Boomstick Trio by BOOM! by Cindy Joseph: an all-natural glow over 50

Boomstick Trio


Happy Monday, friends!  Today, I am pleased to share with you my personal review of the Boomstick Trio by Boom! by Cindy Joseph and the all-natural, healthy glow we can have every day over 50.

Cindy Joseph began a Pro-Age movement years ago with a very simple, all-natural approach to make-up for women over 50.  Three little boomsticks can enhance our natural beauty and give us the daily healthy glow we all desire.

Her movement has been about self acceptance, and embracing our maturity. 

Boomstick Trio

For me, simplicity has become more important and the Boomstick Trio by BOOM! by Cindy Joseph enhances simplicity.

It Is so easy to travel or even go out for the day with this little Boomstick Trio by BOOM! by Cindy Joseph pouch in a handbag…way easier than all the products I would carry with me.

So, today I have a video of me demonstrating how I use the Boomstick Trio by BOOM! by Cindy Joseph.

This is the early morning, all-natural me and yes, I am talking to you in my mirror! 

 But, it was necessary to demonstrate how I am currently using these products.  Here we go….the video does run about four minutes.


Boomstick Trio


As I said, the Boomstick Trio by Boom! by Cindy Joseph is easy and you will like the results. 

I am using it now for my every day life over 50!

Please let me know if you have any questions!


By Pamela Lutrell

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this review, but the words are my own.


Boomstick Trio


  1. I can recommend Boom. Love its simplicity. I’ve been using Boomstick Trio for years and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve added the oil (my favorite) and both lotions.

  2. I enjoyed your video, and am interested in this simple makeup routine which is essentially what I care to do to my face. Since wearing our pandemic masks I stopped wearing foundation and have concentrated my makeup routine around my eyes which are my best feature. However, I am frustrated looking for makeup which will helps cover my dark under eye area. Some concealers are too light and obvious while others do not brighten enough. Perhaps you are aware of some brand that caters to older women who have this problem. My thin eyebrows are another problem, but not as troublesome to me as my dark circles.

  3. Hi Celia,
    I will address this for you in a separate post and thanks for bring it up.

  4. I just watched the video about Boom Sticks. I have some and I got them out and used them just as you showed us. I’ve always liked them because I didn’t want a lot of makeup on my face. I did use a bit of powder foundation for a base thought.
    They do have great products that can be used many ways. Thanks.

  5. You are welcome, Paula. I am so glad the video was helpful…enjoy your Boomsticks.

  6. Love this brand. A few Boom sticks and all set for easy travel packing….Love the Glimmer stick

  7. Thank you for posting the informative video. I really like the idea of this makeup routine. I’m all about simple and quick these days.

  8. Thank you for posting the video. I’m intrigued with this concept for a super easy makeup routine. My only concern is that my skin tone. I’m currently using a tinted moisturizer to even it out. BTW, you are glowing!

  9. Thanks Kathie. You might send any questions you have to the brand. But, I can see where you would want to continue your moisturizer and perhaps use the glow and color sticks with it.

  10. Hi Celia, have you looked into colour correctors (before your concealer)? I used to get annoyed with many of the same concerns you mentioned, until I thought about what *exactly* I was trying to cover up. Not everyone’s dark circles are equal – those with blue/ purple veins showing would do better with a yellow or orange colour corrector, whereas I use a peach colour corrector for under my paler shadows. A green colour corrector is also great for redness, including spots, whereas those who have green veins showing in that area may wish to try a red corrector. Basically, whatever your issue is, a colour on the opposite end of the spectrum should help to better neutralise that area BEFORE applying concealer or foundation. Without colour correction, that area can look greyed out or the ‘issue’ can still be visible. Hope that helps!

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