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Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Yes, it is already Wednesday and time for Today’s News for Women over 50.

These weeks during holiday time just fly by, but perhaps some of our lifestyle news stories will help you prepare and be inspired during a very busy time.

If you are new, this is the day that I curate together lifestyle news from around communications world I believe may be of interest to a majority of you.

I have discovered there are many who like to have this put together in one place for their consideration.

So get your cup of chocolate, tea, or coffee…a blanket…a cozy spot and let’s learn from today’s news.


Today's News

The U.S. Sun: Target announces major change to its stores across the US – and shoppers are overjoyed by the new options

The Sun: I’m an elegance expert – five fall items classy ladies never wear, which are all really common

Yahoo: 7 Tips For Wearing Sneakers Over 65, According to Doctors and Style Experts

Hair & Makeup Artists HandbookWomen’s 1960s Hairstyles…will they return



Today's News

Homes & GardensWhen to water a Christmas cactus

Forbes: Nine Interior design trends going away in 2023

House Beautiful: How to Achieve the Ultimate Cozy Christmas Aesthetic

Better Homes & Gardens: How often to replace pillows and how to make them last longer

The Spruce: 30 breakfast nook ideas you’ll love

Southern LivingHoliday Decor ideas to shop before Black Friday


Today's News

Better Homes & Gardens: A butter shortage is coming…here is how to prepare

Taste of HomeBest Peppermint meltaways recipe and 70 Thanksgiving Recipes Made in Your 13×9 Pan

Realtor: The Property Brothers identify the top kitchen trend of the decade

Eat This Not That: 11 Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Traditions You’ll Only Find in the South

VeryWell FitWhat are food rules and how to break them



Today's news

Science Alert: The Most Common Pain Relief Drug in The World Induces Risky Behavior, Study Shows

WFLA: Popular ‘anti-aging’ supplement may lead to brain cancer, study says

The Daily Nosh: How brisk walking every day could help you live longer

Prevention: Denise Austin share a lunge variation for those with knee pain



Today's News

Southern LivingDolly Parton still writes letters to Santa

Insider: 7 US cities that will make you feel like you jetted off to Europe for the holidays without the pricey airfare

Yahoo Finance: 9 Safest Places To Retire Abroad for Less Than $2,000 a Month and Stretch Retirement Savings: Experts Recommend 5 Expenses To Cut Easily

Amazon: This device is making news for travel: Nori Press Compact Iron & Steamer for Clothes. (GIFT IDEA ALERT FOR THE TRAVELER)

Good News Network: Three mermaids save a scuba diver from drowning

Hope you have found something educational and inspirational in Today’s News…please leave comments here on any of the articles you like…and always, friends, 


By Pamela Lutrell

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Today's News

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  1. Oh my, the 60’s hairstyles! What a fun look back that was! I sincerely hope they don’t return, once was enough! I remember so well studying the instructions for where to place the rollers, sleeping in rollers and juice cans, and all the teasing. This was really a fun article! Not sure anyone wants to work that hard on their hair anymore!

  2. Yep…I used juice and coffee cans attempting to straighten my hair! I wanted to look like the girls that hung out with The Beatles!

  3. I fully embraced the 1970s hair trend of completely unstyled long hair, parted down the middle, with little pieces pulled from the front to the back. I also wore those head scarves that were just little triangles, with thin straps, tied under the hair in the back. Eventually I went to the shag. My mom and grandmothers, and other adults, really wore those bouffant or “flip” hairstyles, and hairpieces were much in evidence. What a fun trip down memory lane. I guess forty years from now, people will look at our beach waves and pajamas, complete with slippers, worn to run errands and say, fun times …

  4. Pam – You do a lot of digging to find these terrific articles….thank you for your hard work finding “stuff” which we all enjoy reading. I agree about the 60’s hair…whew! Attempting to sleep on those pesky brush rollers and waking up with red marks on our faces. My mom passed away at 90 and still slept with a small brush roller or two and toilet paper clipped on each sides and around the back so her hair would not mess up…we always teased her about that. Great memories; you must have done some real digging to find that hair article! Thanks!

  5. Regarding the article about Target … I have to say that I have been quite disappointed with my local Target store. I’m a long-time Target shopper and visit several times per month. Over the past year, they have switched to more self-check out registers (which I despise). I realize that the Covid pandemic changed the retail landscape in a lot of ways. But while the my local store seems more than adequately populated with employees, 9 times out of 10 I am forced to do self-check out. I’ve noticed this trend at the grocery store and at my local CVS. Not happy. I wonder if I’m alone in this.

  6. LOL, Elaine, I call mine Election Cactus because they always blooms around election time. I have 3 that I got at different times, and they are all blooming now.

  7. I find some of these fashion ‘experts’ silly. Unlike you, Pam, the elegance expert really had nothing to say.
    Thanks for doing all the research, though! I read the articles even when they might be so-so just to see what’s new.

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