Shop JJILL with Karen, Leigh & Me

Happy Thursday, ladies…we are back…this powerhouse shopping team…now come Shop JJILL with Karen, Leigh & Me.

I honestly believe we hit JJILL right before a new collection was placed on the floor.

But, we did find some pieces to show you…and spent the rest of the time in the sale racks.

There are some great selections on sale.

But, for now…let us show you what we found when we stopped in to Shop JJILL.


shop JJILL

Our honest assessment, from all three of us, is that to shop JJILL successfully, you should try on the clothing.

Sizing can be a bit of a challenge with this retailer at this time.

All of us like, and wear JJILL, for the casual style and comfy fabrics.  Still, we need to try on many selections in order to get the best fit.

In this opening, here is what each of us has on:

  1. Leigh Ann – The Boyfriend Jeans in the Chelsea Wash, Size 6 Petites; the Split-Neck Tab Sleeve Popover; and the Quilted Patch-Pocket Jacket in Small Petite.
  2. Karen – Pure Jill Pintucked Knit Tunic in a Medium, and the Authentic Fit Slim-Leg Jeans in Neptune Wash in a Size 10 R.
  3. Me – Boyfriend Jeans in a size 16 in the dark iconic wash; the Gardenscape Printed A-Line Top in a Large.  This top looks really cute with the Soft Long Blazer in bayleaf green.

I am a big fan of the JJILL boyfriend jeans and the fit.  You can see that Leigh Ann pulled her cuff down.  I have them in dark and light wash.

And, I just ordered the pine green boyfriend jeans since they are on sale for around $28. 


shop JJill

shop JJILL

Karen & I both liked this Pure JJILL Textured Square-Sleeve Cardi in midnight blue.

We are both wearing size medium, and I believe Karen could size down on this one.  I liked the fit of the medium on me, so I did not look to see if they had a petite.

When I was working as a teacher and later in office buildings, I liked the Pure JJILL line.

That has not changed for me.  It is still my favorite collection.

Underneath the cardi, Karen is wearing the Floral Expressions V-Neck Tunic…with has a navy blue base.

shop JJILL

My discoveries included two tops I liked.

This Simple Essence V-Neck Pullover in green escape….which I believe is lighter than the green on the website.

I do like the top….even with a dropped shoulder.  This is a size L.

shop JJill

This is a fun casual piece for cooler climates.

It is the Majestic Patch-Pocket Hooded Sweater in the sage heather color.

shop JJILL

Karen’s discovery was on the sale rack and both Leigh Ann & I encouraged her to purchase it.

This is the Majestic Reversible Double-Faced Cardi. 


Also, this jacket that I have enjoyed so much is on sale.

It is the Sedona Plaid Blazer.




If you like the active-wear-look, not just for working out but also for casual wear, JJILL has some nice selections in their FIT LINE.

Leigh Ann and I are wearing the Fit Cotton-Blend Ultimate Fleece Sweatshirt Tunic in the beautiful color called cinnabar.

I am learning with many brands that the minute the word “tunic” shows up, I need to go petite.  This was too big on me, but felt nice.

The Fit High-Rise Performance Leggings have a navy blue base and are soft, comfy and a great fit.

The Mannequin is wearing the Fit-on-the-go striped leg pant with the Fit Soft Funnel Neck Top.

Thank you for joining in to Shop JJILL with Karen, Leigh & Me.  I hope you have enjoyed our adventures this week.

We hope to go out again soon.

Let us know if you have any questions and make sure that you always….


By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. First off- the salad dressing recipe you posted last week (?) was so delicious! Yummy.
    Yes, I agree with your assessment of sizing at JJill. We Must get to the store to try on the items we like! Absolutely correct there.
    Love their softer denim best! And-You all look great! Such a good looking shopping trio!

  2. Good that you mentioned the need to try on at JJill. I do shop this brand, but have been more selective lately because right now my preferred style is more fitted. Generally, I go there looking for bottoms. Trying on is a necessity. I like how Leigh Ann uncuffed the jeans as that really elongates the leg. I do like the cardigan you encouraged Karen to buy. That’s very flattering on her. It’s really hard to find set-in sleeves in this brand, or pretty much any brand these days. Makes for a fun hunt, however, when shopping!

  3. I always look at shopping as a hunt! And some days the hunting is slim! One of the reasons I like the boyfriend Jean is because they go up and down with great fit. Thanks Karen!

  4. I love JJill’s Pure Jill for the comfort and fit, and my office items from there transitioned well to retirement. My JJill pieces, while not “exciting,” get some of the most wear of anything in my closet. I do wish the Pure Jill would come in some less muddy colors. I’ve had great longevity with some Fit leggings I bought last year. Of your selections today, I too liked the navy cardigan, and the navy outfit on the mannequin. I’m noticing around here that almost no one is wearing printed leggings anymore, and wonder if you are seeing the same thing.

  5. I would like to get to know Leigh and Karen a little better. Would you be willing to do one of those interview style posts on each of them? —- a bit about their families and activities, favorite styles, colors, places to shop, etc.

  6. I do not know if they will be comfortable with that, Linlee. But I will talk to them. I have already pushed them way out of their comfort zones. We will see.

  7. In San Antonio, printed leggings are still in and worn. But, we are a city that likes color and print overall.

  8. Back in the day I used to shop JJill a lot. But what you say about sizing is so true. I had to return a sweater that I bought last spring. The cut was too big and kind of off kilter, and the Petite jeans are all too long (at 29 inches). I no longer live near a JJ store. I like the last (athletic wear) outfit, and you and Leigh Ann are so cute in the leggings. I think the pattern is fun and would inspire exercise!

  9. As a former employee of JJill (worked close to 12 years), I agree with your assessments! I am about the size of Karen and I used to wear many tunics (JJill has the best!) but now want my tops more fitted. Tucking in the tunics in light fabrics helps and at 5’7”, I buy petite tops. But need regular pants. When I was working, my favorite collection was WEAREVER! Those black pants in every style and length are still my favorites.

  10. I hit the jackpot on some JJill sale items, thanks to this very timely post! So excited to be able to support your blog by shopping through your links. As I slowly transition my style to “retired but still classic,” I am really liking “coatigans” or longer cardigans to fill the role of my previous more structured blazers. I bought Karen’s reversible sweater in both colors, two pair of my favorite jeans on sale and some corduroy leggings that were on sale in one of my best colors. With their sizing all over the place these days, no idea which of these will fit or work for me, but I wouldn’t have seen them at all if not for your post. Thanks for doing the legwork for us!

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