Would You Wear It for Casual Denim Style


Would You Wear It

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend Jennifer.

Today, I am featuring a display I call casual denim style.

Jennifer and I look for fashion displays from around our world which make us stop and wonder what you would think of the clothes and the display.

Would you wear them…or not?  Would you restyle the display…or do you like it?  Lots to comment on today.

So, I hope you will join both of us as we discuss….Would You Wear It/


Would you wear it

First, allow me to apologize.  I do not believe I have ever done back to back displays from the same store.

But,  I am in COVID recovery and have not been out as much as I usually do…and I have not been to the mall at all this past week.

So, ladies, we are back at KOHL’S for this casual denim display.

Please, look the entire display over including accessories.

Also, does the fashion merchandising design of this display motivate you to try on anything here.

Would you wear it

So, please explain your thoughts for everyone reading the comments, and answer this question……


As I said, these are at Kohl’s…here is a link for KOHLS TOPS…and through tomorrow use the code LETSGO20 for an additional 20% off on anything.


Would You Wear It

Tis the season for Sheec!  Whether you are needing the no show footwear or whether you want a great stocking stuffer or gift.

These fun Women’s Wool Socks are winter-perfect as gifts for you or for others.

Would you wear it

Would You Wear It


Here is how I wear my Sheec Socks….with ballet flats, I like the Sole Hugger Secret 3.0, Ultra low-cut.

I own them in nude and black.

Would You Wear it

Would You Wear it

With my loafers and sneakers, I love the No Show Socks for casual shoes, the Active-X, low-cut.

They come in five colors…I have black and nude.  But I need to order the navy.

The material is so comfy and they do not slip while wearing.

Remember Sheec this holiday season….and the big End of Year Sale is going on now.

How is your gift shopping going…if I can help in any way, please let me know.

Now, tell us what you think about the Would You Wear display…then head over to A Well Styled Life to comment there….and make sure that you always…


By Pamela Lutrell

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Would You Wear It


  1. Yes to the Sheec socks, I wear them and really like them. They are truly no-show, and I especially enjoy the lightweight ones in spring and summer. They truly stay on your feet with zero slipping. Love them! The display….I would not look twice, mostly due to the muddy colors. Also the cardigan looks oversized and I’m not in to that (nor dropped sleeves), and the other tops are not a style I like. Definitely no on the cropped jeans. I think it’s mainly that these things look like fast fashion and would feel like fast fashion. I’m staying away from that now so would pass. But the Sheec socks… highly recommend those! I didn’t know you had covid. I’m so sorry for you! I’ve had it twice myself and know how tough that is. Never have fully recovered taste or sense of smell after the first time, and that was 18 months ago! Hopefully you will soon feel back to normal. It takes a long time, I know!

  2. I like those grey utility pants. I’m not a skinny jeans person so that straight leg with ankle detail appeals to me.

    I like the sweater, the high-hip style is good for my petite pear-shaped frame. I’d have to see the color in-person to know for sure. My Remote Work in a semi-heated room over the garage wardrobe has plenty of room for heavy cotton sweaters.

    With all the talk in recent posts about style I’m going to say that blouses with bibs/ruffles are not my style and I’d pass on those.

  3. Hi Pam! Good morning! I’m a pretty difficult pant shopper- thin hips and thighs and thick waist. The jean size I need I can’t button. That’s an issue, but I do see these blue jeans as what appear to be a nice cut. ( the grey pair I’m not as certain).
    I don’t care for either top- for me. I wear turtlenecks with jeans in winter – light weight cashmere not the most costly (j crew is my go to) and i take meticulous care of mine – I learned from an old school laundress. I also like layering shirts under crew neck sweaters in bright colors, or navy. In warmer weather white shirts. I’m pretty standard in how I dress.

  4. Good Morning – My first impression of the display is that it just does not have your “5” words that you recommend we create so that we are dressing with confidence and style. To me the display looks like I opened my closet and grabbed something old to wear to run an errand and hope no one sees me.!
    Socks, definitely yes!!
    thank you for sharing your knowledge. I really enjoy your blog and you have made me so much more aware of style.

  5. The only garment I like enough to wear would be the pink top with darker pink flowers on the right . I like the longer gathered sleeves and the print . I can see it for an English summer , perhaps with a lightweight jacket ? I don’t wear jeans so don’t have preferences for colour or cut .

  6. Good morning, the grey pants and rust sweater is a no, already looks like old clothes to me…..the other jeans yes if they were longer…the other two tops I like, but in a different print, especially the ruffled blouse.

  7. Ya know, I think I own that cardigan in a lavender color-ha! It’s actually kind of fun, ’cause it’s different for me. I’d also wear the pink floral top (all with my own jeans). Take care, I didn’t realize you had covid, again. Boo! P.S. I also have sheec socks, but haven’t worn them too much, as I’ve been more into anklets.

  8. My first thoughts were very similar to Karen’s. I would probably not be interested in this display because it is so dull and colorless to me. If the different tops were brighter colors, especially the sweater, I would be interested. I do like the jeans which appear slightly boot cut or straight, but not the shorter gray pair. I also like the crossbody bag. I have suggested the Sheec socks to people many times since I discovered them. I’ve told you before about my smaller foot due to the effects of polio on my leg leg, and my struggle to find socks like these that will stay on that foot. Sheec is the only brand I’ve found that is successful. I need to buy some of the winter style now that are to be worn with short boots. Please do not feel you need to apologize for not doing this or that due to your COVID. I have not had COVID but know how it can control your life for sadly much longer than one likes. I’m just thankful you are getting better now…and your house is back in order decorated beautifully.

  9. Yes, yes. Those denim styles fit me to a tee! I love the colors for this time of year, but they don’t look too heavy for a Florida snowbird. It does get a little chilly in January.

  10. Hi Pam! Hope you’re over your bout with Covid! The overall look of the display was not very appealing. The pink patterned top is frumpy and the shoes displayed with it would look better swapped with the ones on the mannequin with they grey pants. I did like the slouchy sweater but would like to see it in different colors that might be a bit more dramatic. The mannequin with the long sleeve top was the more appealing of the three as it was a bit more stylish and better fitting. I do wish stores would use more realistic mannequins instead of these Stepford Wives replicas. Also, love the gold tassel loafers that you wore when showing the sheec Sox…what brand are they? I think adding a metallic is always fun and has so much versatility.

  11. I would have to see these in person, but from the pic they don’t look to have the quality I expect. The dyes look faded, and the sweater may have the dreaded curling at the hems. Kohls has some decent quality things, but I have to go through so much thin-as-glass fabric, stuff that is pilling already, and poorly sewn seams that I just don’t bother to shop there for clothing. Nothing is displayed nicely; the last time I was there (not during the holiday season), cartons were actually left in the aisles and customers had started picking through them, tossing rejects over neighboring clothing racks, dangling from the boxes and slipping to the floor. It was clear no employee had looked at them for days. I might be prejudiced on this display as a result.

  12. @Paulette: Re jeans and not able to button; provided you can still zipper them and/or plan not to tuck in your top, you might want to consider using a ‘pony-tail elastic’ (preferably the braided type/often come in packages of several/i.e. Goody brand) and v-loop one end through the garment’s buttonhole and the other end around the button itself. Though durable they are very forgiving when it comes to how much they can stretch.

  13. I’m afraid I would only take a brief look at this display as find the colors drab nor are the styles my personal taste. As to the no-show liner socks; agree that Secret is definitely one of the better brands. -Brenda-
    Tip: Re liners socks; in event you do have a pair that has a tendency to slip, try ‘cutting out just the heel portion’ leaving just its band.

  14. Nope to all…the colors are wrong for me and the sweater too boxy. I’m short (5’1”) and overweight, so do better with less bulk. I have found items at Kohls, but it wouldn’t be these items. And I buy jeans that I like and fit well at 2 stores – Macys and Chicos, so I stick to those stores because it saves my time and energy.

  15. Pam, hope you are steadily recovering and feeling a little better every day. I was diagnosed with the flu and pneumonia this week, and I passed out in my own bathroom and broke my nose, to make matters worse. Your posts are a spot of sunshine in these long days! I share your coloring, so I think the cardigan in the cinnamon/rust color might work for me. But Janet nailed it with her comment that these look like outfits you would throw on to run an errand and hope you didn’t run into anybody that you knew. I used to shop almost exclusively at Kohl’s, but their quality continues to decline and I find myself gravitating to J Jill for any significant purchases. I’m also having a hard time finding excuses to buy clothes. Since we went almost 2 years without wearing “real clothes” I still have a lot of items I bought in 2020 and 2021 with tags on them. Please take it easy and make yourself a priority so that you can be well enough to enjoy the holidays with your family!

  16. When I first looked at this display, it did not appeal to me as I thought the shapes and colors would not be flattering to me. Nothing about the display that the store put together drew me in. But, when I came back to it a little later, I must say that the outfit with the cardigan with the dark gray pants could potentially work for me if the pants were slim fitting enough and if I wore a slim black v-neck cami under the cardigan. I would have to try it on to know for sure. But, with that said, if I were looking for an outfit such as this, I would probably look for a different cardigan as I prefer them a bit more fitted and without pockets as the pockets tend to droop and look pulled down and don’t resonate with my crisper personal aesthetic. If the pockets were tighter to the sweater body itself, then I might consider this one.

  17. Casual denim is fine although I prefer a darker wash. These outfits look like fall to me, not holiday or winter. I prefer the longer jeans to the more cropped style (the gray ones)

  18. Oh no! I hope you recover quickly. Covid is brutal.
    This display doesn’t appeal to me at all. The colors feel drab for me so I wouldn’t give this display a second look.

  19. The good (or really just OK): the cut and length of the straight jeans, the cargo pants, the cut of the sweater, the shape of the cross body. The bad: all if the colors and the wash of the jeans (cheap looking). The rugged boot with the jeans/blouse. The frills and patterns. All of the materials look cheap. I would wear that cardigan with straight jeans half tucked along with sneakers or chelsea boots. These days I pretty much only shop Kohls for Adidas and Sephora. I do love the Lauren Conrad for the younger set.

    Thanks for the sock rec! I struggle to find no shows that won’t slide off my narrow back of foot or that are minimal enough for some of my loafers and flats!

    I hope you continue to recover. I’m
    proud of you for facing your fear of walking! That has to be so hard.

    I so appreciate your positive, gracious outlook and the sweet little community you have created here! My small request would be to show some ideas for the cool seasoned palettes.

  20. Hi Shari! When I wear clothes from my closet, it will be warm styles. But when I go to dressing rooms and put together slideshows, I do show cool palettes. Let me put something together for you for Monday!

  21. The display just looks like cheap and less than high quality. There are much better options with other retailers. I have old Chicos jeans that look better than the ones displayed. The loafers are interesting. I have a new pair of comfortable loafers or I would consider those. Looks like a color that would work with everything.

  22. I’d definitely wear the look, as it resembles everything in my closet. I’d also keep walking as I have no need to shop for more of the same “comfy/weathered” look.

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