Sunday Mornings at Home – 2023 edition

Sunday Mornings at Home

Happy 2023, everyone!  I love it that Sunday Mornings at Home begins our new year…super cool!

For anyone who might be new,  on Sundays I share thoughts or special happenings from the past week, or thoughts on the week ahead.

It is just my weekly musings and the audience seems to enjoy the posts, so I have kept them going.

For Sunday Mornings at Home – 2023 edition, I do have much on my mind and do not know if I will share it all here today.

So, grab a warm beverage and cozy spot and let’s get this new year going.


Sunday mornings at home

Several years ago, I stopped writing resolutions…they always seemed to be the same…and many never happened which often added stress.

At that time of awakening, I started to pick a key word for the year…one to be aware of and to focus on throughout the year.  That has worked well.

I write the word in my planner at the beginning of the week and on a sticky note at the bottom of my computer.

So, here goes for my 2023 Word of the Year…..

Sunday Mornings at Home

I have always been an advocate of living life ONE DAY AT A TIME, but last year, I lost that compass.

I began the year making so many plans, but each time they seemed to be wrecked by a life event.

Now, there is nothing wrong with planning and for many areas of our lives, like travel, it is necessary to make those plans.

But, how do we react to it when they do not happen…does that rob our joy?  Was anyone here a stranded Southwest Airlines traveler recently?

I had several plans that just did not happen last year, and I confess that took me down a path I did not want to go…so enough.

Are you familiar with that quote, “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a GIFT.  That is why it’s called the present.”

My word for 2023 is TODAY!

I am going to be purposeful to look at each day as a GIFT and determine what I will do with it.  Life is short and I want all my days to be meaningful.

Then I will take the challenges of each day, and focus on what I can learn from them and what adjustments to make…but not allow them to shut me down. 

I already have a few challenges on the 2023 calendar…but I will deal with them one day at a time.

I tossed around in my mind several different words last week, but when this one hit, it felt right and empowering.  TODAY!


Sunday mornings at home

Any communicator reassesses at the beginning of the year.

I want you to know that I am dedicated to THE BLOG – OVER 50 FEELING 40.

I am a writer and a blogger at heart.

When I turned 50 (Yikes! Almost 20 years ago!), I went through a wake-up moment about me.

Basically, I had put me on the bottom of my priority list as a mother, wife, and teacher for many years…I was kind of a train wreck.

My wake-up moment resulted in a huge makeover and as I learned so much about clothing, beauty, health and lifestyle, one of my closest friends said, “You need to blog!”

I researched blogging and decided to give it a go…that was 12 years ago.  And I love the community and the women I have met as a blogger.

However, the rest of social media is so stressful to me…I am not a natural at Instagram, Facebook and Youtube where mostly (not all) influencers are attempting to sell product.

I have tried to be, but so often I feel like it takes me away from why I am here.

Sunday Mornings at Home

My purpose has always been to educate, inspire, and encourage women in their second half of life.  It is my passion.

I will continue to do social media because the brands I work with want to see it…I just am not going to stress out about it so much…I want to have fun with it or not do it.

I do need to work with brands and sell through my links in order to help provide for my family, but I do not want that to be my main focus.

You are the reason I am here and I so appreciate those who have followed and supported me for years.

The reality is that my audience and me are not getting any younger, so my focus will continue to be on that audience and the needs to help navigate the second half of life with joy.

Someone always asks at the beginning of a new year….Why don’t you change the name of the blog?

Branding is important in the world of marketing and we get identified by our names and blog names, so it would actually hurt my online presence to change it.

However, we will always be OVER 50 (the rest of our days) and the statement FEELING 40 represents a desire to feel youthful and our healthy best.

This is long, so I will bring it to a close today though I am pondering much about the blog lately.



Sunday mornings at home

Now, what is on your mind as you read through SUNDAY MORNINGS AT HOME….did you select a word for the year...would love to hear it?

Tomorrow, I will begin a discussion about my fashion needs in 2023, which have changed!

Thank you again for being here…for your support…and always make sure that you….



By Pamela Lutrell

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Sunday mornings at home




  1. Hi Pam, My word for the new year is Positive. It’s been a stressful year, being a caretaker for an elderly parent, rarely getting enough sleep, etc, and sometimes I become discouraged. I have started reading your blog fairly recently, and your positive attitude really helps on a frustrating day. I like your Sunday Mornings posts, your shopping trips with Leigh, recipes, and Today’s News. I don’t have much money to spend on clothes. Would an occasional column on books we’ve enjoyed reading or have found useful, or Amazon products we’ve really liked, be a possible topic sometime? I think reader feedback might be interesting. I understand many bloggers want to make a little money, and as long as it doesn’t feel like the entire point of the post, I think most of us are fine with it. I’m just a little younger than you. I would rather have a blogger share challenges and real life, instead of always looking perfect. I’m definitely not saying you do that, it’s just at my age I’m tired of trying to make everything look great at the expense of what’s really important. You seem to keep a good balance. Well I didn’t mean to write a novel for my first post, and I really appreciate your blog!! Happy 2023!

  2. I always appreciate your insights into lively and graceful aging! One topic I would like to see addressed is that of fast fashion: under what conditions are our less expensive clothes being made, and just how many new pieces does a person need year in and year out? What happens to the clothes we so easily discard?

    Best wishes to you and your family in this new year!

  3. Thank you for your comment, Deb. And bless you for being a caretaker. Many do not understand how difficult it is…you are a super hero. Happy New Year…let’s face each day together.

  4. Happy New Year Pam and family. Living for today is a great idea, and I have tried in the past, but then something comes up and again I am thinking of the future and what is next, so I will have to try again.
    I was not one of the Southwest people stuck, but our airline left us stranded for 2 days before Christmas and that can be stressfull getting nowhere with your bags beside you. Getting on a plane and finally taking off was the best feeling. I just keep saying ” it could have been worse” we could have been stuck in a car in a blizzard on a closed road… so yes, there is a good side to everything.
    I am pleased to see your blog in my inbox everymorning and don’t feel the need to have instagram and facebook from the same person to enjoy your content. Too much social media is just too much. Keep up the great work you do for us, and if you need a day off just take it and come back to us when you feel you can. Have a terrific start to a new year!

  5. Good morning and happy new year! I enjoyed your morning thoughts, Pam, and as always, I look forward to my daily reading of your blog in the new year. I am not drawn to celebrities. I like your blog because I feel as if you are much like me. Same age, same amount of children, same interests, same issues. You make me feel almost daily that we could sit down and have a cup of tea, like old friends. I don’t have anything to dislike about your blog, but I really enjoy your news for women, shopping with Leigh, and some discussion of seasonal colors (which there seems less of). I loved it when more people were seeking their adjectives and when you discussed styles. Is it possible to revisit these topics, or do you feel that you covered them.
    I think that I have chosen my word. Relax: to become less tense or anxious. Some may think it means to sit down and do nothing, but that is not my intention. I just want to let go of a few things that hold me back from walking daily and doing my art. We will see. It really ties in to Today. I enjoy the people who comment here. Happy new year to all of them!

  6. Thank you, Deborah! I wish I could go to lunch with all of you…you have become dear friends. The celebrity thing is so unnatural to me…I always want to be authentic. And, yes, I will revisit the adjectives and color discussions…I believe they are so important. Thank you for being here!

  7. Happy New Year!! What a pleasurable way to start 2023 by reading your Sunday morning musings. I like the image you created of this community of women you have created aging and sharing the experience together. I really don’t engage in other forms of social media, other than the occasional YouTube video, so it isn’t at all important to me that you have a presence elsewhere.

    Like you, resolutions never seem to stick, even when I make them SMART. The only resolution that worked for me was the year I decided that my resolution would be to quit smoking (I should mention that I’m a non-smoker…). I like your idea of a word for the year, so I gave it a bit of thought. I think mine this year will be “Explore”, whether that is through travel, making new relationships or deepening current ones, to even working on decluttering so that it gives me the freedom to explore.

    Happy 2023 everyone!!

  8. Happy new year to you and your lovely family! My word for 2023 is caution. I lost my husband to cancer in August. My doctor asked me last visit, did I have any suicidal thoughts, I answered definitely not, I want every minute I have left. While we lived well within our means, that did mean we had a fair amount of fun money. But, now that income has decreased, I have to really think before I make purchases. I’m tracking spending, making and tweaking a budget. I’m nowhere close to starving, but caution is my word both financially and health wise for 2023. Stuff like a 5 dollar ice coffee while I run errands I need to think can be a mudslide drink on the beach on vacation if I think and act with goals in mind. I would love to learn all little tricks for beating the spend , spend, spend mentality.

  9. What a great word for the year, Barb! Explore! I love it…please occasionally share with us what you discover with your explorations!

  10. Happy New Year! Your blog is something I enjoy, all the topics here on the blog. (I don’t do social media at all.) I like the makeup, nutrition, recipes, news and encouragement as much as the fashion. It is helpful to read about your difficult times and how you have navigated them. Learning to grasp joy, even in spite of circumstances, is heartfelt and a good reminder to look for important things in our lives. Today is a great word for this year. Thanks for the time and energy you put into the blog and for sharing your insights with us.

  11. I am so sorry for your loss, Sheryl! I am happy to look for ways all of us can be wise with spending. Thank you for bringing it up and I pray this year will bring to you new joyful experiences!

  12. Happy New Year! “Today” is a great word. Do you mind if I use it too? I love your blog! Reading content is so much better than YouTube or Instagram videos!

  13. I like the idea of choosing a word for the year. I did that several years ago. I need to do it again. Thanks for the suggestion.
    I enjoy your blog. It feels warm, uplifting, encouraging without feeling pushy to sell me something. Thank you.

  14. Happy New Year! I was thinking yesterday about Kindness. I want to be ever mindful of people around me. This has been a hard year for me with health problems. We are, also, helping to raise our grandson. I’m afraid that I have become rather crabby. I want to be Kind toward others and to myself.

  15. I like to read a blog and be done. All the other things like FB, YT and Instagram are extras that I don’t have time for, so even if you did that stuff, I won’t be watching, lol! What I appreciate the most about your blog is that I don’t feel like you’re a salesman. You come off to me as a teacher who makes me think about things in a different way and as a woman of a certain age who’s trying to make her way through the uncharted waters, just like me. I never feel like it’s all about promoting a million different products with your blog. Thanks for all you do!

  16. Pam, as others have said, I look for your blog the first thing every morning as I feel that I’m hearing from an old friend. Your ability to instill joy into my day gives me a boost to start my day in a good mood. You share your feelings, your family, your style, your home, your kitchen and recipes, and we feel a part of your life. May this new year continue to bless you and all your family as well as those of us who look forward to your words every day.

  17. A wonderful word and one that encourages all of us to look past our own circumstances. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Happy New Year! I gave up on making resolutions a long time ago. Now I just think about what I can realistically do to improve my life and make me happy. So back in the day I would always have lose weight and exercise at the top of my list. Now things like make time to read more, go for walks, try new recipes have replaced those. I’ve given a lot of thought to my word and I just keep coming back to HOPE. I need to keep HOPE alive in my heart this year. There are things I really want to happen this year (new home, new friends, and the blessing of a new grandchild) and I tend to lose my positivity when things don’t go as planned. I need to remember there is always HOPE and need to keep reminding myself of that!
    As always, thank you Pamela, for giving us this safe community to learn and share. I truly value it!
    Happy, healthy New Year to you, your family and our over 50 community!

  19. Happy New Year to you and your family, I think my word for the year will be POSITIVE, stop looking at the past and regretting things I cannot change and move forward and enjoy all the blessings I have instead of what I don’t have , my husband recently retired, and this year will be our start to new adventures and way of life, love your blog I read it every day and I really love outfits of the day or what you wore for the week would also like to know makeup products you use and how you use them

  20. Thank you, Linda! HOPE is always and will always be a favorite word. Blessings for 2023!

  21. I have decided to have a sentence a month that I write down every morning. When a new month comes I will either repeat the sentence or choose a new one. For January I have chosen: Change takes honesty, courage, and an ability to see the long view. I chose this because I lost 44 lbs in 2020. I have maintained that loss, but I find that maintenance is at least twice as hard as the initial weight loss.
    I’m interested in your education and experience as a journalist, Pam . Blog style is different from newspaper style. How do you go about that?

  22. Happy New Year, Pam! I enjoy your blog first thing every morning. It seems to me so many of the blogs I started following about 10 years ago have gone so commercial. I understand the concept of these fashion blogs; matter of fact back in the 1970’s I wrote a column for a popular magazine that was based on this style of writing to promote products. However, the reason why I started following you and the others was because I liked their literary voice and their clothes. You are still true to this concept while others seem to promote any and everything. One particular blogger had such great style with less expensive retailers; now, she’s all over the board. Another has gone so high end and features a family member so much younger, thinner and smaller. I know I have options to follow, delete or glance over and I do very often. I don’t do that with you; I read you! You definitely have influenced me with fashion, shoes, beauty products and lifestyle because you actually live this. Those you tube videos from others get deleted! So keep doing what you do! 2023 is going to be a challenge for me and my family this year; my daughter & SIL & 4 grands will be on the move again after SIL retired from the Navy & has secured a great civilian job. My adult son is struggling with his job & mental health. Husband has health issues & I’m holding the ball, steady, healthy & balanced. My word for the year will be Focus as I remember to take care & support my family & myself. I’m ready to take on 2023 with positivity & calmness.

  23. Hi Linlee… I like your sentence idea and believe it will help you stay on track. I have always been a feature writer and the first newspaper who offered me a job in feature writing in my 20s was the Houston Chronicle. That was back when major cities had two newspapers and when journalism was done correctly. For blogging, I combine by feature writing with journalistic principals…such as researching a topic you might be interested in. I love to interview people and write their stories and occasionally have used that skill on this blog. My passion for real journalism and my marketing experience helps me to balance the world of news with public relations. I try always make it clear when I have been paid to write about a brand or topic, so there is no misunderstanding.

  24. Dear Pam,
    Thank you for your faithfulness to your followers – for steadfastly exploring the issues we face in this time in our lives, and for being so regular. While I enjoy the clothing and fashion tips, what brings me back each day is your inclusion of your life – of your grandkids, your home, your recipes, your problems, and what brings you joy. You remind me each day to be positive. A word I’m considering for 2023 is ENGAGE. I do not think Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube are that important to your effectiveness so wouldn’t expend much time on them. I do enjoy seeing you in videos, as you come alive in my mind – I hear your voice and see your smile. I like the email blog version because it allows more time for introspection and connection. (I will come back to this blog to reread again later today, which is typical.) The other media seem to be quick in-and-out communication, reflective of today’s busy world. I also think I learn a lot from your readers’ responses and become more compassionate about things I don’t face. Happy 2023!

  25. Thank you, Linda. This was very helpful. I will keep your family in mind…you have so many challenges, but with strength and determination, you will persevere.

  26. Just sharing….my son’s mother in law just told me back in November what brings her joy is making other people happy. And she lives up to that 💕

  27. We have such a great community here, Louine, of very expressed and intelligent women. I am so glad you mentioned them. And ENGAGE is a great word.

  28. I feel your strengths include your authenticity and your enviable way to using words to express it. A commercial disguised as “sharing an outfit” all day long on Instagram would not appeal to me. I’ve stopped following bloggers who I feel take advantage of me. That includes many who jump on the bandwagon when a company goes influencer to influencer. We all know which supplements, shoes made out of odd materials, etc. do this. All the posts include the same language (despite the disclaimer, “my thoughts are my own”). I understand the need to make a living, but it’s about balance. Overall, I’d say blogs get this balance better than most social media, and mostly you do a great job with it. My word this year is Health. Not weight loss specifically, but continuing my healthy eating and walks despite a lot of travel, upping my strength, flexibility and balance, looking at my sleep habits, choosing to relax, and dealing with a new health issue (psoriasis) that will require maintenance and patience.

  29. Happy New Year! I enjoy your blog and it is one I read daily. I enjoy reading what ever you feel like sharing. I appreciate that you are not ‘selling’ me something on a daily basis but rather just sharing your life and what is on your mind. I asked you a while ago what you were reading and you shared that. Always looking for a good read. I am on a mission to buy less and buy the best quality that I can afford. Like a previous comment, slow fashion has sparked me. I too worry about fast fashion and the mentality to buy, buy, buy….but I have a further caveat I am striving for and that is buying Canadian since I am Canadian. Not an easy feat but I have been pleasantly surprised with how many designers we have up North! Through you, I have been pondering my 5 fashion words but have only come up with 3 so far. You are correct, if you stick to them it helps put me on the right path each day getting dressed. I am in my second year of retirement and enjoying it immensely. My word for 2023 is INTENT. I wish you all the best!

  30. Health is really on my mind lately, Linda. Thanks for addressing it for the rest of us. And thank you for affirming that I get the balance right…that is a goal of mine as well as bringing ideas to you that represent all price points. Thanks so much.

  31. Three words will work, Wendy to help focus you on the messaging you want to send with clothing choices. Whether it is three or five, the adjectives still will serve a purpose. I just stopped by my local Goodwill San Antonio and picked up a couple of books. Thrift stores are great places to find books! Thanks for being here…I love the word INTENT.

  32. My word is Vitality-to be that way, I will rededicate myself to following a primarily plant-based way of eating and continue with exercise and movement as well as exercise my brain through reading, cross stitch, and puzzles. Happy New Year!

  33. I loved your blog this morning. I teach children’s church this morning. Starting the new year teaching is NOT the way I would have wanted it. I want the new year to start on an idealistic note, this is my new start, God is in control and I am better than ever before. Sigh. Well, I am hoping the students will grasp a message about Jesus AND that it is a new year. Just how I am going to pull that one together, I am not sure! Thanks for your honesty, Pam. I am traveling to San Antonio this year. I would love to meet you. Happy New Year!

  34. Hi Julie…God is in control…and He needs us pouring into the lives of our youth…you are doing such great service. YES! I would love to meet you for lunch or coffee…just email me at If I am available, it will happen!

  35. Wishing you a blessed 2023. With a wedding coming up I’m sure you will have many joyful times ahead. I look forward to sharing your fashion searches and choices as well as your celebrations. This is what I find most enjoyable about your blog. The way you make your posts relevant to real life, the variety of topics, the ups and downs, the thoughtfulness you put into your posts keeps me coming back. I don’t always have the time each day to read the blog but I do catch up by the end of the week. Like others this is the only format that I access. As we adjust to the continued presence of Covid and other health outbreaks I think your word TODAY is very appropriate for the times. This rang true for us last weekend as we were storm stayed even though my whole immediate family lives within 20 minutes of each other. I think having the two days of rest and relaxation made our Monday an even greater day of celebration and everyone was safe and sound through the entire weather event. As Carol wrote, Joy is in making other people happy and you live up to that.

  36. Pam, I try to read your blog daily and find it very helpful. What I really like is that you recommend things to us that you use and work for you. I feel I can trust what you say and are very truthful. Thank you for your hard work. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say in the future.

  37. My word is healthy this year. Healthy eating, engaging in exercise and practicing self care. I have been practicing letting go of anxiety, fear and ‘ things ‘ I can not control. That is difficult because I’m a type A personality. I enjoy your blog very much. I enjoy your excursions to interesting boutiques, cafes and sites in your community. Covid, concerns over violence and illness have kept us grounded for the last two years.i appreciate the fact that you wear what you own and change the look with accessories. I also fully support sustainable fashion so I enjoy when you shop and share items that are preloaded. God bless you and yours in 2023.

  38. Pam, I have read your blog since you started it. I have little interest in other social media platforms, but I do enjoy good, purposeful, positive writing, and your blog has always had these qualities. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed. I applaud your efforts and have learned so much from you.

  39. Pam, your blog is spot on! It educates, informs and entertains in a positive and joyful way. I don’t use Facebook or Instagram. My word is FOCUS. I like doing a variety of things, and I tend to start a project and get sidetracked by another. I need to focus so I can enjoy the fulfillment of completing projects. Thanks for all you do. Blessings in the new year.

  40. Happy New Year! My word for 2023 is Renew. I am not only entering a new year but entering a new season in my life. That of a widow. My husband passed away four days before Christmas. I am giving myself time, space & grace to start the new year. I will be open to new experiences & doing things I have been unable to do for the past few years as caregiving was my primary activity.
    I enjoy your Sunday mornings thoughts. I am not a big social media person although I am on Facebook. I use it mainly to keep in touch with old friends & those who live out of my area. I love your blog & the positive vibes & joy you share.

  41. I am right with you, Marcia! So often I start something and lose focus. I have several I need to finish. Thanks for sharing…good word!

  42. Becky, I send my condolences in the loss of your husband. I know this will be an important year for you and hope to hear how it is going. Be strong!

  43. Happy and healthy New Year Pam! You have to know how much joy your blog brings to so many of us— each day!
    I think my word for this new year has to be HOPE. I hope to be better at everything I’m involved in. I hope to inspire the younger people in my life. I hope to have more fun at the activities I’m part of. And I hope to stay OUT of hospital emergency rooms with my Afib. ( just got home). I eat a very healthy diet, don’t drink alcohol regularly, if at all, I walk 2-3 miles a day year round and I take yoga and tai chi classes every week. I simply don’t understand why we experience this.
    ( those of us who do). It is so scary. I hope my doctor has an answer!!

  44. I choose the word GROWTH for 2023. Last year I took a ceramics class that I had long wanted to do, and really committed, 6 to 8 hours each week, to learning and developing the art and craft of it. Transformative for me in terms of centering my thoughts, setting aside worries and giving myself permission to “take” that much time and effort purely for myself. So this year I want further growth, focused very specifically to another long held dream – playing the ukulele. I bought mine five years ago, but have found all manner of other demands keeping me from fulfilling this skill. I am excited to embark on this commitment! As for your blog, I am a SUPERFAN, and love starting my day with you and the community of ladies. As some mentioned, I do appreciate an occasional share day of who’s reading what and why they recommend it, and all the stories and photos where you’re out and about. I will be very much looking forward to seeing and reading about your parties and outfit searches leading up to your son’s wedding. I am not on Facebook, and Instagram I use mainly to post travel pics, so the blog is for me the best way to keep up on your posts. Happy 2023, and many blessings to you and all the ladies!

  45. I will pray for you Paulette and join you hoping for an answer. Thank you for sharing.

  46. Thanks Connie! Wish you were closer because I can play the Ukulele! Who knew? I haven’t played it in years and mostly played Peter, Paul & Mary tunes. Growth is a great word for the year!

  47. Pam – I too enjoy your blog so much. Your positive attitude towards all things in life is so encouraging. I also love that you are honest and share your heart. Sometimes life throws us unexpected obstacles (opportunities), but with a positive attitude – and faith – we can all look for the good or brighter side of things. Thank you for always encouraging JOY!
    I love the idea your reader above had about writing a sentence daily each month. I think I’ll try a meaningful verse or positive saying as well. Great idea!
    My word – Intention. I feel sometimes I let life happen to me – just rolling along with whatever comes. This year I would like to be more intentional with my spiritual, mental and physical health. With focus and intention in those areas, I think I’ll look back over this year and see positive moments and memories.
    I also liked your question in a post a few days ago – what was your favorite day of 2022? I discussed this with my husband and we both had the same answer! Like you – gathering with family – at the beach to celebrate his 65th birthday and in Colorado for Christmas – were our favorite days. Not one day – but both similar. Thank you for the prompt to review and count our blessings!
    Blessings to you and your sweet family in 2023!

  48. Thank you so much, Sabrina! Our recent Christmas would be my second best moment too! Intention is a great word! And an important one for me as well! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  49. Happy 2023! Lots of possibilities this year. I have enjoyed your fashion advice and learned much about Charmonix products, Goli apple cider vinegar gummies and many beauty products. I’m 73 but feel like I’m 60. so I really enjoy and need your advice. Please keep writing your blog. I do have several cruises this year that were delayed by the pandemic so need travel hints and outfits that pack easily and coordinate. I still have trouble with the 5 adjectives but I have become very aware of looking in my long mirror and checking my accessories before leaving the house even just to go to the grocery store and to run errands. I like to look appropriate and cute at all times. Thanks for your word “Today”….I like it …..time is not on our side, so make the most of each day.

  50. Love your blog. I have a dream to visit the San Antonio area because of your blog. Hopefully the pandemic will calm down enough that Hubby and I can do that later this spring. You might have a lot of us coming to visit! LOL.
    To everyone, very happy 2023. May it be a year of growth and laughter and friendship and discovery for all of us. Discovery is my word for this year.


  51. Pam, you bring such joy and have helped yourself, your family, and many of us get through an often difficult year. You would know you are valued if you heard me say to my family, “my blogger from Texas …” I don’t have a word for the year but have several things I’m mulling over — be kind, be thoughtful, be present (= your ‘today’), take better care of myself (which will benefit my family), stay in contact with friends. I read your blog daily and love it as is: You write well, and from the heart; you have an authentic voice. You have created a community because you ‘get’ us: what more could we ask? I have no interest in social media. Tell your sponsors that over 50 women don’t need whiz bang tech’y — but we purchase with purpose. Happy 2023!

  52. Pam, I am 69 years old, recently retired RN. My husband, who is ten years my senior, a physician, has had 3 surgeries, numerous complications, and enforced retirement. I am his caregiver now. I am telling you this biographical info so that you will know that you make a wonderful difference in the lives of your followers and it has much less to do with celebrity, portraying perfection, or pushing products, than it does with being a daily dose of authentic, relatable sharing. I, like so many others, appreciate all you share with us, and especially your Sunday posts. My life has changed dramatically the past year, but you have been a reassuring bright spot for which I am immensely grateful. My word for 2023 is GRATEFUL. I am grateful my husband is still with me, that I am able to care for him, and that there are people like you in the world. Thank you for putting yourself out there for us. May 2023 be a blessed year for all of us, and may we all live each day to it’s fullest, however that may look.

  53. Josephine, your comment brought me to tears. Thank you for the encouragement and affirmation. I wish you and your husband many blessings this year.

  54. Pamela, what a perfect time for some introspection regarding not just what works for your readers, but also for you! You are the only “fashion” blogger I still read. I love that when you highlight stores they are mostly places I actually shop, and that you and I are similar in age, height, build and coloring. It’s like having my own personal shopper! Since I’ve been sick with flu, pneumonia and now shingles throughout December, it didn’t feel like I was missing anything in the stores, thanks to you and Leigh. I appreciate the mix of lifestyle, family and fashion posts and I think you hit the right balance with that ratio. Several have mentioned wanting to visit San Antonio in these comments. Perhaps you could think about doing a monthly post from a San Antonion insider’s POV? I will be bringing a friend down from New Zealand in January, 2024 and I will definitely hit you up for suggestions outside the usual that all native Texans know (Alamo, Mission Trail, River Walk, La Villita, etc.) And if you’re free, we will definitely treat you to lunch while we’re in town! She wants to see “all of Texas” in her allotted three weeks (I know you just giggled, like I did when she said it) but I’m starting to piece together an itinerary of highlights both large and small; obviously the Alamo and NASA, but also the painted churches tour off I-10 between the two. I have always loved my time in SAT but feel like we have just scratched the surface. I’d love to know where YOU take out of towners to show off your beautiful city. And my bucket list includes a trip to Fiesta once I am no longer caring for my elderly mother. So many hopes and dreams for this first full year of retirement. Wishing you many unexpected blessings in the new year!

  55. Forgot to list my word for 2023: LISTEN. To my elderly mom with Alzheimer’s as she tries to cobble words together. To my grandkids, who can make a story about going to Target last three days. To the homeless guests my church hosts for weekly dinners. To the friend who makes bad decisions and is once again bemoaning the consequences of those choices. I want to be more conscious of the person right in front of me, and truly focus on them so that they feel seen, heard and loved. I’m retired now – there IS time and there are no more excuses.

  56. Whilst I do agree with the spirit of what you’re saying, I just wanted to share that sometimes influencers use similar language because the brand specifies it in the influencer’s contract – there’s another blogger I follow who gives an interesting peek behind the curtain of the blogging world, & that’s one thing I’ve learnt from her (whilst the influencers/ bloggers do indeed share their own thoughts, they may sometimes have to shoehorn particular phrases or types of photos in there in order to get paid). Just FYI!

  57. I live it and work with many brands this way. So I completely understand that part of the equation.

  58. My word for 2023 is CONTENTMENT. According to the Collins English Dictionary, contentment is “a feeling of quiet happiness and satisfaction”. That’s how I’d like to feel at the end of each day, so I’ll try to plan my days accordingly. I always choose a scripture verse to go with my word of the year. Once I settled on this year’s word, picking the verse was easy. I knew right away that it would be Philippians 4:12b. “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” Whatever my circumstances are in the coming year, I want to be able to say with the apostle Paul that I have learned to be content in any and every situation.

    I have chosen not to try to monetize my blog, so the decisions regarding social media are easier for me. I do link my blog to Facebook and a lot of my readers access it and comment there. As far as accessing other blogs, I subscribe to the ones I want to read and don’t actually pay attention to whether or not they use social media.

  59. I love your blogs and relate to you as former journalism teacher , a mom , Now a retiree ….who also neglected myself for years . Retirmenr means startimg over with joy for sure .
    . Ive been forced to isolate so much since i have no immunity so my focus too has been on living one day at a time and finding joy , gratitude and also peace in each day . Health is a priority for us as we age ! ….and to be healthy we have to be happy and accepting of what we cant control.. . I learned that after a diagnosis which i am living with successfully so far .
    I love your tips on reinvention and making our wardrobe reflect our joy also and i especially love your thrift finds and your accessories ..! life is short and I now wear what makes me happy even if Im not going anywhere ! You are an inspiration !

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