Comfort shoes for mature women: Kohl’s and wedding challenges

comfort shoes for mature women

Happy Tuesday, friends.  Thank you so much for all your help with my wedding attire.  Today, I am sharing comfort shoes for mature women: Kohl’s and wedding challenges.

Basically, today’s post covers the needs many have for comfort shoes for mature women.

We want to look stylish…feel beautiful…and still meet the needs for comfort shoes for mature women due to aging feet or knee replacements or hip replacements…and on and on.

This is where the struggle really is real.

Today, covers two topics….my friend Karen and I went shoe shopping at Kohl’s recently on the hunt for casual comfort.  I will show you in the second half what we found.

But, to begin with…let’s discuss the wedding shoe challenges I have and ask you another question. 

You have turned out to be quite a Style Committee.


comfort shoes for mature women

Confession Alert:  I stalked this woman last Saturday at church.

She was petite, fashionable, thin, and possibly ten years older than me…making her around 80…(guessing according to face.)

I followed her because I was insanely jealous that she could wear these shoes!  Not typical of many mature women I know…though I know you are out there.

Wouldn’t I love to be one of you, but, alas, I am a mature woman with aging feet issues…I firmly believe they were handed down to me from my mother…who had the same issues.

Hammer toes create so many comfort shoe challenges for mature women.

I must have a wider toe box or the curved toes rub up against the shoe…and I do just about everything to care for the toes when that happens….toe socks, Sheec socks, bandaids, and Vaseline helps.

But, when I size up for the toe box then many times the shoes do not fit my feet.  I am a real 8 1/2, but for the toes I often wear a 9 1/2.

All of my shoes must be flat…the toes cannot handle heels pushing on them…not a kitten heel, not a wedge, NA DA.

I am well aware that many comfort shoes for mature women are less than attractive, so it becomes a big treasure hunt to find wedding needs.

I will need shoes for several outfits: the wedding, the rehearsal dinner, a couple’s shower on a ranch, the bride’s maid luncheon, and maybe a couple more events.

I confess that living in a warm weather climate, I have become accustomed to wearing sandals often…flip flop style allows my toes to be happy…dance…sing….they are not rubbing on anything.

Sandals are also cooler than shoes.

But one of my readers very kindly has said that the toes for all wedding needs should be in a shoe.

I had planned to wear a lovely VIONIC sandal to the rehearsal dinner since it is more casual…but she says…don’t do it.

And, I think she is probably right…but I thought, “LET ME TAKE THIS TO THE GROUP!”  

Should hammer toes be covered for a special event?  Or since my feet are aging, should I just not worry about it and go with sandals…I do get pedicures every two weeks to keep my feet healthy and pretty.

I have decided that for the wedding and events surrounding the wedding, I will need to spend more on my shoes.

When it comes to comfort shoes for mature woman, I always read the comments and reviews on the brand website…many beautiful shoes are just uncomfortable.

I am kind of curious to see if expensive shoes do make a difference.  I have several pair on their way to my house right now.  Pointed toe flats can go either way…it just depends on the toe box…

Here are contenders including a fun pair of sneakers for reception dancing…I wear gold and gold is the direction I will go over silver….

(Note: Espadrilles are for the more casual events (ranch, etc)

I know these wedding conversations get long, but I try to take you inside my head and there is so much rambling around in there.

comfort shoes for mature women

Here are the Amalfi Espadrilles.  I like them, but in order to get the toe box wider they are a bit wide on my feet.  They are in the slideshow.


comfort shoes for mature women

My friend, Karen, also. needs comfort shoes for mature women.

We recently found ourselves at Kohl’s trying on some of the shoes they offered…she made one purchase…and here are the ones we liked and would recommend.

Above, you are looking at the Life Stride Impact Women’s Slip On Shoe.  

Karen found them to be very comfy.

comfort shoes for mature women

I own a solid color pair of these shoes and they are so comfortable.

I wore them on our recent trip to Cabo and they were great for walking and easy on/off at the airport.

I think this version is so much fun…..The Easy Spirit Travelknot Women’s Mules.

The ones I own are the Easy Spirit Traveltime Women’s Classic Mules…offered in several colors.

I have had a great experience with Easy Spirit as a good brand for comfort shoes for mature women.


comfort shoes for mature women

These are very comfortable and come in many colors.  

This is the Sonoma Goods for Life Catahoula Women’s Slip on Shoe.

They also come in other colors and Karen liked them a lot.


comfort shoes for mature women

So sorry that I set this Skechers flat on an Easy Spirit box, but this comfy shoe is Skechers Cleo Sport What a Move Women’s Flat.

I preferred the taupe color but they did not have my size for me to try on.  

comfort shoes for mature women

This is Dr. Scholl’s Nova Women’s Slip-on sneakers in oyster and with Odor Control.

Very comfortable for walking…and I walked around the floor at the store in it.

comfort shoes for mature women

Finally…TA DA!  This is the comfort shoe that Karen purchased.  She was even surprised at how comfortable it is.

She walked around in it for a little while and kept saying…this is amazing.

She purchased the Skechers Reggae Slim Takes Two Women’s Sandal in navy & gray….with Memory Foam.

She was excited to find these for a trip she has planned.

OK girls…that is it for today.  Please comment or ask questions on these comfort shoes for mature women…and my wedding shoe challenges…and/or the Kohl’s selections.

Now, you know why my brain is swimming…I love reading all of your comments!


By Pamela Lutrell

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comfort shoes for mature women

Our first grandchild is 10 today!

Precious Luke rocked our world when he was born 10 years ago and I love him so very much.

He is such a special leader of our sensational six! 

Happy Birthday, Luke…you are loved!


  1. A wedding is a celebration for friends and family. Wear sandals if you need to—enjoy it. If your feet hurt, you will be miserable. There are so many cute options. Don’t worry about your toes; just enjoy the celebration!

  2. I like the last pair of sandals Karen is wearing. I’m going to check those out. As for the various wedding shoes, I don’t see why you need closed toe shoes if you really want sandals. If people are judging based on some old rules, that’s not your problem. Wear what you want. I still wear heels, and find that quality makes a big difference, albeit an expensive one! Also, there are different kinds of heels that are easier to wear and don’t shove your foot forward. There are several brands that I unfortunately can’t recall the names of that make comfort heels for problem feet. I’ll see if I can find the brand names and will email them if I do. But my goodness, you live in Texas…wear dressy sandals if you want to!

  3. Thanks Karen…I would love to take a look at the brands with comfort heels. I still don’t think I could do it, but would like to test the waters!

  4. Pamela, I wore sandals on my wedding day and no one even noticed. Ditto for our son’s wedding. For those of us with foot problems, comfort is the most important thing. I am sure you will find shoes that are flattering and comfortable. The fact is, you are going to look wonderful in your clothes which you are taking such care to choose. If your feet hurt it will detract from your enjoyment of these wonderful celebrations. Wear what works for you, and we will look forward to seeing what you choose.

  5. Thanks Irene. I understand why some would say to cover these ugly ugly toes…but comfort has become key as the feet age…I just do not want to offend anyone with my ugly toes. I am enjoying reading the comments.

  6. I agree with Karen and Nyla. Wear what makes you and your feet feel great. Gold dressy flat sandals are lovely and ballet flats are great for dancing. No one will be looking at your feet. Wear what you feel comfortable in.

  7. I’m truly appalled that someone would suggest you should cover your toes. I know we each have different views and opinions, but to me that viewpoint should have been kept to herself. I identify with your foot problems, and have thought before that now since there are many shoes with a knit top, you might be able to wear some. Because of your needing a larger shoe, perhaps something with a strap whether sandal or enclosed shoe is the answer. Otherwise, if your feet hurt, you will not enjoy the occasions. I have to smile when I remember my brother’s wedding where his new MIL took off her shoes during the reception. That was often spoken of by my mother who always wore high heels, but looking back on it especially now with my own problem feet, I truly understand her situation. Please do not fret over this. Your friends and family will understand your situation, and no doubt many can sympathize. We can’t change what others think, and probably worry way too much when they paid little, if any, attention.

  8. I don’t know that I would subscribe to the covered shoe for a wedding rule. If so, why are so many models posed with gorgeous glitzy strappy high heeled sandals. I, too have foot issues: big feet, and 2 hammer toes, and 2 dead nails that require a high toe box. All my teen years I coveted colored flats and then colored shoes to match my outfits, but they were too expensive. Now, when I can afford pretty shoes, I can’t wear them! Aging woes. I make do with what ever flats I can find and when I find brands that work, I buy in several colors. I still want colored ballet flats so badly, but, alas, they have such a flat toe box. Best of luck, wear what comforts you in all ways. Your journey to dress for these occasions is an every woman task, I hope we are all cheering you on!

  9. Gosh. Think of all the open toe strappy heels that women wear. Why not sandals? I know that I have mentioned this before, but not many comment: Angelus leather paint. I can’t tell if those sandals Karen bought are non-porous material, but if so, you can paint the straps. You can match the color to your dress. Have you ever looked at the website? They promote it for basketball sneakers, even for the soles. It really holds up for women’s shoes and bags. I have painted over a dozen items. The SA at Angelus will actually mix colors for you and tell you what to buy. As far as mules, perhaps you are used to them. I can’t wear them, and I think you should try dancing in them before you go that route. (Maybe they are not a consideration for dancing.) I have Naot sandals that I love for comfort but one never knows what they are going to show from season to season. Some are very sporty. Comfort is high.
    Happy feet = happy face and vice versa. Great post.

  10. She said this in such a sweet way. It was about my curved toes.,not a fashion rule. But about looking my best and not detracting from the outfit.

  11. Thanks Deborah…she was commenting on covering the curved toes not about wearing sandals in general.

  12. If you are really self conscious about your toes, cover them up. Otherwise, I would wear sandals with any dress! Texas is hot (like Florida where I live) and you want to be comfortable. You don’t want discomfort to take away from this special time. I certainly sympathize with your foot problems! Me too! Having bunions and narrow heels I need a wider toe box and then the heels fall off! Then, add to that I have to wear orthotics in my shoes! I could not wear any of the styles that you have shown because of this! I haven’t worn sandals since 1997. I think vionic makes very nice sandals that would look great with any outfit you wear. Comfort is most important since you want to dance at the reception!

  13. Oh my gosh, Pamela–please do not sacrifice comfort for some traditionalist thinking. You know there are some lovely classy sandals that will work just beautifully. I wore white sandals at my Chicago wedding 42 years ago–although I had a floor length dress and just a hairpiece, no veil, and it looked great.

    Certainly your fans are entitled to their opinions, but please–you be you. No one else is walking in your moccasins, so to speak.

  14. You should wear what is most comfortable for you! I wore sandals at my son’s wedding, and was so glad that I did. I feel that clothing “rules” can be put aside for comfort!

  15. I think you should def wear sandals if you want!! Your friends and family have already seen your toes. And they’re not ugly, they have personality. 🙂 The only question I would ask, since whatever you wear will be captured in photos, are you ok with that? I assume you would be.
    Happy Birthday to Luke, 10 is a fun age!
    Karen is a great model, I like her outfit too! The sandals do look really comfy, but don’t come in my big feet size.

  16. I would not wear sandals to the wedding. Only to more casual events around the wedding. You have me thinking now about the photography part of it. Thanks!

  17. I would not wear sandals to the wedding..only to more casual events like the rehearsal dinner.

  18. I have found a great shoe shop that stretches the toe box even the spot where a bunion is starting. It’s great because I have a narrow heal. Chose an inexpensive shoe for the church and pictures and a comfort shoe for the reception. I loved the navy flats you chose earlier. I bet they come in other colors or styles. Comfort is important

  19. Yes- wear a sandal if closed shoes will hurt your toes! I just don’t care for backless shoes ( sandal. or mules ) with formal wear. They remind be of bedroom slippers or the beach. That is my problem though. You must be comfortable. Top priority!
    Now for the less formal events I do like the espardrilles if they accommodate your toes. Or a comfy ballet type shoe? Does that work?

  20. I think you’d rather have that beautiful natural smile on your face reflecting comfortable feet, rather than a grimace of pain because you felt you had to wear certain shoes. Honestly—who goes around looking at feet at a wedding, anyway? And look at the number of brides who switch to “bride tennies” at the reception because even their younger feet are calling for comfort! And, think of it this way…….if you had to use a cane or crutches would you consider trying to get by without their aid because they weren’t attractive? We don’t look like a magazine picture or catalog page, we’re real people, We’re not airbrushed perfection and we need to embrace that even for such special occasions. You don’t want to have to turn down an invitation to dance from one of those darling grandsons because you opted for glamor over comfort, do you?

  21. Pam, what a beautiful boy! You are blessed. The flip flop type of sandal looks more casual, but you should wear what works for you. I recently bought a pair of Vivaia flats, and they truly were comfortable right out of the box, which is rare for me. (I’m not being paid for this; I really mean it) 😄 Wide toe box but not wide in the rest of the shoe. So many cute colors and styles. If your feet hurt, you won’t have a happy day, and that s most important!!! Blessings!

  22. Just my opinion but I think you should wear Sandles or open toe shoes that are comfortable. That being said, of course you would wear sandals that are dressy not something you would wear to the pool. There are many dressy sandals that would look beautiful with a dressy outfit.
    The most important thing is that you are comfortable so you can enjoy this wonderful couple at their special events !

  23. I do not agree with the no sandals at the wedding. Both of my children had summer outdoor weddings, I wore sandals at both weddings with a long dress. I do not think anyone was looking at my feet nor did they really stand out in any photos. Wear what makes you comfortable, get a nice pedicure and you will be good to go.

  24. My heart says “Wear the sandals and be comfy” but the reality is you’ll be in a million photos that day and they can be unforgiving. What about closed toe shoes for the wedding and formal photos, then fun, comfy sandals for the reception and dancing?

  25. Sandals are the go-to choice for young and old women who are dressing up! Look at photos for the red carpet, or wedding photos on the Town and Country website–all sandals, all the time. I just went to a black tie wedding in New England–so cold!–and almost all the women wore sparkly, or embellished sandals with a pedicure. Whatever shoes or sandals you find that are comfortable will work beautifully as long as they are not too casual. You have great taste–it will all be fine. No one will study your toes or anyone else’s feet!

  26. I encourage everyone to read the post. I am only conserving sandals for the casual events..,not a formal wedding. Thanks to is not wether sandals are appropriate..,it is about my curled toes. Thanks to everyone!

  27. I have problem feet, too, but my problem is needing an 11 AAA. I also have a bunion. There are so few brands that fit my feet, especially in comfort shoes. So many bloggers insist that an outfit isn’t complete without pretty shoes, but very few come in slim widths or a color other than black. I wear what fits. Wear the sandals! Your floor length dress will cover your toes in the wedding photos. The beautiful neckline will draw the eye up and away from your feet. And sandals are perfectly appropriate for all the other events.

  28. Oh, Pam, please go with the most comfortable options for each event. I have seen your feet a few times in pictures and completely sympathize because mine are very similar. I pretty much live in my Clark’s flip flops: wear them as my house shoe on the wood and tile, wear them to the Y (even in mid-twenties mornings!) and rely on them heavily when in Mexico. I do own and wear loafers and tennies for going out and about, and some rain/garden boots. Easy Spirit and Clark’s, as well as Ked’s have worked for me so far. Also, my husband recently bought me a pair of toe separator socks to try to wear for correcting my wandering toes. They feel like the wedges used during the polish portion of a pedicure, but stiffer. Only meant to be worn at night. I will let you know after awhile if it helps. So far, not yet. 🤷‍♀️

  29. Well, if the toes must be covered, I didn’t get the memo. For both the wedding and the rehearsal dinner of my son, I wore gold metallic sandals with a kitten heel, because of Achilles issues that later resulted in surgery. The MOB also wore sandals to both events, as did a few of the bridesmaids. Remember, this is a joyful occasion, and you are in San Antonio. I thought the jeweled sandals you came up with for the rehearsal were perfect. For the wedding itself, maybe consider an understated sandal, so as to call attention elsewhere.

  30. I actually plan to wear a covered shoe for the wedding and already ordered sparkly tennis shoes for the reception! I am so sorry if I confused anyone…the post was really for events around the wedding. For the wedding itself I plan to wear a covered shoe.

  31. Hmmm… sorry for a second comment, but in reading the ladies’ comments and your responses, I realize I misread your question. I don’t think you will be less beautiful if your hammer toes show. I rememenr one of Prince Andrew’s daughters deliberately chose a wedding dress that showed off a large scar on her back from surgery. She said she intended to do so because the scar was part of her and her life journey. I think your best bet, if not sandals, would be a knitted ballet flat in maybe a disappearing nude. This sounds weird, but have you considered bedroom slippers? Not big, fizzy Uggs, but something sleek in velvet or satin?

  32. I actually have a beautiful blue velvet shoe in route to try with the dress yesterday…will let you know what I think!!

  33. You know I was just thinking that! Who will actually see or focus on your shoes with the long dress? Most of your foot will be hidden in that formal gown. .

  34. Nina makes dress shoes with a block heel; I find them comfortable. My DSW here has a large dressy shoe department and I often find shoes there. Talbots makes a low wedge, thin strap sandal that I own in silver and gold metallic; simple but elegant. I also have ballet flats in silver, gold and black velvet that seem to work for a dressy occasion. I gave away my many pairs of evening shoes when I turned 70 because I knew they just weren’t going to work anymore. Don’t forget to ask those fabulous stylists at Nordstrom and Dillard for suggestions!

  35. Lots of great looking comfortable options! I will definitely be checking out those Skecher’s sandals.
    I understand the comment was directed specifically about your feet, but at the end of the day you need to feel comfortable. Your formal dress is long, so that shouldn’t impact wearing sandals. I was told as I searched for MOB and MOG outfits that the day is not about me…everyone will be looking at the bride. Do what makes you happy and you feel confident in. If anyone is looking down and judging your feet on such a happy occasion, that’s their problem!!!
    Have a great day!

  36. I think shoes would look better for the wedding, especially considering there will be formal pictures made. Bring a long a pair of sandals or cute tennis shoes to wear for the reception and dancing. You might look at Munro shoes. I have contrary feet and many of their shoes are made of a soft knit material.

  37. For goodness sake! With your smile, who will be looking at your toes. By the way, the woman in the black heels who is 80ish! She looked cool and edgey! I am so wishing I could sport that look at times.
    Also meant to mention the soft leather Charix shoes. I am going to order them in pistachio to see if they could be my back up pair to sneakers for a trip to Charleston. Great reviews.

  38. I’ll give an “ Upvote “ for Celia’s longer comment. Wear a pretty dress, shoes that are comfortable and dance with joy. Many times I’ve seen brides and bridal parties change to flats or tennies for the party. Joy is your word! Find the joy in the celebration and ignore what doesn’t work for you.

  39. I have a lot of shoes, no heels. Comfort is a must but cute or unique is also important. There are many dressy sandals if you cannot find comfortable closed-toe shoes. Toes will be tucked under a long gown. Wear a neutral color instead of a bright red and you will be less self-conscious. Best of luck in your search.

  40. My gosh, all those metallics in the slide show are gorgeous! Vionic has taken it to the next level—I’m going to have to keep this slideshow!! Oh, and I’d be complementing your shoes at the event with any of those choices 😍 Go for it.

  41. I don’t think guests will be looking at your feet at wedding events. I, too, recommend comfort for the casual events — you want to be comfortable at the rehearsal dinner or you will go into the wedding with sore feet. If you really want a closed toe, maybe a dressy slingback would work because you can get a wide toe box and tighten up the heel?

  42. You are putting so much time & thought into your dress for the wedding activities, so please keep your feet happy!! Who said sandals are not appropriate for a wedding?? You don’t want to look back & say “it was a beautiful wedding, but oh my feet were killing me!” Love you posts!

  43. Hi I was at a warmer climate wedding last year and the mother in law wore sparkly sandals by fitflop. They were beautiful, she was comfortable and several people complimented her on the sandals. In fact, both my girlfriend and I bought fitflop sandals in sparkles…

    Just enjoy!

  44. Thank you so much, Pamela, for this post about the very real dilemma of shoe woes. Today I’ll stop by Kohl’s after my pt session for hip replacement🙄🙄; who knows there may be a pair of shoes there just for me! By the way, your friend Karen is so cute and a great model for your shoe post.

  45. A few ago I had a challenge similar to yours: what comfortable flats will work for a formal event and dressy cocktail summer event? I too have challenging aging feet. In desperation, though not a frequent Neiman Marcus customer, I contacted one of their stylist for help. The service was on line and did not require a fee. I explained my challenge and she asked for pictures of what I’d be wearing. She pointed to two solutions for consideration. For the cocktail event Donald Pliner sandals in their Fifi or GAL styles were recommended. Both styles continue to be offered. I selected a Fifi metallic style with great results. Yes, I had to open the wallet. But I’ve found them versatile, even for every day. A fabric or suede closed toe was another option offered. I do not recall the brand. I already had very plain and comfortable suede pointed toe flats and wore them. However, I have a pair of trusty faux diamond shoe clips. Those took my shoes to glamor level. I hope this helps.

  46. I feel your pain 😊 (pun intended). You have to go with comfort because otherwise you may not remember the joy of the occasions, only the fact that your feet hurt ( been there). I strongly urge you to look at the Vivaia brand. There are flats and block heels available in a range of colors and best of all they are a soft stretch knit, not leather. I’m thrilled with mine.

  47. “Ranch” around here means dusty gravel roads. If ever there was an occasion for sneakers and casual dressing, that would be it. I’d stay away from cloth shoes, perforations and open toes for that one. Also, “ranch” means mosquitos where I live. Recalling being eaten alive at a summer wedding in the great outdoors.

  48. Pam, so many great choices for casual shoes. I’ll have to get to Kohl’s. I really like the outfit with the espadrilles. I’ve always like that type of shoe because of the comfort.
    Good luck in finding something more dressy I’m sure they are out there. I’m curious about what you find out about the more expensive shoes being a better choice. I’ve often thought about that because I do wear the shoes more often that are pricier because they are more comfortable.

  49. One of the best things I did for myself was having my hammer toes corrected, as I can now wear any type of shoe I like, although I stick with kitten heels or lower to be kind to my back. (I had several operations to correct them, and it was actually pretty easy-peasy, although I realize that surgery may not be an option for everyone.) Thinking back (and I still wear them often) Rothy’s were very comfortable pre-surgery as they’re very forgiving and “the Point” can look dressy & comes in many colors. I live in Southern California, which is a hot climate, too, but I think covered toes do look dressier for the type of events that you’ll be attending, unless one has good-looking toes. I know that’s not a popular opinion here, but it’s an honest one. Bottom line, though, is that you must be comfortable, and I get that. Happy Birthday to Luke! He’s absolutely adorable!

  50. Sometimes it is definitely worth it to open the wallet for those shoes, Pam. I’d check out Munro, Eileen Fisher, Donald Pliner. You can take shoes and have the toe box stretched. There are ways to adapt the size, with orthotics, if the shoe is too big. Mules are a big no for me, I walk right out of them. Understand the wanting a closed shoe for the wedding. Your velvet slippers might be a win! But use Zappos and order a whole bunch to try on at home. Easier than making rounds to stores and you might score a win.

  51. I also have problem feet and understand the need for comfort.
    I have been told that European brands have a wider toe bed and the rest of the shoe can fit correctly without sizing up. I have had great success with Wolky sandals, but these are definitely casual. Have not tried their shoes.

  52. Covered toes a requirement? Nonsense!!!!! Of course you can wear sandals for the wedding dinner and the wedding. Obviously the sandal style and color will be appropriate for the outfit, but there are some lovely dressy low-heeld sandals out there.

  53. My suggestion is take what your toes look like completely out of the equation. Wear what is comfortable and that you can wear without any further thought once they are on your feet. My feet are fine but I have a very disfigured finger nail which resulted from an injury in childhood. People I’ve known for many, many years will suddenly ask, ” What have you done to your nail?” never having noticed it before. People will not be drawn to looking at your feet. Your smile and joy will fill the day.

  54. These “rules” that you are being told about sure sound like “personal preference” to me. For ex, Manolo Blanick wedding has many open toed shoes, as do other shoe companies. Why would they stock shoes they can’t sell? So wear your sandals!

    As for other choices, have you looked at San Antonio Shoemakers? They ought to have a physical store near year. Munro shoes might have some options.

    And there are lots of things that make shoes work: foot petals have no slide liners. Heel cushions take up extra space in the heel. There are stick-on arch supports, even for sandals. You can get body glide at a running store & use where shoes rub your feet. A dance store should sell these square patches that ballet dancers put on their toes to prevent blisters.

  55. I vote for sandals or whatever is most comfortable for all the events. As to photographs, most people will be looking at your lovely smile & the joy you radiate. Those would be missing if your feet hurt, & if people are looking that closely at your feet, that is their problem not yours.

  56. I was going to suggest comfy, sparkly (or not) shoes for the wedding ceremony and then change to something like sandals for the reception, but it sounds as though that is your plan. Nothing ruins an event faster than not feeling comfortable. Loved the blue and teal dress on you. Congrats to your grandson. Such a cutie!

  57. I bet that you have SAS, San Antonio Shoe Co., store near you. They do a marvelous job of sizing feet and fitting shoes.I have a hammertoe and bunions and found two pairs recently that have closed toes and are a bit dressy. The Milano style is a classic low heeled pump with the very softest leather- so comfortable! I had almost given up on cute shoes, and I’m so happy to have found SAS. Made in America too!

  58. I have feet problems and narrow feet. I like an online store called Maryland Square for a large variety of shoes that are stylish and comfortable. It is worth it to spend the bucks and get quality shoes. I also wear Easy Spirit shoes and like them a lot. Another idea is SAS shoes, I’m sure you can find a local store. I wore silver low heeled SAS sandals to my Houston wedding in July. My feet look okay though, the issue is pain from arthritis. My son wears SAS shoes and he’s a millennial. As someone who has had two foot surgeries, if your toes are in enough pain, a good foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon can straighten them. Recovery is a challenge but less than shoulder or heart surgery!

  59. Hi Pam, I’m feeling the need to weigh in on this discussion. First off the EF dress is wonderful and imo a great outfit for the rehearsal dinner, absolutely love it! The first day you showed us the EF dress, I looked up the venue and my first thought was those sandals will be great with that dress and I hope this is the outfit.
    It is funny how we all see things differently. Everytime you show your feet my first thought is, she has the best feet. They are always polished, and it is obvious you have well taken care of feet! I’ve always envied your manicures and never really focused on your toes, except for how well maintained your feet are. So, enjoy those sandals……

  60. WEAR WHAT MAKES YOUR FEET HAPPY! The only rule for footwear that truly matters is that you are comfortable. I say this as someone who had foot surgery plus a hip replacement. Don’t know about you, but I couldn’t really enjoy an event if my feet were suffering. Please take care of YOU.

    Now a recommendation: Clark’s Shoes. Many styles, from casual to dressy. A bit pricey but worth it — they last for year. Your feet will thank you!

  61. Wear sandals! Be comfortable & let your feet breathe. I wore sandals for my wedding and was glad for it because it was hot that night. There’s no rule about not wearing sandals for a wedding & especially in Texas.

  62. For comfort and casual you need to try Algeria shoes for a dresser shoe try Vionic or a sandal style which would be more comfortable. For the Algeria go online to see who Carrie’s them San Antonio, my first pair I got in Fredericksburg. Now I order them.

  63. I wore sandals to my son’s rehearsal dinner and his wedding and they looked great! The events were in Ohio in June over 10 years ago. The rehearsal was at a very elegant French restaurant and the reception was at a country club. Look for something that matches the formality of the event and is comfortable. You are the mother of the groom – enjoy it!

  64. Always good to see Karen on the blog, and I miss seeing LeighAnn lately, too! Pam, like you I have a hammer toe on one foot (even AFTER the surgery to “fix” it,) and four other surgical scars on that foot. The first summer after the surgeries I didn’t wear sandals much, as the scars were still really red and garnered lots of rude questions and comments. The second summer (2022) was such a brutal summer in Texas, breaking many of our previous heat wave records, and I wore sandals and midi-length dresses almost exclusively. No rude comments, just foot freedom! Those gold sandals would be so nice with the light green dress, and I would encourage you to wear them if they are comfortable! Nothing wrong with an open toed shoe for weddings – I put them down the aisle almost every wedding at a large church in FtW where I serve as wedding coordinator. I would just make sure you select something with a backstrap so you don’t walk out of them coming down the aisle.
    Since my foot pain is getting worse in both feet lately, I have spent about six weeks trying on so many so-called “comfort” shoes and here’s what I’ve gleaned so far: Ryka is my new favorite for athletic shoes. I now have three pair – one for walking, one for hiking/trail walking and a partial sandal style that is amphibious and will be great for taking the grandkids to the splash pad and water parks this summer. I can’t walk barefooted at all on my wonky foot, due to several Morton’s neuromas that were not improved by surgery. I also bought Vionic suede flats at Dillards, Naturalizer and Anne Klein comfort flats at Nordstrom Rack and a pair of Eileen Fisher low heel pumps on eBay, after trying them on at Rack. I also really like those espadrilles you found. You might try wearing an insole to help fill in the area where they are loose; I need them to fill in the back half of almost any pair of shoes large enough to accommodate my hammer toe. I usually cut them off between the ball of my foot and the toes; it takes some experimenting to get it right, but we deserve to have pain-free feet! I’m enjoying your MOG journey so much. Thank you for continuing to share it with us so openly, in spite of some of the less considerate comments you’ve had. Your joy is contagious, and I always look forward to reading each day’s post when I finally get my mother to bed each night.

  65. When my son was married 13 years ago in Phoenix, I wore sandals to the wedding as did just just about everyone else. I had a beautiful gold pair that looked lovely with my outfit. You do not want to be uncomfortable on the day of your son’s wedding. Sore feet would make for a miserable day and detract from your joy and excitement. Go ahead and wear the sandals. Personally, I live in Vionics. I have very problematic feet. Have you seen the Vionic Starley? It’s a beautiful, dressy sandal and one of my favorites.

  66. The only reason you might want a closed toe shoe for a wedding is the need for support navigating difficult terrain such as a rocky path or brush if you want photos in a field-so common in Texas. Otherwise, shoes need to work with your outfit. Anything goes these days and it’s comfort first. has great comfortable options or at least has for me in the past!

  67. I agree. Wear shoes that fit the norm of the wedding party for the formal photos.
    Once that’s done put on your comfy shoes.

  68. You look wonderful in the gown! Consider SOLE BLISS. They are not inexpensive but I believe they would be shoes you could wear for a decade or more. Styled for women who do not have perfect feet.

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