Chico’s Spring Getaway Sale Begins Today

Chico's Spring Getaway Sale

Happy Fashion Friday, friends!  For many, this is a three day weekend, and a good time to announce that Chico’s Spring Getaway Sale Begins today!

We started the week with Chico’s…so today they tie a ribbon around this blog’s week with the Chico’s Spring Getaway Sale, and Tux is helping me to announce it.

He just got groomed to look his best as well!

So, let me tell you about this particular sale since we have so many Chico’s customers who read and follow this blog.


Chico’s Spring Getaway Sale: The Details

Chico's Spring Getaway Sale

What is the best part of Chico’s Spring Getaway Sale?  The more you spend, the more you save!

The sale runs from February 17-20.  You can receive $25 off of a $100 purchase, $50 off $200, $75 off $300 and $100 off $400!

Chico’s sent me this fun outfit to help promote the sale.

I am wearing the Frayed Hem Pull On Jegging in Moonflower Indigo….fits me as more of a cropped look.

The kimono is the Tapestry Print Mid Length Kimono…and the dominant color is Very Cherry.

Underneath I am wearing the Microfiber Tank in Very Cherry.  

I would like to pick up a couple of the tanks in different colors in the sale.  Also, the very cherry V NECK TOUCH OF COOL TANK.

It is a lovely color. 

Chico’s also sent along the Convertible Multi-strand Necklace.

These are fun pieces to have in the closet for when the warmer weather sets in.

Chico's sale

Also, remember that these items are in the Chico’s Spring Getaway Sale….

No Iron Stretch Blouse in Chrysanthemum.

Single Fray Ankle Jeggings in Sea Salt…these are my favorite pant right now for spring.

Multicolor Beads Single-Strand Necklace

Chico’s Spring Getaway Sale: New Arrivals

Chico's Spring Getaway Sale

There are several new arrivals on the website.  Make sure you spend time there before shopping the Chico’s Spring Getaway Sale.

Here are a few standout pieces:

I want to thank Chico’s for making this week fun and to get us all excited for Spring.

If you have any questions on the Chico’s Spring Getaway Sale then please ask….

Tomorrow is Would You Wear It on two blogs…and I will have a special audience participation post on Sunday…come let you voice be heard….

Finally, thanks to everyone who participated yesterday in the Rehearsal Dinner Dress post…such fun…so many ideas.  Now, make sure that you…


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was provided clothing for this post, but the words are my own.

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Chico's Spring Getaway Sale


  1. The magenta floral mules & cardigan look fably practical – sadly not my colour palette though.

    More tempting for myself though are the green sandals & necklace – any idea if they’re more a Kelly green or grass green (warm leaning enough for an Autumn)?

    The black & gold Gingko leaf necklace looks very fresh & modern – almost architectural!

  2. Tux is such a cutie!! I rarely shop Chico’s, but do have some of their basic tee shirts and tanks. I’ll look into the microfiber tanks since I’m looking for some new colors. They seem to hold up well and are good for wearing underneath jackets.

  3. I haven’t seen the green yet in store, but looks Kelly green online. The new arrivals have fun pieces!

  4. Thanks Shelia…I am so enjoying wearing different sizes…makes shopping more fun for me!

  5. I love the kimono on you. It’s perfect for you. I do not shop Chico’s since their sizing doesn’t fit me as a plus size woman. However, their clothes I would definitely purchase if they made larger sizes.

  6. Leigh Ann is slim and petite and does find styles she likes there. You might drop in occasionally to try clothes on. You might be surprised at what you find.

  7. Maeve, I am also petite at 5’2” and have found that the ankle length pants at Chico’s will fit me as regular length if the inseam is 27” or less. Sadly, otherwise the choices are more limited, and as the stores do not carry petite sizes, it makes it difficult to try on their petite clothing. Thankfully, if you order online, they have a great return policy and their customer service department is great!

  8. I still love you in a kimono, Pam! Thanks for the heads up on the sale. For some reason I do not regularly find Chico clothes that suit me, but I like them on you and usually stop in there. I will watch the tanks for my colors.

  9. I was disappointed to see the warmer colors in tanks were mostly sold out in larger sizes. The cherry actually looked pretty cool-toned to me, but maybe that’s my monitor. At 5’5” those jeggings might be the perfect ankle length on me. I have a pair of black pants with that tulip opening, and it does a nice job of lengthening the leg and looks a little less heavy for spring.

  10. Oh, boy! I am loving that raspberry colored halter dress shown beneath the floral printed cardigan. Very tempting, along with the scarf version of that same print. My Mazatlan trip is coming up soon, and this would be a perfect look for dinners out. You look great in the outfits, and the slight v-cut and fray to the pants really show off your slender ankles. Tux, SO ADORABLE!! 💕

  11. On the page with the tanks, there should be a button that says Notify Me…and you can get a notification when the sizes are re-stocked. There will be sales again!

  12. The Chico website says the Microfiber Tank is 24” in length. It doesn’t look that short on you – does it cover the tummy area?

  13. What a fun, colorful outfit on you. I am a Chico’s shopper, mostly at the outlet store, where I frequently find boutique items on clearance. In case you want to fix it, the link to the kimono goes to the jeggings.

  14. I love the first outfit on you. I wouldn’t change a thing. The necklaces are pretty, colorful accents here. In my opinion, large necklaces get noticed before the person wearing them. One can “hide” in oversized, shapeless clothes, but one can also hide behind attention grabbing accessories. Just my opinion.

  15. Well, never say never, right? I am also 5’2″ and do the same thing you do – order R if inseam is 27″ or less, although I/we do have to watch the rise as well. But I have two Talbots near me and no Chico’s, and as I have worn Talbots for years, I know what fits me. That makes it more difficult to try a brand I’ve never tried before. Maybe when the Chico’s linen dresses come in. Thank you and Pamela for the info on return policy.

  16. Tux is adorable! Really like the kimono on you. I used to shop at Chico’s a lot but they have changed their vibe. I’m 5’3″ and find most of their clothes too long and too voluminous for me. I still buy their jeans because the ankle jeans fit me as regular length. I have had very good luck with their faux leather bomber jackets. But that’s about it. I have a closet full of the microfiber tanks but once they switched to touch of cool they lost me. To me it feels like bathing suit material. I really like the shoes you are wearing in the photo with the chrysanthemum blouse. Do you have a link to them?

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