How I joyfully deal with aging

joyfully deal with aging

Happy Tuesday, ladies…today I want to discuss how I joyfully deal with aging…plus show Fiesta outfit #1.

Yesterday, I shared some fun new ways I found to cover my arms when wearing sleeveless garments.

So, today is a perfect follow up with a discussion of how I joyfully deal with aging.  Because I really do.

I will be 70 this summer and, of course, I know things are changing…I have been aware for a long time.

Aging happens and I do want to accept it with joy.

I am also human, and like many of you, as we begin this process there are things that make us wrinkle up our noses.

It is so funny how my ripped ear lobe, and my skin full of age spots don’t bother me; yet, my arms and curled toes do.

When I comment about my arms and toes, I do not believe I am putting myself down, just being honest.

I also do not believe that the way I feel about arms & toes is influenced by age discrimination…I just honestly think we all handle this journey in our own ways.

Living in warm San Antonio, TX,  I will show my arms and toes more than cover them up, but when I am dressing for special events, I tend to cover.


joyfully deal with aging

  1.  We all must decide how we are going to go through this process and accept one another’s decisions…so that we can joyfully deal with aging. 

I like my hair the way it is and have decided to color it until it looks completely unnatural to me.  I do not try to talk women into coloring after 60 or going gray.  It is your decision.

So is how you handle your complexion.  I do not do any type of injections at all…I only desire to have a healthy, well cared for complexion with a big smile in the middle.  

No reason to freeze that area and cause the smile to be smaller.

I do not want to necessarily look younger or older than I am...I just go for looking and being the best me possible today.

2. I believe that we joyfully deal with aging when we care for ourselves inside and outside…this is what I do daily.  

I do put lotions on my arms and lift weights. They have looked like this more and more since weight loss began. 

I also am looking into care for my toes…mostly because they are painful.  But, I always keep them well groomed and polished.

3.  Yes, I accept myself at age 69 and give thanks to God for who I am at this age.

The place on my outside appearance where you see age the most (IMO) are my hands.  Yet they do not bother me at all…I am thankful for them and that I still work with them daily.

I have loved my life over 50 and think this is an incredible time of life.  There is no reason to be depressed or down about it…age brings wisdom, grace, and joy.

4. I agree with Iris Apfel.  It has so much to do with our attitudes and a great attitude will shore up your joy. 


joyfully deal with ageing

It is easy to smile this time of year in a city that embraces a party with a purpose.

So much money raised to help others, and one event after another from April 20 – 30…ten days of color explosions, dancing, parades, and events.

I plan to wear this top from the local Fiesta Store with my JJILL ESSENTIAL COTTON STRETCH PANTS in the color fern.

I know I have shown you these pants often, but they are super comfy and perfect for Fiesta.

My sandals are older Fit Flops and my bracelet from Chico’s last year.

I feel confident in this outfit and do not even see the toes and arms!

Dressing with Confidence is the best way to Joyfully Deal with Aging!!

Now Here are a few sale updates for you:






Also, if you love the idea of wearing more color for spring…you might check out these pieces:

Would anyone here like to share your tips…or frustrations…with aging?  Some days things bother me, but honestly, most days they don’t as I joyfully deal with aging….

Thanks for being here and join me as we…..


By Pamela Lutrell

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joyfully deal with aging


  1. Pamela, every day when I wake I am thankful for another day, complete with wrinkles! My sister commented that her wrinkles do not hurt on the inside. I have lost so many family and friends that did not make it to the wrinkle stage, so I welcome mine. Yes, as we age things change, and thank you for your positive attitude. Best way to start our day!

  2. I am with you, Irene! Every day thankful to be here and doing my best to live one day at a time and not fret over the future…fretting makes wrinkles too. Thanks for being here.

  3. Your Fiesta clothes seem perfect! Wow! It sounds like such a fun time in San Antonio! Do many women wear long colorful skirts or dresses too? What a visual treat. Enjoy every minute! I’m sure that you will!
    Since the first half if my cataract surgery journey I’ve not worn creams or eye cream or make up at all and between my bruising ( little device holds your eye open during surgery left bruises) I’m a sweet mess. ( I’m on a blood thinner so any pressure leaves
    slight bruising. ) Without eye makeup or concealer etc I look like a vacant stare. Four weeks and I feel like I look I’m 100 years old.
    I’m avoiding all mirrors! Lol.

  4. I hear you…sometimes I try to avoid the mirrors as well. I am certain it looks better than you think…we are our harshest critics. YES! Many women wear skirts and dresses. I go for separates because I will wear the pieces more often in different ways. My cost per wear on fiesta dresses would be higher…but there are so beauties!

  5. At night, I use a retinol product on my face, currently it’s Peter Thomas Roth which you can get on sale at times. Someone told me last week I have no wrinkles and asked what I use, I laughed. I also use Génifique in the morning. I am 64 and have a lot of sun damage and skin cancers. So maybe no wrinkles to her but the sun damage is apparent if you look at my skin close enough. My point in saying this is my hands and lower arms have so much skin damage from a youth spent in the Texas sun, that I now get those red bruises or tears under the skin, even from applying lotion if I’m not careful. I’ve been putting the PTR retinol on my hands and arms at night and the texture is starting to improve. I don’t do anything medical on my face except when the skin cancers have to be surgically removed. I’m happy to be older and wiser, I’m happy being me. This mindset is a more recent development due to life’s challenges.

  6. Beautiful message, Pam. I am thankful for a long life and feel that all the joys and sorrows of the years have been a learning experience. I have a dear friend who is older than I am, and her motto is KEEP IT MOVIN’. In dealing with people and life, she says “Love ’em, forgive ’em, and move on.

  7. This was -such- a good post! In many ways, I enjoy the age I am (almost 67). I’m settled, calmer, wiser, and have more time for things I enjoy. I realize I’m fortunate that I am healthy and my husband is also for the most part. I try to respect my body as best I can and accept aging. I have an inner confidence that comes from being plus size for most of my life, and dealing with that imperfect body while loving clothes. Long ago, I decided I would never restrict activities because of how I looked in a bathing suit, leggings or some other garment. This attitude is helpful when dealing with varicose veins, wrinkles, and loose skin. My area of frustration is my tummy. Even while on a weight loss journey, it.won’t.go.away. Grrr!!!

  8. When I consider very recent losses of close friends and family members, just a week on the latest, I’m just blessed to be here, I feel. I truly don’t get bothered about sun spots (unless they turn into problems), an occasional wrinkle, or seeing changes in my body. I’m alive, active, participating in life and have entrusted every single day to the Lord, who is in complete control. Aging happens if we live, and like you said, it’s about how we approach it.

  9. Thank you so much! I’m going to try retinol (the one you suggest) once all this eye healing is complete ( end of May?) going without eye cream and moisturizers or serums has truly shown me why I need them. .

  10. Hi Pamela,
    Greetings from a cold and rainy Oregon coast! I love your outfit celebrating San Antonio’s Fiesta! Seeing you with your joyful smile brightened my day!
    On the subject of aging, at almost 62, I’ve decided to stop coloring my hair, and it’s come in pure white-who knew? My hairdresser says women spend hundreds for this “color” , lol. I’ve begun using Retin A prescribed by my dermatologist for those So. California sunspots showing up after all of those glorious beach days of my youth. My skin is a lot softer and smoother. I have purchased many cute hats to wear now to protect my skin when the sun decides to ever come out here. God bless you, and everyone who reads your blog-He is so good to us!

  11. I’ll be turning 60 this summer, and honestly feel like I am entering into what might be my best decade yet. Each season of life brings special joys, as well as certain hurdles. Like others have said this morning, I am just very grateful to be here. Losing my best friend five years ago makes me want to live out all the bucket list things we had intended to do together. A few wrinkles or age spots aren’t about to get in my way!

  12. Pam, you are just a ray of sunshine in your Fiesta outfit. Makes me wish I could/would wear bright colors…I go for more neutrals, with sometimes a good splash of pink. I’m looking at my 73rd birthday this summer, and I honestly don’t feel my chronological age, well maybe after a not so good nights sleep. I do use good serums, creams under makeup, with sunscreen, I really can tell the difference when I’ve been too lazy to lay the building blocks of a good beauty regime…..your posts are terrific! I do still color my hair, because I have not gone grey gracefully. My stylist convinced me to add more highlights, and I was not sure at first, but going lighter has garnered many compliments. Who knew? But going grey or coloring is such an individual choice. But I am embracing aging, but with a good sense of humor…and thankfully good health

  13. I am a lot older than you (76 in August) and I don’t think I will ever stop coloring my hair! I like to wear bright colors, too.

  14. Thanks Julie…Leigh Ann and I had a wreath making session for Fiesta last year…mine made it through to the second year!

  15. I am getting my highlights for the wedding tomorrow…can’t wait…I always love it when the highlights are done. Thanks Nancy!

  16. You go, girl! We all need to work through those age spots and live life with joy!

  17. Thanks Linda…enjoy a cozy day! I have a friend with pure white hair and I think it is so beautiful! That is exciting.

  18. The hardest part of this time of life is saying good-bye to people we love. I remember my mother talking about it, and when it began to happen to me, I understood all of those feelings she voiced. Somehow, the ones gone inspire me to live with more purpose and intention. I am listening to God and doing my best to obey what I believe He is telling me. You are right…He is in complete control. So glad you are still here Karen.

  19. When I went to Cabo recently, it was the first time in a very long time that I thought…oh what the heck…and wore a swimsuit. And I am glad I did! I understand about the tummy…mine is till an issue for me too.

  20. I love her saying! Great advice for all of us…and hopefully each day I will keep it movin’.

  21. I also removed one skin cancer from my face…I would not leave them there either. Thanks for sharing…you can see in my pictures that I have those red bruises and rips. So many things I would say to younger me if I could.

  22. Thank you for your thoughts on aging. Every morning before I get out of bed, I thank God for a new day & all His blessings. Like you, I am concentrating on being the best version of me. I am not in competition with anyone. I love my white hair, but I know it’s not for everyone. I want to celebrate each person’s unique journey in life not change their course.

  23. You look lovely .! Im on oregon coast too and we are still waiting for sunshine !
    at 75 I embrace my age and my wrinkles but will always color my hair and use some makeup and now I cover my upper arms .… it gives me joy to feel good and look my best .. i do not go totally gray well or silver white .it just makes me look tired and faded …… so cheers to highlights ! And
    and at this age every day is a Special occasion So I wear whatever makes me happy and fits me well . Life is short !

  24. Pam, the line from the Jimmy Buffet song is one of my all-time favorites. I have used it many times and think it is still on my Facebook profile. Aging is not for the weak!

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