My must have closet staples at Chico’s

closet staples at Chico's

Happy Monday, ladies!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend…today I want to share with you my must-have closet staples at Chico’s!

I have been a customer for over 30 years and have included in my wardrobe must-have staples from Chico’s.

They have lovely options in my staples right now, so I wanted to share with you my personal favorites.

So, let’s jump into wardrobe building with closet staples at Chico’s.


closet staples at Chico's

I believe for many of us, closet staples at Chico’s include some version of DENIM.

You will see me in these Chico’s pull-on jeggings almost every week.

My closet staples at Chico’s are jeggings for sure…these jeans fit me better than any other jean I own.  

I feel great in them and believe on my curvy figure they are very flattering….and comfortable.  

They have grown to be a favorite and a staple in my wardrobe…and I own them in more than one color.

So, I was excited to try the Single Fray Ankle Jeggings in the color sea salt pictured at the top.

These are perfect and will join the closet staples at Chico’s in my world.

The color is so great for those who wear a warmer palette and want an option to cool palette white/white.

The length is perfect for those who live in a warmer climate.  They are such a great addition to my closet staples.


closet staples at Chico's

Another one of my favorite closet staples at Chico’s would be the no iron tops.

I love these options when I quickly need to grab something and go…and it needs to look nice with no wrinkles.

This is the No Iron Stretch Shirt in Chrysanthemum….and I am crazy about this color.

So happy to add it to the closet staples.  I will be watching Chico’s for more options in this color.

Finally, let me add that I love statement jewelry so closet staples at Chico’s for me would definitely include their jewelry!

Today, I am wearing the Multicolor Beads Single-Strand Necklace currently on sale.

Compliments a warm palette wardrobe with perfection!

One more closet staple at Chico’s for me would be the Micro Fiber Tanks…I own them in many colors.

Feels like a spring breeze just blew through my wardrobe…I am ready!

Thank you for joining me for my closet staples at Chico’s today...what are your closet staples?…the pieces you go to again and again….would love to hear. 

Thanks so much for being here….


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  Clothing was donated to me for purposes of this post, but the words are my own.

closet staple at Chico's


  1. Today I am wearing a chrysanthemum red shirt and pants in similar colour to the sea salt ones you are wearing.I love this colour combination on me and you.Enjoy your week and keep smiling.

  2. Pam, you just glow in the top outfit. And it’s such a well put together outfit. Which the necklace elevates: the power of accessories.

  3. You look so slim in both outfits today! I would love for them to increase petite items which seem rare compared to other brands. I also enjoy their interesting jewelry, but often feel I would be overwhelmed by many necklaces. However, much of my staple clothing and many necklaces now comes from Chico’s.

  4. I bought those jeggings last week! And since I did’t want the crop look I bought my size in tall. They are perfect full length on me 5’8” tall! A good neutral, I can wear this color just fine as long as it’s not next to my face.
    I like the no iron tunics too..and the v neck touch of cool tanks.

  5. I am also a huge fan of the Touch of Cool garments…they are perfect for the warm climate where I live! Thanks for mentioning the Tall options, Susan.

  6. Love the way you look in the Chrysanthemum! I too have a closet full of Chico’s staples. I cleaned my closet yesterday and found about a dozen microfiber tanks in colors from previous years. I love how they skim the body and keep knits from clinging. I look for new colors whenever they are on sale! I like the Touch of Cool tops, but find them to narrow in the body for my applish figure. Keep the great posts coming!

  7. I lost some weight recently so I am able to wear Chicos in my size again. I have been on a buying frenzy! I now have 7 no iron shirts! For so long I couldn’t wear button up shirts because of gapping at the bust. Now I have Chicos no iron shirts and they fit great! i cannot wear that color you are wearing buy you look great in that shirt! I like it when you wear a more form fitting top. I think the looser tops make you look heavier. You are looking great. Show more from Chicos. I like to see the clothes on normal people, not the skinny tall models! lol

  8. I know you will understand this, Linda…but I am wearing more fit items now because I have lost weight. I am more confident in wearing them. I plan to show more Chico’s too…it is a favorite with this audience. Thanks so much for being here.

  9. I would size down, Kimberly…the legs are meant to fit tighter than a normal jean. The jeggings have been perfect for me.

  10. You look great in the Chico’s outfit. I have always loved their clothes. I really like how fit so nicely. I have a shirt much like the one your wearing but I have had it for years and it still looks like new. It’s more of a berry color.
    Again I can see the weight loss. Good for you! This is something I really need to focus on because of my health. I’m always talking about it but now have to do something!!

  11. I was the same way, Paula…talked about it…lost weight…talked about it…lost weight…and I finally think I am ready to stop talking about it and make sure the weight is gone forever. If I can do it at age 69, anyone can. Join me and let’s get going for better health!

  12. I know you have to show us all different type of styles in your blog but I have to say, I like you much better in this classic style. I feel they are very flattering on you. You look terrific in each outfit!

  13. I have bought very few items at Chico’s because I really need petite sizing in tops. I have narrow shoulders and short arms, and regular sizing just doesn’t work on me. I buy most of my clothing from Talbots because their petites typically fit me well. Also, Chico’s clothing often doesn’t suit my more minimal classic style aesthetic, and I don’t wear tunics on my 5′ 2″ frame. That being said, you look great in Chico’s clothing and accessories!

  14. Hi Candy, thanks for your opinion. If you are a regular visitor, then you know I dress with style adjectives. Each outfit I wear must tell the world I am polished, creative, approachable, joyful and current. Some readers think that leans to classics and some think that leads to boho…I think it leans to Pamela-style!

  15. Thank you for sharing your preferences, Barb. Today’s post is for the many women in my audience who love Chico’s.

  16. You look so pretty and polished in your chrysanthemum top and the jeggings. I went back this morning to read the rest of the commentary from yesterday’s post and was pleased to see that you have signed up to volunteer at a clothing closet. That’s putting your beliefs into action! Have a beautiful week, Pam. 💕

  17. You look so comfortable in both outfits, and the colors really suit. I feel the same about Talbots as you do about Chico’s, so I understand your comfort level with the brand — and, of course, you are tall enough to wear their clothes. I am now shopping at other retailers, though, who place a premium on sustainability and eco-friendly fabrics.

  18. I love Chicos basics, which I feel are often “lost” among all the embellished and printed options. Big yes to their jeggings and microfiber tanks. I would love those no iron tops, but have very few because, unlike their regular blouses, they run so small in the bust. The ones I have I must wear open over a tank as a third piece. Not a bad look, but I’d love to button them. I’m on a no buy due to over supply and being in the midst of weight loss myself. Today, you look healthy, vibrant, polished, well shod, and actually a bit sporty :). I like that on you, but I think it’s because in retirement, I’ve become a bit sporty too. I’m actually thinking about changing an adjective to that, but not sure I want to look sporty every day. I’m trying to think of a word that would mean “kinda sporty.” I’ve already got “active,” so maybe that covers it.

  19. I love the simplicity of this outfit, & it’s so easy to put together. That color looks great on you, & I noticed that there are some lovely colors for us cool palette ladies.

  20. Energizing and fun to see you at your best in Chico’s Chrysanthemum color! Your color palette is Vibrant Autumn, yet these brighter clear colors are less muddy and beautifully shine your personality!

  21. Pam you look fabulous the color makes you sparkle, the capris really show how trim you are and the necklace is perfect. Wow bet you get many compliments on a great casual outfit!

  22. I love the jeggins, no iron shirts and the micro fiber tanks. Your choice of the colors are awesome and look great on your coloring.

  23. Pamela, hoping you are feeling as great as you look lately! Having endured a season of sickness myself last year, I feel like I still look awful, even when I put extra time and effort into getting ready. Perhaps a bright new top like this one you’ve found would do the trick! That color is perfect for you, and you look so trim in all these pieces. I ended up buying the same color crops at JJill – the ones you showed recently. I think they called theirs “barley,” but I love this option since white is hard to wear with my coloring. Now if I can just find the time to get them hemmed I’ll be all set for our first warm spell soon!

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