Would You Wear It – Fall Clothing Display

Would You Wear It

Happy December Saturday, everyone!  Today is Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.

On Saturdays, we post fashion displays which captured our attention and make us wonder if you would wear the clothing.

Thank you to everyone who participates each week and helps to make this fun and educational.

So…cozy down…and let’s get going today with Would You Wear It???


Would You Wear It

I usually label my displays with a theme name of some kind, but all I could come up with today is Fall Clothing Display.

This group of three had very little in common with one another…which is not often the case.

Remember to tell us if you would or would not wear what you see and why.

And, of course, you may always comment on the display itself…does it motivate you to try on the clothing or how would you change it to reach that goal.

The comments are an important read for women on these posts…so please share.

Would You Wear It

So, give these three mannequins in this display your best fashionista eye and tell us……………………………………………………………………


I discovered this display at KOHL’S..in the Nine West Department..and Kohl’s has a Dashing Deals sale on through tomorrow.

In this slideshow, are all of the garments in the display…I know many of you like to see more Information….

Would You Wear It

This little snowflake set would be fun for a young granddaughter.


Would You Wear It

The top three selling items on Over 50 Feeling 40 this past week were the Fuzzy Fair Isle Raglan Sweater   from Talbots.

Remember, I said to size down…I am comfortably wearing a Medium…it is a tad oversized.

Would You Wear It

The second best seller was the Caviar Trim V-Neck Pullover sweater in Pottery Barn from Chico’s.

Several of you also like various versions of the Pull-on jeggings.

Would You Wear It

And, my fun Odema Women Rhinestone Bee Ballerina Shoes from Walmart…and they are very comfortable and holiday fun!

The sponsored posts with Walmart and featuring me with my grandchildren was the top read, Walmart Fashion: Holiday Fun for all ages

And also at the top was Holiday Fun at Talbots with Leigh & Me.

Holiday is such a fun time on the blog…love it!

So, now tell us what you think of the Would You Wear It display…then head over to A Well Styled Life to tell Jennifer about her display…join me tomorrow for Sunday Mornings at Home…and always, always…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It


  1. Good morning! I would not wear any of these outfits: my body type is inverted triangle, so I am better off with a more tailored, closer-fitting top. The volume needs to be down at the bottom. I am also not a fan of the faux leather craze; I’ll sit this one out!

  2. I wouldn’t look twice at this display because the grouping (as you mentioned) doesn’t make any sense. It appears that the items were haphazardly taken off the rack and placed on mannequins without any thought of theme or style.

  3. Well, I would not wear a clothing tag as a necklace :). As a larger woman, I don’t think the leather look or coated pants concept is for me. But I might wear the slim black pants. I like the coral cardigan, but would have to check the fabric as it looks like there are no natural fibers and it has a rather stiff, plastic-looking drape. I would need to size down because I prefer a closer fit, even in an oversized garment. I like the silhouette of the sweater with the decorative zipper, but I don’t want one with a sheen. The plaid blazer is thick and oversized and would add a lot of unwanted pounds to my figure.

  4. I’m not a Kohl’s shopper, but would find this display rather unattractive if I was in the store. Would have me hurrying past rather than stopping. All the clothes appear ill-fitting, which does not make for an attractive display. The colors are especially bland. Not a trend/fad follower, so the shoulder pad idea in jackets is not at all appealing. Looks very 80’s/early 90’s, and gives a wide look to the body. Oversized doesn’t appeal to me at all, looks like hiding inside your clothes. Faux leather has nothing on the real deal, but it seems to be everywhere. The ivory sweater is a nice color, but looks cheap with the zipper, and the neckline looks uncomfortable, and it looks too big. These would be my reasons for walking by.

  5. I have a quarter zip cream colored sweater, minus the apparent sequins, so that caught my eye as something I would possibly wear. The cardigan in front is a color I love wearing, but this one has dropped sleeves, and I just don’t care for that look on me. Black slacks are always good, but I would steer clear of the faux leather pair. The plaid jacket just isn’t my style or in colors that flatter.

  6. No to the plaid jacket, fake leather pants and combat boots; not my classic style at all. I can not pull off on outfit like this and I would not even try. I searched and found the zip sweater on the Kohl’s site and it’s on sale for less than $30; it has a bit of sparkle to it; it’s understated, classic. I would wear it if our climate was cooler! Our Kohl’s store here is so haphazard and I never know where departments are; they seem to change things around often which makes me avoid it.

  7. Well my favourite fabric is the gorgeous coral cardigan . However I had to wear too many cardigans as a schoolgirl which put me off . If it were a v-neck sweater that would be lovely . The pockets could be removed , I guess – knitted pockets always bag if used at all . I also like the cream sweater with subtle sparkle but wonder if that might make it scratchy ? The checked very tailored jacket is very much me but I would prefer it in greys rather than browns .

  8. Good morning! The coral sweater, while I like the color, the cut isn’t right for me, because it ends at my widest point. The jacket I might be able to get away with if I wear it open. I would pair it with the tan slacks in the 2nd picture and a white or tan lightweight top. Of course, the slacks for me would need to be full length. I also like the off white pullover sweater in he second picture. The pleather pants are a no for me, I can’t imagine the noise these thighs would make on those, I’m picturing something like when I stopped wearing corduroys. And would the pleather not wear in the friction areas? I’ve never tried so I just don’t know.

  9. Not a fan of today’s choices but not just because the colours are not in my wheelhouse. No to the sweaters with dropped sleeves. Are they easier to produce? Please, please go away. No to the blazer because I find double breasted ones look nice closed but undone they tend to fall in weird and unusual ways.

  10. I live neutrals so both outfits in the first frame are pieces I would wear with a but if color added in scarves, cami or belts, handbag. They are me!
    The coral cardi looks a bit rumpled here but I love the color! Because it doesn’t really look attractive as shown, , I would probably pass on by.
    Happy Saturday!

  11. The outfit with the plaid jacket is the only one I find interesting but I wouldn’t wear it because the jacket looks too oversized for me. I’m hoping this trend will pass soon. Your bee shoes are fabulous! Happy Saturday my friend! xo

  12. I do wear neutrals so I’d oribabky wear the pieces in the beige frame. The only piece I’m not certain about might be those faux leather pants. I prefer faux suede if faux anything.
    The rumpled coral sweater would be a display I’d ignore. If items are displayed haphazardly I tend not to be attracted to any of it. Just me I guess!
    Happy Saturday!

  13. Assuming the cream quarter zip is my shade of white or comes in one of my dark winter shades, and switching to black faux leather pants, big yes on that outfit! I do like the colors of the outfit as is on someone with warm coloring. To me those light sandy neutrals read California cool. I would the jacket. I’ll pretend it’s gray for discussion purposes, not brown. It’s pretty streamlined for double breasted so I might be able to swing it. Yes to the faux leather pants and combat or chunky boots. I like edgy! I wore faux leather pants and chunky boots just yesterday. Cardigan is a no in color and cut, seems shapeless. Thanks for this and love the discussion!

  14. I’d have to see it in person but I like the half-zip sweater and tan pants — a nice everyday outfit. I don’t like the other colors, and the coral sweater has way too much fabrric in the sleeves. The faux leather pants are too shiny for me. BTW, I live in rural RI and metro Maine and have not seen anyone in (faux) leather pants. The only pair I’ve seen was on a trendy young woman in greater Boston area : she wore with combat boots. Virtually everybody else, female or male, was wearing sneakers or running shoes.

  15. My favorite outfit is the zip-neck sweater which I did not realize had some spark to it until seeing it in black. Then I could see the sparkly aspect of the off white. This item, as someone else said, it dressy but understated which is good. I would enjoy wearing this to holiday events. I am not a fan of the leather or faux leather pants although some like and wear them. As another blogger said, it’s like wearing plastic garbage bags! The cardigan is a pretty color, but too large for that mannequin. I like the plaid blazer but would prefer it in a cooler plaid color.

  16. I like most of the individual pieces, but this display certainly doesn’t show them well! I feel as though each outfit is too large for the model, and each one is missing something, especially around the neck. A black turtleneck with the blazer, a black cami with the sweater, and a glitzy-ish scarf or colorful turtleneck with the sweater would be my choices (of course, I’m not in Texas!)

  17. First: why is it that every display has some beautiful/lovely clothing, but is so big on the mannequins that it looks distasteful. How hard would it be to put a smaller size on the mannequins so that the display really gives you an idea of how it would look on a real person!
    Okay, having got that off my chest, I really like the jacket and the zip neck sweater. Could wear either one. I like the idea of pull on pants, but must have pockets, so that eliminates alot of pull ons.
    The fuzzy sweater looks awesome as dies the v neck top. Even the colors are ones that would work in my closet.
    So look forward to your posts. Thank you.

  18. The color of the cardigan is one of my best. I have several items in this color. I avoid
    patch pockets at my hips because they don’t flatter me, so this is a no.

  19. Beginning with the sweaterS, a ‘yes’ to the cream zippered one as have similar in style (without embellishments) whereas the cardigan though I do love its color is a design I seldom wear as feel frumpy in them. (Currently only own two, one of which is similar in style but is cropped and the other is that of a real suede and is faux fur lined but still I seldom wear them.) As to the pants; IF leggings and not a knit, they would be a toss up as often go up a size and wear as tapered slim cut/straight legged pant. FTR I have been ‘on the fence’ about faux leather ones however I recently took the plunge and ordered a pair (from Mango online) so are awaiting their arrival. Regarding the footwear shown, I feel they go with the outfits displayed. Last but not least; I do love blazers (as are a Staple in my Fall wardrobe) however since prefer single breasted I would be snipping off the buttons and if brass finished replacing the closure one. Secondly (being a hobby sewer) it would depend upon its fit and how well the plaid pattern matched plus its overall construction. As to pairing it; I would most likely choose a bottom in the brown family (not black) and for a choice in top it would be either a camisole, scoop or turtle neck picking up a color in the jacket. (I’m seeing what resembles a dark purple which I would wear opposed to one in the brown family.) -Brenda-

  20. I would love to have a tweed blazer if I could find one that fit.. Im just so top heavy. If the price were right for the coral colored cardigan.. and it fit, I would wear it. I love leopard print shoes.
    The half zip sweater is just so-so. I have a top similar to the copper v neck top. I like that one.
    Happy Saturday!

  21. Oh my! This is a very sloppy and tired-looking display. It does nothing for the garments on the mannequins.

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