing rooms that complement the decor of the boutique.

And this boutique is doing lighting right!  Which made it easy to take pictures.

I think that is important in a social media world to help promote the boutique.


tips for a great boutique

Owners and employees of Haberdashery, you are doing an excellent job and I believe, you have a great boutique.

Your talent for curating items is evident, as is, your joyful attitudes.  I believe they love what they do.

I hope to return someday soon.

So, I ask all of you…what are the characteristics of your favorite boutique?  Please share…it would be fun to see how they are similar and different!

Again….thank you for joining me this week on a quick road trip to the Texas Hill Country…I hope you will be here tomorrow for Would You Wear It and until then…….


By Pamela Lutrell

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tips for a great boutique

As we get more into the holidays, I will share images from the Fredericksburg Christmas Boutiques!


  1. Well this boutique has it all! Like you Pam I occasionally enjoy shopping in a small place with eclectic unique pieces that I won’t find in my usual go-to places. I would call that my Number 1 “must” for an interesting boutique. Other criteria important to me are clean, organized and well stocked inventory of sizes and helpful smiling sales associates . Thank you for sharing your experiences !

  2. I love your tunic top! I really like the pockets too not really noticeable till I looked closely. That’s what I love about boutiques is finding unique items. Thanks for the tips.

  3. I agree that boutiques should showcase the unusual, but here’s a problem: I’m 4’11”. So needing petite clothes isn’t an option. Taller people tell to “just shorten” clothes… I’m already shortening petite extra smalls!!!
    I have purchased accessories, though.

  4. Good morning. I think your tips are spot on — especially the first one about knowing your market and having a clear understanding about what you’re selling. Otherwise, it’s hit or miss for the customer. I also think service is key: having staff who actually want to wait on customers. Boutiques hire women (or men) who love to advise and have time to help you. The only negative I saw here is that the dressing rooms weren’t cleaned and sparkly when the store opened. Everything else looked lovely — as do you! Your new top is gorgeous on you.

  5. I understand there are challenges for every body type and I believe it is good for retailers to hear comments like yours. There is a market there for someone to take care of ladies like you, Susan.

  6. In their defense, Maeve, I hit them on Monday morning at opening after a busy weekend…and I am sure that Mondays are slow. They did a great job and I regret that one of these pictures might indicate otherwise.
    The dressing rooms were awesome.

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about what is so attractive about a boutique other than its unique clothing, but you are so correct in all aspects. It is not very conductive to buying when dressing rooms are messy or have no seats or hooks for hanging clothing you are taking off. And if the salesperson/persons are not friendly and helpful, I’d just as soon look elsewhere. This particular boutique has such beautiful, unusual clothing that I’d struggle to limit my buying. Your purchase will serve you well no doubt.

  8. It was lots of fun to go there and I hope to return next year as I have so many special events in 2023! I am glad to find this one…because not all are managed and curated this well.

  9. That looks like a great boutique for all the reasons you mention. As for cleaning, nowadays staff just have to get to things when they can. I don’t usually wear prints, but I loved a couple of these. The top you brought home would also fit my adjectives, and I hope you also bought that last blouse you showed us, with the angled pocket. I often buy accessories, particularly scarves, in boutiques.

  10. I did not buy that top, Linda…but the more I look at it, the more I wish I had…it is a fun piece.

  11. Looks like a fun place to shop. We have just one boutique here in town, but it is lovely and hits all the marks. I have appreciated their assorted jewelry, scarves, and sweaters in particular. When I think about my purchases over the years, those items have stayed in my wardrobe well beyond standard department store items. It is always an easy place to shop for a friend’s birthday, too. They host a holiday trunk show, serving hot cider and unveiling their most festive offerings for the season.

  12. You are right on both accounts…yes, this place is me and I stayed because of friendly employees. I have walked out of places with uninterested associates!

  13. Love shopping at unique places like this one. The tops looked great and look at all the hats!!

  14. Pamela, All that you listed plus #1 Have larger women’s sizes!! I want more than the ability to buy gorgeous earrings, bracelets, long beaded necklaces and leather handbags!!! People wonder why I have such basic clothing and wow!! accessories and handbags well nothing else fits!!! I’m not that large either!!! I also find great perfume in boutiques!!! I love wearing what know one else will be wearing!!! # You mentioned it but for me it bears repeating… friendly and helpful staff mostly the friendly part!!! I LOVE shopping in little boutiques but I long for clothing that fits 16 and 18 women!!

  15. One of the reasons I loved this boutique, Natalie was that it was packed with pieces that fit women like you and me. I know it is possible to find those unique pieces…stay hopeful!

  16. Nancy O’s in Ridgefield, Connecticut fits all 4 tips. They even have clothing from the brand you are wearing and very affordable. If you are in the area it is a definite must see. It’s also a knit shop!

  17. In my younger years, I often shopped in boutiques namely for their unique garments however in the city I live in they are now few and far between and basically reserved for the elite, due to their price tags as well as selection. i.e.: Designer or Haute Couture only. That being said; the one you shopped at with its formula is what I recall and much prefer.

  18. For me, the attraction of a boutique is the relationship you can form with the owner/staff. They get to know what you like and what works on you and they actually reach out when something comes in that they know you would like. That relationship is special and so valuable!

  19. Great tips, as always. I sometimes stroll into one of those shops aimed at 20-somethings and then wondered what possessed me. You have reminded me to keep walking. If you or your readers find yourselves in McKinney, Texas, there is a great shop on the square that tics all four boxes (at least for me). Cynthia Elliott Boutique has been there over 30 years—same owner—and she continues to keep things current and fresh, while staying true to her target market. Fabulous service! Thanks for your fabulous service to your readers Pamela!

  20. I have family there, Barbara! I need to make a trip and I will check your boutique out!

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