Would you wear red plaid after Christmas…..and more!

red plaid after Christmas

Happy Tuesday, all!  Today I want to ask your opinion…Would you wear red plaid after Christmas?

For some reason, in my head, red plaid is a Christmas/holiday fashion statement.

But, I hoping to discover that this is not true…like white pants can be worn anytime.

Last year, I received this wonderful tunic from Foxcroft.

However, the week after Christmas I packed it away not to be seen until now.

I understand that seasonal clothing has a higher cost per wear, and that is a consideration for me.


red plaid after Christmas

Of course, I am drawn to red, and I love this plaid that is a mix with green.

However, it may be the red & green that makes it feel seasonal to me.

There are many plaids that do not attract me at all, and my favorites are the red Tartan plaids.

All comments and ideas welcome here.

Are these too seasonal…. red plaids after Christmas?

Here are a few plaids I have found that I wonder if you would wear after Christmas?


red plaids after Christmas

As you can see, much of my Christmas decor includes red plaids…there is more than these three images.

I typically put these decorations away in early January and perhaps that has influenced what I feel about the clothing.

I am open and really want to hear your thoughts on the matter. Would You Wear Red Plaid after Christmas?


red plaid after Christmas

One of our wonderful readers, Maeve, recommended this book to me recently.

I read a description…ordered…and read it in my new reading room, cover to cover this past weekend.

Maeve, I throughly enjoyed it and it is rich with lessons for today.  Thank you for the recommendation.

The book is The Christmas Pearl, by Dorothea Benton Frank. 

Now, please tell me….Would you or do you wear red plaid after Christmas?  Thanks for being here…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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red plaid after Christmas


  1. I love your red plaid shirt, and if I had it, I would definitely wear it after Christmas. It is so pretty and looks good on you so go for it! I have some items bought for Christmas but they do not say anything “ Christmasey” and I wear them afterwards. I especially enjoy my scarf decorated with red cardinals and green holly…wintertime scenes, not just Christmas. And Dorothea Benton Frank- what a favorite author. Sadly she died a few years ago, but she wrote many books taking place in the South, and all are fun reads. I will look for this one you read.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Celia. Your scarf sounds lovely. The book link to Amazon is in the post…click and you are there.

  3. If you love it, enjoy it. I love plaid and that top looks so nice on you.
    May you and your family have a blessed Christmas and happiness in the new year?

  4. Well, I was never one much for plaid, I think it makes me look bigger. So I guess I would say no….I only have one plaid shirt, with very little red in it, it is long sleeved though, and I think I would wear it past Christmas.

  5. Thanks Sheryl! It really depends on the design of the garment. I think this plaid tunic makes me look smaller than I am…all in the design.

  6. Yes, I definitely wear both red and green plaid after Christmas. This year I purchased the quilted red plaid jacket from Talbots. Plan to wear it all winter. Love your plaid shoes by the way.

  7. I’m not a huge plaid wearer, and I’m no longer preppy, but I love red plaid, especially worn with black leather like the first example or in a flannel shirt. Red plaid and leather can be very rocker/punk like Vivienne Westwood’s designs in the 70s and that’s how I like it. I’m Jewish so Christmas is not a consideration for me though like you I do enjoy the plaid in decor when out and about. Also as a dark winter those colors are my jam!

  8. I do like your red plaid shirt. I have always considered this to be Christmas attire too, though I’m not sure why. Maybe because it is so expected?? I don’t wear my red plaid after Christmas but thinking about it, that seems silly. I think it’s what we see so much in Christmas decor, so it might alter our thinking! I did read that book years ago and enjoyed it. Her other books have lost their appeal (speaking strictly for myself) due to the themes, but she was a talented writer.

  9. I have not read her other books. This was the first. So I will check them out. Thanks Karen.

  10. Hi Pam, I look forward to ordering the book, your quote from it, drew me in as I found it to be so true. Thank you for the suggestion. Hubby and I are both down with COVID so I am looking forward to a good book as I don’t have much energy.

    I think you can wear red plaid all thru the winter, it isn’t just for the holidays! That particular shirt looks fabulous on you. (I tried to order last year but it was sold out in my size). It fits your adjectives to a tee and it made me smile to see you wearing it. Enjoy it all winter!

  11. I think it depends on the plaid as well. Talbots has a couple of lovely red plaid jackets-coats, and I’d wear them all winter. But mostly, I’d “hide” the full effect by which I mean I’d add a third piece. So with somethng as holiday-ish as your tunic, I’d add a black pullover (yes, hard to do over a tunic) or cardigan that would dilute the Christmas effect some. But I do think there is a holiday season and wearing bright red plaid could take mee though January. It’s a cute tunic on you, and if makes you feel joyful, then wear it by all means.

  12. Yes I would definitely wear plaid after Christmas. I actually have a tartan plaid button down from Foxcroft a brand you recommended.
    I love wearing it. Thanks!

  13. I am beginning to agree that it is silly not to wear it after Christmas! Thanks Maeve..,I enjoyed the book so much.

  14. Well as a child my mother was always dressing me in Stuart tartans so that would be the one with a red background and the one with white . This was really because my father claimed Scottish ancestry ! I quite liked them then but never wear tartan now , nor checks in general . I had never before heard that there were rules for when particular tartans can be worn but I live in the UK – maybe there are special rules for the USA ?

  15. I love many plaids, especially Blackwatch, but I also like the Stuart tartans, which feature a lot of red. For a bracelet I was making, I did a pretty deep dive into the various clans and their tartans, which is a fascinating look at “fashion.” We once had a Shetland sheepdog I named Tartan. In my opinion, for sure they can be worn after Christmas. I would wear it, just tone the tunic down (skip metallic flats, velvet, crystal jewelry, hair accessories, faux fur). I do think the quality in items like this matters a great deal if wearing beyond the holiday. Sometimes the inexpensive, beaded tops look to me like someone had to go to a holiday-themed party, and likely picked up something cheap to wear, given the shortness of the season (at least, I have done that). That would not be a problem with Foxcroft, as they are made so beautifully. I vote that you wear it and enjoy it all winter, with a pair of jeans or black leggings and a cool pair of sneakers.

  16. Pam, you look beautiful in this tunic! I would wear it through February here in the frosty snowy New England climate , and I’m not sure if it’s a “weather thing” or that February is a month I connect with wearing red but absolutely keep it in your winter wardrobe.

  17. I think its the red and green combination that make me think Christmas. I have and like to wear plait shirts, but my red ones have navy, black or gray. Those colors tone down the red. Also, my plaids are small, but then I’m really short!

  18. I wear my red plaid skirt with white or black sweaters until Valentine’s day. The short season helps me wear it often.

  19. Oh absolutely yes! Red is one of my best colors so red plaid is an all year favorite. If dressing for the holidays I might pair it with black velvet.

  20. That tunic is gorgeous on you! Absolutely wear it all winter. I had a red plaid wool coat I loved and lived in all winter. My plaid flannel shirts are worn all winter including the red and green.

  21. Red & green plaid is also my favorite and I do only wear it at Christmas but, based on your post and the other readers’ comments, maybe I should re-think that. I hadn’t previously been introduced to Dorothea Benton Frank, but I immediately ordered the Kindle version of the Christmas Pearl and can’t wait to start reading it tonight! I so enjoy your blog and I always come away with something of value after reading it. Hope that you’re enjoying this wonderful season, Pamela!

  22. You look really nice in the plaid tunic, Pam!! Like Paulette, I wear red plaids through February. I tend to not wear plaids with metallic threads after New Years—I don’t know why, I just put away table cloths and clothes with metallic elements after New Years. I think of plaid as winter though, so when it is cold, I wear plaid clothes and use plaid textiles. I don’t find it odd when I see snowmen and things with pine ones after Christmas, either—but then I currently live in the Midwest where it is cold until March. So cold or cabin = plaid to me 😉

  23. Weighing in as a Pacific Northwesterner, plaid is generally worn year-round regardless of the colors. We just change up the fabrics from lightweight cottons to heavy, sometimes fleece-lined flannels. This isn’t my personal daily look, but I have a fair amount in my cozy-at-home wardrobe.

  24. I bought a warm buffalo plaid shirt and plan to wear it all winter. Many of my Christmas decorations are plaid. Love it!

  25. I think it depends on whether you have a large wardrobe.
    I do, and would probably put it away after Christmas.

    Even though my wardrobe is not minimalistic I would make the tunic my go-to casual top for wearing, and then wear it starting the day after Thanksgiving.

    It’s a lovely tunic and very flattering, well worth the price. No need to own a lot of other casual Christmas things with something as nice as this in your wardrobe. Wear it like crazy during the season and then retire it until next year.

    I can imagine when you taught school that you wanted lots of holiday wear because all the teachers I know are holiday dressers. Now that you’re out of that business you can pare down, but move up quality-wise.

  26. I love plaids I would wear it after Christmas as long as not much green in it. I love the plaids that are blue, black and some green that is my favorite. By the way you look good in that shirt. I’m not a big red wearing person.

  27. That tunic shirt is lovely on you, Pam! I have a red plaid blouse that I pair with a black tee or turtleneck underneath as it is a bit sheer. I often wear with black velvet skirt or pants. I wear this blouse from late November into January and use it for holiday parties or to dress a bit during this time of year. I think it would look odd other times of the year. It will continue to be in my wardrobe, part of my “special occasion” collection. I am not a minimalist, but I have been curating my closet bit by bit as I prepare for retirement. This blouse always makes the cut and stays!

  28. Personally I don’t see why one wouldn’t wear red plaid after Christmas but then again I live in Canada where it is related to Winter fabrics and not so much to those of Summer or Fall. i.e.: Wool verses cotton and/or their blends for example.
    As to what you are wearing; I feel the tunic length and it being nipped at the waistline is very flattering on you. -Brenda-

  29. You look radiant in your plaid tunic and it is very flattering on you. I would look ridiculous in plaid as I have a small torso, narrow shoulders and low contrast features. I think you should wear this tunic year round if it makes you feel happy, as it definitely is a winner.

  30. The red tunic flatters you and reinforces your style adjectives. Personally I have a hard time wearing red in any season – to me, it screams “look at me, look at me” in my fade into the background world. I tend to gravitate towards black watch plaid (my favorite 💙 and 💚)for my Christmas attire.

  31. Pam, that tunic looks great on you, and doesn’t “scream” Christmas to me. I think it’s the lighter colored background that makes it more versatile, but I would definitely wear this year round if it were colors I could wear. My best red is maroon, and I rarely wear plaids anywhere outside the house. My favorite item you’ve shown today is those gorgeous red plaid shoes! Perfect for the holidays, and they could brighten up almost any outfit! I’m recovering from a bad round of flu and pneumonia, and have had lots of time to reflect on your “joy” theme in the past week. Today I’m finding my joy in all my sick grandbabies being discharged from our fabulous local childrens’ hospital. None of them are well yet, but at least they can recover at home under one roof! Prayers for your continued recovery and immunity to any further seasonal “bugs!”

  32. Oh my goodness, sounds like your family has been hit hard. So glad everyone is out of the hospital and I pray everyone will be well soon.

  33. Red is one of my signature colors so I wear it year round. This tunic is so flattering! While I normally think horizontal strips ((the darker, brighter color in a plaid) is visually widening, the red strips right at the waist is a slimming feature – great attention to design! If I had this tunic it would be a winter staple

  34. I think the brighter, larger scale plaids in your selections look a bit Christmas-y, but not the smaller scale, less bright red plaid in the Talbots popover. I’m a little older than you, and I remember wearing red plaid dresses in both fall and winter as a child; they were some of my favorites. More recently I had a smaller scale, not-too-bright red plaid tunic that I used to wear to work at a school. It was the most flattering thing I had and I loved it. I think anything, especially a top, that’s not an in-your-face-bright plaid is perfectly appropriate for fall and winter – not so much spring and summer, for some reason.

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