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Happy Wednesday, friends.  It is once again time for Today’s News for Women over 50.

I want to begin Today’s news with a comment about how I am curating these headlines.

It is a very natural process for me…I literally search the communications world for the best information from trusted resources.

Information, I believe, that will be helpful to the women over 50 audience.

However, there are times those resources get the story wrong… happened last week.

A few websites ran with the story that JoAnn Fabrics was closing several locations.

I heard from a representative of the company immediately last Wednesday to offer clarification:

“In 2023, JOANN will proudly celebrate 80 years of inspiring handmade happiness in millions of customers and more than 20,000 Team Members. While our ecommerce business continues to grow, our stores provide customers an enjoyable experience to connect with others, learn new skills and explore their creativity. Despite unfounded reports, JOANN has no plans to close its physical stores, and will continue to be the source for creators to bring their inspiration to reality.   In alignment with standard brick and mortar business processes, JOANN closes stores occasionally while simultaneously investing in, and opening brand new stores to best meet the needs of our customers. JOANN is scheduled to close only eight stores — out of our field of over 800 — over the next three months, and there are a myriad of instances which would yield Team Members to receive severance packages.   

Over the course of 2022, JOANN has:   

  • Relocated 20 stores to ensure the most optimal shopping experience is available to our customers, based on research analytics.   
  • Updated eight stores with Store Merchandise Optimization, which provides a product assortment tailored to the needs and desires of customers within the market, as a proactive action based on customer feedback.   
  • Completely remodeled five stores with new store features, technological advancements, innovative branding and more.   
  • Opened a new JOANN location in Myrtle Beach, SC.   

JOANN will continue to unveil new stores with updated features and offerings in 2023. 

JOANN physical store locations and the ecommerce business will continue to be available to customers, as we advance our mission to inspire creativity. “

I know this is good news for some of you, and wanted to make sure I got the word out to you as sent to me.

Now, grab your warm, cozy beverage and a comfy spot and let’s get started with Today’s News.


Today's News

INC.: Keep Forgetting Things? Neuroscience Says This Memory-Fixing Brain Habit Works Best

Sci Tech Daily: Study Shows Brains With More Vitamin D Function Better

CNET: 8 Tips to Quit Drinking Alcohol That Actually Work

Healthline: High Protein Breakfast May Help Prevent Overeating and Obesity

Well + Good: Are Short or Long Walks Better for Your Health?

CNN: Scientists finally know why people get more colds and flu in winter

The Conversation: Shorter days affect the mood of millions of Americans – a nutritional neuroscientist offers tips on how to avoid the winter blues

Eating Well3 sneaky reasons you wake up feeling tired, according to a new study



Today's News

This is my Garden: How To Help Birds Survive Winter – 3 Ways To Keep Birds Safe!

Apartment Therapy: Erin Napier Colormatched Her Kitchen Cabinets To Mrs. Patmore’s In “Downton Abbey”

Real Simple: How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Pro, According to a Macy’s Designer

Taste of Home: The Best Way to Pick Up Christmas Tree Needles

The Kitchn: 5 Things Ina Garten Keeps on Her Kitchen Counters

House Beautiful: The Living Room Trends That Will Be Huge in 2023

Better Homes & Gardens: 7 updates you can do now to prepare your home for the holidays



Today's News

Taste of Home: Grandma’s Best Tricks for Baking with Butter and Party Shrimp Recipe: How to Make It

Skinny Taste: Parmesan-Herb Baked Salmon 

Sally’s Baking Complete Guide to Cookies

Food and Wine: Pesto Pork Tenderloin and Martha Stewart Has a Genius Use for Candy Canes

Nourish: 16 One-Pot High Protein Dinner Recipes for Winter

Plant PoweredOne Pot Lentil Vegetable Soup with Parmesan

Better Homes & Gardens: 20 easy party snacks for low-stress entertaining


Today's News

Popular Science: Rosemary is the secret to long and healthy hair. Here’s how to use it to grow luscious locks.

Business Insider: We asked hairstylists their biggest pet peeves at the salon — here are their 8 rules of customer etiquette

InStyle: Why You Should Incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year Into Your Makeup Routine

Glam: 25 Shag Haircuts To Inspire Your Next Hair Appointment

BEAUTY NEWS: Chamonix Skincare has officially changed its name to GENUCEL.  I still believe it to be the best skincare and I have used the Genucel products daily for year.  They have specials on.



Today's News

CNN:‘ It’s a Wonderful Life’ still draws fans to movie theaters – decades after its release

Only in Your State: This Texas Christmas Town Is Straight Out Of A Norman Rockwell Painting

The Discoverer: The Quaintest Towns in Americaand These Ice Hotels are Chillingly Beautiful

Southern Living: How to Wrap Christmas Presents like a Pro

Well, those are the headlines in Today’s News and I hope you find something interesting and educational here.

Please share any thoughts….thank you so much for being here…and remember….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. I can’t believe I never thought of that candy cane idea before, ice cream lover that I am! Tossing crushed candy canes and some chopped up chocolate chips and refreezing will replicate the wonderful Chick-fil-A peppermint shake! Definitely doing this after Christmas with my candy canes.

  2. Pam, I started this late today and haven’t finished reading yet. You have really outdone yourself today!!! There are so many good articles in each section. Wow. BTW, I love all the different mug photos that you have featured in your posts. I wish I had a collection of them. Thanks again for all the hard work you do.

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