Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: Rehearsal Dinner Dress


Happy Thursday, friends.  Let’s continue on with my Mother-of-the-Groom Journey: Rehearsal Dinner Dress.

Just to refresh your memory:  My son is getting married in late May and I have several events surrounding the wedding.

I want to look my very best as the mother-of-the-groom, so I am shopping often for the different outfits.

Today, I am showing you a possible contender for the rehearsal dinner dress, where the mother-of-the-groom is one of the hosts.

The dinner will be held at a restaurant which is a favorite of the lovely couple.

It is called Southleigh Fine Food and Brewery and is in the popular renovated San Antonio area called The Historic Pearl.

This is a more casual dining establishment…however, I am still aiming at mother-of-the-groom casual chic.

Late May in San Antonio has the potential to be very warm….ok, very hot.

Now you know the facts I keep in mind for the mother-of-the-groom rehearsal dinner dress.



I stopped by a different location for Dillard’s in San Antonio than the one I have most often frequented.

After trying on several dresses that did not work for me, I saw this one on a mannequin…see, those displays do matter!

This is the Eileen Fisher Crushed Silk Scoop Neck Sleeveless Midi Dress and the Eileen Fisher Sheer Silk Georgette Boat Neck Short Sleeve Side Drape Cropped Poncho.

The color is called Absinthe…a new word to me.

So, I looked it up….Absinthe is a potent green aniseed-flavored alcoholic spirit made with shrub wormwood.

A confirmation that this dress is a lovely mint green.   However, not in my usual autumn palette.

A more saturated green is in my palette. but this one does not cast shadows on my face as some cool colors do.

I have not checked to see what the mother-of-the-bride plans for the rehearsal dinner and, perhaps, I should do that.

Note: I sized way down on the poncho…this is an X- Small!

I walked around the floor looking in lots of mirrors, and several women began to ask…Where did you find that dress?

This made me realize that I needed to take it home to think about it…or it might be gone.

I do see this as a serious rehearsal dinner dress contender…how about you?

Also, what about wearing it with this sandal? The Vionic Alvana Geo Mettalic Leather Sandal in Gold?

Or should I go for a closed toe shoe to wear with a rehearsal dinner dress?

I also found this necklace which I believe would look lovely with the dress… Southern Living Semi Precious Statement Collar Necklace in mint/gold.

Please feel free to offer your thoughts!

Lori suggested other colors below…here they are on the Eileen Fisher site for the Crushed Silk Tiered Dress.

And the Sheer Silk Georgette Poncho.




I have an appointment with my stylist at Nordstrom on Friday, but I did look for the mother-of-the-groom formal dress on this day at Dillard’s.

My shopping frustration is with so many options that do not work for curvy, mature women.

Most of the dress designers size smaller and stop at 16 (which is really a 12 in their world).

Those offered in Women’s Sizes have honestly looked frumpy on me and not fit properly.

Many options fit too tight to the body.  Dillard’s had several walls like this one with nothing that worked for me.


Though I said I would show you the ones that do not work, on this day, the options were too embarrassing to include.

The FLORAL LACE AND TULLE GOWN, I mentioned to you before, did arrive at my home. 

But, I believe it would be too hot for May and looks a little too much like a prom dress though It is a lovely gown.

Again it was sized way down…and I do not want to show here how it looked on me.

Julie, my stylist at Nordstrom also has a dress for this mother-of-the-groom for a shower.

I will report back to you on Monday.

Also, on Monday, I am going to answer Linlee’s question …..Why Shop?  Why not just wear what you already have?

I have given so much thought to this answer and there are several reasons why…On Monday, I will share, so hold your own answer until then!

Thanks for joining along on my Mother-of-the-Groom Journey…it is fun to take the journey with friends…let me know any thoughts you have…and always……



By Pamela Lutrell

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  1. Hi, have you looked into having a dressmaker make something that will be tailored for you and unique to you?

  2. This is a lovely dress, and somewhat unusual with the crushed silk sheath and delicate poncho, the color of which goes with your hair. I like this dress, and especially like that though it is sleeveless, the thin poncho covers your arms. You may be comfortable in sleeveless garments, but I am not and always wear something over my arms. That, to me, would immediately eliminate four of the six hanging dresses you’ve shown….all sleeveless. The necklace you’ve found is so pretty, and unusual, both good characteristics to have. When you find THE ONE for each occasion, hopefully you will know. This dress, in my opinion, is a good contender.

  3. That dress looks fabulous on you! The proportions and shape are so flattering. The neckline created with the dress and poncho is beautiful on you. On its own, the dress would be beautiful but with the poncho it is stunning. The color looks so pretty. Yes, it’s not an autumn color but it is one that is beautiful on you. I am so glad you didn’t let this one get away and took it home to think about. As for shoes, definitely sandals!

    Plus, it will be perfect for other events in your beautiful, hot San Antonio – a wedding, anniversary party, shower or other gathering.

  4. Looks like a lovely dress…I think the topper really adds some fun style. What is the purpose of the strings hanging down? I think those would get into things and maybe be in the way…are they just for style or do they serve a purpose? Pretty color.

  5. I think they are just for style and I didn’t even think about them when walking around the store. That is a good point though…may test that out this weekend!

  6. I really like this dress and poncho combo on you! It looks very comfortable and seems to have fluid movement which will make you feel elegant and cooler in the heat. I don’t feel that the color clashes with your color palette. Definitely a contender. Our daughter’s big day was 2 years ago and the dress process was dreadful for me. I actually cried alone in the car on several shopping trips. It’s the clothes it is not you. I finally went with palazzo pants and a fitted top. I felt comfortable and elegant. I know you will find your outfit! You are beautiful just as you are and have the most fabulous smile.

  7. I so understand your moment in the car! I have been there before. I am certain you looked amazing in the pant outfit.

  8. You’re so fit Pam! Maybe try a long straight well-fitting column dress or evening pants suit with a well fitted blazer jacket. I can see you looking very elegant in something similar. Dove gray or navy. – Have you tried wearing your hair up? Accentuate your long legs and slender physique! Long earrings too! No necklace. 😃

  9. Hi Liz,
    When I wear my hair up, I feel old. It calls attention to my neck and my ripped ear. I would not select clip on earrings for this event for several reasons. I have worn so many pant outfits in my past that I want to return to dresses this spring but not in a body con way. You are so sweet to say I am fit…working on it but the dress I am in today actually makes me look smaller than I am. Thanks for the ideas..they always give discussion points!

  10. I absolutely love this on you! It looks cool (as in comfortable), festive yet elegant, flattering. While it’s a cooler shade, I feel it looks good on you because I’ve noticed you look great in every green you put on. It is very approachable and speaks to your adjectives well. I would wear the sandals as it’s a fun, casual venue and area. I like the necklace potentially, but wonder if a necklace that creates more of a v (longer pendant) might be preferable.

  11. Thanks Linda. Good idea about a necklace that creates a V. I went ahead and ordered this one so I could try it with the dress if I decide it is the one. It is easy to do returns at Dillard’s, so I wanted to go ahead and see the two together.

  12. You look fabulous Pam! The color here- absinthe- (though not in your palette) is wonderful with your skin and hair. I say this is a certain contender.
    In May I think you could wear either a dressy closed toe shoe or open. I’d choose one based on comfort.

  13. You are on my page, Paulette…they must all be comfortable and one of the reason Vionic is on my radar! Thanks so much…

  14. That dress and cape is a very strong contender for you. Even though the color is not in your palette, it looks lovely on you. I personally have never been a fan of sandals that show too much of my foot and I recently had foot surgery so I do have a scar on my foot now. Vionic is a very comfortable brand of shoes with many options even the one you featured.

  15. Thanks Charlene…I understand about the scar. My left foot has a scar and very curled up hammer toes! It is so warm where I live that often I just shake my head and wear the sandals, but for this event…perhaps I should go closed toe. Thanks for joining in!

  16. I LOVE that dress on you!!! Love the sandals and the necklace too! Good job finding something comfortable and GORGEOUS!

  17. Good points, Kit. That is why I included the information. I know this is not in my palette…it is a pretty green though.

  18. This dress looks great on you. It is dressy, but simple. Sounds like a great contender for the rehearsal dinner in a very warm climate in May. You would not be worrying about wrinkles or clingy material. I would select neutral toned sandals or ballet flats dyed in the same color as the dress to give an overall light and airy presence. You must be having so much fun preparing for this event. Thank you for sharing your journey!!

  19. I own this dress and poncho in two colors. Very versatile pieces for dressy and casual wear. I wear the dresses most often with denim jackets or cardigans and sneakers or flat sandals. The poncho is great over a tank with matching color pants or jeans. They are wonderful travel pieces. These are not “one trick pony” event pieces. You look amazing in the Absinthe, however I suggest you check the EF website or local boutique as there are other new colors you may find you prefer; Cobblestone or Ocean.

  20. Thanks Janet…you are right about no worries with wrinkles in this one! I am having fun now…at first it was very stressful. But with the help of the stylist at Nordstrom and the addition of new styles in stores for spring, it has become much more fun!

  21. I will do that Lori…thanks for the testimony on the dress and the suggestion to go to EF site.

  22. Hi everyone, if you refresh your page, you will see the links I added from the Eileen Fisher website on other colors for this dress.

  23. Love this! It’s unique with a creative flair. I think I would keep the jewelry simple because the dress speaks for itself but I agree you need a piece like the one you ordered. Go for comfort with the shoes; maybe a nude, open toe small heel?

  24. I like this dress, Pam, and I think the color is nice on you palette or not. (You know I am not one to stick to rigid fashion rules!). It’s very fresh and would be good for late May. I’m actually glad the other did not work, it was way too dark for the occasion, and lace to me is aging in large swaths of fabric.
    I’d get a spray tan, (get one or two beforehand so you can see how they look on you) work on the arms with some weights if you’re self conscious about it, lose the poncho and get the necklace. I like the sandals. In my eye, for the locale, it needs to be just a little bit more underdone than it is as presented.
    An upswept do does not mean having your earlobes out necessarily. You’ve got no more wrinkles and faults than all the rest of us. Confidence is the best piece of clothing you can own.

  25. Gee, I think my question didn’t come off just right. Of course you want new items for this special occasion. I was just wondering how, or if, you would also be drawing on items already in your closet. And you look stunning in the mint green dress. It’s definitely a contender!

  26. The dress and poncho look very good on you! I think the color is fine. However, is it just a little bit dressy for the restaurant? what is the mother of the groom wearing? I know it is a dilemma, you don’t want to be underdressed or overdressed. If you decide on this outfit, wear the sandals! They will help to make the outfit more casual. I love the sandals! I don’t like the necklace. Do you have anything in gold that would work? The lace dress you showed was gorgeous but would be too warm for the occasion. And the sleeveless dresses are my worst nightmare! Good luck, I am sure you will find a dress that you love! Just keep looking!

  27. It gave me so much to think about, Linlee…I appreciate the question and will look forward to hearing your response on Monday!

  28. Wearing my best colors is not a rigid rule, Susan…it is actually freedom! Confidence is why I don’t wear my hair up..,I have never felt confident with it up…even when I was in my 20s

  29. Pam- I think that outfit is stunning on you and perfect for that event! It looks cool and comfortable while also looking current and elegant. I love the sandals you are considering. They would look nice with the dress and perfect for warm San Antonio evenings. You will be on your feet a lot so pick something comfortable.

  30. Well, Pam, I am an outlier as I am not a huge fan of this look. I don’t love the color on you, I think more saturated colors bring out the best in you! And the shape, overall, is a bit frumpy and shapeless. As a 68 year old woman, it is so hard to find dresses with sleeves that skim the body and don’t cling. I understand your pain! Keep looking, and you will find something, I just know it!

  31. I appreciate your opinion, Susan. What does the word frumpy mean to you…that would be helpful.

  32. The dress and poncho are perfect for you, both the color and the style. I think that will give you a classy, casual, proud hostess and mother vibe. You will feel comfortable and confident to relax with your guests and enjoy the evening. The real plus to me is the comment which addresses the versatility of this purchase. I’ll just bet that a closet search will give you lots of options to blend these pieces into your everyday wardrobe. I would go with closed toe ballet flats, the dyed to match the darker shade is a wonder suggestion. I am so enjoying your search for your wedding apparel. That makes for a fun few months prior to the big day.

  33. I love this outfit, looks great on you. I believe the vionic sandals would be good, given the brewery setting being somewhat casual.

  34. I agree with the reader who said I look good in just about every shade of green. It has always been my favorite color to wear…a best color!

  35. Pam, this dress and Georgette overlay is stunning on you! Beautiful color and it looks cool and classy with your hair and skin. I think this sandal is too casual for this dress and event. The necklace is perfect! You will be a stunner in this! Have fun.

  36. Love this dress on you. It is perfect for May and the color compliments your hair beautifully. I personally think it’s a winner and a very flattering style! My daughter got married about 18 months ago and I ended up in tears during many of my shopping trips! I love your attention to detail for planning for your son’s wedding and can’t wait to see all your final choices!

  37. My favorite color is green of any shade. The style and color of this outfit looks great on you. As a former mother of the groom there is nothing wrong standing out a bit while hosting the rehearsal dinner. It’s your time to shine and you deserve it. No matter what comments you get you should go with your gut!

  38. Hey Pam. I like the outfit as well. My first thought was if the poncho would be too fussy while eating, but I am horribly clumsy on that one. You obviously are not. I do think the other colors offered in the dress are too dark for May in Texas. Since you brought the dress home, try it with a kimono to see how it might look
    I was wondering, could you do a post on what frumpy means in most of our worlds? I would love to know what everyone thinks.
    Just have fun with all this wedding shopping. You must already know how lovely you are. The dress is just an accessory to your great personality.

  39. I agree the EF site has Cobblestone which is an elegant taupe if you are not sure about the green..keep plenty of caramel your hair…closed toe shoes. Says Miss know it all!!!

  40. Thank you, Cathy…again, I understand those tears. I cried often over my first son’s wedding and still hate to look at the picture! I am determined that this one will be different.

  41. I want to know too, Mari…I think I will do this in Sunday Mornings at Home this weekend…watch for it!

  42. I love the absinthe dress and poncho combo, although it is not in your colour pallette, you look soo good in it. I looked at the other colour options and I think you have chosen the prettiest. It looks elegant yet relaxed and I think you may have found your dress. I think the sandals you have chosen will look so lovely with the dress combo, stylish yet comfortable. I have trouble with my feet and I think you have made an excellent choice. The necklace is beautiful and will just set it off. Just about perfect – it gets my vote!!!!

  43. That necklace is FABULOUS! I actually want to run out and get it for myself.
    I love the Eileen Fisher dress and the sheer cape adds an artistic element to the outfit.
    I think this is my favorite of the ones you have shown and looks lovely on you. Such a lovely color story for spring/early summer and appropriate for the occasion.

  44. Hi Cindy! If you order the necklace using the link in my blog post it helps support me! Just a thought! Dillards really has some great jewelry!

  45. Oh Pam! This outfit is stunning on you. You look fresh, younger and confident. Make up and hair ……. Stunning. LOVE this color on you, would love to hear your thoughts on why it works while not in your palette. You rock the statement necklace, full stop. However, I think the venue and weather dictates a lighter touch, perhaps a gold chain and gold pendant or pearl drop, 20 ish inches. (I also think the statement necklace might take over the “conversation” rather than letting the dress shine.) Think you are spot on for the shoes. When you said gold sandals I said no to myself but when I looked at them it was a resounding YES. This is so much fun, thank you for sharing this adventure.

  46. It’s not too dressy. As the hostess I believe you should be a bit more elegant. I also don’t think it matters what the mother of the bride is wearing for the rehearsal; it sure didn’t in my experience. Closed toe shoes MIGHT push it over into the too dressy so sandals would be a nice way to dress it down. The color is happy and spring-like and looks great on you!

  47. Thank you for joining the adventure, Suzi! I will report back on the necklace when it arrives. My Vibrant Autumn colors are my best…I light up in them, but I think this works because it is a shade of green and green has always been a great color for me. I like the fact that this color matches the season. I also like the dress enough that I would consider it in the Cobblestone color for other things. It is a magic dress…makes me look slimmer than I am!

  48. Thanks Julie! I agree and don’t think it’s too dressy either. I just discussed with my daughter and she thinks this is the dress and she knows the venue!

  49. Yes, I like the gold. The dress is so textured, that is the reason I said lose the poncho if you’re going to do that necklace. Plus the poncho is boxy looking, and you have said you don’t want that. This dress in the cobblestone color is also pretty, and would look stunning with a denim or navy cardi. And your sandals, and a long drop single pendant in gold.

  50. I think the dress and poncho are gorgeous and fit nicely. And the color is just perfect for May and looks very nice on you. However, I don’t care for the necklace. It seems to be too “heavy” for the lightweight fabrics of the poncho and dress. I would look for a longer and lighter necklace to top it all off.

  51. Thanks Ann…all of you saying this just may be right! I will report back after I see this one with it .

  52. Ooh! I really love this Eileen Fisher dress and poncho on you. The color and mix of textures are great, the style is you (boho?), and you look comfortable. The sandals are also a great choice if the fit is right. I know you will add pizazz around your neck with some great jewelry and I look forward to seeing your final version. Wow!!

  53. For a brewery setting, I would choose a pant suit or separates, not the more formal dress. Do you know what the bride’s Mom is wearing? Better to not upstage her 🙂

  54. I too like the style and color on you, Pamela. That being said; the following IMHO and taking into consideration a) venue and occasion b) its style as well as its fabric c) plus the need of comfort I feel with the overlay of the georgette poncho the outfit demands either a slide sandal (possibly double strapped) or an enclosed shoe rather than a more casual flip-flop design. On that note; re colors in accessories I would avoid the overload of gold tones since silk usually reflects that of a silver sheen (as your photo is reading on my computer screen and may appear in normal photos) giving reason why I would be tempted (as others have suggested) to have my footwear/handbag dyed in the darker tone of the mint (that can always be dyed again). In respect to statement jewelry choice; with or without the poncho overlay you might wish to just consider a grouping of stacked bracelets in a mix of metals together with natural or faux stones (sodalite/lt. green jade/aventurine etc.) that would eliminate the concern about necklace length etc.

  55. Well, here’s another opinion. I looked up the restaurant. It looks to be on the more casual side. I would dress less dressy and more casual and fun. I would also check with the MOB to get her thoughts.

  56. Just wanted to add that I totally agree that the Eileen Fisher absinthe separates look great on you and I think that you would look stunning at the rehearsal dinner wearing them! Can’t wait to see how you zhuzhe them up with jewelry and accessories.

  57. It is so exciting to dress up for a joyful occasion. I really like the dress. If possible, I think it would be helpful to check with the bride’s mother about what she is wearing so that you are “dressed up” to a similar level. I live in north Texas, and I practically got hot looking at the Dillards dresses. I think this one would work for the temperature, although I usually try to find some thing with cotton in it. I do like that color a lot on you. I think there is quite a bit of flexibility when we’re looking at our colors if we consider degrees of intensity. I hope that makes sense.

  58. Susan, I like your ideas. I looked at the dress in cobblestone and I love it. I think one would be able to wear it more than once. It is more bare than I would wear. The poncho is boxy looking. A thin cardigan in a gold metallic would be a young, modern choice. Long gold chain necklaces and gold footwear would complete my look. I have never spent $378 on a dress and that includes my wedding dress! I will never be the MOG, my sons are not very traditional. I’ll have to live vicariously through Pamela!

  59. The struggle is real – I am short and curvy – it’s hard enough to dress for every day but finding a dress for my son’s wedding (last year) was a nightmare all it’s own. Best wishes in your search!

  60. Hi Pam – I look at the colors of the dress and topper on the website, did you also consider that vibrant raspberry? That might be your colors and festive and wonderful on you. The style silhouette is spot on for you, but you just might consider a more vibrant color.

  61. You’ve had other children get married, have you re-worn the dresses you wore to their weddings?
    I ask because I never wore the dress I bought for my son’s first wedding again, and when he got married a second time I bought another dress because it was in a colder season and the first dress went to Goodwill the day he told us they were splitting.
    The outfit is lovely and I have no doubt you’d look great in it, but do you really want to plunk down that much money for this event? At this point you’re into your color profile and the dress looks nice but you’ve noted it’s not in your color profile?
    I think keep shopping.

  62. The dress and poncho are very pretty and look good on you. The ties on the poncho seem out of place and in my opinion distract from the beautiful dress. The color is gorgeous.
    Good luck with your shopping for the big event.

  63. It’s a lovely color, and both the color and style are very flattering on you. You might consider simple pearls for your necklace.

  64. I think this dress looks lovely on you, & I like the poncho with it. Like others, I am a bit perplexed by the dangling strings. I am not a fan of the sandals, but then, any sandal made like that reminds of flip flops, which I think of as too casual for any dressier occasion. Just my opinion, I hope no offense is taken. I understand your feelings about the wall gowns. Some of them look so matronly while others look more suited to prom. Is there nothing in between for a stylish woman like you? I wish you good luck in your quest.

  65. Of course, it makes sense! Thanks Kathy…this dress is so cool to put on…I do think it would be wonderful in the heat.

  66. Oh Pam, what an exciting time for you. Do say yes to this dress (and poncho)! The color really works for you and the style is quite flattering and shows off your fit figure! I like the necklace … but think a long pendant or chain would work better with this dress. I also like this dress because you could wear it with a white denim jacket or cardigan on other occasions. Lots of possibilities.

  67. I would not want to wear what I wore at the other two weddings. It has been 10 years since the last one. Thanks Rose.

  68. No offense…it would actually dress down the outfit which in this more casual eatery might be good. Just so everyone knows…and I have said it before…I have terrible hammer toes…and flip flop style works best for my feet. My toes do not really like other sandal styles. But, I won’t know until I see them with the dress what I might do…if in fact this is the dress.
    Don’t worry about offense when you give me your opinion, Becky…after all this time, I know who you are!

  69. I absolutely love this outfit on you. The fit, the length, the dressy yet casual vibe it gives off, the color, OH that beautiful color! It looks great on you. You may find something you like better, but you cannot go wrong with that gorgeous dress. Personally, I’d probably wear it to the wedding. It’s just lovely!!

  70. Thanks Pam! It’s too casual for the wedding but is a great contender for the rehearsal dinner!

  71. I am really excited about that dress, Pam. I would give it a 9, and a 10 if it was in your palette. Regardless. I think it is pretty on you and I know I would be so relieved knowing that I have an outfit in my closet that would be lovely, that would work if there is no other option that pops up to excite you. It has no bulk, it doesn’t add weight , it is slimming, and it has texture, something we autumns love. The top is lovely, but for me, I might want to explore other options that show my shape a little more. It is hard to disregard it because of the matching color and it presents a lovely vision, but I might take it to my seamstress and see what she might do to tweak it. I personally might not want a monochromatic look. I need contrast. If you end up thinking that it might be too dressy for a brewery, a different, less dressy top/cardi/ wrap might dress it down. I would like to see a top that opens so that the entire front of the dress shows as s column on you. I think the dress itself with a longish necklace and gold sandals sound very much like your adjectives. I would keep those sandals in mind, but explore other shoe options that have a little height, like a dressy espadrille. Many of the other pictures you are discussing here are not coming through. I just have dots hovering! 😶 But again, this is exciting and I am looking forward to more of your journey.

  72. Oh, what a lot of opinions and support!! The dress is stunning on you, and this minty color just seems like the more springy version of your usual deeper greens. Like some other readers, I would love to see more of the dress, so maybe a very lightweight creamy white cardigan or wrap that could be pinned so as not to feel you have to hold your arms ‘just so’ all evening. The necklace is gorgeous, so I’ll be curious to see you model it and then maybe model a couple simpler, longer choices (I liked the pearl idea, perhaps in a modern version, strung at intervals with chain and possibly stones interspersed). In any case, this dress looks fancy enough to me that it could easily be for this event or the wedding itself, though I read where you said no to that. Just saying it’s pretty enough for that, IMO. As a fellow toe-problem gal, I vote for your beautiful Vionic sandal choice. So pretty, and you’ll get so much wear from them. Thanks for taking us along on your exciting journey! 😊

  73. Thanks Connie…this is a very formal, high end wedding and that is why I say this garment is too casual for that. Thanks for joining in.

  74. I love the dress on you but I don’t like the poncho.I think you could try to find a short-sleeved jacket or cardigan to cover your upper arms, but this can be tricky finding something to go with the dress.I think the poncho takes the attention away from the whole dress.In regard to footwear, I would go for a ballet flat or something with a small wedge or heel, but again you have to find something that is comfortable. Good luck!

  75. Thanks so much, Julie! Believe me, I am very very sad that I can only wear flats now! My feet scream aging more than any other area of my body. It happens…sigh!

  76. I like the dress on you – I think the color is lovely and perfect for a spring wedding. The poncho , I don’t know. I know you want sleeves but I think the poncho ages you. How about a pashmina or wrap instead of the poncho? I am not sure about the jewelry – it almost looks like silver tones would work better than gold?

  77. You look fabulous in that dress and poncho. I think the colour is very flattering, and the style is perfect for you and the occasion. So many dresses offered for mother-the-bride/groom are so frumpy, and this si fresh and creative and chic. I also like your sandal choice – very pretty!

  78. You look lovely in the EF dress and poncho. I followed the link—and you look so much better than the actual model! I did not see those “strings” on the Dillards page, so perhaps they could be removed.
    If you like it is too formal for the rehearsal dinner, I think you should consider it as a MOG dress for the wedding.

  79. Oh, you look absolutely beautiful in that dress and poncho. Love love love it. It’s such a vibrant look ~ I’d consider foregoing a necklace and instead going with some statement earrings and a beautiful bracelet so as not to detract from the neckline. I wouldn’t worry one iota about being ‘overdressed.’ You’re the hostess and it’s a big day for you as well! I’ve been both a mother of the groom/mother of the bride and had the absolute best time searching for clothing for every special event. Don’t let anyone tell you differently and thanks for letting share in your joy!

  80. I am so excited to see your ideas! I am getting ready for my daughter’s wedding, and will have to stop shopping soon. Love the green dress and top on you!!💕

  81. I think the Absinthe is perfect. Being a little more dressed up is great. I know it’s an autumn but there are exceptions. That color is great with your hair.

  82. LOVE, love, love the dress, poncho, and color so much that I would consider actually wearing it for the Big Day! It is on the dressy side. MOB dresses are so frumpy and never fit anyway.

  83. Oh, I must weigh in – I love this dress and poncho combo!! The style and color enhance your beauty. IMO, it’s perfect for the rehearsal dinner, not too dressy, and right in line with your style adjectives!

  84. I think the dress is lovely on you but I know you follow your color swatches so it may not match those hues. As the mother of the groom three times, please check with the mother of the bride, I found she rules!

  85. Yes, good catch! On the EF website it looks like they’re meant to tie to the sides (as shown on the model.

  86. You look absolutely lovely in the Eileen Fisher combo. If you wear a sandal it will be a little more casual if you feel you need to do that for the restaurant. You look comfortable but elegant and that’s not easy to find!

  87. I like the dress color on you, even though Autumn colors are generally more saturated and stronger in hue, it doesn’t wash you out. But I would suggest something less bulky on top, say a shrug or light sweater. It would be more casual (which you said the rehearsal dinner will be). I know as I have been losing weight and reading a lot of fashion blogs (like this one!) most advice is to lessen the bulk, even though in the past I was trying to hide my “bulk” with looser clothing. And I think it works…just a suggestion.
    And FYI – for our son’s rehearsal dinner we had a dinner cruise on a river with a nautical theme – which made it easy and I could wear pants!
    Whatever you decide, be sure to be comfortable and enjoy yourself!

  88. Ashlie…you must mean more fit. This topper is sheer snd flowy…not bulky at all. In face a jacket or cardigan would be much more bulky. But I can see where a more fitted piece would be where you are leaning. As I said, the dress is magic…I look much smaller in it than I actually am.

  89. I agree with many of the other comments. This dress and poncho look great on you. They look so fresh and springy. I would however remove the hanging strings on the poncho. They are distracting and don’t seem to add any style to the outfit. I would go easy on the heavy jewelry necklace. And I would not wear those flip-flop type shoes with this. I would wear a classic kitten heeled shoe.

  90. Late to the party, but wanted to chime in with further praise for the light green outfit on you! I am a wedding coordinator and would tell you if I felt like you were veering off track, but this is the perfect balance between dressy and casual for the location you’ve described. I have similar foot issues to yours and love the Vionic sandals to go with it. Just FYI – Dillards has a good Vionic suede flat on sale right now that comes in olive green and a burgundy. I got the green ones and can’t wait to wear them next fall. The toes are closed and worked better for me than some of their shoes have. The black and beige ones are still full price, but I’m going to be stalking them online in case of a price reduction.

  91. Great suggestion to wear your hair in a less casual and sporty style. The dress is lovely, looks comfortable, if the ties can be managed instead of hanging down, and then pull your hair back ( not up) into a classic chignon ( also cooler in the heat). Small pearl earrings to finish the look!

  92. I would definitely consider that dress for the wedding itself. It’s so beautiful, and I think it’s the most stylish thing I’ve seen you wear.

  93. Hi Jane…this dress is not appropriate for the type of formal, high end wedding this will be. But I do think it would work for the rehearsal dinner.

  94. Hi Pam!
    I love the colour and fit of the dress and poncho combination.
    You could amp it up if you wished with accessories and wear it to the wedding
    (Just a thought): I also think it is not too dressy for the dinner.
    You are the Mother of the Groom.
    You owe it to your son and all of us MOB’s to look your best.
    We are not to fade into the woodwork!
    No to the necklace. I suggest a long gold necklace. (Something simple).
    Yes, to the shoes.
    It’s the best pick by far!

  95. I’m chiming in after seeing your MOB wedding dress. Love it. As for the rehearsal dress, I like every thing about it except the shiny fabric. It seems over the top for a brewery setting. I hate to go against the consensus, but I’d say keep looking.

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