A week of cozy clothes

cozy clothes


Happy Friday, friends.  This has been a week of cozy clothes.

I am going to discuss the week’s happenings on Sunday, but today I want to highlight cozy clothes.

I believe we all have our favorite cozy clothing brands.

This week….I have re-discovered a few of mine.



cozy clothes


For me, cozy clothes are my softest, most comfortable, warmest clothes.

These are my clothing pieces strictly for home and being cozy at home.  My cozy clothes are liked arms wrapped about me and only I care about how they look.

We have experienced colder weather this week and will have even more over the weekend.

Circumstances at our house warranted cozy clothes for both Mr. B and me.

Mr. B also turns to his Lululemon clothing that also makes up most of his athleisurewear.

My go-to cozy clothes are from Chico’s Zenergy; JJill and my old Soft Surroundings.



cozy clothes

My cozy sleepwear was on full display all week with my SOMA pajamas….

I wore three pair and loved being back in each one.  In fact they advertise the pjs as being “Cozy like a winter cabin.”

The Cool Nights fabrics are my favorite even for the warmer pjs.

I get too hot in heavier fabrics….and let me say, if you have hot flashes, the Cool nights fabric is great.

SOMA sleepwear is currently on sale 25% off…so check out the site if you are looking for cozy.


cozy clothes

It is for sure cozy clothing time…even in South Texas.

Add in some soup and even a fire…and hunker down in comfort…it is ok…that is how I gave myself permission.

Please share your favorite cozy clothing brands below and why you love them. 

I will be here tomorrow with Would You Wear It…and on Sunday, I promise to fill in the cozy gaps!  Stay warm and ….


By Pamela Lutrell

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cozy clothes


  1. I’ve found some pants and leggings that are flannel-lined which I am wearing around the house, usually with a turtleneck and my over-sized Auburn sweatshirt. I wear socks all the time because my feet are always cold. If I’m seated in my chair, I’m usually wrapped up in a blanket. When I go outside to do my walk, I’m bundled up well.

  2. I have on a velour top and jogger from 32 degrees that I can’t seem to put into the wash. So soft! When I go into my freezing home office (where I should already be) I will layer on a light puffer vest, also from 32 Degrees. . My fav home shoes are either Haflinger wool clogs or shearling Birk Buckley clogs. And merino hiking socks!

  3. The soup looks delicious! I’ve been having soup for dinner pretty much daily as it’s very cold here (snowing as we speak!) I guess I don’t have favorite brands of comfort clothes, but have favorite items. For strictly in the house wear, it’s usually sweatshirts and leggings with layers underneath. My favorite slippers are the LL Bean shearling lined booties. Might be replacing mine for a gift to myself…I wear them out after a few winters! My son lives just south of Buffalo and I’m finding myself weirdly jealous of their feet of snow! Looks so cozy!

  4. The first snow of the season always sounds so lovely to me. I am really enjoying my sherling slip-ons as well, Karen. Stay warm….

  5. Like Karen my favorite slippers are shearling lined (Mocs) from Talbots. So cozy!
    As far as cozy wear I’ve been into Athleta flannel lined and cross over tops ( last year ) both in deep blues. My stretchy leggings are warm but from Marshall’s – not new. One pair is flannel lined and worn only on the coldest days. I tend to sleep in my LL Bean pjs ( sets) and most were gifts.

  6. My favorite cozy clothes are joggers from JJill (last year and not repeated :/) or 32 Degrees (Costco!). I also wear Dansko leggings (Costco … theme here) or Zella (Nordstrom; fabulous but not sure worth 6x in cost vs the Dansko). I wear sweatshirts from Banana Republic or Eddie Bauer (a great brand all around and for cozy) and/or a tee from JC Penney (thanks to your link/recommendation) coupled with Barefoot Dreams cardigan. Ugg fur lined clogs. On Sundays I wear my Soma Weekend items all day, and goop up my face and hair for soothing moisturizing to start the week. I can’t say enough about Soma. Love this cozy season. Bring on the hygge, I’m here and dressed for it.

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