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Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.

Most of you know the drill, but just in case we have new visitors, this is a weekly feature.

Jennifer and I go out into our communities and look for fashion displays which make us wonder what you would think of the designs.

So, grab a warm beverage and comfy spot and let’s answer that weekly question…Would You Wear It?


Would You Wear it

My field reporter, Leigh Ann, found this display and it was the sweater designs that made her wonder what you would think.

Remember to answer constructively and with forethought.  The comments are read by other women and we all learn from each other.

Would You Wear it

So look the display over…remember you can always comment on the display itself..and tell us…..


This collection is Investments at Dillards.…here are some of their offerings in this slideshow….and sweaters on the display have great prices….


Would You Wear It

Yes, I know that EVERYONE is having Black Friday Sales and there are some really good deals out there.

I just wanted to remind you of a few I mentioned on this blog this past week:






Please use my SHOPPING LINKS for your shopping and If there are brands you do not see on the list, let me know! 

Now, tell us what you think of the Would You Wear It display…then head over to A WELL STYLED LIFE for Jennifer’s….and remember, Tis the Season to…..


By Pamela Lutrell

Would You Wear It


  1. Charlie Brown is exactly what I thought of when I saw the zig zag pattern! That sweater is a definite no. I like the tan/olive sweater except for the neckline. I prefer not to have anything close around the neck. I’d wear the middle sweater, I like that it has a zipper &it would be great for layering.

  2. These are not something I would wear. The only print I wear in sweaters is fair isle, and only if it’s subtle. Rather than prints, which I think become dated much faster, I prefer details in the form of texture. Sweaters can have beautiful detailing simply from the knitting process. I would walk right past these particular designs.

  3. I thought Charlie Brown too!
    I’m sure someone likes this display, but for me the sweaters are shapeless and drab and the patterns are so BIG.
    I would pass on them all.

  4. Yes, I do wear patterned sweaters (in color design or weave) however due to the climate where I live ‘the style/cut’ of the ones shown would create a problem in choosing outerwear to go over them. creating a factor of little wear so therefore I would not invest in them. As to the bottoms, unless a trouser style I prefer a more slim cut so the answer is a ‘no’ as well. -Brenda-

  5. None of the colors would be flattering on me, though I like the designs. I do like the half-cowl collar (not sure what to call it) on the zigzag sweater. I would wear the hot pink sweater with black stripes glimpsed through the mannequins on the third picture!

  6. Oh sorry but I rather like these ! I like an outfit where one garment is in a plain colour which features in a pattern on another garment worn with it . The colours are not my favourite ones but I could imagine wearing the olive/beige/black ensemble . What really caught my eye was the snazzy bright pink sweater with the black zebra stripes which I would wear with black trousers (UK) ie pants (US) .

  7. None of these are in my colour palate so I would pass. I would however consider the white and gray sweater on the left and the one on the right with the diagonal that comes in a blue and black combination. I would need to try them on though because on most of these sweaters the sleeves look wide and in my mind sloppy. If they do not come in petite there is no way to shorten this kind of sleeve while a sweater with a cuff can always be turned up or pushed up. I do like that each sweater requires little adornment and that a pair of earrings would be all you would need. Where and how the collars sits is also key in a sweater and thus it’s best to try them on.

  8. These sweaters say “fun” and would look good on a tall woman, especially the one with the leopard shoulders. But with my small frame, they would overwhelm me. Happy Saturday!

  9. I sort of like these sweaters. I’m not a big pattern fan so blocked designs like this are interesting. Pretty colors but not my most flattering.

  10. I actually have the sweater shown in the display with the green pants; however, I have it in the neutral tones. I received many compliments when I wore it recently and I like the neckline as I am cold natured year round. It is not a tight neck, it is perfect for me. I have not seen the other designs featured as I have mostly been shopping online since having foot surgery on August 31st and have been mostly at home recovering.

  11. Morning Pam! Ii would wear these combinations! Kind of fun. Also, can you link the pants? Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. I would wear the the khaki green sweater. It would work with various colors of pants, thus I’d be able to make different outfits for each color block.

  13. I would wear the one with leopard print at the top. I don’t usually wear animal prints but this one is fun without being obnoxious.

  14. At first I wasn’t impressed, but the more I thought about them, the more I liked them. The colors aren’t my best, but the casual and loose style intrigued me. I am tall and blond. I might try them on and check the fabric content to make sure they are comfortable.

  15. Yes, Charlie Brown! It’s Charles Schultz’s 100th birthday today. I know that, because I am in his birthplace, Minneapolis today. The Mall of America was crazy yesterday!

  16. Well, while they look like nice quality, the patterns wouldn’t be kind to me. I checked my closet, I only have solid color sweaters, I guess because of the bulk of the sweater, I stiCk to solids to not look even bigger.

  17. For my personal style, likes and dislikes,I would not wear any of these tops. I have spent the past five years slowly but surely losing weight to get to my ideal weight, and am done with clothes that are oversized.
    I love Dillards, have shopped them since the 70s. And love their Investment line. Have a few of their tops and pants in my closet, their products are well made, good quality and reasonably priced.
    Now the tan colors I like alot because they are a neutral that I can dress up or down. Hope this helps.

  18. These are lovely sweaters. Because I’m short and a large lady, I would not wear the two sweaters with horizontal designs. The poncho is lovey, too. Again, I would not wear it. Even with its classic design, to my eyes, it is trendy. But, I keep and wear my clothing for years. Most of my wardrobe is composed of pieces that can be worn with a minimum of three other items to enable multiple outfits. The patterns in these pieces are too dominant to achieve different looks, even with a change in color for pants/skirts. Finally, the patterns would serve to make me look shorter, too. They would visually cut my body in half. They would be wonderful for those with a different body type than mine or those who are not obsessed with having every item in their wardrobe function as a work horse.

  19. I love parts of all of them. Even though I’m 65 (Monday) I still like fun clothes. I’d change the high neckline on one and lengthen a couple of them.

  20. Hi Pam . It appears my original post was lost but yes I would wear these fun tops with jeggings or leggings. The only difficulty I see in our climate is wearing them with a coat. The coat would have to be a generous cut for the sleeves and bulk to fit properly.

  21. Not for me in color or cut. I would wear a geometric pattern in a blouse and in my color palette. I’m short and patterns seem heavy on a sweater. I think that since pants got wider (even just straight v skinny) the longer sweaters don’t work as well. I was in Dillards yesterday and most of it seemed dated and matronly. I do enjoy this feature and the discussion!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

  22. I would pass on the sweaters because they aren’t in my colors. I would wear the black pants and black dress in your shopping widget , though! They are nice classics and have great reviews on the Dillards website, especially the pants. Thanks for introducing me to the Dillards Investment clothing line! I am going to check out more of their items!

  23. The scale of these patterns would overwhelm me. Plus, it’s all too boxy for my shape. This is a common theme now for me, so the upside is that I’ll be shopping my closet and saving money.

  24. No to the sweaters … not my style. But very definitely yes to the pants. They look really comfy and stylish … and a nice quality.

  25. Yes love all of the mannequins. Sweaters and pants. Lovely cosy casual winter wear.As always would try on but do love the styles

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