Sunday Mornings at Home

Sunday Mornings at Home


Good Sunday Morning, everyone….28 days until Christmas, and today is Sunday Mornings at Home.

This time of year goes way too fast for me…I want to sit down into each moment and spend time with it…from the arrival of Santa on the Macy’s parade to Christmas day when we will celebrate with family.

Speaking of the parade, the Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus were amazing this year…well done… however, they just disappear off the screen too soon!

This year our Christmas celebrations (I hope) will be even richer since we were not able to be together on Thanksgiving. Mr. B and I elected to stay home not being 100% recovered just yet.

 I am learning not to count on my planning, but rather to hang onto the hope of a big family celebration to come.

I assure you that we are on the mend…not fully recovered…but little steps of progress each day and your prayers and comments have meant the world to me. Thank you so much for taking the time to write them.

For those encouraging me to take time off from blogging, please know that blogging feeds my joy and actually keeps me healthy.  

Also, it is a source of income for us, and there is no one to do it, when I am down…so while I can do this, I will do it.   But know, it is work I really enjoy and would be sad without.

Now, get your own cup of joy and let’s look over what I am thinking about for Sunday Mornings at Home.


Sunday Mornings at HomeFor Sunday Mornings at Home, I wanted to share with you some of the steps in our recovery and return to good health.

My daughter-in-law sent over homemade elderberry syrup featuring a touch of local honey.  I much prefer her way than more supplements. We liked it.

She uses the Organic Elderberry Herbal Blend for Making Syrup. 

Sunday Mornings at Home 

During this time, we have not experienced much sun (unusual for South Texas this time of year), but on the days we had sun, I made sure I was out in it.

Mr. B’s doctor said 5-10 minutes a day will make a world of difference…so I have grabbed it when available.

The area I must step up this week I is exercise.  Mr. B is back on his Peleton and I must get back to moving.  All other areas are good.


 Sunday Mornings at Home

 I feel so much better on the days that I stick to my self care…even if staying at home.

If I shower, practice my skincare, and put on makeup, it is amazing how much better I will feel for the day.

Recently, one of the readers asked that I explain the Chamonix products I use daily…so here is what I have done for years now….

First of all, all individual Chamonix products are 35% off right now, with a few special packages available.

  1. After I cleanse my face in the morning and use a white washcloth on it, then I immediately follow with Genucel Deep Firming Serum…I would not want to be without it…and I pat it into my face and neck.
  2. Then I pat on my eyelids the Genucel Eyelid Treatment, and underneath the Genucel with Eyeseryl Technology for bags and puffiness.
  3. Next I pat into my neck and under my chin with the Genucel Jawline Treatment with MDL Technology….
  4. Finally, I pat all around my face the Genucel XV…My skin responds to this so well….nothing else softens the wrinkles and gives the glow that these products do.
  5. After removing make up and cleansing at night, I use the Genucel XV, the Jawline Treatment, and the Genucel Dark Circle Treatment.

Genucel products are plant based, all natural, and full of antioxidants.  This line is my favorite. 

Even just taking care of my complexion with no makeup helps me to feel better each day.

Sunday Mornings at Home

Also, while I was in recovery, Leigh Ann showed up at the door with this fabulous lotion…not only is it wonderful lotion…but the name was meant for me!!

Of course, that made me feel better on the spot.


Sunday Mornings at Home

Part of my recovery had to include getting my house in order and ready for Christmas decorations.

While I looked at my front room full of junk for months, I decided I wanted to style it differently and go for a cozy reading room.

The challenge was to use all furniture we currently owned and not purchase new pieces at this time.

Sunday mornings at home

Once again, thanks goes to Rugs Direct for pulling this project together.  

This rug is the Margot Feat Cloudpile in Antique Sage…and it is so, so soft to walk on or even lay on.  Love this rug…and the colors were perfect to work with everything I have going on here.

Yes, Rugs Direct does have a big sale in progress like everyone else, and I continue to wait for special affiliate links..but I do highly recommend their rugs.

I still love the one we put in the new bath.

Those are the updates for Sunday Mornings at Home!  Please share anything on your heart this day or ask any questions….then make sure that this week you….

Sunday Mornings at Home


By Pamela Lutrell

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Sundays at home


  1. Blogging has replaced the door to door salesman. And the newspaper sales inserts. And the tv ads. Make your money while you can, because it too will be replaced.

  2. I have been in communications most of my life, and what is so wonderful about blogging is the relationships I can build with the audience. Perhaps the income portion of it will be replaced and is currently replaced more with Instagram and Tik Tok, but the writing and the communicating, I believe will withstand and that is why I love it so much. It is a way for me to use my God-given talents in writing and photography hopefully to inspire others and to help my family. I look at it a bit more positively than your comment reflected, Arlene. It is a gift to me right now and I am blessed by it. It is more fun to me and brings more enjoyment than working in a store or for someone else right now

  3. Happy to hear that you are recovering, bit by bit, taking care of yourself, and enjoying the process of readying for Christmas. I hope all the chores on your ‘must do’ list are restorative. If you reacted to Covid as I did, I felt zapped. Beautiful rug! Your room looks lovely. A great way to start the new year. Although I love the buzz of the holidays, I always look forward to quiet renewal of January. Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts.

  4. I am zapped…not full speed yet and that is difficult for me…thank goodness this time of year fuels energy within me. Thanks Deborah!

  5. I, too, wanted to create a reading nook……without expense, of course. It was about six months after my husband died, so I took his old executive style desk chair that has a lot of tilt-back to it, rolled it into the living room in a cosy corner with bookshelves on one side and window on the other, tossed a faux fur throw over it and came up with a footstool just doing decorative duty in another room. Ta-da! I have a nook that I can–and do–spend hours in reading. I can even stretch and perch my feet up on the blanketed leather couch if I so desire. Enjoy your nook nest!

  6. Sounds lovely and cozy, Carol! I just love to designate areas of the house for reading! Thanks for sharing yours.

  7. happy hear to you and Mr.B are feeling better, your room looks great , your make up always looks good could you please share the products you use and how you use them this seems to be an area I keep struggling with, thanks

  8. Pam, I don’t usually comment but I want you to know how much I enjoy all of your “joyful” posts. No matter what is going on in your life, you always leave me with a smile. God Bless You and your family during this holiday season. Relax and enjoy this year while you recover. Let the family spoil you! Merry Christmas to all of you.

  9. Yeah! – to more space dedicated to reading! I am about to do the same with our main floor den which was supposed to become a t.v. room as before the remodel, and still has the credenza ready for a t.v. . . .but we haven’t missed it, and always head down to our basement family room to watch the big screen. Of course we read all over the house, but the tiny den will be the most cozy spot possible. 😊 Thanks for sharing how you styled your lovely space.

  10. Hi Pam,
    You and Mr. B continue to be in my well wishes and prayers. You have had so much to deal with you plus the upheaval
    of your home.
    I like your cozy reading room, turned out so nice. Give yourself a big pat on the back.
    Keep up your positive spirit.

  11. Pam, you are such a classy lady. When I “grow up” I want to be as articulate and thoughtful as you.

  12. Your positive attitude is always uplifting to me. Thank you for blogging, even when you’re not feeling 100%.

  13. Pam, you are such a classy lady. When I “grow up” I want to be as articulate and thoughtful as you. BTW…..Love your room. The feeling is simplicity and cozy, truly appeals to my design esthetic.

  14. Love your attitude toward healing and self care- as we recover. I’ve always tried to rush things but found after contracting”the virus” in May- discovered that some things cannot be rushed. I was so exhausted for so long! Age may be a factor?
    Good health is a gift! I keep working on my exercise program, eating healthy and keeping a positive outlook! It all helps! So glad you’re feeling better too.

  15. I think your cozy reading room looks wonderful, Pam! I love the artwork over your fireplace. I also have a “leaning” piece on my mantel.
    What did you do with your tall hutch from the other picture. We ended up selling ours because it was not an heirloom and it just didn’t fit our asthetic anymore.

  16. Hi Deb… that is a family heirloom and it is our towel and linen holder in the bathroom and on the bottom drawers for my husband. Previously it was in my MIL dining room. Mr. B is very sentimental when it comes to furniture. We have many heirlooms.

  17. So glad you are feeling better.
    The final look of your new “reading room” is great. Loved the look of the area rug. Blessings to you

  18. I’m a bit late in adding a comment, but am catching up on email after a trip. The comment about door to door salesmen was actually a pleasant memory jogger for me. Growing up in the 1960-70s on a farm nine miles from the nearest town, we so appreciated the visits by the Watkins, McNess, and Avon representatives! Those people also became family friends, and my mom often invited them to eat dinner or supper with us, or at the very least, a piece of cake and coffee. I think they timed their visits to our place because they knew Mom would feed them. 🙂 They were a lifeline to a bigger world, and of course, that experience is now past. If that is blogging’s role today, I love it! I do appreciate your online presence, Miss Pam, and feel you are a trusted friend in my home. I often drink a cup of tea or coffee as you share advice, joy, and musings. You lift me every day and I thank you! (Smiling at you as I write this…)

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