4 simple ways mature women avoid looking old

avoid looking old

Happy Monday, friends.  Today I am sharing 4 simple ways mature women avoid looking old.

This post is NOT about beauty treatments…makeup, skincare, hair color, injections, your decolletage, sunscreen etc.  Yet, discussing all of those has merit.

However, my 4 simple ways for mature women to avoid looking old begin on a deeper level.

On my recent vacation, I had a great amount of time to sit, ponder and observe.


avoid looking old

 Last week, I spent some time around the resort pool and in the spa observing mature women.  I feel comfortable in saying that Cabo tourists were easily mostly retired, over 60 individuals.

This post is the fruit of my spying…or rather…observing… the visitors there.

avoid looking old


The first way mature women can avoid looking old is to be thankful in our circumstances no matter what those circumstances are.

I realize this can be difficult, but also believe there is always something to be thankful for.  That thankfulness will be reflected in your smile and on your countenance every day…and results will be you avoid looking old.

One of my favorite encounters since beginning the blog was with a car salesman.  He was dressed, as they say, to the nines and wore a big bright smile.  It was a natural smile, not a smile forced by many salesmen.

I complimented his attire, and he proceeded to tell me about his mother growing up.

“She always dressed her best and was thankful.  Though we lived in public housing and had very little. Her dresses were donations, but she cleaned the garments, sewed the holes, and happily wore them over and over again.  She would constantly tell me to be thankful for what we have and to dress as if we lived in a big fancy house.  She did not want to face God each morning with an ungrateful look on her face.  She taught me that dressing nice would open doors ….and it certainly made a difference as I went out into the world.”


avoid looking old


The second way mature women avoid looking old is to be present where they are.

Be in the moment and resist temptation to worry or scowl over past or future events.  Smile and laugh…it feels good.

You could tell the women who were enjoying each moment of the day.  Their smiles and laughter made me want to know them and they did look younger from the ones who looked despondent even in a beautiful place.

Frowns will lead to mature women looking old.

As I was on the massage tables last week, I kept having to remind myself to be present there and enjoy it.  So often, my mind would attempt to go back to worries or issues to be dealt with when I got back home. 

At one point I was saying to myself…STOP, ENJOY.

There are times we must mentally throw a lasso around negative or worrisome thoughts and pull them in so we can be present to enjoy the moment or learn from the moment.

Take a moment…look around where you are…you just might see something new.


avoid looking old


 Number three is another challenge for many of us.

Mature women avoid looking old when we embrace the changes occurring to us due to aging.

I know sounds crazy…right?

I believe the oldest woman around the pool last week was easily in her 80s, but she looked younger than the rest of us.

She was wearing a vibrant swimsuit, covered by a see-through topper, a matching sun visor, fashionable sunglasses, and flip flops.  She had not covered up her wrinkles, or legs revealing blood vessels, or aging hands…but rather was laughing and enjoying her time.

She did not look “old,” but instead reflected youthful exuberance and seemed to have come to terms with her aging body.  She was not hiding.

It may not make sense, but when we spend time covering up…we often look older than we are.

She inspired me to return to wearing shorts.  I have avoided it for several years, but tomorrow I will speak more about this topic.


avoid looking old


Finally, the fourth simple way mature women avoid looking old is to dress and look our best for every single day.

I was reminded of this during my recent illness last October – December.  I went days on end in my pjs and a robe, no makeup, and began to feel old for the first time.

I am not saying to pull out the dresses when we are ill.  I am giving an illustration of how not caring for our appearance results in us looking old and worn out.

I looked and felt so much older during that time. 

My vacation was literally a breeze blowing away those feelings and returning me to feeling healthy and confident….youthful.

I am back to not feeling 69.  In fact, I constantly remind myself I will be 70 this year and will continue to avoid looking old.

avoid looking old

It is so easy during an illness or even during retirement to allow our daily appearance to go to the bottom of our priority list.  Just remember what the consequences are…we will look and feel old.

When we dress for the day, we are much more likely to engage with people around us and to experience more happiness, purpose, and enjoyment with life.  AND, avoid looking old.

I said these ways are simple ways to avoid looking old. Some of you are thinking…not so simple to be thankful, not worry, embrace our aging bodies, and dress for each day.  Many of you just wanted a new makeup recommendation!

Join me then in remembering each morning the car salesman’s mother.  No matter what, she looked her best and I can only imagine what her public housing circumstance looked like around her.  But, she still left a powerful legacy for her children…be thankful, don’t be a victim, dress like a victor.

Dress for the day with confidence!


I told everyone I would share this week my thought processes from my vacation…today’s post was a good beginning.  Hope to see you tomorrow and make sure that you….


NOTE:  THIS SLIDESHOW IS WHAT I AM WEARING AS I DRESSED FOR THE DAY TO RUN ERRANDS LAST WEEK…my top is super marked down and I am wearing a petite size:

By Pamela Lutrell

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avoid looking old



  1. I joked over the weekend about that old adage “ You’re only as old as you feel!” which for many would be VERY old. However, you’ve hit on those points that we can all do if we make the effort. When I retired, I decided that I would still get dressed with makeup every day. I do not wear my best clothes daily as some do, but I do not look unkept. My Mr. Bill says his day is complete if he can make me laugh daily which we often do together. I forget that I’m 76 years old although my aching body will remind me, but I’m still active in the community and church. I’m determined to not become bed-ridden when I truly get old. Thank you for the uplift this morning.

  2. And thank you for sharing what you do to feel youthful, Celia! Keep it up…one day at a time!

  3. Great start for a Monday – love that top –will look for more Ali Miles later on your blog.
    Perfect reminder of everyday joy thank you.

  4. So glad you enjoyed it, Catherine! When you return…click on the picture and you will go to the Dillard’s site for more Ali Miles! Thanks!

  5. Pam, what lovely thoughts! Your comment about being a VICTOR really sums it up. I try each day to concentrate on being thankful. It is uplifting to get dressed appropriately for whatever the day holds. All the makeup in the world can’t help a sour face and attitude. Helping others takes our minds off ourselves. God bless you !

  6. Loved your post today about not feeling old! Very good advice. I also love the outfit you wore to run errands, and no wonder! I own the same Chico’s jeggings and the same Vivaia shoes, although not the same color. Super comfortable! One question, how did you know you needed a petite in that lovely top? Did you try on in store? Thanks for all your hard work on this blog, it’s the first thing I read each morning!

  7. And God Bless You, Marcia! You are right…all the makeup in the world will not cover a frown or scowl.

  8. At the suggestion of my friend, Leigh Ann, I began to try on petite tops to get the fit I wanted…particularly in length. It does not work for me for every brand, but Ali Miles is one that works for all of her tops. Though I am not a petite woman, I can wear that size and need to tailor the blouses. I am starting now…when possible…to try on petite sizes in tops as will as Misses. So happy to start the day with you, Michele.

  9. I’m turning 64 tomorrow and I will keep your blog post in my heart. Wonderful advice to follow especially the car salesman’s mother. Thank you, Pamela!

  10. You are always an inspiration to me. I look forward to seeing what you say each morning. I will be 77 in six days and feel very blessed when each new one rolls around.

  11. Good Morning! I love your post! This is my first school year being retired and it took a bit of adjusting. I agree that dressing for success is key..even if that means putting on jeans and a nice top to go to the grocery store. After enjoying the luxury of no makeup and wearing leggings all day I’ve made myself a hard and fast rule. If I leave the house for any reason, even just to walk the neighborhood, I need to have a decent outfit on. I need to put some makeup on so I don’t look tired. When I was working with all those young and trendy girls, I felt pressured to look my best, but also to cover up those wrinkly arms and legs. I’ve let that go now because I don’t feel so judged, but I also can’t look like I’ve given up. I feel better and am actually more productive when I’m dressed nicely! I also get up every morning, look out my window and just say “thank you!”
    Being grateful is so important…and of course a smile on your face!
    Happy Monday!

  12. I live in a resort golf community with mostly an older population; it’s beautiful, keeps us active and amenities abound yet we have the complainers, the whiners, those who choose to see the warts and not the beautiful blossoms. At 71 I never imagined landing here but circumstances and children brought us to SoCal and I set my mind to positivity each day and tune out negativity. Great advice Pam!

  13. Just … wow. What a powerful post! I agree with all of it. My issue is to be in the moment. Work in progress there. Even while traveling, my mind will wander to planning the next trip, if not more fraught topics. Another point that I strongly agree with, but actually do well with, is not covering up parts of my body I don’t like. As a larger, often plus size woman, I decided long ago that I would do what I wanted to do, even if it involved a bathing suit, and I have. I try to use my clothes to flatter, but never to hide in. You finally realize that people are not as interested in your issues as you think, and are probably worrying about their own appearance and perceived “problem areas”. The lady at the pool I hope will be me someday!

  14. I agree that attitude and being present are really important. I know I sometimes only half listen to my husband as I am multitasking, and it is rude, and more important, I miss things. I am really focusing in now. On the physical side, I think getting enough sleep and exercise are essential for feeling and being healthy — and health is vital to fight aging and to enjoy life.

  15. Happy Monday! I taught high school for 16 years, so I understand! So glad you enjoyed the post.

  16. I hope she will be me too! Good point about others do not really notice what we think is a big deal. My post tomorrow is about how I am stepping out more in this area. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I agree…healthy living is key. There are many factors really that will help us to look and feel younger. I just wanted to start with what I believe are the foundations.

  18. Your comments are very true! I usually dress very casually around the house since it is usually 90 degrees here in Florida. I could not live without shorts. I live in shorts 99% of the time here! My legs still look pretty good so I am not bothered on that point. I “dress up” in a nice top in the summer and a nice blouse in winter when I go out to shop. I always try to look my best! Also, the old adage, “laughter is the best medicine” is so true! so glad you had a great holiday!!!

  19. Thanks Linda…that is a good adage…and let me take it a step further and say that laughing at ourselves sometimes is very healing. I look at myself as this generation’s Lucy Ricardo. When I am a klutz, it is better to laugh at me than cry when we I stumble.

  20. Gosh, I love your post today, and especially the story about the salesman’s mama. Like you, I am awaiting adding another candle to the cake this summer which will put a big 0 onto my age. It is the first time I have spent any time considering the advance. I didn’t at 40 or 50. 60 though, feels like a much bigger step, and weighted by now having an empty nest, parents with a raft of daily needs, and an older husband who is facing several medical hurdles. While I still feel quite youthful, and endeavor to be as much a ray of helpful sunshine as I can, there are times when I feel quite overwhelmed. Everything you mention to avoid feeling old applies equally to avoid feeling overwhelmed, so I thank you on both fronts for the reminder. I do always try to present a well rested, groomed and turned out me for others, but I need to maybe also do this for myself, as a kind of act of self care. Thank you for making me think about this today. ❤️

  21. I enjoyed your column today about aging. I am 71 and am always reading blogs to see how other people dress. I live in a rural area so we are more laid back in dressing up. I do put on makeup every morning and dress neatly in my jeans and top. I hope you decide to wear some shorts this summer. I decided a couple of years ago that my short legs look better in shorts that come to the knee than the capri pants which seem to visually cut off my legs. Thanks for the great column today.

  22. Good post! On a cruise last year at the pool a very plus sized young woman was in a swimsuit and having a great time. No one cared she wasn’t thin, she had a very cute suit on. I don’t show my legs due to lots of bad scars from a car accident/surgery. I wished I had her confidence in my late 60s age!

  23. I’m working on this very issue! Please post more on this topic. I am very interested. I feel as though I’ve given up and I’m trying to change it. Like Sue, I live rurally and jeans and t shirts are the wardrobe. I rarely wear makeup but am working on it. I’m mobility challenged but have started a small exercise routine this year. Baby steps! I’m trying to embrace “ the now”. The pandemic has shaken me to the core and I’m climbing my way back up. Wearing a smile and being thankful is exactly the type of push I need. Thank you, Pam for having this forum.

  24. Hi Mari, Remember baby steps are a good thing…any type of movement will help you. I am going to be posting on this more, because I am talking to so many women like you who did allow themselves to get shut down during pandemic time. Life is short and we are needed in the lives of the people around us…it is beyond time to return to life, engage, and make a difference. We will all be walking this walk together. Be of good cheer.

  25. Interesting topic. There are some days that I deal with very little sleep, and I’m doing my best to just get my dad to a medical appointment on time, both of us reasonably clean. Minimal make up and hair in a ponytail. Certainly not ideal, but that’s reality some days. Def interested in reading tomorrow’s post. I am self conscious about spider veins on my ankles, and even capris don’t hide those. But I’ve been exercising more and that helps my confidence and my mental health. Thanks Pam!

  26. I love this! Attitude is everything. During the shutdown caused by the pandemic, I found myself feeling old & frumpy & felt as if I were carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. It took me a while to find my stride, but I finally did. Today, as I was cleaning the bathroom, not a favorite task, I had to think to be thankful that I had a bathroom to clean. I have indoor plumbing, hot water & cleaning products to make the job easier. These are all things for which to be thankful.

  27. What’s wonderful inspiring message today! Thank you ! Like Celia reaching the ripe age of 76 was mind blowing for me ( not 75?) . I dwelled on time -/and where was the time going? I quickly turned that around to forgetting numbers and instead focused on being present (as you did on that massage table). Today is mine and Im going to make the most of it—yoga classes, my tai chi class, walking in nature despite our weather and just enjoying my family who are all nearby!
    Thank you again!

  28. Loved this post. I’m a day late commenting…Just got back from a cruise with one of my dearest friends. I love people watching and I was amazed by how some women looked so amazing and how some just have let themselves go, and they were a lot younger than me (72). Dressing casually, but well lifts my spirits and gets me ready for the day.

  29. Jan, I have a 12” scar from total knee replacement surgery, spider veins and a scar on my left leg from a bike accident many years ago. I am 78, 5’2” and have lost my waist along the way. I wear shorts and cute tees for 6 months of very hot dry Colorado weather and don’t really care what anyone thinks! I am comfortable! I also have a chronic disabling disorder but I wake up everyday and look out at my beautiful mountains and am grateful to still be here. I don’t wear makeup it feels uncomfortable so lifted lip conditioner and a touch of blush and I am off pushing my rollator doing my chores as best I can. Jan, your scars are badges of courage, wear them proudly.

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